2004 Conference Abstracts

Author(s) Abstract Title Presentation
Aitken, Julie; Robert R. Stewart GPR imaging and interpretation at a Maya plaza ruin: Ma’ax Na, Belize, Central America Oral
Al-Saleh, Saleh M.; John Bancroft Wave Equation Datuming Poster
Andersen, Eric; John Boyd Seismic Waveform Classification: Techniques and Examples Oral
Archer, Joanne C.; Don C. Lawton Moving Toward Palinspastic Reconstruction of Velocity Models in Prestack Depth Migration Oral
Bancroft, John C.; Zhihong (Nancy) Cao A comparison of CMP and EO gathers for multiple-attenuation Oral
Bauman, Paul The Routine Application of Non-Seismic Geophysics to the Direct Detection of Gas Charged Quaternary Channels in Alberta and British Columbia Oral
Chen, Sandy; Larry Lines, P. F. Daley Do Wormholes Play A Role In Heavy Oil Cold Production? Oral
Choo, Jason; Jon Downton, Jan Dewar LIFT: A New and Practical Approach to Noise and Multiple Attenuation Poster
Chopra, Satinder; Scott Singleton, Craig Hall, Randy Nickerson, David Carlson Integrated Reservoir Characterisation - a successful interdisciplinary working model Poster
Chopra, Satinder; Vladimir Alexeev, Doug Pruden Non-linearity in multi-attribute analysis – a comparative study Poster
Chopra, Satinder; Vladimir Alexeev, Joanne Lanteigne New VSP wavefield separation methods Poster
Chopra, Satinder; Vladimir Alexeev, Joanne Lanteigne, Yong Xu Mackenzie Delta seismic case study – a reprocessing perspective Poster
Cholach, Pavlo; Doug Schmitt Anisotropic parameters of shales: effect of averaging techniques Oral
Closson, Jeff; Zoltan Hajnal, Bhaskar Pandit, Sandor Sule Pseudo-3D Precambrian Basement Study of the Northern Williston Basin Poster
Colombo, Daniele; Stefano Carbonara, Marco Mantovani Wide offset depth processing of Canadian Foothills seismic data for improved structural images Oral
Crabtree, Nick Using cross-validation to improve depth conversion - a West Africa example Oral
Cristall, Jamin; Colin Farquharson, and Doug Oldenburg Airborne Electromagnetic Inversion Applied to Oil Sands Exploration Oral
Cristall, Jamin; Moritz Beyreuther, and Felix Herrmann Curvelet processing and imaging: 4D adaptive subtraction Oral
Cui, Jianjun; Wenyan Xie, Robert R. Stewart, Gary F. Margrave Migration with compensation in a viscoacoustic medium Oral
Culver, Brad; Maher S. Maklad   Optimum Seismic Resolution for Stratigraphic Imaging Poster
Deutsche, Clayton New Directions in Reservoir Characterisation Oral
Din, Muhammad; Igor B. Morozov Constraints on shallow subsurface from P/S mode conversions within the first-arrival coda Oral
Dong, Linping; Gary Margrave Synthetic Zero-offset VSP Including Attenuation Oral
Downton, Jonathan; Alvaro Chaveste Calibrated Three-term AVO to Estimate Density and Water Saturation Oral
Downton, Jonathan; Laurence Lines Three term AVO waveform inversion Oral
Doyen, P.M.; A. Malinverno, R. Prioul, P. Hooyman, S. Noeth, L. den Boer, D. Psaila, C.M. Sayers, T.J.H. Smit, C. van Eden, R. Wervelman Seismic pore pressure prediction with uncertainty using a probabilistic mechanical earth model Oral
Du, Xiang; John C. Bancroft, Yuan Dong A New Migration Method Using a Finite Element and Finite Difference Approach Poster
Elapavuluri, Pavan; John Bancroft Estimation of Q using Crosscorrelation Poster
Enachescu, Michael East Orphan Basin, offshore Newfoundland and Labrador: Structural Setting and Evolution with Seismic and Potential Fields Arguments Oral
Feng, Jiang; Mauricio Sacchi Rock properties inversion with Kirchhoff AVA migration / inversion Oral
