2006 Conference Abstracts (N to Z)

Author(s) Abstract Title Presentation
Naghizadeh, Mostafa*; Mauricio Sacchi FX and FK Interpolation Methods and Further Developments for Irregularly Spaced Traces Oral
Newrick, Rachel*; Jim Pullishy & Elvira Gomez What are you Interpreting? Is your Seismic Image Flawed? Oral, Poster
Nickel, Erik* Saskatchewan's Natural Gas in Coal: Geology, Regulations, and Strategies Oral
Nimegeers, Andrew*; Arden Marsh Hydrocarbon Potential in Coated-Grain Banks of the Mississippian Frobisher Beds, Southeastern Saskatchewan Core
Niu, Yanping*; Apostolos Kantzas Oil Sand ‘Ore' Characterization Using Low Field Magnetic Resonance Oral
Nodwell, Byron*; Bruce Hart Deeply-Rooted Bathymmetric Control on the Deposition of the Falher F Conglomerate Trend, Wapiti Field, Deep Basin, Alberta Core
Osadetz, Kirk*; Fran Haidl, Barry Kohn, Shimon Feinstein, Kim Kreis and Paul O'Sullivan A new exploration strategy for lower Paleozoic petroleum systems in Williston Basin Core
Osadetz, Kirk*; Zhuoheng Chen A Re-examination of Beaufort Sea-Mackenzie Delta Basin Gas Hydrate Resource Potential Using a Petroleum Play Approach Oral
Osadetz, Kirk*; Steven Hancock & Tadahiro Okazawa Indications of the Roles that Gas Hydrates Could Play in Future Natural Gas Developments Poster
Osadetz, Kirk*; Fil Ferri, Erik Thorsteinsson, Chungquing Jiang, Lavern Stasiuk, Carol Evenchick & N.S.F. Wilson Reservoirs, Petroleum Systems and Exploration Challenges in the Intermontane Basins of British Columbia Core
Pan, Jianhua* Wave Equation Depth Migration with Image Gathers in Offset Domain Oral
Phillips, Peter*; Phillip Levine Identifying Hydrocarbon Potential in Shale Dominated Thinly Bedded Clastic Reservoirs Oral
Pendrel, John*; Cheran Mangat, Marina Feroci & Miles Leggett Merging Technologies – High Resolution Seismic Inversion Oral
Pendrel, John*; Cheran Mangat & Marina Feroci Using Bayesian Inference to Compute Facies Fluid Probabilities Oral
Pickel, Allan* Triassic and Wabamun Carbonates: Effects of Pore Geometry on Resistivity Logs Oral
Pinnegar, Robert* Time-Frequency Polarization Analysis and Filtering Oral
Plint, Guy*; Aditya Tyagi, Bogdan Varban & Michael Kreitner Evolving Depocentres and Depositional Systems in Cenomanian-Turonian (Dunvegan, Kaskapau and Blackstone) Strata, Alberta and British Columbia: Responses to Cordilleran Tectonic Activity Oral
Pope, John*; D. Buttry, R. Lamarre, B. Noecker, S. MacDonald, B. LaReau, P. Malone, N. Van Lieu, D. Petroski, M. Accurso, D. Harak, R. Kutz, S. Luker & R. Martin Downhole Geochemical Analysis of Gas Content and Critical Desorption Pressure for Carbonaceous Reservoirs Oral
Pyle, Leanne*; Adrienne Jones, Len Gal & Grant Abbott Regional Geoscience Studies and Petroleum Potential, Peel Plateau and Plain, Northern Mackenzie Corridor Oral
Qi, Xun*; Douglas Schmitt Modeling on Frequency Dependent Attenuation – Effects of Viscosity Oral
Radomski, Mark*; Charles Henderson, Tom Moslow & John-Paul Zonneveld Sedimentology, Biostratigraphy, and Petrology of Marine Firm/Hardgrounds: Middle Triassic Halfway Formation, West-Central, Alberta Poster
Radomski, Mark*; T. Moslow & C. Henderson Origin and Correlation of Erosional Surfaces within the Middle Triassic Halfway Formation, West-Central Alberta Oral
Rakela, Tribor* Game Changing Sampling Technology Oral
Ranger, Michael*; Murray Gingras Emerging Model for the Interpretation of the McMurray Formation in the Athabasca Oil Sands Oral
Robinson, Cindy*; Ron Spencer & Steve Larter Variability and Shale Gas Potential of Milk River Formation Shales in Southwestern Saskatchewan Oral
Roca, Xavier*; Jessica Rylaarsdam, Heng Zhang, Guy Plint & Claudia Schröder-Adams Evolving Depocentres and Depositional Systems in the Late Albian (Joli Fou, Viking, Paddy, Westgate and Shaftesbury) Strata of Alberta and British Columbia: Responses to Cordilleran Tectonic Activity Oral
