An interview with Henry Posamentier

INTERVIEW COORDINATED BY SATINDER CHOPRA   “I would encourage those who have an interest in geoscience to embrace an interdisciplinary approach.” Henry Posamentier is renowned for his pioneering work in developing the contemporary approach to sequence stratigraphy, integrating sedimentology, stratigraphy, and depositional systems analysis, primarily in the context of oil and gas exploration. With a career spanning over 50 years at prominent companies such as Exxon, ARCO, Veritas, Anadarko, and Chevron, Henry now serves as a global geological and geophysical consultant to companies engaged in petroleum exploration and development. His expertise covers nearly all significant onshore and offshore basins worldwide, [...]

An interview with Henry Posamentier2024-07-04T21:37:53-06:00

Temporary Seismic Stations Boost Tomography Capability to look into the Earth. Case Studies in the Northwestern Alps, Italy

STEFANO SOLARINO ISTITUTO NAZIONALE DI GEOFISICA E VULCANOLOGIA, INGV, ITALY, STEFANO.SOLARINO@INGV.IT Abstract Seismic tomography serves as a potent means to investigate the Earth's internal structure. This method closely resembles the one used in medicine and relies on variations (in path, amplitude or velocity) that seismic rays experience when passing through an anomalous body, such as a rock with higher density or an area subjected to high temperature. In the case of seismic tomography, earthquakes act as emitters while seismic stations function as receivers. Unlike in medicine, where a specialized machine ensures a uniform distribution of emitters and receivers, seismic rays [...]

Temporary Seismic Stations Boost Tomography Capability to look into the Earth. Case Studies in the Northwestern Alps, Italy2024-06-26T11:35:00-06:00

From Seismic to Permeability Characterization: A Combined Rock Physics, BVW Modelling and Seismic Inversion Workflow

DRAGA TALINGA PH.D., SENIOR GEOPHYSICIST, CENOVUS ENERGY, DRAGA.TALINGA@CENOVUS.COM STEVE CUDDY PH.D., SENIOR PETROPHYSICIST, PETRO-INNOVATIONS, STEVE.CUDDY@BTINTERNET.COM Summary Field development of fluvio-marine reservoirs is challenging because the sand distribution in these systems is complex and difficult to predict. The rivers interacting with the marine systems create diverse depositional settings, from river channels and tidal flats to deltas and floodplains. Within these settings, many sedimentary structures are formed, and within these structures, the size, shape and sorting of the grains – all with influence on permeability - are highly variable. The uncertainty in understanding how reservoir properties vary in these complex architectures creates [...]

From Seismic to Permeability Characterization: A Combined Rock Physics, BVW Modelling and Seismic Inversion Workflow2024-07-23T13:13:28-06:00

An interview with Scott Leaney

INTERVIEW COORDINATED BY SATINDER CHOPRA   “Don’t underestimate the value of knowing something at only a single location if you know it well.”   Scott Leaney is a well-known name in our industry who has had a long and illustrious career with Schlumberger. He specializes in borehole geophysics and bringing out more value from surface seismic data by integrating it with borehole data (sonic, 3C VSP, 3D VSP, microseismic, DAS, etc.). Scott trained at University of British Columbia (UBC) under the tutelage of stalwart professor Tad Ulrych, and got the opportunity to work with gurus like Doug Miller, Mike Schoenberg, [...]

An interview with Scott Leaney2024-05-30T14:12:35-06:00

Reflections on the 2024 CSEG Symposium, Honouring Don Lawton: The Broad Band of Geophysical Applications

FERNANDO BERUMEN-BORREGO CSEG DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS FERNANDO.BERUMENB@GMAIL.COM Introduction Each year, the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG) Symposium gathers industry professionals, members of academia, and geophysics enthusiasts, in general, to celebrate the contributions of a distinguished member of the geophysical community. The 2024 CSEG Symposium, held on April 9th at the Hudson Lofts in Calgary, honoured Don Lawton, a figure synonymous with groundbreaking research and significant academic and industry contributions in geophysics. Don Lawton obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Auckland and is a Professor Emeritus in Geophysics at the University of Calgary. He was one of the co-founders [...]

