University Student Outreach organizes volunteers for career fairs, the Geophysical Industry Field Trip, and the Mentorship program.

The CSEG Foundation regularly sponsors university conferences, such as the Western Inter-Universities Geoscience Conference, the Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference, and the Atlantic Universities Geoscience Conference.

The CSEG Foundation is a sponsor and participant in the annual Alberta Student Energy Conference (ASEC). This unique occasion allows over 500 of Alberta’s top students in the fields of geoscience, engineering and finance to engage in seminars on Canada’s oil and gas sector.

CSEG Foundation Outreach volunteers attend career fairs at the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta. Our attendance gives students the opportunity to learn about the CSEG and CSEG Foundation and the huge array of opportunities that are available to them. The CSEG Foundation is a proud sponsor of these events.

USO volunteers also serve on the Challenge Bowl and Honorary Address committees.

Outreach members work with many other organizations to share outreach and education ideas and resources and to support their complementary geoscience initiatives. This collaboration has facilitated our continued expansion into B.C. and central and eastern Canada.

Leader Ben Gadd, CSEG Foundation volunteers, and students on the 2014 Geophysical Industry Field Trip.