2003 Conference Abstracts (A to M)

Author(s) Abstract Title Session
Adam, Erick* and Bernd Milkereit A fast method for accuratly determining 3-D refraction static corrections Poster
Aitken, Julie A, Robert R. Stewart, and Monica Moldoveanu Ground-penetrating radar at a Maya ruin site: Belize, Central America Oral
Ali, Iqbal E* Building a Successful International Career - What you need to know Oral
Anderson, Paul F* The Hodogram as an AVO attribute Oral
.Apte, M.G, T.K.Prasad, .D.V.R.Murti, M.B.Singh, Techno Econmic Analysis of 3-D Survey Designs Oral
Armeneau, C. L. M.* and R. J. Spencer Fluid movement during propagation of the Rundle thrust Oral
Asgar-Deen, M.* and Dr. Cynthia, L. Riediger Structurally Influenced Nordegg Member Facies Belts: Deposition Within an Emerging Retro-Foreland Basin Oral
Asgar-Deen, Michèle* A case study of barite as a stratigraphic tool: an indicator of pauses in sedimentation? Oral, Poster
Azancot, Michael Onshore exploration in central Kazakhstan Oral
Barrett, Kent* The Origin of the Gold Creek Collapse Structure and associated Dolomitization, West Central Alberta Oral
Bastian, Peter A.* Integration of Coalbed Methane Exploration Data into a Practical Reservoir Model Oral
Bearinger, Doug* The Slant on Hay - Part1:History, Earning and Learning Oral
Bearinger, Doug* The Slant on Hay - Part2:Testing, Projecting and Planning Oral
Beauchamp, B.* MFS Reef-Mounds: a record of large accommodation shifts at maximum flooding surfaces Oral
Bechtel, David*, Luc Savoie, and Deanne Katnick Quantification of Rock Properties: McMurray Formation at Horizon Core
Beckett, Jeff K.* and John C. Bancroft Event detection in prestack migration using matched filters Poster
Bednar, J. Bee, J. Stein Two-Way-Wave-Equation Migration: Overkill or Necessity? Oral
Bennett, K. C. , Stanley B. Keith*, Monte M. Swan, Jan C. Rasmussen and Dan P. Laux Hydrothermal Dolomitization: a 5-Stage Reaction Sequence Model Oral
Bennion, Brant and Brent Thomas Formation Damage Issues Impacting the Productivity of Tight Gas Producing Formations Oral
Bereskin, S. Robert Shale Gas Production in the Rockies, Predictable Evolution and Penultimate Destination: Examples from the San Juan Basin (SJB), USA Oral
Bergquist, Christopher L.*, Peter P. Graham*, Keith R. Rawlinson and Dennis H. Johnston MacKenzie Delta: A fresh Look at an Emerging Basin (part 1) Oral
Bergquist, Christopher L.*, Peter P. Graham*, Keith R. Rawlinson and Dennis H. Johnston MacKenzie Delta: A fresh Look at an Emerging Basin (part 2) Oral
Blakney, Barton* Generating Reservoir Models from High Resolution Outcrop Studies: a case study from the lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation NE AB Poster
Blias, E.* and V. Khatchatrian Optimization approach to determine interval velocities in a medium with laterally inhomogeneous curvilinear layers Oral
Blias, E.* Stacking velocities for different offsets in the medium with laterally inhomogeneous layers Oral
Blias, E.* Stacking velocities for different offsets in the medium with laterally inhomogeneous layers Poster
Blommaert, Scott* and R. Spencer Hydrocarbon Migration from the Exshaw Formation during movement of the McConnell Thrust Poster
Bosman, Sean A., Bogdan L. Varban and A. Guy Plint Conglomeratic shoreface and gravelly fluvial channel deposits, Upper Kaskapau Formation (Turonian), northeastern British Columbia Oral