Rokosh, Dean*; Andrew Beaton Shale Gas Development in Alberta: The Role of the Alberta Geological Survey Poster
Ross, Daniel*; Marc Bustin Re-evaluation of Gas Shale Reservoir Characterization: Applicability of CBM Analogues Oral
Rushworth, Sandy*; Alex Chakhmakhchev & Philip H. Stark The Challenge of a New Global Competitive Environment Oral
Saites, Fottiny*; Rong Guo, Guojin Wang, Karin Mannhardt & Apostolos Kantzas Coal Characterization for Coal Bed Methane Production Oral
Schlachter, Greg* Advances in Low Mobility Formation Pressure Measurement Oral
Schulz, Yogi*; Sahar Al-Arami Virtual Collaboration for G & G Professionals Oral
Schumacher, Dietmar*; Robert Foote Seepage-Induced Magnetic Anomalies Associated with Oil and Gas Fields: Onshore and Offshore Examples Oral
Schumacher, Dietmar*; Luis Clavijo Clavareau & Daniel Hitzman Geochemical Exploration in Deserts of North Africa and the Middle East: Strategies for Success Poster
Schümann, Torge*; K. Rohr & M. Whiticar The Hydrocarbon Potential of the Queen Charlotte Basin Oral
Schümann, Torge*; Filippo Ferri Constraining the Timing of Maturation and Type of Hydrocarbon Generated in the Bowser Basin, BC Using 1D Petroleum Systems Modeling Poster
Seifert, Michael*; Kate Boutette & Garth Sloan Integration of Core and Ultra High Resolution Well Log Data to identify thin beds and bed boundaries: Implications for non-conventional reservoirs Oral
Shang, Richard*; James Kovats & Malcolm Lamb Structural Analysis Using Borehole Images: Examples from the Foothills of Western Canada Oral
Shauer, Dustin*; Tony Lemay Modelling Alberta's Base of Groundwater Protection Surface Poster
Sinton, Terry* Garbage In, Garbage Out - Making Metadata Portable Oral
Spector, Allan* Application of Gravity Surveying to Recent Ontario Oil and Gas Exploration Oral
Spencer, Ron* Constraints on the Origin of Dolomite in the Middle Cambrian Eldon Formation at Mt. Wapta from Fluid Inclusion and Stable Isotope Data Poster
Staples, Rob*; Andrew Cook, John Braisby & Alison Mabillard Integration of 4D Seismic Data and the Dynamic Reservoir Model - Revealing New Targets in Gannet C Oral
Staples, Rob*; Jan Stammeijer, Scott Jones, Jon Brain, Frans Smit & Paul Hatchell Time-Lapse (4D) Seismic Monitoring - Expanding Applications Oral
Stasiuk, Lavern*; Martin Fowler, Art Stirrett & Lloyd Snowdon Thermal Maturity, Source Rocks and Hydrocarbons in Cretaceous and Devonian Strata Within Summit Creek B-44 Exploration well, Central Mackenzie Valley, NWT, Canada Oral
Stockmal, Glen*; Chris Beaumont, Mai Nguyen & Bonny Lee Dynamical Numerical Models of Thin-Skinned Thrust-and-Fold Belts: Linkages Between Structural Style and Foreland Deposition Oral, Poster
Storey, Taras* Where is Sequence Stratigraphy Going? Stratigraphy – Quo Vadis? Poster
Süle, Sándor*; Zoltan Hajnal, Bhaskar Pandit & Jeff Closson Regional Tectonic and Petrophysical Study in and Around the Weyburn Oil Field, Southern Saskatchewan Oral, Poster
Sunde, Richard*; Brian P. Coffey Lower Cretaceous Sequence Stratigraphy of the North Carolina Coastal Plain – An analogue for North Atlantic Basins Poster
Sun, Deming*; Apostolos Kantzas Improvement and Analysis of Current NMR Permeability Models with Core NMR Measurements Oral
Sun, Langqiu* Velocity Dispersion in Field Seismic Data: Impact, Detection and Application Poster
Taerum, Kathy* Converging on a Single Datum Oral
Talinga, Draga*; Don Lawton Azimuthal Anisotropy as a Potential Fracture Diagnostic from 3D Surface Seismic Data: Example from Wildcat Hills, Alberta Oral
Tawadros, Ed*; Dmitry Ruban & Malahat Efendiyeva Evolution of NE Africa and the Greater Caucasus: Common Patterns and Petroleum Potential Oral
Taylor, James* Superimposed Folding, Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Canada Oral
