Rights, Privileges, Responsibilities and Obligations of Seismic Data Ownership

Instructor: Doug Uffen
Date: November 06, 2020
Duration: 1 day
Members (early bird/price): CAD$ 425/500 (plus GST)
Non-members (early bird/price): CAD$ 525/600 (plus GST)
Location: TBA
Time: TBA


This course is of particular interest to technologists, professionals and managers who may not work directly with seismic data but are involved in numerous business situations involving seismic data.  Land personnel, geologists, engineers, lawyers and even geophysicists will all benefit from the clarity provided about these previously unwritten rules governing seismic data in the industry. The Powerpoint presentation is provided to attendee. 

Course Description

This half day course identifies and clarifies the unwritten rules practiced in industry as it pertains to seismic data ownership.  The course will also identify and address subtle nuances where current standard industry practice is not uniform.  The attendee will develop the insight to make their own informed decisions on these matters.  The course will focus upon the rules, rights, privileges, responsibilities and obligations of seismic data ownership and their ramifications, permissions and limitations as related to specific business situations.

A sampling of the topics discussed in this seminar includes:

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Data Quality Inspections
  • Releasing Data for Sale
  • Data Room Practices
  • Seismic Data Licensing Agreements
  • Joint Venture Operating Agreements
  • Partner Obligations and Responsibilities
  • Data Archival Obligations for Frontier Datasets
  • Third Party Data Licensing Agreements
  • Speculative Survey Transfer Fees
  • Copying Data and Maps

The seminar will also bring these rules and obligations to life for the attendee through the use of common business case scenarios involving seismic data. Some of the business context situations to be discussed will be:

  • Corporate acquisitions
  • Property divestitures
  • Farm-outs
  • Seismic review options
  • Show & tells
  • Seismic data sale transactions.


Doug Uffen P. Geoph (APEGA), P. Geo (APEGBC) has worked for both large and small oil and gas companies in Calgary throughout his thirty-eight year career.   Doug has extensive experience as a seismic interpreter within the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and Canada’s Frontier regions.   He has also worked internationally with datasets from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America. He is a Past President of the CSEG, formerly a CSEG Foundation Board Member and currently a Board Member of the Calgary Geoscience Data Manager Society.

Doug developed this course to promote fair play within the industry, to heighten awareness about the rules surrounding the governance of seismic data.