Bouzidi, Youcef* and Douglas R. Schmitt Experimental Tests of Compressional Wave Reflectivity Oral
Boyd, John* and Eric Andersen The Benefits of Employing Multi-Attribute Analysis to Mapping Seismic Facies Oral
Brent, Thomas A.* Seismic Reflection Interpretation of Gas Hydrates and Permafrost in the High Arctic of Canada Poster
Brooymans, R.*, T.Mojesky and L.Pham A Review of Current Marine Demultiple Techniques - with Examples from the East Coast of Canada Oral
Cary, Peter W.* Bandlimited Design and Stacking of P-P and P-S Surveys Oral
Cary, Peter W.* and Xinxiang Li The Effect of Vp/Vs on Prestack and Poststack P-S Time Migration Oral
Charuk, Tom* "Finding New Pools in a Boneyard": A Fully Integrated and Multidisciplinary Approacg to Successful Exploration and Development of Dina Oil Pools in Historically "Mature" Area, Neutral Hills, Alberta Oral
Chatellier, Jean-Yves Objectively and graphically reviewing correlations with the MBPA (Multiple Bischke Plot Analysis) Poster
Chatellier, Jean-Yves* In depth integration to build a reliable static and dynamic reservoir model for the Santa Barbara field, Venezuela Oral
Chen, Sandy*, Larry Lines, Joan Embleton, P.F. Daley Seismic Detection of Cold Production Footprints of Heavy oil in Lloydminster Field Oral
Chen, Zhuoheng*, Kirk. G. Osadetz and Peter K. Hannigan Object-based modeling for systematic risk analysis in hydrocarbon exploration, an example from western Sverdrup Basin, Canada Oral
Chen, Zhuoheng*, Kirk G. Osadetz, Maowen Li Spatial Characteristics of Middle Devonian Oils and Non-associated Gases in the Rainbow area, northwest Alberta Oral, Poster
Chesterman, J.P.(Paddy) Structural Origin of the Claremont Anticline, onshore Nova Scotia: Has new seismic solved an old problem? Oral
Cholach, Pavlo Y* and Douglas R. Schmitt Intrinsic anisotropy of shales Oral, Poster
Choo, Jason* and Vasudhaven Sudhakar A new seismic processing technique to LIFT noise and multiples Oral
Chopra, Satinder*, Vladimir Alexeev and Yong Xu Effective AVO Cross-plotting techniques Oral, Poster
Chopra, Satinder* Exploring Lame rock parameter extractions using AVO analysis for detection of good carbonate reservoir locations Poster
Chopra, Satinder* and Yongyi Li Rock Physics and AVO effects in Midale Vuggy and Midale Marly Beds in Williston Basin - a case study Oral
Cooley, Michael A.*, Raymond A. Price, John M. Dixon, and T. Kurtis Kyser Meteoric Fuid Isotopic Signatures of Thrust-Fault-Related Veins in the Livingstone Range Anticlinorium and their Significance for Syn-Deformational Regional Fluid Migration Poster
Cooley, Michael A.* Raymond A. Price, John M. Dixon and T. Kurtis Kyser Structural Geology of the Southern Livingstone Range Anticlinorium and the Architecture of the Centre Peak Anticline; A Paleo-Hydrocarbon Reservoir Oral, Poster
Cooper, Norman M.* Realities in 3D Design - Planning and Processing Oral
Cooper, Norman M.* Efficiencies in 3D Design - Implementation and Operations Oral
Coopersmith, Ellen M.* Crossing the "Value of Information Gap" in the Oil Industry Oral
Crerar, Erin E.* and R.W.C. Arnott Facies Distribution and Stratigraphic Architecture of the Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation, Lewis Property, Athabasca Oil Sands Deposit, Northeast Alberta Oral
