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A Students Report on Middle East Oil, Gas and Geo-sciences Show (MEOS-GEO), Bahrain


MISHA MUSTAQEEM BACHELOR OF COMMUNICATION – BROADCASTING STUDENT, MOUNT ROYAL UNIVERSITY MMUST527@MTROYAL.CA For many in the resource industry, the phrase Middle East makes them think of oil and gas. According to Statista, the Middle East region produces 31% of global of oil and gas. Coincidentally this proportion is very close to the volume of hydrocarbons exported around the world. Saudi Arabia leads the region in both production and exports – but there is another nation that should not be overlooked: the state of Bahrain. Before the 1930s, the state of Bahrain, an island off the coast of Saudi Arabia, was [...]

A Students Report on Middle East Oil, Gas and Geo-sciences Show (MEOS-GEO), Bahrain2023-10-19T12:15:45-06:00

AAPG ICE Conference and Exhibition


MISHA MUSTAQEEM COMMUNICATIONS (BROADCASTING) STUDENT, MOUNT ROYAL UNIVERSITY MMUST527@MTROYAL.CA In the spring of 2022, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists held its international conference and exhibition (AAPG ICE), in Cartagena, a resort town in Colombia. The convention took place in the Centro de Convenciones Cartagena de Indias. This convention profiled businesses from countries all over the world, including Poland, Trinidad and Tobago, and Portugal, to name a few. Local Colombian geoscientific companies also attended the convention. Canadian students may be unaware of the benefits of attending such a convention, but there are plenty: the opportunity for students to learn more [...]

AAPG ICE Conference and Exhibition2023-03-23T15:39:43-06:00

Seismic Facies on the Northwest Shelf, Australia


RYAN GREEN MSC. STUDENT, UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY RYAN.GREEN2@UCALGARY.CA | Hello! My name is Ryan Green. I’m finishing up my MSc. at the Department of Geoscience at the University of Calgary, studying seismic based lithofacies mapping with Dr. Per Kent Pedersen. My research is centred in the Browse Basin, Northwest Shelf Australia, where Jurassic aged fluvial sandstone gas reservoirs support liquefied natural gas (LNG) activity. This sub-basin is an extensional system with trapping in tilted fault blocks lying within larger regional anticlinal structures (Figure 1). At the reservoir level, intrusive volcanics and gas bearing sands are both represented in the seismic [...]

Seismic Facies on the Northwest Shelf, Australia2023-11-23T22:26:54-07:00

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