Gingras, M.; D. Rokosh A brief overview of the geology of heavy oil, bitumen and oil sand deposits Oral
Gittins, Jon; Rob Vestrum, Ralph Gillcrist Overcoming thrust-belt imaging problems in South America from illumination to anisotropy Oral
Goussev, Serguei; Lisa A. Griffith, John W. Peirce, Andreas Cordsen Enhanced HRAM Anomalies Correlate Faults between 2-D Seismic Lines Oral
Gray, David Petrophysical AVO Oral
Gray, Samuel H. Nuts and Bolts of Beam Migration Oral
Grech, M.Graziella Kirtland; Scott Cheadle, Xiaogui Miao and Tianfei Zhu A Velocity analysis procedure for multicomponent data with topographic variations Oral
Gunderson, Jay A. Preparation and Use of Well Log Data to Identify Regional Rock Property Trends: Preliminary Results from the Mackenzie Delta - Beaufort Sea, N.W.T., Canada Oral
Hall, Matt; Eric Trouillot Predicting stratigraphy with spectral decomposition Oral
Haase, Arnim B. Spherical Wave AVO Modelling of Converted Waves in Elastic Isotropic Media Poster
Haase, Arnim B.; Robert R. Stewart Attenuation (Q) from VSP and Log Data: Ross Lake, Saskatchewan Oral
Hamid,H.; Morozov I.B., Kreis, K. Mapping of the Southern Margin of Prairie Evaporite In SE Saskatchewan Poster
Han, Jason Z.; Douglas R. Schmitt, Daniel Collis, Javier Escartin Laboratory determination of velocity anisotropy Poster
He, Tiewei; Douglas R. Schmitt Measurement of Elastic Frame Properties on Weakly Consolidated Sandstone in Support of Fluid Substitution Studies Oral
Henley, David C. More processing in the radial trace domain Oral
Herrmann, Felix J. Curvelet imaging and processing: an overview Oral
Herrmann, Felix J.; Eric Verschuur   Curvelet imaging and processing: adaptive multiple elimination Oral
Herrmann, Felix J.; Peyman Moghaddam Curvelet imaging and processing: sparseness-constrained least-squares migration Oral
Herrmann, Felix J.; Peyman Moghaddam Curvelet-domain least-squares migration with sparseness constraints Oral
Hirsche, Keith; Ryan Adair Integrating reservoir simulation with Time Lapse interpretation: An example from the Weyburn field Oral
Holt, Rob; Heather Joy, Brad Culver, and Scott Cheadle Optimum Stratigraphic Imaging with 3D Anisotropic Prestack Depth Migration Oral
Huang, Eileen Seismic attribute analysis with well to seismic validation Oral
James, David Frontier Exploration Oral
Ji, Jingping; Bernd Milkereit Full Waveform Sonic Data From A Fast Formation Poster
Jiao, Jianwu; Stewart Trickett and Brian Link  Wave-Equation Migration of Land Data Oral
Jinfeng, Ma; Igor B. Morozov Ray-Path Elastic Impedance Oral
Kelter, Amber Recovering a signal with deconvolution and the importance of phase in a signal Poster
Kendall, Robert Onshore Multi-component Seismic in Canada Oral
Kendall, Robert; Xiaogui Miao and Robert Winarsky A discussion on the shear- to compressional-mode (SP): theoretical, practical and economic Oral
Lafond, C.; I. Jones , M. Bridson, H. Houllevigue, Y. Kerdraon, J.Peliganga Challenges in Deep Offshore Imaging: West Africa Oral
Leaney, Scott; Alberto Malinverno, Michael Jones   The Elastic Look-ahead Oral
Le Meur, David; Todd Mojesky, Risto Siliqi Geological Velocity and Anisotropy Fields from Seismic Data Oral
Li, Jiakang; Igor Morozov Continuous Equivalent Source Surface Approach for Accurate Interpolation and Continuation Oral
Li, Yingping; Fran D. Doherty, James C.Jackson 3D VSP Imaging and Visualization Oral
Li, Yongyi Anisotropic Parameter Prediction in Clastic Rocks Poster