Thomson, George*; Lisa Dell'Angelo Are the Foothills Slipping? Oral
Townsley, John*; Steve Lynch Working With 2D Horizon Amplitude Maps Poster
Trad, Daniel*; Jeff Deere & Scott Cheadle Wide Azimuth Interpolation Oral
Titchkosky, Ken*; Richard Thompson Picking the Sweet Spot using Rock Physics Oral
Uffen, Douglas*; Jan Hay & Jeff Crowhurst Byte Me! How Geoscience Data Architecture Can Help You Oral
Ursenbach, Charles* A Simple Way to Improve AVO Approximations Oral
Ursenbach, Charles*; Arnim B. Haase Derivation of Generalized Reflections From Point Sources in VTI Media Poster
Van Egmond, Tim*; Tom Graham Constraints Mapping in Support of Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Oral
Walsh, Warren*; Cassandra Lee, Ben Kerr & Mark Hayes Quantifying Shale Gas Potential of the Triassic Montney and Doig Formations, Northeast British Columbia Poster
Wang, Autumn*; Guoxiang Chi & Per Kent Pedersen A Stratigraphic and Petrographic Study of Cretaceous Siliciclastic Rocks in Central Saskatchewan Poster
Watson, Neil*; Curtis Macfarlane & Nasr-eddine Hammou Comparison of Density Log Datasets Acquired in a Horizontal Production Well, White Rose Field, Jeanne d'Arc basin, Offshore Newfoundland Oral
Wen, Renjun* Geological Heterogeneity Modelling as a Guide to Seismic Attribute Interpretation Oral
Wendte, Jack*; Dave Sargent & Tim Bird Anatomy Of A Jean Marie Shoal, July Lake Area, Northeastern British Columbia Core
White, Donald*; Grant Buffett, Brian Roberts & Maurice Colpron Structural Constraints for Oil and Gas Assessment in the Whitehorse Trough: New Results from Seismic Profiling Oral, Poster
Wielens, J.*; C. Jauer & G. Williams First Results of 4-D Modelling of Saglek Basin, Labrador Shelf Oral
Xu, Chuandong (Richard)*; Robert Stewart Seismic Attenuation (Q) Estimation from VSP Data Oral
Xu, Yong* Benefiting from 3D AVO Oral
Yang, Yongtai*; Andrew Miall & Hadi A-Rasouli Upper Cretaceous Belle Fourche Sandstone, Southeastern Alberta Poster
Yarus, Jeffrey M.* Integration Of Geological And Geophysical Data, Current Practices And Future Directions Oral
Yilmaz, Oz* Earthquake Seismology, Exploration Seismology, and Engineering Seismology: How Sweet It is --- Listening to the Earth Oral
Yousuf, Abu*; Charles Henderson Relationship between Reservoir Quality Sandstone & Tectonics: Carboniferous Kiskatinaw Formation, Western Canada Basin Core
Yurkowski, Melinda*; J. Christopher Lithological Variations within the Colorado and Montana Group in Eastern Saskatchewan and its Implication for Gas Exploration Oral
Zantout, Sary*; Marc Prince, Vladimir Shumila, Theodore Urbancic & Peter McGillivray Mapping Velocity Variations in the Reservoir Using Passive Seismicity Recorded with Permanent Downhole Arrays Oral
Zhang, Duojun*; Larry Lines Two Issues About the Application of VP/VS: Quality Improvement and Error Analysis Oral
Zhang, Jie*; Oz Yilmaz & Nanxun Dai First-Arrival TomoStatics and Residual Statics for Near-Surface Corrections Poster
Zhang, Liuping* New Methods for Data Processing in Geochemical Hydrocarbon Exploration and their Application in Chinese Continent Poster
Zhang, Mingyu*; Mauricio Sacchi and Douglas Schmitt Time-lapse Inversion with Sparseness, Impedance and Structural Contraints Oral
Zhang, Rongfeng* Spectral Decomposition of Seismic Data with Wavelet-Packet-Like Transform Oral
Zhang, Yajun*; Douglas Schmitt Quantitative Evaluation of the Quality of Seismic Repeatability: A Case Study using Differing Metrics Poster
Zhu, Tianfei*; Sam Gray & Daoliu Wang Prestack Gaussian-Beam Depth Migration in Anisotropic Media Oral
Zonneveld, J.P.*; Bruce Kjarsgaard, Larry Heaman, David McNeil & Kirsten Marcia Kimberlite Volcanism on the Margin of the Lower Cretaceous Moosebar-Clearwater Seaway: Sedimentology and Volcanology of the Star Kimberlite Core