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Chief Editor’s Message

NILANJAN GANGULY Hello everybody, Hope you all had a terrific summer. Welcome to the 2023-24 session of the RECORDER. We are happy to have a series of exciting articles lined up for the next few months. In the recent past, we have seen how our geoscience skills and expertise, as well as our aptitude for innovation, are being transferred to the emerging field of carbon capture and storage (CCS). This trend is reflected in the submission of articles to the RECORDER – with multiple articles related to CCS to be [...]

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CCS expertise and analogical reasoning

LEE HUNT CARBON ALPHA, LHUNT@CARBONALPHA.COM ERIC STREET CARBON ALPHA GRAHAM HACK CARBON ALPHA We provoke the development of geoscientific expertise for the early stages of CCS through analogy with fields that geoscientists already command. Introduction Recently, there has been a tremendous increase of interest in the safe and permanent underground storage of carbon dioxide (CCS). This has been driven by governmental enactment of climate goals in many parts of the world. These goals have been powerfully manifested in several ways, including through penalties and incentives. Canadian efforts in this [...]

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Lithium Exploration: Successes and Challenges into the 21st Century

KATHLEEN DOREY, H.BSC. PETREL ROBERTSON CONSULTING LTD., KDOREY@PETRELROB.COM Introduction While many people think of lithium only in the context of batteries, it is a critical mineral supporting development of diverse new technologies in the 21st century. Global supply chains of years past must be rapidly expanded to meet new demands. Traditionally, lithium has been produced from both hard-rock mines and from highly saline brines brought to the surface and concentrated through evaporation. New mines can be developed, but surface concentration of lithium brines is limited to specific areas and [...]

An interview with Svetlana Bidikhova

“Choose geophysics, and you will not have a dull day in your life….” INTERVIEW COORDINATED BY SATINDER CHOPRA Svetlana Bidikhova is a successful geophysicist in the Calgary oil patch. After receiving a master’s degree in geophysics from Lomonosov Moscow State University, and briefly working for a seismic equipment company in Russia, she arrived in Canada in 1999. After initially working for an engineering company for a brief period, she joined GX Technology, Calgary and then worked at Shell Canada. She has practical experience in seismic processing, complex depth imaging, [...]

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The 2023 CSEG Symposium: A Lookback

PAMELA BUCHER SENIOR GEOPHYSICIST, P.GEO, CSEG SYMPOSIUM CHAIR PAMELA.BUCHER@CENOVUS.COM As the Chair of this year’s CSEG Symposium I wanted to thank everyone and express my sincere gratitude to the honouree, speakers, members of the organizing committee and attendees! I’m delighted to share that the event, which took place on April 18th at the Hudson Lofts, brought together over one hundred and thirty-five enthusiastic geophysicists. The Symposium proved again to be a platform of knowledge sharing, networking and meaningful technical discussion. With a lineup of technical talks, the conference touched [...]

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Rebuilding a Sense of Community

DOUG UFFEN A CSEG PAST PRESIDENT DOUG@REFLECTIONPEAK.COM The Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG) has undergone several transformative changes in recent years due to the downturn in the oil and gas industry. Financially prudent decision making in prior years has permitted the society to weather the worst imaginable economic period for oil and gas with a cash reserve still somewhat intact and a financially strong Foundation. Not that the downturn hasn’t taken its toll on the CSEG. Cash reserves are down, membership is about 35% of what it was [...]

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