Jennifer Welsh - 2018

Meritorious Service Award Recipient Jennifer Welsh – JGF, EPP, ESfS and WISE

Jennifer WelshIt is Jennifer’s view that being involved with your small community is an important way to feel part of the greater society. Volunteering has allowed her to experience new things, to continuously learn and spend time with like minded people, all of which she enjoys.

WiSE Golf Tournament – 2002 – 2005 (ish) & 2017 – current – Event was originally geared for female professionals that were unable to attend other tournaments and has evolved into an all-inclusive event, that has retained it fun beginnings.

Junior Geophysical Forum – 2002 – 2016 – Event was developed to encourage discussions between the different ‘generations’ of geophysicists and help ease the transition of younger professionals into the workforce and with introductions to more senior professionals in a more casual atmosphere.

Earth Science for Society – 2016 – present – Venue Chair (2016 & 2017), Exhibit Committee (2018) – Event that was created to celebrate the Earth Sciences and encourage young students to be curious about STEM in general and specifically Sciences.