2003 Conference Abstracts (N to Z)

Author(s) Abstract Title Session
Newrick, Rachel T.* and Don C. Lawton Investigation of turning rays in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Oral
Nickel, Erik* and Hairuo Qing The sealing units of the Weyburn Field: continued evaluation of carbon dioxide sequestration potential in a carbonate reservoir Poster
Nieto, John.A.* Integrated Reservoir Characterization - circular, not linear Oral
Nieto, John.A.* Facies-Based Formation Evaluation Oral
Nieto, Carlos E.* and Robert R. Stewart Ultra high-resolution seismic and GPR imaging of permafrost. Devon Island, Nunavut Oral
Nieto, Carlos E.* and Robert R. Stewart Interpretation of PP and PS seismic data from the Mackenzie Delta, N.W.T. Poster
Nimegeers, Andrew*, Erik Nickel and Hairuo Qing Local paleotopographic controls on intertidal-supratidal depositional systems in the Mississippian Midale beds, southeastern Saskatchewan Poster
Noble, Todd E.* and John M. Dixon and Susan Pfister Dynamics of Fold-Thrust Structures in Physical Models Deformed in a Large Geotechnical Centrifuge Poster
Nordin, David Demographics and a changing marketplace - how can I stay as employed as I want to? Oral
Obermajer, Mark*, Kirk G. Osadetz, Martin G. Fowler, Maowen Li and Lloyd R. Snowdon Anomalous oil Compositions in the Heavy Oil Belt of west-central Saskatchewan - Possible Implications for Timing of Biodegredation Poster
O'Connell, Shaun* The unknown giants - low-permeability shallow gas reservoirs of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada Oral
Ogiesoba, Christopher O.* and Robert R. Stewart Prestack Vp/Vs determination from multicomponent seismic data Oral
Olariu, Cornel*, Janok P. Bhattacharya Architecture of Delta Front Deposits, More Complex than Basinward Dipping Clinoforms Poster
Osadetz, K.G., C. A. Evenchick, F. Ferri, L. D. Stasiuk and N. S. F. Wilson Indications for effective petroleum systems in Bowser and Sustut basins, north-central British Columbia Poster
Pak, Rozalia* and S. George Pemberton and Lavern D. Stasiuk Implications on Source Rock Accumulation from Ichnology in the Ordovican Yeoman Formation, Southeastern Saskatchewan Oral
Pardasie,Wendell*, D. Schmitt, M. Heimpel, and
D. Rokosh
High Resolution Geophysical Survey over a Sweetgrass Dike, Milk River, South Alberta Poster
Pavlovic, Mitch D.* and Iuliana Craiciu and Andrew Logan Field Test Results of a New Oil-Based Micro-Resistivity Imaging Instrument in Canada Oral
Pawlowicz, John G.*, Tim Berezniuk and Mark M. Fenton Quaternary Gas in Northern Alberta: Drift/Glacial Sediment Characteristics and Geometry Oral
Pendrel, John* and Tom Dickson Simultaneous AVO Inversion to P Impedance and Vp/Vs Oral
Perez, Marco A.* and Rainer Tonn Reservoir Modelling and Interpretation with Lamé’s Parameters: A Grand Banks Case Study Oral
Perz, Michael J.* Using numerical modeling to appraise the performance of tomostatics Oral
Plint, A. Guy* and Jennifer A. Wadsworth Paleovalleys in the Cenomanian Dunvegan Formation, Western Canada: Local and regional tectonic controls on drainage pattern Oral
Plint, A. Guy and Bogdan L. Varban* Expected, and unexpected subsidence patterns across a foreland basin: Cenomanian-Turonian Kaskapau Formation, NW Alberta and NE British Columbia Oral
Posamentier, Henry W.*, Catherine Chaplin and David P. James Integrated Analysis of the Triassic Montney Turbidites: a Case Study from Northern Alberta Oral
Posamentier, Henry W.* Integration of Seismic Geomorphology and Seismic Stratigraphy: Principles and Applications Oral
Posamentier, Henry W.* Reservoir Habitats in Deep-Water Depositional Settings Oral
