2005 Conference Abstracts

Author(s) Abstract Title Presentation
Ahmad, Jawwad; Douglas Schmitt, Dean Rokosh, John Pawlowicz, Mark Fenton, Alain Plouffe Seismic Imaging of Quaternary Channels, Rainbow Lake, Northern Alberta, Canada Oral
Aitken, Julie; Robert Stewart, Nicholas Kaprowski Near-surface geophysical imaging at the archaeological site of Maax Na, Belize, Central America Oral
Al-Saleh, Saleh; Daniel A. Nietupski A robust dual summation method: Application to OBC data from the Arabian Gulf Poster
Al-Saleh, Saleh; Gary Margrave, Hugh Geiger The FOCI method versus the WLSQ and Hale’s wavefield extrapolation methods Oral
Avramovic, Vlada; Michael Hall, John Crowther,
Colum Keith, Parsons Chang
Detailed 3D Anisotropic Prestack Depth Migration Imaging Over Mature Quirk Creek Gas Field, Southern Alberta Oral
Bale, Richard; Gary Margrave Elastic wave-equation migration for isotropic and HTI media Oral
Bancroft, John; Computations of Circular Wavefront for Gridded Traveltime Oral
Behr, John Multicomponent Receivers for P-wave Seismic over Rough Topography: Motivation and Results Oral
Bezmaternykh, E.; E. Vinogradov, V. Bezmaternykh, E. Blias, V. Khatchatrian, L. Shavina Using of the High-Frequency VSP data for near-well area studing (on the examples of Western Siberia fields) Poster
Blias, Emil Bad Stacking Velocities in the Presence of Anomaly and their explanation Oral
Blias, Emil Demystification of “errors” in stacking velocities. Classification, analysis and improvement of understanding Oral
Blias, Emil New VSP Wavefield Separation Method – Wave-by-Wave Extraction Oral
Blias, Emil Seismic Traveltime Inversion Oral
Bubeqi, Lavdosh; Stefan Kaculini, Malik Bendjaballah, James Bambrick Improving Structural Interpretation Using Modern Techniques for Solving Complex Problems: From Near Surface Anomalies to Prestack Depth Migration – Block 32, Yemen Oral
Cao, Zhihong; John C. Bancroft A Semblance Weighted Radon Transform on Multiple Attenuation Oral
Cary, Peter The Present State of Deconvolution of Land Seismic Data Oral
Cary, Peter; Xinxiang Li A Regularized Approach to 3D Prestack Time Migration Oral
Castagna, John A New Year’s Resolution: "Think Thin" Spectral Decomposition Applications Beyond the Seismic Bandwidth Oral
Caulfield, Case; Marina Feroci, Kevin Yakiwchuk Seismic Inversion for Horizontal Well Planning in Western Saskatchewan Oral
Chen, Jing; Edip Baysal, Orhan Yilmaz Surface-Related Multiple Attenuation on Sigsbee2B Dataset Oral
Chen, Zuolin; Robert Stewart, Henry Bland, Jeff Thurston Microseismic activity and location at Turtle Mountain, Alberta Poster
Chopra, Satinder Azimuth Moveout – a promising application for prestack data Poster
Chopra, Satinder Seismic Elastic Modelling Poster
Chopra, Satinder Seismic Textures – a new interpretation tool Oral, Poster
Chubak, Glenn; Igor Morozov Integrated Open Source Geophysical Data Processing Oral
Criss, C. Jason; Tagir Galikeev, Marty Williams Vector Filters and Implications for New Seismic Acquisition and Processing Techniques Oral
Din, Muhammad; Igor B. Morozov Shallow subsurface mapping using Receiver Functions Poster
Dorn, Geoffrey; Huw James, Laura Evins Automatic Fault Extraction (AFE) in 3D Seismic Data Oral
Downton, Jon; Charles Ursenbach Linearized AVO inversion with supercritical angles Oral
Du, Xiang; John Bancroft 2D scalar wave extrapolator using FE-FD operator for irregular grids Oral
Dumitrescu, Carmen; Laurie Bellman, Andy Williams Delineating productive reservoir in the Canadian Oil Sands using neural networks approach Oral
Durling, Paul; Tom Martel The Cheticamp Prospect: A large salt-cored anticline offset from the East Point Gas Discovery, Gulf of St. Lawrence Oral
Enachescu, Michael Exploring for Atlantic Canada’s next giant petroleum discovery Oral
Gaiser, J.E.; R.R. Van Dok PS-wave Fracture Characterization Case Study: Pinedale Field, Wyoming Oral
Goldak, David Delineating resistive paleochannels with Transient Audio-Magnetotellurics: Implications for oil/gas exploration Oral
Graham, Sonia; Don Lawton, Deborah Spratt Sub-thrust Imaging: Modelling example from the Cusiana oilfield, llanos Basin, Colombia Oral
