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Theseus 24D optimized seismic CCS MMV method

Lee Hunt1, Eric Street1, Graham Hack1, Jason Schweigert2 and Matthew Allen21CARBON ALPHA, CALGARY, CANADA; 2BJV DESIGN INC., CALGARY * CORRESPONDING AUTHOR EMAIL ADDRESS: LHUNT@CARBONALPHA.COM ABSTRACT We present a new strategy, which we call Theseus 24D, to increase the capital efficiency of seismic monitoring, measurement, and verification (MMV) plans for carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects onshore. Theseus is needed because CCS is currently socially and environmentally desirable but has a discouragingly high capital intensity. Also, the repeat, or time-lapse, seismic elements of CCS bear a material amount of the MMV cost for these projects. MMV rarely endures a critical business evaluation [...]

Theseus 24D optimized seismic CCS MMV method2024-04-10T22:58:23-06:00

A short interview with Jinji Li

INTERVIEW COORDINATED BY SATINDER CHOPRA “Our work lives longer than us” A new subsection titled ‘student/junior geoscientist spotlight’ is being introduced in the RECORDER. It will be in the form of a short interview with a student or a junior professional who has joined our industry. In this first student spotlight column, we feature Jinji Li, who is a Ph.D. student at the University of Calgary. The following are Jinji’s response to the questions posed to him. We hope the CSEG members like this column. Any comments or suggestions on the introduction of this column are welcome. Jinji trying [...]

A short interview with Jinji Li2024-03-28T20:23:36-06:00

Geophysics Research at the University of Victoria

STAN DOSSO¹1UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA, SCHOOL OF EARTH AND OCEAN SCIENCES, VICTORIA BC CANADASDOSSO@UVIC.CALUCINDA LEONARD¹, EDWIN NISSEN¹, JOHN CASSIDY2,1, HONN KAO2,1, KELIN WANG2,1¹UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA, SCHOOL OF EARTH AND OCEAN SCIENCES, VICTORIA BC CANADA²PACIFIC GEOSCIENCE CENTRE, GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF CANADA, SIDNEY BC CANADAThe contents of this article, including all figures, are the property of the Crown and are provided to the CSEG with its permission. Copyright remains with the Crown and may not be transferred.IntroductionThe University of Victoria (UVic) offers a geophysics undergraduate degree through a joint program between the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences (SEOS) and the Department of Physics [...]

Geophysics Research at the University of Victoria2024-03-22T16:04:14-06:00

WIUGC 2024 CSEG Ambassador Report

JOHN DUHAULT CSEG-F OUTREACH AMBASSADOR STARBIRD@TELUS.NET DILPREET KHEHRA CSEG-F OUTREACH AMBASSADOR DILPREET@SPECTRUMGEOSCIENCES.COM   Executive Summary: For Your Eyes Only In the frozen heart of January '24, the CSEG Foundation played its hand in a covert operation at the Western Inter-University Geoscience Conference (WIUGC), Winnipeg, Manitoba. Its game pieces? Two operatives, Dilpreet Khehra and John Duhault, have their sights set on shifting the tides of academia towards geophysics and soft-rock geology. The directive was crystal clear: blend in, engage, and convert. These agents would be chameleons acting as educators by daylight, leading the young recruits through the "Geosciences Applications in the [...]

WIUGC 2024 CSEG Ambassador Report2024-03-07T22:30:47-07:00

A Bayes’ Theorem Tutorial

BRIAN RUSSELL VICE-PRESIDENT, GEOSOFTWARE. BRIAN.RUSSELL@GEOSOFTWARE.COM   Introduction This tutorial is intended to illustrate the power of Bayes’ theorem using a straightforward seismic exploration example. This example will show how to evaluate the effectiveness of combining AVO attribute analysis with drilling results. As a tutorial, it is like many others used in the explanation of Bayes’ theorem, but instead of using examples like apples and oranges or white and black balls, I will use terminology that you can relate to as exploration geoscientists. Even with this relatively simple example, you will find Bayes’ theorem is not an easy concept to understand, [...]

