2002 Conference Abstracts

Author(s) Abstract Title Presentation
Abaco,C.I.; Lawton,D.C.; Spratt,D.A. Modeling and interpretation of HRAM anomalies from South-Central Alberta Foothills Oral
Bale,R.A.; Stewart,R.R. Attenuation and its impact on elastic waves Oral
Bancroft,J.C. A visualization of the relationship between Kirchhoff migration and seismic inversion Oral
Beckett,J.K.; Bancroft,J.C. Matched filtering in P-SV prestack migration Oral
Bland,H.C.; Gallant,E.V. Avoiding wind noise: How helpful is geophone-burying? Oral
Blay,C.J.; Calvert,A.J. AVO analysis of sediments at the toe of the Cascadia accretionary prism Oral
Blias,E. From stacking to interval velocities in a media with non-horizontal interfaces and inhomogeneous layers (explicit formulae approach) Oral
Blias,E.; Li,Y.; Dewar,J. What happens to AVO when we assume dipping layers are flat? Poster
Bouzidi,Y; Schmitt,D.R. Definitive detection of the slow compressional wave in saturated porous synthetic rock Oral
Buziak,P.; Elliott, P. The 'Glaustracod' Geological and Geophysical exploration story Oral
Callaghan, S.; Boudrealt,D. MOVING to NAD83: Impacts and issues for oil and gas companies in Western Canada Oral
Calvert,A.J.; Aldridge,D.F. Ambiguity in resolving the elastic parameters of gas sands from wide-angle AVO Oral
Cary,P.W. Fundamentals of Wavelet Processing of Land Seismic Data, Part 1 Oral
Cary,P.W. Fundamentals of Wavelet Processing of Land Seismic Data, Part 2 Oral
Cary,P.W. Modeling true and false indicators of shear-wave splitting Oral
Chopra,S.; Blias,E.; Chavina,L.; Alexeev,V. High frequency restoration (HFR) – a new technology for seismic interpreters Poster
Chopra,S.; Blias,E.; Chavina,L.; Alexeev,V.; Sudhakar,V. High Frequency Restoration of surface seismic data Oral
Chopra,S.; Blais,E.; Manerikar,A.; Kryzan,A.; Chavina,L.; Alexeev,V., Larsen,G. 3D VSP – processing and integration with surface seismic Oral
Chopra,S.; McConnell,I. Attempts to understand reservoir communication using inter-well chemical tracers and the Coherence Cube Oral
Coode,A.; Nimeck,G.; Pesowski,M.; Larson,R.; Karvonen,A.; Haug,M.D. Resistivity and seimsic visualization techniques to plot subsurface environmental geology Oral
Cooper,N. A review of common 2D and 3D acquisition models using data simulation Oral
Cooper,N. Geophone Arrays in Today's World of 2D and 3D Oral
Cooper,N. Vibroseis – a counter-intutive source Oral
Cordsen,A; Khan,F.R. "To move or not to move" – the art of moving source points in a 3-D survey Oral
Crews,G; Rogers,A. Availability: a new specialisation for hyper-channel seismic recording systems Oral
Curtis,T.; Taylor,R. Creating standards for seismic data exchange Oral
Dai,N.; Willacy,C.; Sun,Y. Steep dip imaging with wave equation prestack depth migration Oral
Dewar,J.; Downton,J. Getting unlost and staying found – a practical framework for interpreting elastic parameters Poster
Downton,J.E.; Lines,L.R. AVO NMO Oral
Duckworth,K. Comparison of Physical and numerical modeling related to the influence of current gathering on the EM response of a thin plate Oral
Edwards,T.; Walia,R. Reinterpretation of the Sembakung Oilfield, Kalimantan, Indonesia utilizing modern 3D seismic data Oral
Elazezi,M.; Jenik,A.; Edwards,K.; Hickey,P.; Goral,G.; Mayers,I.; Jerzkiewicz,T. Regional seismic traverse profiles, Western Sirt Basin, Libya Oral
