A short interview with Jinji Li

INTERVIEW COORDINATED BY SATINDER CHOPRA “Our work lives longer than us” A new subsection titled ‘student/junior geoscientist spotlight’ is being introduced in the RECORDER. It will be in the form of a short interview with a student or a junior professional who has joined our industry. In this first student spotlight column, we feature Jinji Li, who is a Ph.D. student at the University of Calgary. The following are Jinji’s response to the questions posed to him. We hope the CSEG members like this column. Any comments or suggestions on the introduction of this column are welcome. Jinji trying [...]

A short interview with Jinji Li2024-03-28T20:23:36-06:00

An interview with Janis Rose

INTERVIEW COORDINATED BY SATINDER CHOPRA“Try and do things you enjoy”Janis Rose is a senior geoscientist with over 20 years’ experience in both exploration and development. She started off in the petroleum industry by joining Chevron Canada and remained a loyal employee for eighteen years, working on assets in western Canada, east coast offshore, and the Mackenzie Delta/Northwest Territories. This gave Janis a broad overview of seismic interpretation and prospect generation, as well as the associated risk and economics. Since 2017, she has been working at Cenovus Energy, and is using her insights and informed decisions towards advancing exploration and development.Apart from [...]

An interview with Janis Rose2024-01-29T13:38:34-07:00

An interview with Oliver Kuhn

INTERVIEW COORDINATED BY SATINDER CHOPRA AND DAVID GRAY     Earlier this year former Chief Editor Brian Schulte arranged to have Satinder Chopra and David Gray interview Oliver Kuhn. Oliver worked with Satinder for many years on the RECORDER committee, and he and David were classmates at UWO. Oliver has been a CSEG member since 1984 and over the years been involved in almost every facet of the society, including Ski Spree Chair, Doodlebug Chair, and CSEG President (2006). He won the Meritorious Service Award in 2003, and the Honourary Membership Award in 2023. He is perhaps best known to [...]

An interview with Oliver Kuhn2023-11-20T14:51:55-07:00

An interview with Svetlana Bidikhova

“Choose geophysics, and you will not have a dull day in your life….” INTERVIEW COORDINATED BY SATINDER CHOPRA Svetlana Bidikhova is a successful geophysicist in the Calgary oil patch. After receiving a master’s degree in geophysics from Lomonosov Moscow State University, and briefly working for a seismic equipment company in Russia, she arrived in Canada in 1999. After initially working for an engineering company for a brief period, she joined GX Technology, Calgary and then worked at Shell Canada. She has practical experience in seismic processing, complex depth imaging, and quantitative interpretation, and is now working as COO of GeoVectra [...]

An interview with Svetlana Bidikhova2023-06-22T20:28:59-06:00

An Interview with Alison Malcolm

“Think carefully about what you want and what will make you happy…” INTERVIEW COORDINATED BY SATINDER CHOPRA Alison Malcolm is a well-known geophysicist who is recognized for her work on full-waveform inversion, nonlinear imaging techniques and uncertainty quantification. She has served as assistant professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for six years and has been working as a Professor in the Earth Sciences Department at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) since 2014. Alison has been the recipient of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) J. Clarence Karcher Award (2012), given in recognition of [...]

An Interview with Alison Malcolm2023-05-04T10:29:49-06:00

An Interview with Cheran Mangat

“Strive to be ambitious without forsaking your principles…” INTERVIEW COORDINATED BY SATINDER CHOPRA Cheran Mangat is a geophysicist who has worked in North America and international arenas. She is a highly motivated individual who likes to use geophysical tools and technologies to make significant contributions to the bottom line. Having worked as an explorer, geophysical interpreter, development geophysicist, and stratigrapher, she has seen it all. On being asked for an interview, Cheran was quite supportive, and that led me to ask her a wide range of questions. The following are excerpts from the interview. Cheran, please tell me something about [...]

An Interview with Cheran Mangat2023-05-04T10:29:13-06:00

An Interview with Tobin Marchand

“Learn to identify and accept change early” KEY SEISMIC SOLUTIONS LTD INTERVIEW COORDINATED BY SATINDER CHOPRA Tobin Marchand is an experienced geophysicist who specializes in the processing of both conventional P-wave and multicomponent surface seismic data. In 2005, after getting a master’s degree in applied mathematics from McGill University in Montreal he arrived in Calgary. After some onboard training and several field deployments, he started processing seismic data at VeritasDGC (now CGG). In 2011, he joined Key Seismic Solutions Ltd. in Calgary, where he assisted in finalizing the multicomponent product line and was the Multicomponent Group Leader for several years. [...]

An Interview with Tobin Marchand2023-03-02T22:28:11-07:00

An Interview with Carl Reine

Sound QI Solutions Ltd.| Interview COORDINATED BY Satinder Chopra | Carl Reine is an active and aspiring geophysicist working at Sound QI Solutions Ltd. in Calgary. During his 18 years in the industry, he has proved his effectiveness as a promising reservoir expert. Warm and straightforward in his mannerism, Carl readily agreed to our request for an interview, and shared his impressions/opinions on various topics ranging from his background to what he specializes in. His interesting and insightful comments on these and other topics are contained in the following interview. Carl, let me begin by asking you about your education qualifications [...]

An Interview with Carl Reine2022-12-01T23:33:53-07:00

An interview with Marcia Coueslan

Interview COORDINATED BY Satinder Chopra | Marcia is a principal geophysicist and the MMV (measurement, monitoring, and verification) lead at Vault 44.01 Ltd., Calgary, with over 15 years of technical experience in CCS and oil and gas. She has worked at Schlumberger Carbon Services and Shell on a range of CCS projects including Rocky Mountain Carbon Vault and Athabasca Banks Carbon Hub, Shell Quest Project, Illinois Basin – Decatur Project, ADM Industrial CCS Project, TransAlta Project Pioneer, and PTRC Aquistore / SaskPower Boundary Dam. She has published her work in international journals, presented at geophysical conferences, conducted short courses for [...]

An interview with Marcia Coueslan2023-01-20T14:31:55-07:00

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