Cummings, Don* and RWC (Bill) Arnott Wide Incised Valley vs. Unincised Fluvial Sheet: Why does it matter in terms of deepwater exploration? Case Study of an Areally Extensive Fluvial-Marine Transition, Missisauga Formation, Offshore Nova Scotia, Canada Oral
Damte, Alula, P. Putnam, B.Davies* A. J. Madi and A. Kolisnik Down the Pipeline Route: Play Fairways in the Central Mackenzie Valley and Eagle Plain Oral
Davis, Dr. Bruce M.* The Application of Geostatistics in Oil Sands Resource Modeling Oral
Deline, David W. * and John M. Dixon Seismic Interpretation and Physical Analog Modelling of a Sub-Surface Lateral Ramp in the Southern Canadian Rockies (Crowsnest Pass Area, S.W., Alberta) Poster
Dell’Angelo, Lisa* and Colleen Barton Enhanced Fluid Flow in Critically Stressed Fractures- Implications for Reservoir Permeability and Fault Seal Evaluation Oral
Demerling, C.*, S. Maxwell, and T. Urbancic Identifying reflected waves in passive microseismic data Oral
Dickson, William and Jan Christ Basement-influenced Sedimentation in Tertiary Petroleum Systems around the Globe Oral
Dong, Linping*, Gary F. Margrave and Kevin W. Hall Comparison of Wavelet Estimates from VSP and Surface data Oral
Downton, Jon* High Resolution AVO Oral
Downton, Jon*, Huimin Guan and Robert Somerville NMO, AVO and stack Oral
Drummond, Kenneth J. Northeast British Columbia Natural Gas Discoveries of the Decade 1990-1999 Oral, Poster
DuBois, Dean P*, Peter J. Wynne, Thomas M. Smagala, Jeffrey L. Johnson, Keith D. Engler, Barry C. McBride Geology of Jonah Field Oral
Dumitrescu, Carmen* and Dave Gray PS and PP AVO Analysis; A Multi-component Seismic Case Study for the Long Lake Oil Sands Project Oral
Dunn, Lindsay A.* and Charles M. Henderson Sequence Biostratigraphy and Depositional Systems of the Pennsylvanian-Permian Belloy Formation Peace River Basin, Alberta Canada Oral
Dyman, T.S.* and S.M. Condon Evaluation of Deep Basin-Center Gas Systems Oral
El Hashemi, M. The interplay between tectonics , sedimentation and the distribution pattern of Middle and Upper Triassic sandbodies (Doig, Halfway & Charlie Lk. Fms.), in the Peace River Block, northeast British Oral
Elapavuluri, Pavan* Inversion for Thomsen’s parameters using Shifted Hyperbola NMO Oral
Elberdak, Khalifa*, Claudia Schroder-Adams,
Karsten Schjodt Nielsen and Jim Craig
The Colorado Group (Upper Albian to Santonian) in Southeastern Alberta: faunal and floral response to varying sea-level Oral, Poster
Elliott, Patrick* and Petra Buziak The ‘Glaustracod’ Geological and Geophysical Exploration Story Oral
Embry, Ashton F* The Emperor's New Stratigraphy: Calling attention to some problematic aspects of Exxon-style Sequence Stratigraphy Oral
Farine, Mark* and Nigel Thorburn General Application of MEMS Sensors for Land Seismic Acquisition - Is it Time? Oral
Ferri, Filippo* Intermontane Basins of British Columbia Oral
Fisher, Douglas A Tool for the Reduction of Uncertainty: Pore Network Characterization from Drill Cuttings Poster
Flint, D.W. * and R.K. Dixon Play Entry Strategies: Examples from the Western Canadian Foothills Oral
Fowler, Martin G.*, Lloyd R. Snowdon, Mark Obermajer Queen Charlotte Basin Petroleum Systems - Status of Knowledge Oral
Frantz, Joe and Chuck Boyer Comparison of Production Behaviour in Non-Conventional Reservoirs Oral
Fraser, James North American Unconventional Gas Resources: A U.S. Major's Perspective Oral
