Virtual Learning Series

Seismic Acquisition Innovation

Andrea Crook

Andrea Crook
President, Optiseis Solutions Ltd.

Monday, February 8th, 2021 – 12:00 PM MST



Seismic acquisition has changed significantly in the past ten years. Recording systems have switched from cabled to cable-less/nodal systems, vibroseis is beginning to replace explosives even in areas with rugged terrain, new seismic sources are being developed, and high trace density surveys are changing the way seismic data is acquired, processed, and interpreted. This presentation will focus on seismic acquisition innovations that are providing remarkable improvements in data quality, and will include excerpts from Andrea’s 2019 GeoConvention presentation, Transitioning to High Density Vibroseis, which won the 2019 Best Oral Presentation award.


Andrea Crook, P.Geoph., is the President of OptiSeis Solutions Ltd., a seismic acquisition design and software company focused on developing innovative acquisition solutions for acquiring high resolution seismic data, that she co-founded in 2011.  Andrea’s previous experience includes seismic processing and geophysical operations at Shell Canada, and geophysical consulting at Boyd PetroSearch. In addition to designing seismic acquisition programs and overseeing software development, Andrea also teaches seismic acquisition courses for the SEG and the CSEG Doodletrain. Andrea was recently awarded the CSEG Technical Achievement Award for her outstanding technical contributions to Canadian Geophysics