Estimating seismic attenuation (Qp & Qs) from rock properties
Zimin Zhang, Robert R. Stewart, and Don C. Lawton

Full waveform inversion using non-smooth data fidelity and non-smooth regularization
Sanyi Yuan and Shangxu Wang

Refraction-static analysis in 3-D by using time fields
Atul Jhajhria and Igor Morozov

Dennis Gabor: The father of seismic attribute analysis
Brian Russell

Physical modeling of reflections from low-Q media
Joe Wong and Laurence R. Lines

Building 3D stochastic exploration models from borehole geophysical and petrophysical data: A Case Study
E. Bongajum, B. Milkereit, and J. Huang

Models of seismic attenuation measurements in the laboratory
Trevor Coulman, Wubing Deng, and Igor Morozov


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