Virtual Learning Series


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Week 1
Day 1 Feb. 2, 2021
12-1pm MST
Using Applied Geophysics to Influence Business Decisions in the Alberta Oil Patch
John Duhault
Advisor Risk-Mitigator Trainer-Mentor, Principal Consultant, Starbird Enterprises Inc.
Day 2
Feb. 3, 2021
12-1pm MST
Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) - The “Network of Networks”
Joy Romero
Vice President Technology and Innovation, Canadian Natural Resources Limited
Day 3 Feb. 4, 2021
12-1pm MST
Extracting Lithium for a Clean Energy Future
Amanda Hall
CEO & Founder, Summit Nanotech Corp.
Week 2
Day 4 Feb. 8, 2021
12-1pm MST
Seismic Acquisition Innovation
Andrea Crook
President, Optiseis Solutions Ltd.
Day 5 Feb. 9, 2021
12-1pm MST
Machine Learning Applications in Petroleum Exploration
Brian Russell
Vice-President, CGG GeoSoftware
Day 6 Feb. 10, 2021
12-1pm MST
Quantitative Interpretation of Seismic Data - A Key Component for Optimal Field Development
Carl Reine, Ph.D., P.Geoph
Chief Geophysicist, Sound QI Solutions
Day 7 Feb. 11, 2021
12-1pm MST
Using Virtual Reality to Reveal Hidden Seismic Details
Steven Lynch
Chief Geoscientist, Visual Wavefield