Freeman, Riona Oil and Gas Potential of the Yukon Poster
Fu, Qilong*, Hairuo Qing and Katherine Bergman Calcrete and karst of the Devonian Winnipegosis Carbonate Mounds, Subsurface of South-central Saskatchewan, Canada Poster
Gal, P. and A.L. Jones* A Qualitative Evaluation of Oil and Gas Potential of the Deh Cho Territory Poster
Geiger, Hugh D.*, Gary F. Margrave Parrallel 3D prestack depth migration using recursive Kirchhoff extrapolation Poster
Geiger, Hugh D. Amplitude preserving weights for Kirchhoff prestack time migration Oral
Gharibi, Mehran*, and Laurence R. Bentley Resolution of 3-D Electrical Resistivity Images from Inversions of 2-D Orthogonal Lines Oral
Gilhooly, Murray G.* Reservoir Geology of the Middle Devonian Slave Point Formation, Chinchaga Alberta Oral
Goldak, D.K.* Transient Audio-Magnetotelluric imaging of a buried valley Oral
Gray, David* P-S Converted-Wave AVO Oral
Gray, Samuel H.* Imaging using multi-arrivals: Gaussian beams or multi-arrival Kirchhoff? Oral
Green, Rick*, Catherine Nigrini, Chas Yonge, Jerry Spring and Gerry Ward Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre: A description of the current facility, displays and programs, future aspirations, and the new facility Oral
Greggs, Darcie H. The Effect of Reactivating Basement Structure on Devonian Strata of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Oral
Griffith, Lisa A.* Good to the last drop - Countess Upper Mannville (Glauconite) D Oil Pool, southern Alberta, Canada Oral, Core
Grimm, Johannes*, Vladimir Aleksic, David J. McVee, Stewart R.Trickett Prestack F-xy Eigenimage Noise Suppression Oral
Grossman, Jeff P.* and Gary F. Margrave Fast wavefield extrapolation by phase-shift in the nonuniform Gabor domain Oral
Grover, Robert W.* and Murray K. Gingras 3-D Visualiztation of the Internal Structure of Tyndall Limestone using Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Petrography Oral
Gustason, Edmund R. "Gus"* and Stephen A. Sonnenberg Stratigraphic and structural compartmentalization in a basin-centered gas accumulation, Lower Cretaceous Muddy (J) Sandstone, Wattenberg Field, Denver-Julesburg Basin, Colorado Oral
Haase, Arnim B. Approximation Errors in AVO-Analysis and Inversion Poster
Haggart, James W.*, James R. Dietrich,
Henry V. Lyatsky
Petroleum geology framework, West Coast offshore region Oral
Haggart, James W.* and J. Brian Mahoney Petroleum geology framework, southeast Bowser basin, British Columbia Oral
Hamilton, W.D* and B.D. Rex Structural Influences on Low Accommodation Basal Quartz "A" Sandstones: Countess Lower Mannville "Z", Alderson Lower Mannville "D4D" and Alderson Lower Mannville "C5C" Pools Oral
Pearson, Robin, Bruce Hart* and Juliana Tebo Eliminating pull-up below Devonian pinnacle reefs Oral
Hart, Bruce* Seismic Attribute Studies – A Tool for Sedimentary Geologists Oral
Hately, Mark J.* Between a Rock and an HR Place (Understanding the impacts of the “baby boomer” issue) Oral
Hay, Michael J. , Matthew J. Brettle, Aditya Tyagi,
Bogdan L. Varban, and A. Guy Plint
Sediment dispersal patterns on a huge muddy shelf: middle Cretaceous Shaftesbury to Cardium interval, Alberta and British Columbia Oral
  Drill Cuttings – An Under-utilized Resource, Advanced Applications and Trends Core
