Symposium Overview

Registration is Now OPEN!

The 2022 committee is planning for an exciting in-person event on Tuesday April 5th, however, if COVID-19 concerns persist into early 2022 (and we do hope not), then our backup plan will be to go virtual as we did very successfully in 2020.

The CSEG Symposium should be back at the Hudson Lofts in 2022 for its “Tin” or 10th year anniversary. Just like the element Tin (Sn : 50th in periodic table) we are planning for this historic symposium to be both malleable and highly polished.

As usual, in order to attract interesting case studies there will be no published papers related to any of the work shown. Featured speakers will present by invitation only.

A couple of highlights of this years Symposium will be the lunch/Keynote speaker and a returning networking event at the end of the day, which the committee is really looking forward to hosting again!