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Geophysical Field Schools at the University of Saskatchewan

IGOR MOROZOV, JIM MERRIAM, and SAM BUTLER UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN, DEPTARTMENT OF GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES, SASKATOON, SK, CANADA, IGOR.MOROZOV@USASK.CA Abstract Mineral resources are a foundation of the economy in western Canada and particularly in Saskatchewan. With recent changes in the markets and emphasis on sustainability and the green economy, there [...]

PSDM velocity model building using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network

GREG CAMERONTHRUST BELT IMAGING, GREG@TBI.CAAbstractBuilding PSDM velocity models in complex structure land environments is difficult. A machine-learning method using a convolutional neural network (CNN) incorporates both human and artificial intelligence to overcome these difficulties. The supervised learning process used a large representative dataset to train the CNN, learning the convolutional [...]

CCS expertise and analogical reasoning

LEE HUNT CARBON ALPHA, LHUNT@CARBONALPHA.COM ERIC STREET CARBON ALPHA GRAHAM HACK CARBON ALPHA We provoke the development of geoscientific expertise for the early stages of CCS through analogy with fields that geoscientists already command. Introduction Recently, there has been a tremendous increase of interest in the safe and permanent [...]

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Lithium Exploration: Successes and Challenges into the 21st Century

KATHLEEN DOREY, H.BSC. PETREL ROBERTSON CONSULTING LTD., KDOREY@PETRELROB.COM Introduction While many people think of lithium only in the context of batteries, it is a critical mineral supporting development of diverse new technologies in the 21st century. Global supply chains of years past must be rapidly expanded to meet new [...]

An interview with Svetlana Bidikhova

“Choose geophysics, and you will not have a dull day in your life….” INTERVIEW COORDINATED BY SATINDER CHOPRA Svetlana Bidikhova is a successful geophysicist in the Calgary oil patch. After receiving a master’s degree in geophysics from Lomonosov Moscow State University, and briefly working for a seismic equipment company [...]

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