Li, Yongyi Lithology and Partial Gas Saturation Poster
Lines, Larry; Joan Embleton, Ying Zou  Reservoir Characterization and Heavy Oil Production Oral
Liu, Kun; Hugh D. Geiger, John C. Bancroft, Gary F. Margrave Adaptive tapering in the wavefield extrapolation Oral
Logel, John D. Pitfalls in Rock Properties and Lithology Prediction in Dolomite Oral
Loures, Luiz; Jonathan E. Downton Bayesian lithological inference for a sandstone reservoir Oral
Mahmoudian, Faranak; Gary Margrave AVO inversion of multicomponent data for P and S impedance Oral
Mandler, Holger; Len Stevens  Porosity-Thickness Prediction by Application of AVO/LMR Analysis to Seismic Data: A Case Study from a Clastic Lower Cretaceous Gas Reservoir at Crossfield, Southern Alberta Oral
Margrave, Gary; Peter Manning Seismic Modelling: An Essential Interpreter’s Tool Oral
McConnell, Doug; Jim Henderson, John Pendrel Novel Exploration Techniques for solving problems Oral
Millar, John; John C Bancroft Deconvolution with Multigrid Oral
Monk, Dave; Jim Ross, Bill Mooney A new look and an old source Oral
Moore, Ian Practical, 3D Surface-related Multiple Prediction (SMP) Oral
Morozov, Igor; Glenn Chubak A New Seismic and Geophysical Data Processing System Poster
Mustaqeem, Azer; Brad Feild, Derrick McClure Exploring below Seismic Resolution – Breaking the Bandwidth Limits Oral
Ng, Mark; Mike Perz High Resolution Radon Transform in the T-X Domain Poster
Ogiesoba, Christopher O., Robert R. Stewart Prestack Vp/Vs scanning and automatic PS-to-PP time mapping using multicomponent seismic data Oral
Parney, Bob Interpreting seismic fracture indicators under geologic and engineering models Oral
Parney, Bob; Edward Jenner, Marty Williams   Azimuthal NMO as an indicator of natural fracturing Oral
Paracha, Wasim Canadian Arctic Geo-tectonic Study to exploration proposals Oral
Paracha, Wasim KOHAT PLATEAU, A General Tectonic Study Oral
Pelletier, Heath; Jay Gunderson Application of Rock Physics to an Exploration Play: A Case Study from the Brazeau River 3D Oral
Pendrel, John; Miles Leggett, Peter Mesdag Geostatistical Simulation for Reservoir Characterization Oral
Peng, Zhengrong Can we retain simple yet efficient: eikonal equation solver revisited Oral
Power, Mike; Ed Rockel, Georges Belcourt Searching for the Magic Bullet: Ground Geophysical Techniques in Northern Kimberlite Exploration Oral
Pon, Seward; Laurence R. Lines Sensitivity Analysis of Seismic Depth Migrations: Canadian Structural Model Oral
Pruden, Doug Evidence for Deep Tectonic Influence on Mannville Deposition at Suffield, Alberta Oral
Prugger, Arnfinn; Balazs Nemeth, Terry Danyluk Detailed 3D Seismic Imaging of Paleozoic Karst / Collapse Disturbances in Saskatchewan: Case Study from the Potash Belt Oral
Royle, Andrew J.; John D. Logel, Laurence R. Lines AVO investigation of the Ben Nevis reservoir at the Hebron asset Oral
Sacchi, Mauricio; Cristina Moldoveanu-Constantinescu, Daniel Trad Simultaneous Signal and Noise Modeling via Radon Transforms Oral
Sawatsky, Ron In Situ Recovery Methods for Heavy Oil and Bitumen Oral
Schmitt, Douglas Rock Physics of Heavy Oil Reservoirs Oral
Simmons, Jim Multicomponent Prestack Modeling in Isotropic/Anisotropic Media Oral
Solano, Gabriel; Douglas Schmitt VSP Study of Attenuation in Oil Sands Oral
Stewart, Peter Multiple attenuation techniques suitable for varying water depths Oral
Sugrue, Mick; Ian F. Jones, Emma Evans, Stuart Fairhead, Gary Marsden Velocity Estimation in Complex Chalk Oral
