Tom Sneddon - 2012

CSEG Special Commendation Award Citation for Tom Sneddon
Citation by Penny Colton

Tom is well known within the geoscience community, and is being honoured by the CSEG with the Special Commendation Award. His recognition is based on his significant contributions in encouraging and supporting the pursuit of a professional career in geoscience.

Tom Sneddon, Professional Geologist (Alberta), Professional Geoscientist (B.C.) is Director of Geoscience and Outreach for APEGA, has been a member of the CSEG for over 40 years, and has pursued a career in geoscience since his university days. He has two degrees – both from Alberta: initially from the University of Calgary in 1969 (B.A. Geography), and from the University of Alberta (M.Sc. in Water Resources, Dept. of Civil Engineering, 1981). His role with APEGA, while based in Calgary, takes him to the many Branches across Alberta, and especially for regular meetings in Edmonton, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, and occasionally with colleagues in the other Provinces.

His initial industry experience was with Amoco Canada in 1967-69 as a “Geophysical Professional Assistant” for seismic data management, processing, and seismic section preparations. That was followed by seven years in Ottawa as an assistant administrator in the Ministry of Labor, and approximately 15 years with the Government of Alberta (with Environment and Alberta Energy) – where his projects included a wide range of geoscience projects.

Tom has taken his broad geoscience experience – over 30 years of earth sciences experience, including experimental watershed research, hydrology, hydrogeology, environmental geology, oil and gas prospect development, drilling programs, and extensive field work in minerals exploration and development – in both government and industry, and applied it to the promotion of professionalism within the geosciences, through his role at APEGA.

Readers of The RECORDER, The Source, the CSPG Reservoir, and The PEG have seen Tom’s numerous articles on the role of the professional geoscientist. His efforts are ongoing in his contributions within the Alberta geoscience community and especially with the APEGA University Student Liaison Committee which meets monthly with the students in Engineering and Geoscience at U of A, U of C, and MRU.

Tom has been a speaker or organizer for events such as CSEG’s SIFT, GeoSkills, Enform (Nisku), CAGC’s Seismic in Motion, the Honorary Address, and presentations at Geoconvention on the Public Disclosures of Reserves and Resource Estimates. He is largely responsible for APEGA’s support of the geosciences, and allocates sponsorship dollars and support for outreach (in schools, and for the public), and career development for APEGA members. These much appreciated sponsorships and programs include:

SIM, SIFT, GeoSkills, Geoconvention, Honorary Address, Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre, CSPG Gussow Geoscience Conference, DoodleTrain, workshops on reserve reporting, funding for University students to attend the SEG, Student conferences, University Student Liaison Committee, Earth Science for Society, etc.

Tom’s tireless efforts towards helping CSEG members understand and achieve the highest possible standards of professionalism are duly honoured and recognized in presenting him with the CSEG Special Commendation Award.