Reflections on the 2024 CSEG Symposium, Honouring Don Lawton: The Broad Band of Geophysical Applications

FERNANDO BERUMEN-BORREGO CSEG DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS FERNANDO.BERUMENB@GMAIL.COM Introduction Each year, the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG) Symposium gathers industry professionals, members of academia, and geophysics enthusiasts, in general, to celebrate the contributions of a distinguished member of the geophysical community. The 2024 CSEG Symposium, held on April 9th at the Hudson Lofts in Calgary, honoured Don Lawton, a figure synonymous with groundbreaking research and significant academic and industry contributions in geophysics. Don Lawton obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Auckland and is a Professor Emeritus in Geophysics at the University of Calgary. He was one of the co-founders [...]

Reflections on the 2024 CSEG Symposium, Honouring Don Lawton: The Broad Band of Geophysical Applications2024-05-17T12:52:37-06:00

2023 CSEG Foundation University Scholarships

LORI BARTH SENIOR MANAGER, CENOVUS ENERGY LORI.BARTH@CENOVUS.COM   The Scholarship Committee is happy to report another successful year and would like to thank all the generous scholarship sponsors for their support in 2023. Personal sponsors for the 2023 CSEG scholarships were Nanna Eliuk, Dennis Ellison, Jeremy Gizen, Darren Hinks, Neil Orr, and Ian Watson. Corporate sponsors this year include Alvopetro, Athabasca Oil Corporation, Birchcliff Energy, CNOOC, Eavor, Ikon Science, Imperial Oil, KEY Seismic, North American Helium, Pacific Canbriam, Peer Solutions, Pulse Data, RPS, Synterra, Tourmaline and Wolverine. Their generous sponsorship enables the CSEG Foundation (CSEGF) to award two Post Secondary [...]

2023 CSEG Foundation University Scholarships2024-05-16T14:49:13-06:00

WIUGC 2024 CSEG Ambassador Report

JOHN DUHAULT CSEG-F OUTREACH AMBASSADOR STARBIRD@TELUS.NET DILPREET KHEHRA CSEG-F OUTREACH AMBASSADOR DILPREET@SPECTRUMGEOSCIENCES.COM   Executive Summary: For Your Eyes Only In the frozen heart of January '24, the CSEG Foundation played its hand in a covert operation at the Western Inter-University Geoscience Conference (WIUGC), Winnipeg, Manitoba. Its game pieces? Two operatives, Dilpreet Khehra and John Duhault, have their sights set on shifting the tides of academia towards geophysics and soft-rock geology. The directive was crystal clear: blend in, engage, and convert. These agents would be chameleons acting as educators by daylight, leading the young recruits through the "Geosciences Applications in the [...]

WIUGC 2024 CSEG Ambassador Report2024-03-07T22:30:47-07:00

CSEG Mentorship Program Professional Development Series

STEPHEN KOTKAS GEOPHYSICAL DATA BROKER, SIGMA EXPLORATION; MEMBER, MENTORSHIP COMMITTEE (CSEG FOUNDATION) STEPHEN.KOTKAS@SIGMAEX.COM SARAH GRANT GEOPHYSICIST, CENOVUS ENERGY; MEMBER, MENTORSHIP COMMITTEE (CSEG FOUNDATION) SARAH.GRANT@CENOVUS.COM The CSEG Mentorship Committee organized a professional development workshop on January 25, 2024 with Jilliane Yawney, in partnership with GeoWomen of Calgary. This in-person event was held in Calgary (at 715, 5th Ave SW) and the venue was graciously sponsored by Earth Signal Processing. The event was free to attend, included a delicious lunch, and had a great turn-out. With over 50 pairings of mentee’s and mentors, the Mentorship program continues to grow and achieve success [...]

