Jocelyn Frankow - 2014

CSEG Meritorious Service Award Recipient Jocelyn Frankow
Citation by Alan Feir

Jocelyn FrankowJocelyn Frankow graduated from the University of New Mexico in 1984 with a B.Sc. in Astrophysics and Mathematics. After doing some graduate work at the University of Regina and the University of Calgary she set her sights on the ground instead of the stars and in 1988 started a job with Gale Horizon as a seismic processor. After several years of learning the processing side of the business she moved over to the sales and marketing side, a move that suited her personality well. After a number of years working in marketing for Integra, Schlumberger and WesternGeco Jocelyn had the opportunity to move to Europe and settle in Holland for several years. During this time she received her M.A. in International Relations from the University of Oklahoma in Treebeek, Netherlands. Upon her return to Canada in 2006 she went back to sales and marketing in the Geophysical Industry and is currently employed by Sensor Geophysical Ltd as Director, Marketing and Sales.

Jocelyn began volunteering in the CSEG in the mid 90’s by getting involved on the RECORDER Committee and was the Technical Editor for 2 years. From there she became involved in the annual conventions by joining the committee and worked on gathering sponsorship for the conventions. In 1999 she switched roles a bit and joined the CSEG board as the Director of Member Services. Jocelyn has always been actively involved in many sports. This interest got her involved in the social events put on for CSEG members. In 2000 she and 2 other CSEG members got the idea of putting on a golf tournament for female CSEG members and the Women in Seismic Golf Tournament was started and still continues. After her brief hiatus in Europe, Jocelyn returned to Calgary and her involvement in the CSEG as a volunteer. In 2008 she proposed to the CSEG Executive that they start a golf tournament for the less serious golfers in the society, the Executive approved her proposal, and in 2009 the first T-Wave golf tournament was held. Jocelyn has stayed heavily involved in both the Women in Seismic and T-Wave golf tournaments as a volunteer and often as the chairman of the committees. On top of this, she also got involved in the Website Committee, which has morphed into the Digital Media Committee. Not to waste any time, she can also often be seen at the annual convention in some kind of volunteer role, whether it be handing out evaluation sheets or working with sponsors.

Jocelyn has not just been involved in the committees, but has also been an active participant in many of the social events whether it be golfing, curling, skiing or running. She also leads a very active life outside the CSEG, training for triathlons, cycling, running, curling and skiing. We can only be appreciative of the fact that she can spend so much time on CSEG matters.

For her continual involvement in our society Jocelyn Frankow is a very worthy recipient of the CSEG Meritorious Service Award.