Potma, Ken, Stacey Atchley, Mark McMurray and John Weissenberger The Devonian Reef at Grassi Lakes, Canmore, Alberta: An overview of the Devonian (Leduc Formation) reef that crops out at Grassi Lakes above Canmore, together with a brief discussion of time-equivalent reefs in the subsurface in Alberta and their economic significance Oral
Prince, M.P.*, S.C. Maxwell, and T.I. Urbancic Identifying Fracture Patterns in Microseismic Data Sets Oral, Poster
Pruden, Doug* and Doug Uffen* The Industry Today and the Road Ahead Oral
Pruden, Doug and Satinder Chopra* More Confident Interpretation with High Frequency Restoration of Surface Seismic data-a case study Oral
Pruden, Doug and Satinder Chopra* Multi-Attribute Seismic Analysis on AVO derived parameters-a case study Poster
Pruden, Doug Seismic Multivariate Attribute Estimation of Log Curves for Reservoir Development: a Case Study Oral
Putnam, Peter*, Angela Kolisnik, and Brian Davies Permian Jungle Creek sandstones and conglomerates of the Eagle Plain Basin, Y.T. Core
Quirk, W.G., L.Verlaan* and M.H.L.Morrish, G. Smith, G. Strother-Stewart and Vladimir Zorin From The Steppe To The Step-Out - A case study of a 3D seismic program through a complex production field in Kazakhstan Oral
Ramos, Sharleen* and R.M. Bustin Overview of Potential Gas Shale in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin: Geology, Geochemistry, Sorption Capacity and Reservoir Potential Oral
Randall, Leslie*, Ken Green, Douglas Fisher Reducing Uncertainty in Core Analysis Programs Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging Poster
Ratcliffe, K.T.*, Wright, A.M., Wray, D. S., Zaitlin, B. A., Potocki, D., Hallsworth, C. and Morton, A. Alternative correlation methods in low accommodation fluvial setting: an example from the (Lower Cretaceous) Basal Quartz, Southern Alberta Oral
Rex, Brian*, Bill Goodway, Cathy Martin, Gordon Uswak The Impact of Azimuthal Anisotropy on Seismic AVO and Petrophysical Response in a Fractured Wabamun Reservoir Oral
Richardson, Sarah E.*, Dr. Don C. Lawton and Dr. Gary F. Margrave Seismic applications in coalbed methane exploration and development Oral
Ridgley, Jennie L.* and Snyder, G.T. Regional Trends in Stable Isotopes, Noble Gases, and Composition of Biogenic Gas and Co-produced Water of the Late Cretaceous Shallow Biogenic Gas System in Montana, Saskatchewan, and Alberta Oral
Riedel, Michael*, Roy D. Hyndman, George D. Spence, N. Ross Chapman and Ivana Novosel Marine Gas Hydrates off Canadas West Coast Oral
Riediger, Cynthia L.* and Michèle M. Asgar-Deen Lower Jurassic stratigraphy and hydrocarbon source rock intervals: will the real Poker Chip Shale please stand up? Oral, Poster
Robertson, Stephen* and Ron Spencer Geochemical Conditions During Movement of the McConnell Thrust Oral, Poster
Rokosh, C.D*, D.R Schmitt, A.B.G Bush and N.W Rutter Sediment distribution and controls on desert migration during the last interglacial period in north China. Oral
Roy, Stéphanie*, Rudolf Bertrand and Michel Malo Diagenesis and hydrocarbon potential in paleozoic successions of the Lac Matapédia area, Québec Poster
Royle, Andrew J.*, John D. Logel and Laurence R. Lines Hebron / Ben Nevis rock property analysis and modelling study Oral
Russum, Dave* Is Canada running out of gas Oral
Ryan, Barry* Coalbed Methane potential of coalfields in the northern part of the Bowser Basin, British Columbia Oral
Sacchi, M. D.*, C. Moldoveanu-Constantinescu and Jiang Feng Enhancing resolution via non-quadratic regularization - Next generation of imaging Algorithms Oral
Schmidt, M. J.*, C. M. Henderson, C. L. Riediger Sequence biostratigraphy of the Upper Palliser, Exshaw, and Lower Banff formations, southern Alberta Oral
Schoderbek, David* and Satyaki Ray Applications of Formation Micro Image (FMI) Interpretation to Canadian Coalbed Methane Exploration Oral
