Theseus 24D optimized seismic CCS MMV method

Lee Hunt1, Eric Street1, Graham Hack1, Jason Schweigert2 and Matthew Allen21CARBON ALPHA, CALGARY, CANADA; 2BJV DESIGN INC., CALGARY * CORRESPONDING AUTHOR EMAIL ADDRESS: LHUNT@CARBONALPHA.COM ABSTRACT We present a new strategy, which we call Theseus 24D, to increase the capital efficiency of seismic monitoring, measurement, and verification (MMV) plans for carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects onshore. Theseus is needed because CCS is currently socially and environmentally desirable but has a discouragingly high capital intensity. Also, the repeat, or time-lapse, seismic elements of CCS bear a material amount of the MMV cost for these projects. MMV rarely endures a critical business evaluation [...]

Theseus 24D optimized seismic CCS MMV method2024-04-10T22:58:23-06:00

Double-wavelet time-lapse full-waveform inversion

Xin Fu¹, Sergio Romahn² and Kristopher A. Innanen¹ ¹UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY, DEPARTMENT OF GEOSCIENCE, CALGARY, CANADA ²PETRÓLEOS MEXICANOS (PEMEX) * CORRESPONDING AUTHOR EMAIL ADDRESS: XIN.FU1@UCALGARY.CA ABSTRACT The time-lapse seismic method is widely used to monitor reservoir changes, and in this effort, full-waveform inversion is now playing an increasingly active role. Especially in time-lapse full-waveform inversion, reducing non-repeatability between baseline and monitoring surveys is essential. In this paper, we compare the impact of different degrees and types of wavelet non-repeatability on three basic time-lapse inversion strategies, including the parallel strategy (PRS), the sequential strategy (SQS), and the double-difference strategy (DDS). [...]

Double-wavelet time-lapse full-waveform inversion2023-03-28T13:17:44-06:00

June 2017

Wavefield Separation of Microseismic Event Data Based on Linear PolarizationNadine Igonin and David W. EatonPP and PS Reflection and Transmission Coefficients in Anelastic MediaP.F. Daley and E.S. KrebesDepartmentsJournal StaffJournal InformationCorporate MembershipEditorial StandardsEditor's NoteAuthor's Biographies

June 20172024-01-14T13:20:03-07:00

June 2016

Lithology and Mineralogy Estimation from Matrix Density Utilizing Wireline Logs in Glauconitic Sandstone, Blackfoot Area, Alberta, CanadaOmar Mazen DerderDiffraction: Asymptotic Ray Theory Based VSP Numerical ExperimentsP.F. Daley and E.S. KrebesDepartmentsJournal StaffJournal InformationCorporate MembershipEditorial StandardsEditor's NoteAuthor's Biographies

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June 2015

Integrating Full Waveform and Inverse Scattering InversionJ. Bee Bednar and Chris J. BednarDetermination of the Porosity of Granular Soils Using Electrical Resistivity MeasurementsZaid Al-Qaysi and Abouzar SadrekarimiRay-reflectivity method for P-SV waves in a plane layered mediumP.F. Daley and E.S. KrebesEffective Moduli and Poisson’s Ratios in PoroelasticityIgor B. MorozovNew Edge Detection Methods for Seismic InterpretationBrian Russell and Claude RibordyEditor’s Note: Comparison of an Edge Detection Algorithm and Second Derivative MapsLarry LinesThe Significance of Time-lapse Seismic Attributes in Heavy Oil Reservoir DevelopmentNaimeh Riazi and Larry LinesDepartmentsJournal StaffJournal InformationCorporate MembershipEditorial StandardsAuthor's Biographies

