Mohammed Al-Ibrahim - 2015

CSEG Meritorious Service Award Recipient Mohammed Al-Ibrahim
Citation by Paul Anderson

Mohammed Al-IbrahimFor conspicuous (and conspicuously cheerful) early career contributions to a wide range of CSEG committee activities.

Since graduating from the University of Calgary in 2007, Mo has been a devoted volunteer with the CSEG. While I do not claim he has volunteered on every committee within the CSEG, there are very few who have not interacted with Mo in his various activities with the society. In addition to being a volunteer photographer, Mo has been an active volunteer with a number of committees, including: The RECORDER, CSEG Outreach Committee, CSEG Journal, CSEG DoodleTrain & CSEG Symposium. His geophysical background, reliable skills and cheery teamwork have been essential to the success of these CSEG projects.

For the past several years, Mo has worked diligently with the Luncheon Committee, ensuring the agenda and announcement slides are ready in advance of each luncheon and working with other committee members to ensure the “behind the scenes” technical support for presenting, recording and webcasting our luncheons flows as smoothly as possible.

Mo sees the society as a means for likeminded professionals to network and interact and does whatever he can to help foster that community spirit within the CSEG. It is for these reasons I am pleased to recommend Mohammed Al-Ibrahim for the CSEG Meritorious Service Award.