Enachescu, M.; Hodder,J.; Pilch,P.; Nguyen,D. Geophysical characterization of the Wenchang 13-1 and 13-2 oil fields, South China Sea Oral
Ferguson,R.J.; Margrave,G.F. Two generalised-screen operators for seismic imaging in complex media Oral
Gaiser,J.E.; Van Dok,R.R. PS-wave benefits for fractured-reservoir management Oral
Galbraith,M. Prestack time migration responses of some 3D geometries Oral
Gharibi,M.; Bentley,L.R.; Lunn,S. 3-D electrical resistivity tomography:optimizing field operation and resolution Oral
Glenn,W.E.; Rhodes,J.A.; Goussev,S.A.; Bennedict,M.L.; Charters,R.A.; Pierce,J.W.; Genereux,J. Aeromagnetic depth solutions indicate numerous magnetic sources within the Sedimentary section of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Oral
Goodway,W. Elastic-wave AVO methods Oral
Goussev,S.A.; Charters,R.A.; Pierce,J.W.; Glenn,W.E. Jackpine Creek magnetic anomaly: a case of the HRAM prospect scale interpretation Oral
Gray,F.D. Elastic Inversion for Lame'Parameters Oral
Gray,F.D.; Head,K., Lahr,M.; Roberts,G. Examples of the determination of fracture parameters from P-wave seismic data Oral
Grossman,J.P.; Margrave,G.F.; Lamourex,M.P.; Aggarwal,R. Constant-Q wavelet estimation via a Gabor spectral model Oral
Guevara,S.E.; Cary,P.W. Statics and directional stacking of P-S data from N.E.Columbia Oral
Hall,K,W.; Gallant,E.V.; McKellar,M.; Ursenbach,C.P.; Stewart,R.R.; Maini,B.B. 3D ultrasonic imaging of a heavy oil recovery model Oral
Hall,K.W.;Neito,C.E.; Gallant,E.V.; Stewart,R.R.; Cary,P.W. Multicomponent seismic acquisition in the macKenzie Delta, N.W.T. Oral
Haase,A.B. Plane waves, spherical waves and angle-dependant P-wave reflectivity in elastic VTI-Models Poster
Hawkins,K.; Leggot,R.; Williams,G. More accurate reservoir imaging through anisotropic pre-SDM Oral
Heaton,S.J.; Vensel,K.; Spargue,A.; Wightman,D.; Walia,R.; Aldred,P. Time lapse Monitoring – Foster Creek SAGD project Oral
Hedlin,K.; Mewhort,L.; Margrave,G.F. Delineation of steam flood using seismic attenuation Oral
Henley,D.C. New imaging results at the Chan Chich archaeological site Oral
Hinds, S.J.; Spratt,D.A.; Avramovic,V. Tectonic origin of Pink Mountain Anticline, northeastern British Columbia: results from seismic sections and isopach maps Oral
Illescu,V.; Margrave,G.F. Reflectivity amplitude restoration in Gabor deconvolution Oral
Isaac,J.H.; Lawton,D.C. Practical inversion of anisotropy parameters from surface P-wave seismic data Oral
Jiao,J; Leger,P.; Stevens,J. Enhancements to Wave-Equation Multiple Attenuation Oral
Jones,I.F.; Bernitas,N.X.; Farmer,P.A.; Leslie,J.M.; Bridson,M.L. Anisotropic ambiguities Oral
Jones, I.F.; Brisdon,M.; Folstad,P.G.; Kjos,E.; Goodwin,M. 4D illumination and elastic modeling Oral
Jones,I.F.; Folstad,P.G.; Kjos,E. Continuous high resolution velocity as a 4D attribute Oral
Jones,I.F.; Fruehn,J. Factors affecting frequency content in preSDM imaging Oral
Kappius,R.; Crews,G. Adaptive Vector Filters for Ground Roll Reduction Oral
Kendall,R.R.; Maxwell,P.; Cheadle,S.; Burnett,R.; Watt,H. VectorSeis-initial results from a new multicomponent sensor Oral
Kendall,R.R.; Pullishy,J. A proposed workflow for converted-wave event registration – the step between processing and interpretation Oral
Kirk,G. When the headhunter calls Oral
Klingbell,M. Risky business – trends and issues in the geophysical business Oral
Kozman,J.B. Seismically incorrect: How errors in geophysical data affect exploration success Oral