Schumacher, Dietmar “Deet”*, Daniel C. Hitzman, Luis Clavijo, and Daniel Malizia When Seismic Is Not Enough: Improving Success by Integrating High-Resolution Surface Geochemical Data with Seismic Data Oral
Schumacher, Dietmar*, Daniel Hitzman, and Luis Clavijo Designing Onshore Surface Geochemical Surveys: Best Practices Oral, Poster
Seeley, Timothy P. and Deborah A Spratt* Application of Plate Tectonic and Strain Class Models to the Tectonic Evolution of Alaska Poster
Selby, David* and Robert A. Creaser Absolute dating of bitumen - Application of the 187Re-187Os isotope system: The first results from the Polaris Mississippi Valley-type Zn-Pb deposit, Nunavut, Canada Oral
Sherwin, Mike D.* Megadune Systems in the Upper Triassic Cecil Member, Charlie Lake Formation, NE BC Poster
Shurr, George W.* Exploration Strategies for Shallow Natural Gas Systems on the Margins of Rocky Mountain Basins Poster
Sinton, Terry Y. To Be or No To Be...What was the question? Oral
Sirman, Natalie A.* and S. George Pemberton Ichnology and Sedimentology of Fluvio-Estuarine Incised Valley Deposite: the Mississippian (Visean) Stoddart Group of NW Alberta Poster
Smee, Jerry* and Michael Enachescu Orphan Basin, Offshore Newfoundland: New seismic data and hydrocarbon plays for a dormant Frontier Basin Oral
Smith, Langhorne* and Graham Davies Hydrothermal Alteration of Oil and Gas Reservoirs: A Fundamental Process Oral
Smith, Langhorne B.*, Courtney M. Lugert and Richard E. Nyahay Integrated Characterization of Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs in Trenton-Black River Carbonates of New York Poster
Smith, Mauri* and Stephen Bend Geochemical analysis and familial association of Winnipeg reservoired oils of the Williston Basin, Canada Poster
Stasiuk, L.D.*, M.G. Fowler and N.S.F. Wilson Potential hydrocarbon source rocks and thermal maturity of Proterozoic strata in Athabasca Basin, northern Saskatchewan, and Muskwa Assemblage, Cordillera, northeast British Columbia Oral
Stephenson, Gerry*, Steve Cameron and Virginia Odegaard Coal Geology: A brief overview of coal in Alberta with a focus on the past coal mining in the Canmore area Oral
Stewart, Robert R*, Monica Moldoveanu, Julie Aitken, and Eric Gallant 3D ground-penetrating radar surveys over permaforst and ice environments Oral
Stewart, Robert R. , Kevin W. Hall, Jessica Peter Cary and Keith Louden Multicomponent seismic imaging using ocean-bottom seismometers over the White Rose oilfield, offshore Newfoundland Oral
Stockmal, Glen S.*, Art Slingsby and John W.F. Waldron Basement-involved inversion at the Appalachian structural front, Western Newfoundland: Interpretation of seismic reflection data and implications for petroleum prospectivity Oral
Stockmal, Glen S.*, Chris Beaumont, Mai Nguyen, Bonny Lee, and Sergei Medvedev Style Variations in Thrust-and-Fold Belts: Insights From Numerical Mechanical Models Oral
Stockmal, Glen S. Inferred Exposure of a "Pop-Up" Structure in the Outer Foothills, Crowsnest Pass Area, Alberta Poster
St.Onge, Andre* and Eric Strachan East Gainsborough, Saskatchewan: a Winnipegosis salt dissolution and Mississippian erosional unconformity trap Oral
Suter, John R. and Gordon Fielder Accommodation Control on the Sequence Stratigraphic Evolution of the Oficina Formation in the Zuata Area of the Faja Petrolifera del Orinoco, Eastern Venezualean Basin Oral
Tang, David Z. Stratigraphic Framework and Reservoir Heterogeneity of the Yacheng 13-1 Gas Field, South China Sea Oral
Shepherd ,Catherine * and Robert Tarvydas Compensation in the Oil and Gas Industry Oral
James R. Taylor* Mackenzie - Liard Valley Hydrocarbon Basins, NWT Oral
Taylor, James R. , Timothy P. Seeley, David Moore and Kenneth I. Mitchell Pointed Mountain Gas Field: Middle Devonian, Hydrothermal Dolomite Nahanni Formation Oral
