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Energy from the Earth An Overview of Special CSEG Sessions at the 2022 Williston Basin Petroleum Conference

DRAGA TALINGA AND RICHARD GRAY Introduction The Williston Basin Petroleum Conference is held annually in Saskatchewan and North Dakota in alternating years and focuses on all Earth energy sources and technical innovations, from hydrocarbons to geothermal, lithium, helium, hydrogen and CO2 storage to mitigate emissions. This year the event took place in Regina, Saskatchewan, on May 17-18, and the theme was “Energy from the Earth”. This report is derived from the contributions of the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG) to the conference, where for the first time, two [...]

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Building Community Through Mentorship

BUILDING COMMUNITY THROUGH MENTORSHIP David Nordin and Stephen Kotkas The CSEG Foundation Mentorship Program is entering its 14th year, and the program continues to grow in size and scope. The heart of our program is to build relationships as a foundation to build stronger geoscientists (geophysicists?) for tomorrow. To do this, we form one-on-one pairings of industry professionals with student geophysicists. The mentor-mentee pairs set goals and share challenges, insights, and learnings over the course of the university school year through informal and formal meetups, coffees, emails and phone [...]

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An interview with Marcia Coueslan

Interview COORDINATED BY Satinder Chopra | Marcia is a principal geophysicist and the MMV (measurement, monitoring, and verification) lead at Vault 44.01 Ltd., Calgary, with over 15 years of technical experience in CCS and oil and gas. She has worked at Schlumberger Carbon Services and Shell on a range of CCS projects including Rocky Mountain Carbon Vault and Athabasca Banks Carbon Hub, Shell Quest Project, Illinois Basin – Decatur Project, ADM Industrial CCS Project, TransAlta Project Pioneer, and PTRC Aquistore / SaskPower Boundary Dam. She has published her work [...]

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Review of global warming, climate change, renewables, CCUS, geothermal and the geoscience involved: Part 3

Brian Wm. Schulte | Schiefer Reservoir, | Author’s note This is the third part to a three-part article, and it was written so all three parts are one article. Introduction This part’s goal is to look at CCUS, which is necessary if we continue to use fossil fuels during the energy transition. This involves the utilization and storage of supercritical CO2 (SCCO2), geothermal energy, and the geoscience that tends to be utilized by EOR. The geoscience will be critical, and it will involve real time data, passive monitoring, [...]

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