Fractured & Shale Reservoirs - From Geologic Concepts to Reservoir Models

Ahmed Ouenes and Scott P. Cooper

Instructor: Ahmed Ouenes and Scott P. Cooper
Date: November 08 - 09, 2018
Duration: 2 days
Members (early bird/price): CAD$ 800/1000 (plus GST)
Non-members (early bird/price): CAD$ 900/1100 (plus GST)
Location: TBA
Time: TBA


Ahmed Ouenes is the CEO and Founder of FracGeo, a technology company that specializes in improving the development of unconventional reservoirs.  Ahmed has 30 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry where he occupied different positions in consulting, software development, operating oil and gas fields, and academia. Ahmed’s main interest is the development of new reservoir characterization technologies that improve the bottom line of E&P companies. He has been focusing lately on developing 3G concepts and new ways to integrate Geomechanics with Geology and Geophysics (3G) to optimize completions.  Previously, Ahmed was the founder and president of Prism Seismic, a software and consulting company sold in 2011 to the Symphony Technology Group.  Ahmed was Chief Reservoir Engineer at RC Squared where he developed the first commercial software for the Continuous Fracture Modeling (CFM) technology.    Ahmed graduated from Ecole Centrale de Paris and holds a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from New Mexico Tech. He is the author of  more than 85 papers on various complex reservoir studies and new reservoir modeling techniques that cover a wide range of multidisciplinary topics including unconventional reservoirs, geomechanics, fracture modeling, reservoir geophysics, artificial intelligence, reservoir simulation and proxy models, automatic history matching, stochastic optimization for inverse problems, upscaling, geostatistics, and wettability.

Scott Cooper, (FractureStudies LLC): Scott has spent the last 20 years working projects related to outcrop and subsurface fracture studies with applications to reservoir characterization, production and CO2 sequestration.  He received a M.S. in geology from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in 2000 under Dr. Laurel Goodwin and Dr. John Lorenz; the thesis topic was fracture characterization and modeling of Teapot Dome a basement-cored anticline in central Wyoming.  Scott left Sandia National Laboratories (a Department of Energy Research Laboratory) as a Senior Member of the Technical Staff in the summer of 2008.  Since that time, he has had fun working in partnership and teaching classes with Dr. John Lorenz at FractureStudies LLC and Dr. Ahmed Ouenes on naturally fractured reservoir characterization around the world.  Detailed descriptions of projects, published papers, short courses and links to open-file reports and papers are available at


The short course provides a unique opportunity to learn all the aspects related to the understanding and modeling of fractured reservoirs. The workshop includes both presentations and hands-on training using a 3D modeling software.  The first part of the workshop covers the geologic aspects which allow the geoscientist to recognize different types of fractures from outcrop, cores and boreholes. Once the fractures are recognized, their impact on the reservoir and its performance is examined. Six case studies are used to illustrate all the geologic concepts.   The second part of the workshop covers all the aspects of modeling fractured reservoirs. Using a 3D modeling software and actual data from Teapot Dome, (WY), the geoscientist will be able to construct fracture models that integrate geology, geophysics and reservoir engineering. Emphasis will be given to the critical use of seismic attributes in fracture modeling. Using actual Teapot Dome field data from the Tensleep and Niobrara Shale formations and a hands-on approach, the workshop allows the geoscientist to identify fractures and to construct 3D fracture models that can be used to identify productive zones and areas, and plan wells.