A Bayes’ Theorem Tutorial2024-02-28T22:11:38-07:00

CSEG Mentorship Program Professional Development Series

STEPHEN KOTKAS GEOPHYSICAL DATA BROKER, SIGMA EXPLORATION; MEMBER, MENTORSHIP COMMITTEE (CSEG FOUNDATION) STEPHEN.KOTKAS@SIGMAEX.COM SARAH GRANT GEOPHYSICIST, CENOVUS ENERGY; MEMBER, MENTORSHIP COMMITTEE (CSEG FOUNDATION) SARAH.GRANT@CENOVUS.COM The CSEG Mentorship Committee organized a professional development workshop on January 25, 2024 with Jilliane Yawney, in partnership with GeoWomen of Calgary. This in-person event was held in Calgary (at 715, 5th Ave SW) and the venue was graciously sponsored by Earth Signal Processing. The event was free to attend, included a delicious lunch, and had a great turn-out. With over 50 pairings of mentee’s and mentors, the Mentorship program continues to grow and achieve success [...]

CSEG Mentorship Program Professional Development Series2024-02-15T22:03:12-07:00

Chief Editor’s Message

NIILANJAN GANGULY Junior Involvement and Interaction with Experts Hello everybody, I hope you are all having a great start to 2024. I can’t believe that January is already over! In this message, I would like to reach out to our students and junior professionals. The RECORDER team is keen to involve the CSEG’s junior members, and would like their contributions to our magazine. Specifically, they are welcome to contribute in the following ways: Technical articles: Of course, we would very much like original work from graduate students or junior professionals, such as short articles about some aspect of their thesis. [...]

Chief Editor’s Message2024-02-08T14:09:00-07:00

An interview with Janis Rose

INTERVIEW COORDINATED BY SATINDER CHOPRA“Try and do things you enjoy”Janis Rose is a senior geoscientist with over 20 years’ experience in both exploration and development. She started off in the petroleum industry by joining Chevron Canada and remained a loyal employee for eighteen years, working on assets in western Canada, east coast offshore, and the Mackenzie Delta/Northwest Territories. This gave Janis a broad overview of seismic interpretation and prospect generation, as well as the associated risk and economics. Since 2017, she has been working at Cenovus Energy, and is using her insights and informed decisions towards advancing exploration and development.Apart from [...]

An interview with Janis Rose2024-01-29T13:38:34-07:00

Intelligently Evolved to Create AI, eh?

ROD GARLAND CAGC MANAGER OF SAFETY & MEMBER SERVICES ROD@CAGC.CA Ever since man slithered out of the primordial soup disguised as a single-celled organism about 3 billion years ago, give or take a few millennia, he, she, or it has been greatly advantaged by change. Not the least of this change would have been the changing environment which had finally cooled the planet to a suitable temperature such that a mixture of chemicals and necessary elements could interact to create lifeforms that would embark on their evolutionary and competitive race into the future. Incidentally, hydrogen, oxygen and carbon were the [...]

Intelligently Evolved to Create AI, eh?2024-01-18T21:57:50-07:00

CCS value written in a bowtie

LEE HUNT GEOPHYSICIST, CARBON ALPHA, LHUNT@CARBONALPHA.COM All aspects of a CCS project are tied back to risk management; value in the geosciences, including seismic, are directly related to their role in reducing project risk.   Summary Much of the world is looking to carbon capture and storage (CCS) to reduce anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The number of carbon storage projects under development has exploded - with over 200 currently proposed projects worldwide (Hauber, 2023). Geoscientists engaged in subsurface work on these projects are interested in providing the most value possible to these projects. But where is that value added? [...]

CCS value written in a bowtie2024-01-04T21:32:14-07:00

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