SEG Virtual Lectures

While there is no charge to attend the virtual HL, you MUST register.
Lecturer Region Date of Presentation Date of Presentation Registration Link
Xinming Wu South & East Asia HL 14 Apr 20 10 AM Beijing 16 Apr 20 9 AM IST (India)
Johan Robertsson Europe HL 20 Apr 20 4 PM Zurich 5 May 20 4 PM Zurich
Estella Atekwana Near Surface Global Lecturer 30 Apr 20 11 AM EDT 21 Sep 20 4 PM EDT
Sergey Fomel 1Q-2Q DL 22 Apr 20 8 PM CT 12 May 20 11 AM CT

Virtual presentation times were made in consideration of regional registrants as well as those attendees dwelling outside a particular region. Registration is free for these live presentations and participants are able to use chat features to make comments or ask questions. This is an excellent way to take advantage of not just one, but four world-class lectures.