Membership of any class shall be contingent upon conformance with the established principles of business ethics. As an elaboration of these established principles of business ethics, the following Code of Ethics is enunciated. In order to maintain the dignity of your chosen discipline, it shall be every member’s duty to:

  1. Conduct your activity in the spirit of fidelity to clients and employers, fairness to employees and contractors within the context of personal honour.
  2. Treat as confidential your knowledge of the business affairs, geophysical or geological information, or technical processes of clients or employers when their interests require secrecy.
  3. Inform a client or employer of any business connections, interests, or affiliations, which might influence your judgement or impair the disinterested quality of your services.
  4. Accept financial or other compensation for a particular service from one source only, except with the full knowledge and consent of all interested parties.
  5. Refrain from associating yourself with, or knowingly to allow the use of your name by, an enterprise of questionable character.
  6. Advertise only in a manner consistent with the dignity of the Society, to refrain from using any improper or questionable methods of soliciting work and to decline to pay or to accept compensation for work secured by such improper or questionable methods.
  7. Refrain from using unfair means to win advancement and to avoid injuring unfairly or maliciously, directly or indirectly, another member’s reputation, business, or chances of employment.
  8. Co-operate in encouraging and sustaining the geophysical community network by the interchange of general information and experience with your fellow members and with students and also with contributions to the work of technical societies, schools of applied science and the technical press.
  9. Interest yourself in the public welfare and to be ready to apply your special knowledge, skill, experience and training on the public’s behalf for the benefit of humankind.

Any member may for the good of the Society be suspended or expelled from the Society at any time as set forth under ARTICLE V of the Bylaws.