2001 Conference Abstracts

Author(s) Abstract Title Presentation
Bancroft, J.; C. Ursenbach The distribution of oblique reflection energy in the prestack volume V(x,h,t) Oral
Boland, Andrew The Supply Challenge for the Canadian Natural Gas Industry Oral
Bóna, Andrej; Michael A. Slawinski, Alexander Murray Application of Finslerian Geometry to Raypaths in Complex Media Oral
Brittle, Katherine F.; Laurence R. Lines Frequency domain methods for Vibroseis deconvolution Oral
Bulloch, Terra E.; D.E. Meyer, J.C. Voncannon, E.A. Lorenzetti Harvey, T.M. Sheffield, M.J. Zeitlin Using geovolume visualization and interpretation techniques (GVI) on 3-D seismic data to evaluate exploration and production properties Oral
Burianyk, Michael; Jon Downton, John Logel Errors related to using near/far offset stacks in AVO Inversion Oral
Cambois, Guillaume AVO processing: Myths and reality Oral
Campden, David; Andy Dyke, Josef Heim & Elaine Jeong "Off the Shelf" Seismic Data Processing Oral
Campden, David; Andy Dyke, Josef Heim & Elaine Jeong A Standard Data Model for the Energy Industry Oral
Cary, Peter W. Seismic deconvolution: assumptions, concerns and convictions Oral
Cary, Peter W.; Xinxiang Li Problems with imaging regularly-sampled seismic data Oral
Châtenay, Allan The New School Oral
Cooper, Norm Lessons in Spatial Sampling Or . . . "Does Anybody Know the Shape of a Wavefield?" Oral
Cooper, Norm; Ed Stacey When On-Coming Traffic Gets Too Close (or "Results of Some Re-Binning and MegaBin Simulations in a Structured Area") Oral
Cooper, Norm; Michael Cooper 3D Model Evaluation by Data Simulation Oral
Cooper, Norm; Pete MacKenzie Excuse Me Sir, Will That Be One Millisecond ... Or Two?? Oral
Djarfour, Noureddine; Kamel Baddari Acoustics Parameters Estimation by Artificial Neural Networks Oral
Downton, Jonathan E.; Laurence R. Lines AVO analysis at Pikes Peak Oral
Downton, Jonathan E.; Laurence R. Lines Constrained three parameter AVO inversion and uncertainty analysis Oral
Emery, David J.; R. Jim Brown, Michael E. Enachescu Estimating TIV Anisotropy Parameters in the Jeanne d'Arc Basin at White Rose H-20 Well Oral
Faber, C.A.M.; H.A. Laroo The Effect Of Geophone Specifications On Vector Fidelity Oral
Fairs, George; J. Boyd, P. Einarsson , L.Hunt, B. Korchinski, L. Ramescu, C. Walls, B. Lawrence A Master License Agreement for Seismic Data Oral
Fowler, Paul J.; Steve Schroeder An accurate and efficient hybrid method for poststack topographic datuming Oral
Fristad, Torbjorn; Andrew Barnwell, Norsk Hydro, Edward Stacey A Seismic Analysis of a late Albian age Submarine fan, Glenwood Prospect, Jeanne d'Arc Basin, Canada Oral
Gaiser, J.; R.Van Dok Analysis of PS-Wave Birefringence from A 3-D/3-C Land Survey for Fracture Characterization Oral
Gallop, Jeremy Modelling Inversion for Fluid Parameters in Enhanced Oil Recovery Oral
Goldak, David K.; Michael S. Goldak On the use of naturally occurring electromagnetic transients as an energy source for earth resource exploration Oral
Goodway, W.; D.J. Tessman Blackfoot 3C/3D, A VectorSeis™ Case History Oral
Guevara, Saul E.; Robert R. Stewart Geophone orientation versus event polarization on land multicomponent data Oral
Hall, Matt Quick-look AVO crossplotting from post-stack seismic data Oral
Harrington, Peter; Michael Doty Western Canadian Exploration Highlights for 2000: "A Year of Expansion" Poster
Haase, Arnim B.; Bill N. Goodway "Converted Wave Noise" and Conventional P-Wave Data Poster
Hart, Douglas I.; Bruce W. Hootman, Alex Jackson Modeling the Seismic Wavelet with Model-based Wavelet Processing Oral
Hatch, Rena Michelle; Ronald A. Borsato, Martin R. Bradford, George W. Kwan Crosswell Seismic Imaging for Horizontal Drilling of the High Porosity Sand. Crystal Viking Pool, Alberta, Canada Oral