Strecker, U.; Knapp, S., Smith, M., Uden, R., Carr, M., Taylor, G. Reconnaissance of geological prospectivity and reservoir characterization using multiple seismic attributes on 3-D surveys: an example from hydrothermal dolomite, Devonian Slave Point Formation, northeast British Columbia, Canada Oral
Tessman,D.J.; M. Bahorich and D. Monk Recent Advances in Point Receiver Technology – Are Field arrays a requirement any longer? Oral
Thomas, Stephen M. Where the hell is that well? Oral
Todorovic-Marinic, Dragana; Glenn Larson, David Gray, Greg Soule, Ye Zheng, Jean Pelletier Identifying vertical productive fractures in the Narraway gas field using the envelope of seismic anisotropy Oral
Tonn, Rainer; Daria Pušic Case Study: Seismic Reservoir Characterization of a Deep Water Prospect Offshore Newfoundland Oral
Tonn, Rainer; Steven Brown, Robert Riddy, Rick Wierzbicki Deep Panuke: The Integration of Geology, Geophysics and Reservoir Engineering for Field Appraisal Oral
Tran, Hannah; Laurence R. Bentley, Edward S. Krebes Use of time-lapse analysis to predict fluid changes in a carbonate pool: a case study of the Rainbow B pool Oral
Ursenbach, Chuck Two new approximations for AVO inversion Oral
van Borselen, Roald; Grog Fookes, Michel Schonewille, Constantine Tsingas, Michael West, Abu Baker Al Jeelani, Mohamad Samir Nahhas Pre-stack Land Surface and Interbed Demultiple Methodology - An Example from the Arabian Peninsula Poster
Vestrum, Rob; Sam Gray Adventures in thrust-belt imaging Oral
Vetter, William Modeling kinematics for heterogeneous and anisotropic medium segments Poster
Wang, Juefu; Henning Kuehl, Mauricio D. Sacchi Preconditioned Least-squares Wave Equation AVP Migration Oral
Wang, Xishuo Time domain 3D prestack seismic trace interpolation with input optimization Oral
Walia, Rick; N. Chaminda Sandanayake, Michael Koop, Andrew Williamson, Karin Michel Frequency Bandwidth Enhancement Using 3D Layered Reflectivity Inversion Oral
Walia, Rick; Ken Brandt, Roger Whittaker, Emmanuel Malterre, Rob Duthie, Peter Bell Improving Structural and Stratigraphic Interpretation using Borehole-Integrated Seismic Processing–Ledjmet Block, Algeria Oral
Watson, Ian A.; Laurence R. Lines Characterization of a heavy-oil reservoir at Pikes Peak, SK Oral
Welz, Marek; Douglas R. Schmitt Attenuation of Point Source Airborne Cultural Noise Oral
Wu, Wen-Jing An accurate and efficient eikonal equation solver with variable grid spacing Oral
Xiao, Chunyan (Mary); John C.Bancroft, and R. James Brown Reflection Traveltime Inversions in VTI Media Oral
Xiao, Wen; Martyn Unsworth Structural imaging in the Rocky Mountain Foothills with magnetotelluric exploration Poster
Xu, Chuandong (Richard); Robert R. Stewart A Sand Channel Interpretation Using 3D Multi-component Seismic Data: Ross Lake, Saskatchewan Oral
Yarham, Carson; Daniel Trad, Felix J. Herrmann Curvelet processing and imaging: adaptive ground roll removal Oral
Zhang, John J. Reservoir Characterization in Leming Lake, Alberta Oral
Zhang, Yajun; Douglas R. Schmitt A Case Study: QC Analysis of Time-lapse Seismic Monitoring in a Heavy Oil Reservoir Oral
Zeng, Fafu; Andrew Calvert A Combined Seismic Tomographic and Reflection Imaging Study Across the Red Lake Greenstone Belt Using LITHOPROBE Line 2B Oral
Zheng, Ye; Dragana Todorovic-Marinic, Glenn Larson Fracture detection (AVAZ): ambiguity and practical solution Oral
Zou, Ying; Laurence R. Bentley, Laurence R. Lines Integration of reservoir simulation with time-lapse seismic modeling Oral