Since the establishment of The CSEG Foundation in 2006, and through the CSEG in prior years, memorial funds have been created to honour the memory of specific CSEG members who have passed away.

The CSEG Foundation has developed a policy for the establishment of new endowment funds as they pertain to memorials or in-memoriam gifts for CSEG members who have passed away, as well as how to manage members’ contributions in memoriam in general. The spirit of honouring a family member, friend or a colleague from the geophysical community, or a long-time member who has served the CSEG or the CSEG Foundation, is appropriate, welcomed, and an important part of our legacy.

There are currently two categories of Funds: the CSEG Members Memorial Fund and the CSEG Foundation Named Endowment Memorial Fund.

CSEG Members Memorial Fund

The CSEG Members Memorial Fund is a pooled fund created to gather and hold funds from memorial gifts received by the Foundation (unless they are sufficiently large to be categorized as a Named Memorial Endowment Fund) on behalf of a CSEG member or person related to the CSEG. If $1,000 or more is contributed on behalf of a member, that member is recognized and an “In Memoriam” article follows each Honoree’s name. Proceeds from the CSEG Members Memorial Fund are distributed in an appropriate manner chosen by the Foundation.

The following members are remembered for their commitment to the geoscience profession through the generous support of the CSEG Foundation by their families, colleagues and friends:

CSEG Foundation Named Endowment Memorial Fund

A CSEG Foundation Named Endowment Memorial Fund is a fund named for a specific person with sufficient underlying financial capital to sustain a long term annual distribution such as a scholarship named in memory of the person.

To qualify for and to institute a CSEG Foundation Named Endowment Memorial Fund, an aggregate gift of $100,000 CAD, should be donated, either as one gift or a collection of gifts from different individuals all designated to the specific named fund. The timeline for receiving the funds is one year (365 days) from the date of the request for the establishment of the endowment fund, unless otherwise directed by the CSEG Foundation Board. Once the funds have been received in full, the Foundation will add the fund to its recognition and operational structures and create a CSEG Foundation Named Endowment Memorial Fund Agreement stating the goals, contacts and obligations, and the stewardship of the fund. If the required level is not reached in one year, then all monies received will be transferred to the CSEG Members Memorial Fund.

The CSEG Foundation Named Endowment Memorial Fund will be used by the Foundation according to the specific wishes of the estate involved or, in the absence of specific instructions, in a manner chosen by the board of the CSEG Foundation.