Hearn, Michael D.*, S. George Pemberton, John R. Suter, Gary L. Prost and David A. Bywater Sedimentology and Ichnology of the Lower Cretaceous (Neocomian) Kamik Formation in the Parsons Lake Gas Field, Mackenzie Delta region, Northwest Territories Poster
Hearn, Michael D.* and S. George Pemberton, John R. Suter, Gary L. Prost and David A. Bywater Wave and River-Dominated Deltaic Deposits in the Lower Cretaceous (Neocomian) Kamik Formation in the Parsons Lake Gas Field, Mackenzie Delta region, Northwest Territories Core
Hebner, Barry* and Mike Doty Discovery of a Pembina Nisku Oil Pool: A Case History of a Nisku Shelf Edge Play Oral
Henderson, Charles M.* Stratigraphic Techniques Applied to the Upper Paleozoic and Triassic of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Oral
Henley, David C.* Advances in radial trace domain coherent noise filtering Oral
Hewitt, Marty* and Paul Myers What's New in The Gulf Of Mexico Oral
Hinds, Steven J.* and Deborah A. Spratt Stratigraphy, Structure, and Tectonic History of the Pink Mountain Anticline, Trutch (94G) and Halfway River (94B) Map Areas, Northeastern British Oral, Poster
Hoffe, H.*, Andrew Williamson Peter Cary and Jon Downton Comparison of Rss(0) estimates derived from P-P and P-S AVO extraction of multicomponent surface seismic data Oral
Hunt, Lee*, Stewart Trickett, Dave Levesque, Pat McKenny, Brian Link and Scott Jamieson The Paradigm or the Process? An Ongoing Case Study Using Stretch Free Stacking Oral
Hynes, Glenn F.* and John M. Dixon Stratigraphy and Structural Geometry of the Liard, Kotaneelee, and Tlogotsho Ranges, SW Northwest Territories Oral
Hysert, Melany D., Olwen F.R. Wirth and Ivy R. Boschman Guidelines for Field Collection of Coal Data for CBM Projects Poster
Ings, Steven J.*, Lykke Gemmer and Chris Beaumont Passive margin salt tectonics: effects of margin tilt, sediment progradation, and regional extension Oral
Isaac, Helen* and Donald C. Lawton Benefits of Integrated Seismic and Gravity Exploration: An example from Norman Wells, NWT Oral
Jain, Aklesh Quantitative Sequence Analysis: A Geostatistical Approach Poster
Janicki, E.P.* Hydrocarbon Pools of the Great Slave Plain, Northwest Territories Oral
Jaramillo Sarasty, Jessica* and Robert R. Stewart Elastic-wave properties from well logs in the White Rose oilfield, offshore Newfoundland Oral
Wielens, B.W., and C.D. Jauer Modelling results for the Carson Basin, Grand Banks, Newfoundland Oral, Poster
Jeary, Victoria* and Dr. Ronald Spencer The Reliability of Fluid Inclusions as Indicators of Temperature Oral
Jerzykiewicz, T.* and D. Brière Depositional models of the gas-producing post-Colorado sequences of the Alberta Basin Oral
Johnson, Michael F.* and Robert W. Dalrymple Negative accommodation and its influence on reservoir geometry and quality: The Lower Cretaceous Cadomin Formation of the Deep Basin Area AB Oral
Jowett, David*, Claudia Schröder-Adams, Andrew Webb and Per Kent Pedersen The Lower Cretaceous of Northeastern British Columbia and the Liard Basin: variable accomodation and shifing sediment sources Oral
Keilly, A.* and Hans G. Machel Facies and reservoir-enhancing dolomitization surrounding monadnocks in the Slave Point Formation in the Dawson Field, Alberta Oral
Kendall, R.*, Robert Winarsky, Thomas L. Davis and Robert D. Benson 9C, 4D Seismic Processing for the Weyburn CO2 Flood, Saskatchewan, Canada Oral
Kent, D.M. The Missisippian Kisbey Sandstone Interval in the Carnduff-Silverton-Hastings Area – an Eolian Coastal Dune Deposit Core