Reflections on the 2024 CSEG Symposium, Honouring Don Lawton: The Broad Band of Geophysical Applications2024-05-17T12:52:37-06:00

2023 CSEG Foundation University Scholarships

LORI BARTH SENIOR MANAGER, CENOVUS ENERGY LORI.BARTH@CENOVUS.COM   The Scholarship Committee is happy to report another successful year and would like to thank all the generous scholarship sponsors for their support in 2023. Personal sponsors for the 2023 CSEG scholarships were Nanna Eliuk, Dennis Ellison, Jeremy Gizen, Darren Hinks, Neil Orr, and Ian Watson. Corporate sponsors this year include Alvopetro, Athabasca Oil Corporation, Birchcliff Energy, CNOOC, Eavor, Ikon Science, Imperial Oil, KEY Seismic, North American Helium, Pacific Canbriam, Peer Solutions, Pulse Data, RPS, Synterra, Tourmaline and Wolverine. Their generous sponsorship enables the CSEG Foundation (CSEGF) to award two Post Secondary [...]

2023 CSEG Foundation University Scholarships2024-05-16T14:49:13-06:00

3D Phase Congruency: A Novel Technology for Fault Skeletonization

HAYFA AL-SUHAIMI PRINCE MUHAMMAD UNIVERSITY, HAYFA.ALSUHAIMI@GMAIL.COM SALEH AL-DOSSARY SAUDI ARAMCO, SALEH.DOSSARY.6@ARAMCO.COM Abstract The resolution of seismic imagery greatly impacts a geoscientist’s ability to accurately identify and interpret subsurface features. Here, a novel and automated workflow is proposed to generate high-resolution imagery of subsurface geological features, such as faults, fractures and channels. The workflow consists of two components: 1) noise removal, and 2) geo-body edge detection and enhancement. The technology exploits the Phase Congruency Filtering (PCF) technique to produce a higher-resolution subsurface image. The two-component workflow is applied in three broad steps. Firstly, a median filter is applied to the input seismic [...]

3D Phase Congruency: A Novel Technology for Fault Skeletonization2024-05-02T12:36:24-06:00

Ask The Experts

JASON SCHWEIGERT M.Sc., P.Geoph President/CEO, BJV Design ELVIS FLOREANI B.Sc., P. Geoph President/CEO, Absolute Imaging Inc DENNIS QUINN B.Sc., P.Geoph Software Developer, Absolute Imaging Inc. We are excited to launch a new column in the RECORDER, named “Ask the Experts”. In this column, we address a technical question submitted by our readers. The Editorial Team chooses a team of experts who are asked to provide a detailed answer to this question. If you wish to have one of your questions answered by one of our panelists, please email us at recordereditor@cseg.ca. In today’s column, we posed the following question: Over [...]

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A short interview with Jinji Li

INTERVIEW COORDINATED BY SATINDER CHOPRA “Our work lives longer than us” A new subsection titled ‘student/junior geoscientist spotlight’ is being introduced in the RECORDER. It will be in the form of a short interview with a student or a junior professional who has joined our industry. In this first student spotlight column, we feature Jinji Li, who is a Ph.D. student at the University of Calgary. The following are Jinji’s response to the questions posed to him. We hope the CSEG members like this column. Any comments or suggestions on the introduction of this column are welcome. Jinji trying [...]

A short interview with Jinji Li2024-03-28T20:23:36-06:00

Geophysics Research at the University of Victoria

STAN DOSSO¹ 1UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA, SCHOOL OF EARTH AND OCEAN SCIENCES, VICTORIA BC CANADA SDOSSO@UVIC.CA LUCINDA LEONARD¹, EDWIN NISSEN¹, JOHN CASSIDY2,1, HONN KAO2,1, KELIN WANG2,1 ¹UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA, SCHOOL OF EARTH AND OCEAN SCIENCES, VICTORIA BC CANADA ²PACIFIC GEOSCIENCE CENTRE, GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF CANADA, SIDNEY BC CANADA The contents of this article, including all figures, are the property of the Crown and are provided to the CSEG with its permission. Copyright remains with the Crown and may not be transferred. Introduction The University of Victoria (UVic) offers a geophysics undergraduate degree through a joint program between the School of Earth [...]

Geophysics Research at the University of Victoria2024-04-26T12:40:21-06:00

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