John D. Logel - 2009

CSEG Meritorious Service Award Recipient Citation for John D. Logel
by Eric Andersen, Brian Russell, Mike Burianyk

Painting by Neil Dawson, FGS, P.Geol.John's first degree is in Geology from the University of Iowa. While working as a researcher at the Iowa Geological Survey, John became involved in a project studying seismicity in the Mid-Continent Rift. Although the University did not have a formal geophysics program, John's interest in physics and mathematics led him to pursue a tailor-made M.Sc. program in geophysics shared between the geology and physics departments. Here he was able to get advice and guidance from people such as James Van Allen, of Van Allen Radiation belt fame, and Don Steeples, one of the leading experts in shallow seismicity.

Because he was working in a sparse exploration geophysics environment, John had to essentially re-invent and re-develop reflection seismic technology, and build up his own basic understanding of reflection seismology. It's this experience which allows him to think about seismic and exploration problems without preconceived notions and accepted wisdom.

After graduating, John worked at Mobil for 18 years throughout North America and Europe. After Mobil he worked as a Technical Advisor for Petro-Canada and later as Chief Geophysicist for Anadarko Canada. His career has carried itself full circle for he now works for Talisman as Senior Technical Lead in Stavanger, Norway.

Even prior to his arrival in Calgary, John had a huge impact on the local geophysical community.

In 1996, John was using Hampson-Russell's inversion and AVO software with Mobil in Stavanger, Norway, and also trying to utilize an in-house multi-attribute software program from the researchers at Mobil in Dallas. By force of will, he got Dan Hampson talking to Mobil's research department and the result was the joint development of the EMERGE program, a multi-attribute reservoir property prediction package which remains one of Hampson-Russell's top products to this day. John continued this strong support of the advanced geophysical community during his time in Calgary, and still retains these ties while back in Norway.

John has also been very supportive of the Kids in Science program with the CSEG. For several years he gave guest talks on geology and geophysics to 5th grade students in Calgary, and for the last 2 years he gave a presentation "Rocks, Minerals and Oil Exploration" to 100's of students who assembled at the Schlumberger CSEG Convention booth. John has recently been curriculum chairman of DoodleTrain and involved in the Continuing Education programs, participating both as organizer and lecturer. He has volunteered as Session Chair countless times, Technical Chair for the 2010 Convention and served on the CSEG Recorder committee. Despite being busy he was always willing to contribute time to the Society. John was also SEG's Global Affairs Chairman for Canada, sat on the International Showcase committee and has authored or co-authored over 40 professional papers.

Perhaps the keys to John Logel's professional success are his passion for the science, and his ability to understand and convey the fundamental concepts at the heart of the technologies he employs. He is able to provide in-depth overviews of fundamental geophysical problems in a clear, simple and concise manner. These discussions are passionately delivered, usually with a pen in one hand and a pint of Guinness in the other.

He is equally passionate about other aspects of life, especially his home life and family, and his work / life balance is one of his hallmarks. John is heavily involved with his daughters' school and their daily lives. He holds a 3rd degree brown belt in Shotokan Karate, which he trains and competes in with his daughters. He renovates old cars, and especially enjoys his time camping, biking and skiing with his family – Joan, Grace, Abigail.

John is truly loved, appreciated and respected by the people he works with, and has worked with. He is a great mentor, teacher, role model and drinking buddy. It is our pleasure to congratulate him on his CSEG Meritorious Service Award.