The CSEG is pleased to support the Distinguished Lecture Tour. This is a national lecture tour sponsored by the CSEG Foundation and presented by a distinguished member of the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG). The goal is to promote the science and application of geophysics to those working with, studying, and interested in the science of geophysics and highlights a topic of current interest.

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Richard Smith

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2020-21 CSEG Distinguished Lecture Tour

Previous Lecture Tours


Clayton Deutsch

How Engineers Make Money Using Geophysics

John L. J. Duhault, P.Geo.
President Starbird Enterprises

Crustal Fluids, Friction and Faults: What can we learn from injection-induced earthquakes?

Professor David Eaton
2019-20 CSEG Distinguished Lecturer

Recent Sand Models

Larry Meckel

A Glimpse into the World of Seismic Attributes

Rainer Tonn, Asdrubal Bernal, Jon Dexter
Equinor Canada Ltd.

An Unconventional View of Geoscience

David Gray
2019 CSEG Distinguished Lecturer
Senior Geophysical Advisor, Global Exploration with Nexen

Adventures in Scientific Drilling: A Geophysicist’s Perspective

Doug Schmitt
2018 CSEG Distinguished Lecturer

Diffraction Imaging

Evgeny Landa

Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

Coordinator: Faranak Mahmoudian and Amy Fox

Induced Seismicity: Micro to Macro

Coordinators: David Eaton, J-B Tary, Enrico Caffagni

Post-earthquake Seismic Reflection Survey, Christchurch, New Zealand

Dr. Don Lawton
2013 CSEG Distinguished Lecturer

Quantitative Interpretation, New Challenges, and Economic Value

Lee Hunt, P.Geoph
2012 CSEG Distinguished Lecturer

Seismic Attributes for Fracture Delineation

Satinder Chopra
2011 CSEG Distinguished Lecturer (Talk Option A)

Extracting Meaningful Information from Seismic Attributes

Satinder Chopra
2011 CSEG Distinguished Lecturer (Talk Option B)

What Else Can the Seismic Waveform Tell Us?

Dr. Gerhard Pratt
2008 CSEG Distinguished Lecturer

The old and the new in seismic inversion

Dr. Brian Russell
2007 CSEG Distinguished Lecturer