CSEG Mentorship Program Professional Development Series2024-02-15T22:03:12-07:00

Our Mentorship Community Starts With You

JEFF CALVERT GEOSCIENTIST, CRITERIUM ENERGY; CHAIR, MENTORSHIP COMMITTEE (CSEG FOUNDATION) JCALVERT@CRITERIUMENERGY.COM STEPHEN KOTKAS GEOPHYSICAL BROKER, SIGMA EXPLORATION; MEMBER, MENTORSHIP COMMITTEE (CSEG FOUNDATION) STEPHEN.KOTKAS@SIGMAEX.COM   On October 17th the Mentorship Program of the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG), held a kickoff event at the Unicorn Pub in Calgary. This event was made possible by the many sponsors, and we would like to thank SAE Exploration, Arc Resources, Earth Signal Processing, Optiseis, Qeye, RPS, Synterra and Absolute Imaging. We would also like to thank the organizing committee and the attendees for making this a worthwhile get together! This year’s Mentorship Committee [...]

Our Mentorship Community Starts With You2023-12-07T14:23:54-07:00

Carbon Capture Canada Conference

DARREN KONDRAT GEOPHYSICAL CONSULTANT DARRENK@ROCKYVIEWGEOSERVICES.CA LUKE HARLOW-LAWRENCE B.SC., GEOPHYSICS The 2nd annual Carbon Capture Canada Conference – the nation’s only carbon capture, utilization, and storage convention - was held in Edmonton, Alberta. As the 2030 federal goals for emission reduction draw closer, collaboration and conversation around CCUS projects is crucial, and Carbon Capture Canada provided a space to connect. Bre Fox, Chair of Carbon Capture Canada, welcomed the session with an emphasis on a call to action, asking questions on best practices for our clean energy future. There were more than 100 exhibitors and over 150 industry leading speakers spread [...]

Carbon Capture Canada Conference2023-11-23T22:17:20-07:00

Inside the World Petroleum Congress

HILARY SCHUMACHER SUSTAINABILITY INTEGRATION ADVISOR, CSEG DIRECTOR OF MEMBER SERVICES HSCHUMACHER@SUNCOR.COM Introduction I had the incredible privilege of attending the 24th World Petroleum Congress (WPC), which took place in the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta, from September 17th to 21st. The event revolved around the central theme of "Energy Transition: The Path to Net Zero," and it was a great experience. Being part of this massive gathering was truly remarkable, as it brought together not only oil and gas industry experts but also politicians, executives, and dedicated workers from all corners of the globe. I was among 10,000+ fortunate individuals [...]

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The 2023 CSEG Symposium: A Lookback

PAMELA BUCHER SENIOR GEOPHYSICIST, P.GEO, CSEG SYMPOSIUM CHAIR PAMELA.BUCHER@CENOVUS.COM As the Chair of this year’s CSEG Symposium I wanted to thank everyone and express my sincere gratitude to the honouree, speakers, members of the organizing committee and attendees! I’m delighted to share that the event, which took place on April 18th at the Hudson Lofts, brought together over one hundred and thirty-five enthusiastic geophysicists. The Symposium proved again to be a platform of knowledge sharing, networking and meaningful technical discussion. With a lineup of technical talks, the conference touched on all aspects of geophysics, from acquisition to processing, interpretation to [...]

The 2023 CSEG Symposium: A Lookback2023-06-19T20:47:20-06:00

2022 CSEG Scholarship Report and Winners

STEVE QUAN, CHAIR LORI BARTH, SENIOR TRUSTEE STEPHEN KOTKAS, JUNIOR TRUSTEE Every year the CSEG Scholarship Committee awards scholarships to deserving candidates in continuing education across Canada. In the 2022 scholarship year, over 80 high-quality applications were received from across Canada and 15 scholarships of $2,000 were awarded. In order to qualify for a university student award, students must be enrolled at a Canadian university in an academic program leading to a career in exploration geophysics. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic performance, financial need, interest in geophysics and extra-curricular activities. In 2012, the Foundation introduced a new [...]

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Improving Communication from the CSEG Foundation Mentorship Community

Over the last three years, we have experienced what it’s like to be isolated without access to the personal and professional relationships we have grown accustomed to having. Virtual meetings have been a way to escape that, but they can come with their own set of communication challenges. Effective virtual communication between industry professionals is increasingly important for collaboration, mentorship, and continual learning. Developing and refining these skills is paramount in an ever-evolving virtual world. The CSEG mentorship program provides a platform for building both hard and soft skills. Recently, we hosted a Professional Development Workshop called: Exploring Strategies to [...]

Improving Communication from the CSEG Foundation Mentorship Community2023-03-09T22:12:19-07:00

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