Henley, David C. Harsh imaging techniques for shallow high resolution seismic data Oral
Hinds, Ronald C.; Hugh Lavallee A Test Case for 3D Visualization Technology Oral
Hirsche, Keith Rock Physics and Modeling in the Interpretation of Time Lapse Seismic Data Oral
Janssen, Neil "OFF THE SHELF" – A Discussion of Seismic Archival and On-Line Access Oral
Jones, Ian F. 3D PreSDM Model Building Techniques: A Review Oral
Joy, Heather; Andy Edmunds, Bill Nickerson; Countess West Case Study: Integrated Shallow and Deep Cretaceous Drilling Oral
Kaculini, Stefan A precise method for matching well data with 3D time migrated seismic data Oral
Kirtland Gretch, M.; D. Lawton, S. Cheadle Integrated prestack depth migration of VSP and surface seismic data Oral
Klingbeil, Mark Knowledge Workers deserve Performance-Based Pay’ Oral
Knapp, S.; N. Payne, T. Johns Imaging Through Gas Clouds: A Case History in the Gulf of Mexico Oral
Knupp, Daniel; H.Posamenter, B. Howlett, K. Cline, M. Kadri Optimized Workflows for Integrated Seismic Evaluation of Play Fairways using Visualization and Advanced Stratigraphic Interpretation tools: Examples from Gulf of Mexico, Nigeria and offshore Canada Oral
Kuehl, Henning; Mauricio D. Sacchi Least-squares DSR migration using a common angle imaging condition Oral
Kuehl, Henning; Mauricio D. Sacchi Separable offset least-squares DSR migration of incomplete data Oral
Li, Qiang; M D. Sacchi Multiple removal using hyperbolic Radon operators Oral
Li, Yongyi; Yong Xu Utilizing Conventional Well Logs to Determine Anisotropic Information of Clastic Rocks: A Feasibility Study Oral
Li, Yongyi; Yong Xu, Henry Leong Azimuthal AVO Inversion (AVOZI) in Full Elastic Property Determination (FEPD) of Fractured Reservoirs (HTI media) Oral
Lines, Larry "Depth Imaging Challenges" a.k.a. "The Three Stooges Meet Hercules" Oral
Liro, L.,; T. Smith, D. Quintanilla, P. Colton, P. Anderson, M. Kadri Hydrocarbon seals: a seismic perspective Oral
Liu, Bin; Mauricio D. Sacchi Reconstruction of incomplete seismic data using a minimum weighted norm least-squares algorithm Oral
Liu, Y.; D. Schmitt Amplitude and AVO response of a single thin bed Oral
Logel, John D.; Craig Coulombe, Stan Volk Depth Conversion methodologies, uncertainty, quantification and application; Hebron Field, Offshore Newfoundland Canada Oral
Ludlow, Steve The Role of the Seismic Contractor in the New Millennium Oral
Manning, Peter M.; Gary F. Margrave Elastic finite difference modelling with stability and dispersion corrections Oral
Mi, Yanpeng; Gary F. Margrave Parallel Implementation of an Integral Wavefield Extrapolator Oral
Miao, Xiaogui; Jiandong Liang, Scott Cheadle, Robert Kendall Converted Wave Velocity Analysis from Isotropy to Anisotropy - Accuracy and Limitation Oral
Mihai, Ciprian; Mike Perz A “synthetically-guided” investigation of true amplitude processing Oral
Molyneux, S.J.M.; J.A. Cartwright, L. Lonergan Large scale deepwater sediment remobilisation : examples from North Sea 3D seismic and outcrop Oral
Nanan, Hans; Scott King Interpretation and structural visualization in a complex thrust terrain of the Alberta Foothills Oral
Parney, R.; P. LaPointe Use of fault-scale seismic imaging to determine reservoir scale fracture size: Case study from Oregon Basin Oral
Pye, Graham The Participation Seismic Business: Recent Changes, Future Changes and How We Might Adapt Oral
Royle, Andrew; Sandor Bezdan Shear-wave velocity estimation techniques: a comparison Poster
Russell, Brian H. Rock Physics and The Seismic Response Oral
Russell, Brian H.; L.R. Lines, K.W. Hirsche, J. Peron, D.P. Hampson The AVO modelling volume Oral
Russell, R. Naturally Occurring Methane Hydrates: Future Energy Source? Poster
