Laurie Bellman - 2016

CSEG Honorary Membership Award Recipient Laurie Bellman

Laurie BellmanLaurie Bellman has contributed to the CSEG at the highest technical levels over the past few years, as a volunteer, a speaker and most recently as the Canadian Distinguished Lecturer (2016-2017). Her past volunteer contributions include Technical Co-Chair CSEG Convention 2011, Judging and Awards Committee Convention 2012, CSEG Symposium Speaker Liaison 2013 and General Co-Chair GeoConvention 2014. Her contribution to geophysics expands beyond the CSEG and recently she was the Technical Program Co-Chair for AAPG ACE 2016.

She regularly presents recent advances in Quantitative Interpretation at local and international conferences and spoke at the inaugural 2012 CSEG Symposium on Grand Rapids Oil Sands 3d Seismic – Incorporating and Comparing Multiple Data Types for Reservoir Characterization and again at the CSEG Symposium in 2014 on The Evolution of Interpretation.

She is recognized as an industry expert in the field of Quantitative Interpretation and consequently is currently touring as the 2017 Canadian Distinguished Lecturer “Data Interpretation and Integration from a Seismic Perspective – The Excitement of Innovation”.