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The Relationship between AVO and Petrophysics


DAVID GRAY SVP INTEGRATED STUDIES, GEOMODELING TECHNOLOGY CORP, FDAVID.GRAY@GMAIL.COM Purpose The main purpose of this article is to provide geoscientists with one source which uncovers the connection between pre-stack seismic gathers and the petrophysical properties that cause amplitude versus offset (AVO) variations in them. There are many seismic AVO equations in the literature, all parameterized differently, e.g., Shuey (1985), Smith and Gidlow (1987), Verm and Hilterman (1994), and Gray et al (1999). This paper attempts to reconcile these parameterizations by presenting all of these existing equations using common parameters which are defined in Appendix A. Table 1 lists all the [...]

The Relationship between AVO and Petrophysics2023-05-05T13:18:20-06:00

An Interview with Alison Malcolm


“Think carefully about what you want and what will make you happy…” INTERVIEW COORDINATED BY SATINDER CHOPRA Alison Malcolm is a well-known geophysicist who is recognized for her work on full-waveform inversion, nonlinear imaging techniques and uncertainty quantification. She has served as assistant professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for six years and has been working as a Professor in the Earth Sciences Department at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) since 2014. Alison has been the recipient of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) J. Clarence Karcher Award (2012), given in recognition of [...]

An Interview with Alison Malcolm2023-05-04T10:29:49-06:00

2022 CSEG Scholarship Report and Winners


STEVE QUAN, CHAIR LORI BARTH, SENIOR TRUSTEE STEPHEN KOTKAS, JUNIOR TRUSTEE Every year the CSEG Scholarship Committee awards scholarships to deserving candidates in continuing education across Canada. In the 2022 scholarship year, over 80 high-quality applications were received from across Canada and 15 scholarships of $2,000 were awarded. In order to qualify for a university student award, students must be enrolled at a Canadian university in an academic program leading to a career in exploration geophysics. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic performance, financial need, interest in geophysics and extra-curricular activities. In 2012, the Foundation introduced a new [...]

2022 CSEG Scholarship Report and Winners2023-04-20T23:08:16-06:00

Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences Brings Canadian Geoscience Organisations Together


RACHEL T. NEWRICK, PH.D. RACIAN VENTURES, RACHEL@RACIAN.CA MIKE HALL MIKE.HALL@GEOVECTRA.CA TOM SNEDDON MARMOT RESEARCH INC, TOM@MARMOTRESEARCH.CA RON LARSON RONLARSON1210@GMAIL.COM Abstract The Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences (CFES) is funded, in part, by your CSEG membership fees. This article provides information on what the CFES is, does, and how CSEG members benefit from it. Introduction What do Canadian geophysicists, geologists and geotechnical professionals have in common? (No, this is not the start of a bad joke.) They are all represented by the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences (CFES), an umbrella organisation of Canadian earth science societies. [...]

Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences Brings Canadian Geoscience Organisations Together2023-06-01T13:13:58-06:00

An Interview with Cheran Mangat


“Strive to be ambitious without forsaking your principles…” INTERVIEW COORDINATED BY SATINDER CHOPRA Cheran Mangat is a geophysicist who has worked in North America and international arenas. She is a highly motivated individual who likes to use geophysical tools and technologies to make significant contributions to the bottom line. Having worked as an explorer, geophysical interpreter, development geophysicist, and stratigrapher, she has seen it all. On being asked for an interview, Cheran was quite supportive, and that led me to ask her a wide range of questions. The following are excerpts from the interview. Cheran, please tell me something about [...]

