Integrating Full Waveform and Inverse Scattering Inversion
J. Bee Bednar and Chris J. Bednar

Determination of the Porosity of Granular Soils Using Electrical Resistivity Measurements
Zaid Al-Qaysi and Abouzar Sadrekarimi

Ray-reflectivity method for P-SV waves in a plane layered medium
P.F. Daley and E.S. Krebes

Effective Moduli and Poisson’s Ratios in Poroelasticity
Igor B. Morozov

New Edge Detection Methods for Seismic Interpretation
Brian Russell and Claude Ribordy
Editor’s Note: Comparison of an Edge Detection Algorithm and Second Derivative Maps
Larry Lines

The Significance of Time-lapse Seismic Attributes in Heavy Oil Reservoir Development
Naimeh Riazi and Larry Lines


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