Kerkhoven, John* Stakeholder Awareness - A Petro-Canada Perspective Oral
Khan, K. Daniel* and Benjamin J. Rostron Regional Fluid Flow in the Weyburn CO2 Project Area: Implications for CO2 Sequestration Oral
Kiss, Frank* High-Resolution Aeromagnetic Surveys - Mackenzie Corridor (1998-2003) Poster
Knight, Cheryl Industry Sustainability: A Framework for Human Resources Strategy in the Upstream Petroleum Industry Oral
Koladich, André M* and R.W.C. Arnott Reservoir Variability of the Glauconitic Sandstone (Mannville Group, Lower Cretaceous) in the Jenner Upper Mannville "E" Pool, southeast Alberta Oral
Kolisnik, Angela*, Peter Putnam, and Brian Davies Cambrian reservoirs of the Tweed Lake Gas Field, Colville Hills, N.W.T Core
Kotzer, T. Synchrotron Radiation in the Earth and Environmental Sciences: Applications in the Petroleum Geosciences Poster
Kreis, L. K.*, P. Thomas and S.G. Whittaker Subsurface Devonian Mapping Results from the IEA Weyburn CO2 Monitoring and Storage Project, Southeastern Saskatchewan Poster
Kreitner, Michael A.* and A. Guy Plint Sedimentary responses to block faulting and regional forebulge uplift: Lower Kaskapau Formation, northern Alberta and British Columbia Oral
Kurovets, Igor M.* and Yuri A.Shpot Dynamic Magnetoprospecting in Oil Fields Exploration Poster
Lake, J.H. Strike at the Mississippian Carbonate Factory: Sequence Boundaries within the Mississippian Carbonates of Southeast Saskatchewan Core
Lane, L. S.*, R. L. Shinduke, and T. A. Brent Subsurface Geology of Eagle Plain, northern Yukon Oral
Lane, Larry S., Karen M. Fallas* and Andrew V. Okulitch Controls on northern Cordilleran Foothills structures: Results of Central Foreland NATMAP bedrock mapping Poster
Lavoie, Denis* and Guoxiang Chi High-Temperature Dolomites in the Ordovician Section of Anticosti Island, Eastern Canada: Implications for Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Development Oral
Law, Ben E. Unconventional Gas Accumulations: The New Era of Exploration Oral
Leckie, Dale A.*, Miguel Jose de Armas, Kate Glazebrook, Elvira Gomez, Paul Kroshko, Brett Norris, Andy Parsons, Ricardo Penas, and Shannon Greene Depositional setting of the Cretaceous Guadalupe Formation, Colombia – Nexen’s partnership in the Guando Oil Field Oral
Leckie, Dale A. and Tom Rumpel Masila 2: Tide-influenced sedimentation in a rift basin – Cretaceous Qishn Formation, Masila, Yemen – a billion barrel oil field Core
Lettley, Curtis D.* and S. George Pemberton Sedimentology and Ichnology of Estuarine Point Bar Deposits, McMurray Formation, Northeastern Alberta Poster
Li, Guoping* Time-lapse (4-D) seismic monitoring of a massive CO2 flood at Weyburn Field, S.E. Saskatchewan Oral
Li, Z.*, W. Qian, B. Milkereit, E. Adam and T. Bohlen AVO Analysis with Multi-Offset VSP Data Poster
Li, Yongyi*, Huiming Guan and Jon Downton AVO in Structured Areas Poster
Li, Yongyi, Bill Goodway*, and Jonathan Downton Recent advances in application of AVO in carbonate reservoirs: case histories Oral
Liu, Kun* and John C. Bancrof The effects of dip-limited Kirchhoff migration and F-K migration Oral
Liu, Yexin* and Mauricio D. Sacchi Mapping Rock Mechanical Properties with Seismic Attribute-based Support Vector Machine (SVM) Technique Oral
Liu, Bin, Mauricio D Sacchi* and
Henning Kuehl
