CSEG Foundation

About The CSEG Foundation

The CSEG Foundation is the registered charitable arm of the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG). Our mission is to encourage and support scientific, educational and charitable activities that benefit geophysicists through the solicitation of contributions aimed at promoting the development of geophysical knowledge, education and public awareness. Based in Calgary, we are a Canadian foundation with initiatives all across Canada.

Our activities are intended to supplement and support other CSEG committees by creating and increasing the Foundation's endowments in order to:

  • Establish programs supporting education in geophysics and the earth sciences;
  • Support post-secondary education in geophysics and the earth sciences, including the CSEG scholarship programs;
  • Support continuing education of geophysicists;
  • Support scientific activities and academic research programs;
  • Support the development and improvement of geophysical methods;
  • Liaise with other geophysical foundations throughout the world (e.g. SEG Foundation)
  • Support the preservation of the history of geophysical exploration.

The activities of the CSEG Foundation are carried out by dedicated volunteer CSEG members. Across Canada, the CSEG has a membership of 2000, which includes a student membership of 300. Its aim is to promote the science of geophysics as well as fellowship and cooperation among members.

The inspiration to form the CSEG Foundation and raise funds to support these activities come from the CSEG members' strong commitment to their profession and desire to create awareness and support study of the science of geophysics.

2016-2017 Calendar

CSEG Foundation 2016-2017 Calendar (PDF)

The CSEG Foundation Board

  • Larry Herd*
    Director and Chair of the Board
  • Perry Kotkas*
    Director and Past Chair
  • Mike Clement
    Director and Treasurer
  • Annette Milbradt
    Director and Secretary
  • Helen Isaac
    Director and Chair, Communications Committee
  • Susan Thomson
    Director and Assistant Treasurer
  • Doris Ross
    Director and Chair, Fund Development Committee
  • Neil Orr
    Director and Vice Chair, Fund Development Committee
  • Neil Rutherford*
  • Craig Mosher
    Director and Scholarship Committee
  • Kun Gou
    Director and Travel Grant and Learning Subsidy Committee
  • Doug Uffen*
    Director and Outreach Committee
  • Don Lawton
    Canadian Distinguished Lecture Tour Committee
  • Marian Hanna
    Director and CSEG Representative

* CSEG Past President

Foundation Members
Past and Present CSEGF Board Members: (l to r) Jim Racette, Dan Loas, Alyssa Middleton, Susan Thomson, Doris Ross, Dennis Ellison, Mike Clement, Annette Milbradt, Andreas Cordsen, John Boyd, Helen Isaac, Craig Mosher, Doug Uffen, Perry Kotkas, Don Lawton, Brian Emmerson, Larry Herd, Neil Rutherford.
Foundation Members
Larry Herd thanks retiring Foundation board members John Boyd, Andreas Cordsen, Brian Emmerson, Dennis Ellison and Dan Loas.

CSEG Foundation Governance

Audited Financial Statements

CSEG Foundation Annual Reports

CSEG Annual Report to Members