Kuehl,H.; Sacchi,M.D. Least-squares wave-equation migration for AVP/AVA inversion Oral
Li,Q. Sparse spike inversion and the resolution limit Oral
Lines, L.R. Seismic Monitoring of “Hot” and “Cold” Heavy Oil Production Oral
Liu,B.; Sacchi,M.D. Minimum DFT-weighted norm interpolation of seismic data using FFT Oral
Liu,Y; Schmitt,D.R. Seismic scale effects: dispersion, attenuation and anisotropy by multiple scattering of waves Oral
Loures,L.G.; Morales,F. Bayesian porosity inference using rock physics and geostatistical modeling Poster
Mah,M; Schmitt,D.R. Determination of the complete elastic stiffnesses from ultrasonic phase velocity measurements Oral
Manning,P.M.; Margrave, G.F. Finite difference modeling of near surface effects Oral
Margrave,G.F.; Lamourex,M.P. Gabor deconvolution Oral
Maxwell,S.C.; Urbancic,T.I.; Prince,M. Passive Seismic Imaging of Hydraulic Fractures Oral
Mewhort, L.; Bezdan, S; Jones,M. Does it matter what kind of Vibroseis Deconvolution is used? Oral
Milkereit,B.; Bohlen,T,; Adam.E.' Banerjee,D. Continuous 3D Seismic Reservoir Monitoring – a Modeling Study Oral
Monk,D. Canadian seismic with a thump Oral
Nemeth,B.; Prugger,A.; Halabura,S.;Danyluk,T. Benefits of 3D poststack depth migration: Case study from the Potash Belt of Saskatchwan Oral
Overell,S.; Moroney,P. Frontier exploration offsetting the Gippsland Basin Oral
Parney,R.; LaPointe,P. Structural interpretation of azimuthal AVO for natural fracture patterns in the Wind River Basin Wyoming Oral
Pierce,J.W.; Sanders,S.; Charters,R.A.; Lavoie,V. Turner Valley, Canada – a case history in contemporary airborne gravity Oral
Rex,B.; Parkin,J.; McLaren,C. Rosemary 3C 3D: an AVO, VSP and converted wave case study Oral
Russell,B.; Ross,C.; Lines,L.R. Neural networks and AVO Oral
Seyed-Hahmoud,B.; Lines,L.R. Amplitude migration in anisotropic media Poster
Sommerville,R.; Yao,Z. A fast and accurate Q-inverse filter Oral
Suaudeau,E.; Le Meur, D.; Herrmann,P. Optimum stacking from optimal velocities Oral
Tessman,J.D. VSPs – Teaching an old dog new tricks Oral
Tonn,R. Case study: seismic porosity estimation in an offshore Atlantic Canada Carbonate Field Oral
Trickett,S.R. F-xy eigen noise suppression Oral
Ursenbach,C.P.; Stewart,R.R. Estimating RSS(0) from RSP( ) Oral
Urbancic,T.I.; Maxwell,S.C.; Demerling,C.; Zinno,R. Identifying fracture growth patterns using microseismicity Oral
Vestrum, R. 2D and 3D anisotropic depth migration case histories Oral
Wu,W.J. Imaging dips beyond 90 degrees by a modified prestack Kirchhoff time migration Oral
Xu,C.; Stewart,R.R. Seismic tomography of maya Pyramid Ruins: Belize, Central America Oral
Xu,Y. AVO feasibility and signature of a Taglu reservoir in macKenzie Delta Oral
Yan,L; Lines,L.R.; Lawton,D.C. Building velocity model for anisotropic PSDM: A TTI modeling example Oral
Zhang,C.; Ulrych,T. Estimation of quality factors – an analytical approach Oral
Zhang,J.J. A new method of NMO and stacking for converted-wave processing Oral
Zhang,R.; Trad,D. Noise Attenuation: A Hybrid Approach Based on Wavelet Transform Oral
Zhang,W; Li,G.; Cody,J.; Meyer,J. Understanding reservoir architectures at Christina Lake, Alberta with crosswell
seismic imaging
Zhang,Y; Schmitt,D.R. Cross-equalisation in Time lapse Seismic Data Processing Oral
Zheng,Y; Gray,F.D. Migrating fracture attributes Oral
Zou,Y,; Bentley,L.R. Time Lapse Seismic Analysis Using Well Logs, White Rose Field Oral