Tebo, Juliana M.* and Bruce S. Hart 3-D Seismic attribute study for reservoir characterization of carbonate buildups using a volume-based method Oral
Tessman, D. J., E. Gruszczyk, Z. Trzesniowski, P. Misiaczek, and P. Brettwood Chalupki Debniaskie Field: Improving Drilling Success in Shallow Gas Reservoirs with VectorSeis Oral
Tessman, D. J.*, C. K. Clausen and G. Byerley Ekofisk VectorSeis Test: Improvements in Vector Fidelity of 4C Seismic Data Oral
Theune, Ulrich* and Douglas R. Schmitt Feasibility Study of Time-Lapse Seismic monitoring for Heavy Oil Reservoir Development Oral
Thompson, Tim Preliminary Findings on Basin Segmentation, Architecture and Inversion on a Passive Margin Offshore Newfoundland Oral
Thomson, George Of Reefs and Ramps Oral
Tippett, Clinton R. Structural Geology of the Mountains: A general overview of the geology of the mountains near Canmore (Jura Creek/ McConnell Thrust) with a brief discussion of the foothills gas fields and their economic significance Oral
Todorovic-Marinic, Dragana*, Dave Gray and Ye Zheng and Glenn Larson and Jean Pelletier Envelope of fracture density Oral
Trad, Daniel* Apex Shifted Radon Transform Oral
Trickett, Stewart R* Stretch-Free Stacking Using A Constant-Moveout Radon Transform Oral
Tu, Qiang* and Claudia J. Schröder-Adams and Jim Craig Dynamic paleoenvironmental changes within Cretaceous shales of the Colorado Group in east central AB at Cold Lake Oral
Tyagi, Aditya, Matthew J. Brettle , A. Guy Plint and Claudia Schröder-Adams Facies variability in the basal Colorado Group (Albian-Early Cenomanian), Alberta foothills: Possible responses to paleotopography Oral
Uhl, David A. Mamm Creek (Mesaverde) Field: Exploiting a Giant Basin-Center Resource Oral
Ursenbach, Chuck* Extension and Evaluation of Pseudo-Linear Zoeppritz Approximations Oral
Ver West, Bruce , Xiaogui Miao*, David Wilkinson and Scott Cheadle and Phil Hilton The Importance of Anisotropy for Prestack Imaging of Extensional Fault Systems Oral
Vestrum, Rob*, Alana Schoepp and Dave Mackie To drill or not to drill: Seeking untapped thrust-fault structures using 3D ADM in Blackstone, Alberta Oral
Vlad, Daniela* and Karlis Muehlenbachs Formation Compartmentalization Using Isotopic Fingerprints of Mudgases and Multilog Quantification Poster
Wain, Anthony S. Evesham Field West Central Saskatchewan, Canada Plurigaussian Lithofacies Modelling of the Sparky Member, Lower Cretaceous Mannville Group Oral, Core
Wang, Juefu* and Mauricio D. Sacchi and Henning Kuehl AVA imaging of 3-D Common Azimuth data Oral
Wang, Juefu*, Mauricio D. Sacchi and Henning Kuehl On the Scattering Effect of Lateral Dsicontinuities on AVA Migration/Inversion Poster
Warren, Marian J.* Extensional faulting, paleodrainage patterns and impact on hydrocarbon reservoir quality and distribution during foreland basin subsidence: A case study from the Lower Mannville Fm. Oral
Watson, Brad* Quarry Geology: A description of the Lafarge quarries in the Canmore area including the uses of materials, type of fossils found, and economic significance Oral
Watt, Howard Multicomponent Acquisition – Some New Economics Oral
Webb, Andrew C.*, Claudia Schröder-Adams and Per Kent Pedersen Regional Subsurface Correlations of Albian Sequences North of the Peace River in NE British Columbia: Northward Extent of Falher and Notikewin Sands along the Eastern Flank of the Oral
Wendeborn, Colleen Geochemistry and Isotopes in Lower Cretaceous Formation Waters of Southeastern Alberta Oral
Wendte, J.C.* Application of Exxonian style sequence stratigraphy to Devonian strata of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: A step in the wrong direction Oral