Seyed-Mahmoud, B.; L. R. Lines Ray Tracing and Travel Times in Anisotropic Media Poster
Sinclair-Smith, S. Survey – A discussion of relevant issues from a Geophysical Technologist perspective Oral
Sinton, Terry "DATA" The other four letter word Oral
Stewart, Robert R.; Han-xing Lu, Henry Bland, and Lawrence E. Mewhort A lake-bottom cable seismic survey: Acquisition and processing Oral
Storey. Taras P. The Intellectual Pyramid (1968) – Model After Intellectual Evolution of Traditional Stratigraphy – Remiss in Geosciences Education Poster
Suaudeau, E.; R. Siliqi Anelliptic pre-stack time migration Oral
Tessman, Jon; Bruce Reichert, Jim Marsh, Jeff Gannon, Howard Goldberg MEMS for Geophysicists Oral
Torry, Brad Consolidated versus Coordinated: A New (or is it old) Model for the Canadian Geophysical Sector Oral
Torry, Brad; Norm Cooper Size Does Matter (Part I): Controlling Factors in the Costing, Design and Implementation of Large 3D Data Sets in Western Canada Oral
Torry, Brad; Norm Cooper Size Does Matter (Part II): Controlling Design & Technical QC of Large 3D Data Sets in Western Canada (Back to Basics) Oral
Trad, Daniel; Mauricio D. Sacchi, Tadeusz J. Ulrych A hybrid Linear-Hyperbolic Radon transform Oral
Ulrych, Tadeusz J. The Seismogram and Basic Time Series Analysis Oral
Ursenbach, Charles Simulation of the Bulk Modulus of Porous Media Oral
Ursenbach, Charles; John Bancroft Preventing Noise Alignment in Cross-correlation Oral
van der Laan, John; John Pendrel Geostatistical Simulation of Porosity and Risk in a Swan Hills Reef Oral
Van dok, R.; J. Gaiser, J. Markert; Processing PS-Wave Data from A 3-D/3-C Land Survey for Fracture Characterization Oral
Vestrum, Robert W. Exploration applications of seismic velocity anisotropy Oral
Vestrum, Robert W.; Don C. Lawton AN EXPLORATION CASE HISTORY: ANISOTROPIC DEPTH MIGRATION in the Central Alberta Foothills Oral
Vetter, Bill Pathlength, pathtime, and "qvel": the essential variables for along-raypath aggregated velocities and velocity heterogeneity Oral
Volk, Stan M.; John D. Logel, Craig Coulombe Neural Network Applications to Porosity Prediction; Hebron Field Offshore Newfoundland, Canada Oral
Walia, Rick; Jennifer Melnychyn Stratigraphic Inversion of a Wabamun Carbonate play – Parkland Field Oral
Wang, Jinsong; Tim Spanos 3D thermodynamic automata modeling of fluid flow in porous media Oral
Wang, Xishuo 3D seismic data interpolation Oral
Watson, Ian A.; Laurence R. Lines Time-lapse seismic monitoring at Pikes Peak, Saskatchewan Oral
Wen, Renjun; Chris Townsend, Bill Shea VisualVoxat: An Interactive Tool for Multi-Volume Attribute Generation, Visualization and Analysis Oral
Wu, Wen-Jing The advantage and significance of prestack migration Oral
Xu, Yong; Yongyi Li Uncertainties in azimuthal AVO analysis Oral
Xu, Chuandong (Richard); Robert R. Stewart, Carla A. Osborne Walkaway VSP Processing and Q estimation: Pikes Peak, Sask. Oral
Yan, L.; L. Lines, D. Lawton Migration velocity analysis by curvatue measurement and stacking error Oral
Yan, Y.; R. James Brown Suppression of water-column multiples by wavefield separation techniques Oral
Yao, Zhengsheng; Gary F. Margarave & Yanpeng Mi Practical aspects of nonstationary wavefield extrapolation Oral
Youzwishen, Carrie F.; Mauricio D. Sacchi An Edge-Preserving Algorithm for 2D Seismic Wavefield Inversion Oral
Zhang, John J.; Laurence R. Bentley Complex seismic trace analysis and its application to time-lapse seismic surveys Poster
Zheng, Ye; Sam Gray, Scott Cheadle, Paul Anderson Factors affecting AVO analysis of prestack migrated gathers Oral
Zimmer, Ulrich; Irene L. Meglis, Ulrich Theune, Douglas R. Schmitt Approaches in Quantifying the Resolution of High-Resolution Time-Lapse Seismic: How Low is High? Oral