Gray, David Estimating Compressibility from Seismic Data Oral
Gray, Samuel Gaussian beam migration of common-shot records Oral
Haase, Arnim; Robert Stewart Estimating Seismic Attenuation (Q) by an Analytical Signal Method Oral
Hall, Matt Predicting stratigraphy with cepstral decomposition Oral
Hamid, H.; I.B. Morozov, K. Kreis Mapping of Salt Dissolution Edge of Prairie Evaporite in South-Central Saskatchewan Oral
Hampson, Dan; Brian Russell, Brad Bankhead Simultaneous inversion of prestack seismic data Oral
Han, Jason Z.; Douglas R. Schmitt, Vadim V. Kravchinsky, Javier Escartin Laboratory comparison between seismic and magnetic anisotropy Poster
He, Tiewei; Dean Rokosh, Douglas Schmitt Experimental Measurement of Elastic Frame Properties Oral
Henley, David C. Attenuating the ice flexural wave on arctic seismic data Oral
Hennenfent, G.; F. Herrmann, R. Neelamani Sparseness-constrained seismic deconvolution with Curvelets Oral
Herrmann, Felix; G. Hennenfent Nonlinear data continuation with redundant frames Oral
Herrmann, Felix; Peyman Moghaddam Nonlinear regularization in seismic imaging Oral
Hildes, Dave; Franz Dziuba, Mike Power Kimberlite Exploration Using a Capacitive-Coupled Resistivity System Poster
Hunt, Lee; Pat McKenny, Dave Levesque, Glenn Hauer, Oliver Kuhn Why Did I Apply Prestack Interpolation to a Tightly Shot Plains 3D? Oral
Isaac, J. Helen; Don C. Lawton Issues in processing seismic data from complex areas Poster
James, Gary; Mario Sergio Costa The Logistics of 2D Seismic Acquisition in the Amazon Basin Oral
Jenner, Edward Robust and Repeatable Automated Velocity Analysis Oral
Jiao, Jianwu 3D TTI Eikonal Traveltime Kirchhoff Migration Oral
Jones, Ian; Rod Christensen, Jamie Haynes, John Faragher, Ika Novianti, Mike Hall, Henry Morris, Giles Pickering The Brenda Field Development: a Multidisciplinary Approach Oral
Kendall, Robert; Kristof De Meersman A complex SVD-polarization filter for ground-roll attenuation on multicomponent data Oral
Leger, Pierre; Ken Zhao, Jeff Rutledge, Jim Shoemaker Nova Scotia Deepwater Prestack Depth Migration: A case study Oral
Leggett, Miles; William Chesters Joint AVO Inversion with Geostatistical Simulation Oral
Le Meur, D.; S. Kaculini Large magnitude residual static corrections Oral
Li, Jiakang Multiattributes pattern recognition for reservoir prediction Oral
Li, Jiakang; Igor Morozov Potential Field investigation of Williston Basin Basement Oral
Li, Yongyi Applicability of Density Inversion in Defining Reservoirs Oral
Lines, Larry Inversion 2005 – yesterday, today and tomorrow Oral
Lines, Larry Obstacles to automated velocity analysis Oral
Link, Brian; Stewart Trickett, Florian Romanescu, Constantine Tsingas Wavelet Stability: Raising The Bar Oral
Liu, Yinbin Seismic Anisotropy in Overburden Oral
Loures, Luiz; Fernando Moraes Bayesian Sand-shale Reservoir Quality Indicators Oral
Lynch, Steven; John Townsley, Michael Dennis, Chris Gibson Enhancing Fault Visibility Using Bump Mapped Seismic Attributes Oral
Ma, Jinfeng; Igor Morozov The Exact Elastic Impedance Oral
Mah, Marko; Scott Cheadle, George Reed, Parsons Chang Imaging Taglu: Anisotropic PSDM in a Permafrost Environment Oral
Margrave, Gary; Hugh Geiger, Saleh Al-Saleh, Michael Lamoureux A stable, accurate and efficient approach to explicit depth migration Oral
Marion, Bruce Cross-well Imaging in Canadian Reservoirs Oral
Maxwell, Shawn A Brief Guide to Passive Seismic Monitoring Oral
Miao, Xiaogui; Sam Gray, Yu Zhang, Robert Kendall Converted wave true amplitude prestack Kirchhoff migration Oral
Milkereit, B.; E. Adam, T. Bohlen 3D Seismic Imaging – Another Look at Scaling and Resolution Poster
Montana, Carlos; Gary Margrave Comparing three methods for inverse-Q filtering Oral
Napier, S.; D. Oldenburg, C. Farquharson, J. Cristall EM geophysics for hydrocarbons: Inversion applications and current research at UBC-GIF Oral
Negut, Dan; Samo Cilensek, Mihai Popovici, Sean Crawley, Dmitri Bevec Azimuth Moveout (AMO) for data regularization and interpolation Oral
Pendrel, John Experiments with AVO Inversion Oral
Perron, G.; J. McGaughey, P. Fullagar, G. Pears Constrained Potential Field Inversion for Oil and Gas Applications Oral