Whidden, Stephen Mackenzie River 2D Seismic State of the Art Data Acquisition with Environmental Sensitivity Oral
Whittaker, Steve*, Kim Kreis, Mike Stenhouse, Wei Zhou and Ben Rostron Geological Characterisation of the Weyburn CO2 Storage Site for Long-Term Assessment of the Fate of CO2 Oral
Wilkinson, Kent* Exploitation of Yemen Masila Block secondary horizons: Saar and Lower Qishn Formations, Tawila Field Oral
Wilkinson, Kent* Masila 1: Shallow shelf carbonate facies variability and secondary reservoir development - Saar Formation Masila Block, Yemen Core
Williams, S. Henry* Paleokarst in the Pekisko, west-central Alberta: its origin, recognition from horizontal well logs and impact on reservoir development Oral, Core
Williams, Marty* and Edward Jenner AVO and Azimuthally Varying AVO in Rocky Mountain Tight Gas Reservoirs: an Interpreters Tool or a Processing and Interpretation Nuisance? Poster
Williams, Marty*, Edward Jenner and Donald Burch Seismic Direct Detection of Gas Accumulations in Fractured Reservoirs: Examples from Clastic and Carbonate Reservoirs Oral
Williamson, A.*, R. Walia, R. Xu, M. Koop, G. Lopez Quantitative Interpretation of Neural Network Seismic Facies - Oriente Basin Ecuador Oral
Wood, Michael* and Brian Smith Frontier exploration in central Africa Oral
Wu, J.J.*, Sam Gray, Jerry Young, Parsons Chang, Doug Thomson, Ian Dawes and Gary Billings Pre-Stack Depth Imaging Offshore Nova Scotia over Rugged Water Bottom: A Case Study Oral
Xu, Yong*, Satinder Chopra Rock physcis and AVO application in gas hydrate exploration Oral
Xu, Yong Angle-dependent amplitude in PSDM and AVO/AVA analysis after PSDM Oral
Xu, Yong Data analysis and reservoir description on a 2D-3C line in Mackenzie delta Oral
Xue, Aimin The Estimation of PS Wave Statics By Using DCC+Stack Power Algorithm in CRP Data Oral
Yang, Jianli* and Don C. Lawton Comparison of two P-S conversion point mapping approaches in Vertical Transversely Isotropic (VTI) media Oral
Yang, Kexian and Rune Wold Capture geological heterogeneity at different levels in reservoir modeling - Methodology with case studies from deep water turbidite systems Oral
Yonge, Chas* Geological Significance of Rats Nest Cave under Grotto Mountain, Bow Valley Corridor, Alberta Oral
Zeng, Hongliu* Significance of Seismic Phase in Interpretation of Stratigraphy and Oral
Zhang, Hongbo*, Gary F. Margrave, and R. James Brown Joint PP-PS inversion at Pikes Peak oil field, Saskatchewan Oral
Zhang, Yinghong* and Mingsheng Yuan Fast Flowpath Constrained-Simulating of J_Mz+R (!) Petroleum System, Tuha Basin Poster
Zhang, Yu, James Sun, Carl Notfors, Samuel H. Gray*, Norman Bleistein, Guanquan Zhang True amplitude migration using common-shot one-way wavefield extrapolation Oral
Zhang, Y, Jiandong “JD” Liang* and Guanquan Zhang Data Transposition and Helical Scheme in Prestack Finite-Difference Migration Oral
Zhang, Yajun* and Douglas R. Schmitt Strategies for the acquisition and processing of high-fidelity time-lapse seismic data Oral
Zheng, Ye*, Graham Roberts and Andrew Ratcliffe High resolution residual velocity analysis and application Oral
Zhou, Hongbo , Jerry Young and Arthur Ma and Jiandong “JD” Liang* Velocity Model Building with 1-D Tomographic Residual Curvature Analysis Oral
Zhu, Tianfei*, Daoliu Wang and Scott Cheadle Parallel Computing on PC clusters: a prestack time migration experiment Poster
Zonneveld, John-Paul, T.W Beatty, B.J Blakney, M.K. Gingras and M.J Orchard Stratal Architecture of the Upper Triassic Baldonnel Formation, a shallow marine mixed siliciclastic-carbonate succession, Williston Lake, British Columbia Oral
Zou, Ying*, Laurence R. Bentley and Laurence R. Lines Time lapse seismic modeling, Pikes Peak field Oral