An Interview with Cheran Mangat2023-05-04T10:29:13-06:00

AVO, Seismic Inversion, Machine Learning and Predictive Modelling and the Economics of the Play – New Age for Oil and Gas Exploration


BRIAN WM. SCHULTE SPROTT SCHOOL OF BUSINESS – CARLETON UNIVERSITY / SCHIEFER RESERVOIR CONSULTING, BRIAN.SCHULTE@GMAIL488.COM DAVID GRAY GEOMODELING TECHNOLOGY CORP. SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS, DAVID.GRAY@GEOMODELING.COM RENJUN WEN GEOMODELING TECHNOLOGY CORP. CEO, RENJUN.WEN@GEOMODELING.COM   Abstract Proxy modelling using seismic attributes significantly speeds up our understanding of what is going on between wells, adding substantially to the value that geoscience brings to our businesses. One of the most valuable uses of seismic data is to extract fluid and lithological information for reservoir characterization. Amplitude versus Offset (AVO) analysis and seismic inversion (deterministic or stochastic) are valuable tools for doing this. To [...]

AVO, Seismic Inversion, Machine Learning and Predictive Modelling and the Economics of the Play – New Age for Oil and Gas Exploration2023-03-30T16:43:21-06:00

Double-wavelet time-lapse full-waveform inversion


Xin Fu¹, Sergio Romahn² and Kristopher A. Innanen¹ ¹UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY, DEPARTMENT OF GEOSCIENCE, CALGARY, CANADA ²PETRÓLEOS MEXICANOS (PEMEX) * CORRESPONDING AUTHOR EMAIL ADDRESS: XIN.FU1@UCALGARY.CA ABSTRACT The time-lapse seismic method is widely used to monitor reservoir changes, and in this effort, full-waveform inversion is now playing an increasingly active role. Especially in time-lapse full-waveform inversion, reducing non-repeatability between baseline and monitoring surveys is essential. In this paper, we compare the impact of different degrees and types of wavelet non-repeatability on three basic time-lapse inversion strategies, including the parallel strategy (PRS), the sequential strategy (SQS), and the double-difference strategy (DDS). [...]

Double-wavelet time-lapse full-waveform inversion2023-03-28T13:17:44-06:00

AAPG ICE Conference and Exhibition


MISHA MUSTAQEEM COMMUNICATIONS (BROADCASTING) STUDENT, MOUNT ROYAL UNIVERSITY MMUST527@MTROYAL.CA In the spring of 2022, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists held its international conference and exhibition (AAPG ICE), in Cartagena, a resort town in Colombia. The convention took place in the Centro de Convenciones Cartagena de Indias. This convention profiled businesses from countries all over the world, including Poland, Trinidad and Tobago, and Portugal, to name a few. Local Colombian geoscientific companies also attended the convention. Canadian students may be unaware of the benefits of attending such a convention, but there are plenty: the opportunity for students to learn more [...]

AAPG ICE Conference and Exhibition2023-03-23T15:39:43-06:00

Tracing the Industry


KRISTY MANCHUL COLUMN CONTRIBUTOR P: 403-585-5204 | Happy Spring! Calling all volunteers! I have been sitting on the CSEG Foundation Board for a number of years as the Communications Director, and have always been impressed with the dedication and professionalism of our volunteer base. Without all of you, we couldn’t facilitate our programs. Our volunteers solicit for funds and grant scholarships, work with university students and the public, advocate on behalf of the geosciences to government, and create opportunities to raise funds for the Foundation through our society’s social committees. We do need help though. Our biggest portfolio is [...]

Tracing the Industry2023-03-16T22:07:01-06:00

Improving Communication from the CSEG Foundation Mentorship Community


Over the last three years, we have experienced what it’s like to be isolated without access to the personal and professional relationships we have grown accustomed to having. Virtual meetings have been a way to escape that, but they can come with their own set of communication challenges. Effective virtual communication between industry professionals is increasingly important for collaboration, mentorship, and continual learning. Developing and refining these skills is paramount in an ever-evolving virtual world. The CSEG mentorship program provides a platform for building both hard and soft skills. Recently, we hosted a Professional Development Workshop called: Exploring Strategies to [...]

Improving Communication from the CSEG Foundation Mentorship Community2023-03-09T22:12:19-07:00

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