Perz, Mike; Larry Mewhort, Gary Margrave, Laurie Ross Gabor deconvolution: real and synthetic data experiences Oral
Reynolds, Florence; Collaboration Rooms as an E & P Tool Oral
Ronen, S.; C. Ansorger, W. Nowry, R. Kendall, S. Jin, J. Gibson, M. Wagaman Seismic Data in Rough Terrain: How about Multicomponent? Oral
Ronen, S.; J. Gibson, R. Burnett, J. Roy, B. Montgomery, R. Kendall, L. Comeaux, H. Watt Comparison of 3C data from two types of MEMS sensors Oral
Ronen, Shuki; Lynn Comeaux, Xiao-Gui Miao Imaging the Downgoing Waves from OBS Oral
Russell, Brian Applications of Neural Networks in Geophysics Oral
Sacchi, Mauricio D. A Generalized Deconvolution Approach for Local Radon Transforms Oral
Salopek, D.S. Offshore Seismic Exploration in the Pacific Rim Poster
Schmitt, Douglas R.; Marek Welz, C. Dean Rokosh High Resolution Seismic Profile in Permafrost, at the Mallik Scientific Wellbore, MacKenzie Delta, NWT Oral
Stratton, Margaret; Peter Vermeulen The effects of anisotropy on Canadian foothills exploration: A case history Oral
Sule, Sandor; Zoltan Hajnal, Bhaskar Pandit, Jeff Closson Integrated regional tectonic and petrophysical investigation of the Williston Basin sediments in and around the Weyburn CO2 sequestration reservoir Oral
Sydykov, Kairat; Paul Thacker Seismic Acquisition Experiences in Western Siberia Oral
Theune, Uli; Douglas R. Schmitt and Mauricio D. Sacchi Mapping fractures with GPR at Turtle Mountain Poster
Theune, Uli; Mauricio D. Sacchi, Douglas R. Schmitt Generalized Deconvolution for GPR Image Enhancement Oral
Thomas, Stephen M.; Ian Batty NAD83: Curse Or Blessing? Oral
Todorovic-Marinic, D.; B. Mattocks, R. Bale, D. Gray, Steve Roche More Powerful Fracture Detection: Integrating P-wave, Converted-wave, FMI and Everything Oral
Tonn, Rainer Integrated Reservoir Characterization – Are we doing it? Oral
Trad, Daniel; Jeff Deere, Scott Cheadle Challenges for land data interpolation Oral
Urbancic, T.I.; P. McGillivray 24/7 Monitoring of Reservoir Microseismicity Oral
Ursenbach, Chuck Nonlinear estimation of RJ from AVO intercept and gradient Poster
Vestrum, Rob Interpretive input to Foothills depth migration Oral
Vestrum, Rob; Brian Link, John Mathewson Why does depth imaging work so well in the Plains? Oral
Wagaman, Mark; Ron Sfara A Stakeless Method for Land Seismic Surveying Oral
Wagaman, Mark; Ron Sfara Applications of LiDAR in seismic acquisition and processing Poster
Wang, Juefu; Mauricio Sacchi Sparse regularization for least-squares AVP migration Oral
Wingate, Barbara; Stefan Kaculini PSDM Success in the Cuban Fold and Thrust Belt Oral
Xiao, Chunyan (Mary); John Bancroft, James Brown Comparison of estimation of Thomsen’s anisotropy parameters by anisotropic NMO analysis Oral
Xu, Chuandong (Richard); Robert Stewart Estimating impedance from PP and PS seismic data at the Ross Lake oilfield, Saskatchewan Oral
Xu, Yong PS wave AVO – aspects on processing, inversion, and interpretation Oral
Young, Paul; Andrew Wild Cosmetic Enhancement of Seismic Data By Loop Reconvolution Oral
Zakhem, Uri; Anat Canning, Alex Litvin 4D cross-equalization and offset equalization using a Neural Networks approach Oral
Zaluski, Wade Geophysical and geotechnical mapping of bedrock down the side of a mountain in northern British Columbia Poster
Zhang, John J.; Laurence R. Bentley, Tony Settari Time-lapse Seismic Modeling in Leming Lake, Alberta Oral
Zhang,Mingyu; Mauricio D. Sacchi, Douglas R. Schmitt Simultaneous Inversion of Time-lapse Seismic Data Oral
Zhang, Rongfeng Imaging the earth using seismic diffractions by means of Radon transform Oral
Zhang, Yajun; Douglas R. Schmitt A New Method to Invert Time-lapse Impedance Using Hybrid Data Transformation Poster
Zheng, Ye; Shangxu Wang Fracture analysis on prestack migrated gathers: A physical modeling study Oral
Zhu, Tianfei Kinematic and dynamic raytracing in anisotropic media – a phase-velocity formulation Oral
Zwicker, Terry; Paul Collens, Tim Hudema, Ron Borsato 3D Seismic Characterization of the Hay River Wrench Fault Zone and its Relationship to Slave Point Reef Depositional Patterns and Diagenesis Oral