Neil Rutherford - 2018

CSEG Honorary Membership Award Recipient Neil Rutherford

Neil RutherfordFor tremendous commitment over the years: CSEG Board, CSEG-F, SEG Convention 2000, Doodlebug, Doodlespiel etc.

Neil started his work in Calgary May, 1971 nearly 48 years ago. At that time, HBOG's Chief Geophysicist Jack Pullen expected all new grads to join CSEG. Neil’s first CSEG committee was CSEG Convention Technical Committee, about 1974-75. Neil was on the Doodlebug Committee 1982-1986, Chair 1986. He has played in 33 tournaments and attended Doodlespiel 25 years. He was the CSEG Executive Technical Director 1985; CSEG VP 1989; CSEG President 1990; Co-Chair CSEG/CSPG First Joint Convention with CSPG Bruce Shultz “Exploring Possibilities”, in 1993. Neil is a member of CSEG/CSPG/APEGGA Liaison Committee 5 year (1986-1990). Neil received the CSEG Meritorious Service Award in 1994, was the CSEG/U of C Chair in Geophysics Committee for 5 years, hired Larry Lines and attempted to build the Chair in Geophysics Fund. Neil was President, SEG International Convention in Calgary 2000; CSEG Foundation organizing committee 2005-2007; CSEG Foundation Director 2007-2013, 2016-2019.