Seismic Data Acquisition, Processing and Inversion in Exploration Seismology

Oz Yilmaz

Instructor: Öz Yilmaz 
Date: November 08 - 09, 2018
Duration: 2 days
Members (early bird/price): CAD$ 800/1000 (plus GST)
Non-members (early bird/price): CAD$ 900/1100 (plus GST)
Location: TBA
Time: TBA



Öz Yilmaz received his B.S. in Geology with Geophysics Option from the University of Missouri-Rolla in 1970, M.S. in Geophysics with research in rock physics and earthquake seismology from Stanford University in 1972, and after five years in the industry, and Ph.D. in Geophysics with research in exploration seismology from Stanford University in 1979.  Aside from numerous publications on all aspects of seismic data analysis, Öz wrote a book entitled Seismic Data Processing published by SEG in 1987.  The expanded, two-volume second edition entitled Seismic Data Analysis was published, again by SEG, in January, 2001.  And his third book is entitled Engineering Seismology published by SEG, May, 2015.  Öz Yilmaz is the Director of Anatolian Geophysical, which provides services in exploration seismology, engineering seismology, and earthquake seismology.  Öz Yilmaz also is the CTO of GeoTomo LLC, which provides seismic software products and services in near-surface and subsurface modeling and imaging.