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June 2014

Resolution Enhancement with Deconvolution after MigrationJohn Bancroft, Thais Guirigay, Naser Yousefzadeh and Helen IsaacDip induced anisotropyYe Zheng, John Bancroft and Don LawtonShort Note: Seismic-Q estimation using full waveform inversion of noisy data – A feasibility studyLaurence R. Lines, Fereidoon Vasheghani, and R. Phillip BordingSeparation of geometric spreading, scattering and intrinsic attenuation effects in a VSPAmin Ahmadi and Igor MorozovReceiver Function Analysis of Time-Lapse 3-C/3-D seismic reflection dataLe Gao and Igor MorozovIdentifying internal multiples using 1D prediction: Physical modeling and land data examplesMelissa Hernandez and Kristopher A. InnanenDepartmentsJournal StaffJournal InformationCorporate MembershipEditorial StandardsAuthor's Biographies

June 20142024-01-14T13:15:37-07:00

June 2013

Estimating seismic attenuation (Qp & Qs) from rock propertiesZimin Zhang, Robert R. Stewart, and Don C. LawtonFull waveform inversion using non-smooth data fidelity and non-smooth regularizationSanyi Yuan and Shangxu WangRefraction-static analysis in 3-D by using time fieldsAtul Jhajhria and Igor MorozovDennis Gabor: The father of seismic attribute analysisBrian RussellPhysical modeling of reflections from low-Q mediaJoe Wong and Laurence R. LinesBuilding 3D stochastic exploration models from borehole geophysical and petrophysical data: A Case StudyE. Bongajum, B. Milkereit, and J. HuangModels of seismic attenuation measurements in the laboratoryTrevor Coulman, Wubing Deng, and Igor MorozovDepartmentsJournal StaffJournal InformationCorporate MembershipEditorial StandardsAuthor's Biographies

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June 2012

Azimuthal AVO inversion by simulated annealing David Cho and Gary F. Margrave 5D interpolation to improve AVO and AVAz: a quantitative case history Jon Downton, Lee Hunt, Daniel Trad, Scott Reynolds, and Scott Hadley Amplitudes Upon Reflection in Acoustical Experiments Larry Lines, Enders Robinson, and Sven Treitel Nearly perfectly matched layer method for seismic wave propagation in poroelastic media Jingyi Chen Reflection and transmission coefficients in TI media: exact and linearized phase velocities, eikonals and polarization vectors P.F. Daley, E.S. Krebes, L.R. Lines, and F. Mahmoudian Impedance analysis for methane and CO2 discrimination in coalbeds Diane J. Lespinasse, Christopher R. [...]

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June 2011

The robustness of reverse-time migration for imaging noisy sparse foothills data Laurence R. Lines and P.F. Daley Direct multi-parameter inversion of geo-radar data through inverse scattering Kristopher A. Innanen and Partha S. Routh Fluid substitution in coalbeds Diane J. Lespinasse and Robert J. Ferguson High frequency edge diffraction theory P.F. Daley and E.S. Krebes 4D multicomponent seismic modeling to assess monitoring of CO2 storage in the Devonian Redwater Reef, Alberta, Canada Taher M. Sodagar and Don C. Lawton Fast Marching Method Seismic Traveltimes with Reconfigurable Field Programmable Gate Arrays Xiaoning Zhang and R. Phillip Bording Departments Journal Staff Journal Information Corporate [...]

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December 1999

On Raytracing in Constant - Velocity - Gradient Media: Geometrical Approach M. Epstein and M.A. Slawinski On Rays and Ray Parameters in Inhomogeneous - Isotropic Media M. Epstein and M.A. Slawinski Field Test for Linearity of Seismoelectric Conversions K.E. Butler, S.W. Fleming and R.D. Russell On Raytracing in Constant Velocity - Gradient Media: Calculus Approach R.A. Slawinski and M.A. Slawinski On Generalized Ray Parameters for Velocity Inhomogeneous and Anisotropic Media M.A. Slawinski and P.S. Webster Density and AVO L. Lines A Quantitative Study of the Effects of Tuning on AVO Effects for Thin Beds H-M Chung and D.C. Lawton Comments and [...]

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