On The Impact of Wavefield Interpolation on Imaging Techniques and AVA Analysis Oral
Liu, Yinbin* Stratigraphic Modeling: A Step Beyond AVO Oral
Liu, Yinbin* and Ru-Shan Wu Migration in Transversely Isotropic Media Using Anisotropy Screen Propagator Oral
Loures, Luiz G.* and Fernando Moraes Petrophysical Reservoir Characterization and Uncertainty Analysis Poster
Lucas, Katie* and John M. Dixon Physical Modelling of Primary Stratigraphic and Structural Controls on the Evolution of the Papuan Fold Belt, Papua New Guinea, and Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration Oral
Lyatsky, Henry, Dinu Pana, Reg Olson and Lorraine Godwin Mapping of Basement Faults with Gravity and Magnetic Data in Northern Alberta Oral
Madi, Achour J.*, Allula Damte and Mark Hayes Fault-associated hydrothermally-dolomitized reservoirs (HTD) in Devonian strata of northeastern British Columbia – A large-scale geological exploration concept Poster
Mah, Marko* and Douglas R. Schmitt Measurement of ultrasonic phase velocities in an oil shale and the determination of the complete elastic stiffnesses Poster
Mann, Robin An Updated Prediction on the Performance and Economic Viability of Future Gas Wells in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin Poster
Manning, Peter M.* and Gary F. Margrave Optimum boundaries for the finite-difference modelling of waves Oral
Margrave, Gary F.*, David C. Henley, Victor Iliescu, Jeff P. Grossman and Michael P. Lamoureux Gabor Deconvolution: Improvements and Practical Considerations Oral
Marroquín, Iván D.* and Bruce S. Hart Seismic attribute-based characterization of a prolific coalbed methane reservoir Oral
Martindale, Bill* and Barry W. Larson Nexen’s Bryant Discovery – Silurian oil reservoired in fractured calcretes Core
Mathison, J. Edward* Sequence Stratigraphic Architecture of the McMurray Formation Oral, Core
McDonough, M.R.*, H. Balkwill, J. Bever, G. Rodrigue, J. Lukasik, and K. Roy Inversion Tectonics in the Brooks Range Orogen and Subsequent Controls on Sedimentation: A view from the craton Oral
McMaster, Glenn E.* and Peter D. Carragher Fourteen Years of Risk Assessment at Amoco and BP ‘A Retrospective Look at the Processes and Impact Oral
McMechan, R.D. (Bob)* and Dan Boettcher Complex Structural Geometries & "Unusual" Seismic Images Related To Transverse Ramps in Southern Canadian Foothills Oral
Meneley, Robert A.* Exploration History of Frontier Basins in Canada - Ignore It At Your Peril - Oral
Meyer, Rudi* The Geoscience Professional Development Centre: Beginnings Oral
Mikalsky, Stephen M.* Stepping Out From The Known: Production Enhancement to Exploration Success in Cuba Oral
Milkereit, Bernd*, Wei Qian and Thomas Bohlen Resonance Scattering - A New VSP Technique To Assess Lateral Continuity Oral
Milne, Christian and Stefan Kaculini * 3D Prestack Depth Migration of Canadian East Coast Data Oral
Morrow, David W.* and Randy Shinduke Liard Basin, Northeast British Columbia; An Exploration Frontier Oral
Morrow, David W.* and James Dixon Geological Atlas of the Northern Canadian Mainland Sedimentary Basin Poster
Mottahedeh, Rocky *, Ketema Amare, Al Rutherford and Gerry Reinson Integrated Geo-Modelling & Reservoir Management: Visualization and Planning of Closely Spaced Horizontal Wells, Hayter Heavy Oil Reservoir, AB Oral
Musser, James A.* Seismic Survey Designs for Converted Waves Oral