Double-wavelet time-lapse full-waveform inversion


Xin Fu¹, Sergio Romahn² and Kristopher A. Innanen¹ ¹UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY, DEPARTMENT OF GEOSCIENCE, CALGARY, CANADA ²PETRÓLEOS MEXICANOS (PEMEX) * CORRESPONDING AUTHOR EMAIL ADDRESS: XIN.FU1@UCALGARY.CA ABSTRACT The time-lapse seismic method is widely used to monitor reservoir changes, and in this effort, full-waveform inversion is now playing an increasingly active role. Especially in time-lapse full-waveform inversion, reducing non-repeatability between baseline and monitoring surveys is essential. In this paper, we compare the impact of different degrees and types of wavelet non-repeatability on three basic time-lapse inversion strategies, including the parallel strategy (PRS), the sequential strategy (SQS), and the double-difference strategy (DDS). [...]