Doug Bogstie - 2011

CSEG Meritorious Service Award Recipient Citation for Doug Bogstie
by Dave Siegfried

Doug Bogstie

Let's take a look at just a few of Doug's qualities. Doug is a Calgary north hill kid and is the oldest in a family of 11. At a very early age, Doug had to learn to share, resolve conflict, negotiate, and look after himself and others around him. That was just at home.

Doug has always enjoyed meeting people and making friends starting at a very early age. It is somewhat of a natural gift with Doug. His friends with whom he grew up are still as important today as those he met yesterday.

In the community Doug and Susan and their family are willing participants in many events and activities. His children are learning the value of giving back and participate as well. You will also note that when Doug has some spare time, and I do not know where that comes from, he has his chores around the house and that involves keeping up with the horses, cows and chickens.

He has not even arrived at work yet.

After graduating from the University of Calgary, Doug got his start as a seismic data processor with anchors in Calgary such as Veritas, Pulsonic Geophysical, and Western Geco. Working at Western Geco Doug gained an in depth exposure to both marine acquisition and multi-client data. Subsequently he moved into land seismic acquisition and is now helping to lead the business at SAExploration in Calgary. Doug is an active member of the CSEG and SEG.

Despite the demands of his job, Doug has always had an overwhelming commitment to the industry he works in. He has been involved as both an organizer and/or a willing participant in many social events such as the Doodle Spiel curling event, the Doodlebug Golf Tournament, some pick up hockey and along with Susan his wife and children, a very active participant in the CSEG Ski Spree. Stop him sometime; he has a funny story to tell from each these events. Doug also has a keen interest in the success of our Geo Conventions whether only the CSEG or the joint conventions with the CSPG.

More significantly though Doug has spent many years on the CSEG Executive with several portfolios and is intimately involved in the business of our society. Not that long ago, under Doug's stewardship as the President of the CSEG, he undertook what would eventually result in one of the most significant business contributions to the CSEG that Doug would work to complete. This is the Joint Annual Convention partnership agreement between the CSEG and the CSPG, an agreement where the net proceeds of the joint conventions are shared between the two societies, enhancing the long term success of the CSEG. This involved many personalities and finding common ground amongst all of them was no small feat. Remember Doug's early training. He was prepared.

There can be no doubt that Doug has a genuine desire for the CSEG to continue to provide a social and technical arena where we can meet, make friends, and promote the science of geophysics.

The CSEG Executive asked if I would consider preparing this citation for Doug. To be able to provide you with only a brief insight to this gentleman today is very special for me. Doug has been my classmate, a peer, co-worker, business partner and most importantly my friend for nearly 50 years.

Douglas Otto Bogstie is a worthy recipient of the CSEG Meritorious Service Award.