Susan Thompson - 2018

Meritorious Service Award Recipient Susan Thompson – CSEG Board, CSEG Convention, T-Wave, JGF, and CSEG-F

Susan ThompsonSusan has tirelessly volunteered for the CSEG, almost entirely in a Finance role for numerous committees, starting as the Finance Director for the CSEG Convention for two years (prior to merging conventions with the CSPG). Susan then joined the CSEG executive as Asst. Director/Director of Communications, helping to migrate the CSEG to the online membership portal. After working with the Junior Geophysicist Forum (again in Finance and subsequently as Chair) and helping start the TWave Tournament (Treasurer again!), Susan applied to the Board of Directors for the CSEG Foundation in 2015. Using her outstanding financial capabilities as Finance Asst Director/Director, Susan’s efforts resulted in an outstanding collaborative relationship with the CSEG Board, CSEG support, and Foundation fiscal responsibility resulting in the Foundation’s financial health through very tough economic years. Throughout this time, Susan has worked as a geophysicist for various E&P companies, always willing to talk, learn, advise, mentor or just listen, be it via summer student supervision or collaboration with colleagues (Susan even co-authored a paper for the SPE!).

Susan is hereby presented with the CSEG’s Meritorious Service Award for her dedicated service to the CSEG and geophysics.