Resolution Enhancement with Deconvolution after Migration
John Bancroft, Thais Guirigay, Naser Yousefzadeh and Helen Isaac

Dip induced anisotropy
Ye Zheng, John Bancroft and Don Lawton

Short Note: Seismic-Q estimation using full waveform inversion of noisy data – A feasibility study
Laurence R. Lines, Fereidoon Vasheghani, and R. Phillip Bording

Separation of geometric spreading, scattering and intrinsic attenuation effects in a VSP
Amin Ahmadi and Igor Morozov

Receiver Function Analysis of Time-Lapse 3-C/3-D seismic reflection data
Le Gao and Igor Morozov

Identifying internal multiples using 1D prediction: Physical modeling and land data examples
Melissa Hernandez and Kristopher A. Innanen


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