2007 Conference Abstracts (A to M)

Author(s) Abstract Title Presentation
Akram, Farrukh*; Daniel Rivas, Jeannette Watson Thermal Simulation and Visualization in Petrel Oral
Andersen, Eric*; Keith Hirsche Time Lapse Seismic and Neural Network Evaluation of an Alberta Thermal Heavy Oil Prospect Oral
Anderson, Teri*; Adam Wojciechowski, David Birnie, Jim o'Keefe Production and Reserves Analysis of the Multi-Zone Pembina Field, Alberta - A Look at an Old Area with a New Tool Oral
Armitage, Dominic The Architectural Evolution of Mass Transport Deposit Influenced Turbiditic Sandstones: The Sierra Contreras, Tres Pasos Formation, Chile Oral
Arnott, Bill Character of Deposition From Shallow- and Deep-Marine Suspended-Sediment-Laden Gravity Flows Oral
Balcom, Bruce J.*; Andrew Marble, Igor Mastikhin, Emil Veliyulin Core Analysis with Unilateral Magnetic Resonance: Bitumen Measurements in Alberta Tar Sands Oral
Balcom, Bruce J.*; Linqing Li, Laura Romero-Zerón, Sureerat Ongsurakul, Karl Butler Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Local Flow Velocity in Porous Media Oral
Bale, Richard A.*; Samuel H. Gray, M. Graziella Kirtland Grech TTI Wave Equation Migration by Phase-Shift Plus Interpolation Oral
Bancroft, John*; Xiang Du Traveltime Computations for Locating the Source of Micro Seismic Events and for Forming Gridded Traveltime Maps Oral
Bellefleur, Gilles*; Michael Riedel, Tom Brent, Fred Wright, Scott Dallimore Seismic Wave Attenuation in Gas Hydrate-Bearing Sediments from Vertical Seismic Profiling Data, Mallik, Northwest Territories, Canada Oral
Bellman, Laurie Weston Oil Sands Reservoir Characterization: A Case Study at Nexen/Opti Long Lake Oral
Best, Melvyn*; James Lakings, Fil Ferri, Janet Riddell, John Cassidy Preliminary Results of a Passive Seismic Investigation in the Nechako Basin for Mineral and Petroleum Exploration Poster
Blias, Emil Long-Offset Approximations to NMO Function for a Layered Subsurface Oral
Blias, Emil NMO Inversion for Multilayer Subsurface with Horizontal Transverse Isotropic layers Oral
Blissett, Donovan*; Dave Keighley, Tom Al, Karl Butler MicroCT Analysis of Porosity and Mineral Phases in Carbonate Reservoirs of eastern Canada Oral, Poster
Bongajum, Emmanuel L.*; Bernd Milkereit Integration of 3C Borehole and 3D Surface Seismic Data Poster
Bordet, Esther*; Michel Malo, Donna Kirkwood Structural Study of Western Anticosti Island, St-Lawrence Platform, Quebec: Fracture Analysis and Integration of Surface and Subsurface Structural Data Poster
Brownbill, James*; Joe W. Harris, Sean Voell Oil and Gas Pools of Western Canada: A New Reference for the Digital Age Oral
Caplan, Mark*; Duncan Mackay, Bob Lamond Reservoir Characterisation of the Bluesky Formation at Shell Canada's Carmon Creek Thermal Project, northwestern Alberta, Peace River Oil Sands Area: An Example of Interdisciplinary Data Integration Oral
Cary, Peter W* Some Fundamental Issues on the Effect of Sampling on Wavefield Imaging Oral
Catuneanu, Octavian Sequence Stratigraphy: Principles of Standardization Oral
Chatellier, Jean-Yves Alternate Fault Activity at Oil Field and Basin Scale, Analogy with Outcrops and with Seismicity Patterns Poster
Chatellier, Jean-Yves*; Omar Colemenares Recognizing the Structural Control of Sedimentation in Clastic Sequences; from Correlation Problem to Geological Solution Oral
Chen, Zhuoheng*; Kirk G. Osadetz, James Dixon, James R. Dietrich, Giles Morrell Oil Resource Potential of the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin Poster
Chen, Zuolin Using Multiple Downhole VSP Arrays for Monitoring and Locating Passive Microseisms Oral
Chi, Guoxiang*; Qin Xu Petrography and Microthermometry of Fluid Inclusions in Oil Sands and Heavy Oil Deposits from Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Poster
Chiu, Stephen*; Norman Whitmore, Michael Gurch Polarization Filter by Eigenimages and Adaptive Subtraction to Attenuate Surface-Wave Noise Oral
Chopra, Satinder*; Kurt J. Marfurt Multispectral Volumetric Curvature Adding Value to 3D Seismic Data Interpretation Poster
Chopra, Satinder*; Kurt J. Marfurt Seismic Attributes for Fault/Fracture Characterization Poster
Chopra, Satinder*; Yong Xu, John Castagna, Rainer Tonn Thin-Bed Reflectivity Inversion and Seismic Interpretation Poster
Chow, Joseph*; Su-Kai Chang High Resolution Geophysical Signals to Reveal the Depositonal System of a Spit --- Northern Taiwan Poster
Chubak, Glenn D.*; Igor B. Morozov, Shannon Blythe Integrated Open-Source Geophysical Processing and Visualization Oral
Classen, Kelley*; Don Lawton Seismic Interpretation of a Complex Tectonic Environment, Northland Basin, New Zealand Oral
Clement, Barry *; David Birnie, Adam Wojciechowski, Mike Gierach Geological Seismic Work Flows and the Construction of Integrated Maps Oral
Colombo, Daniele*; Marco Mantovani, Michele de Stefano, Daniela Garrad, Hussain Al Lawati Simultaneous Joint Inversion of Seismic and Gravity Data for Long Offset Pre-Stack Depth Migration in Northern Oman Oral
Cooper, Joanna*; Don Lawton The Wedge Model Revisited Oral
Corbett, Norman*; Gordon Uswak, Terrance Skrypnek Integrated Reservoir Characterization, Deep Panuke Gas Pool, Offshore Nova Scotia Oral
Covault, Jacob Thrust-Front Evolution and Implications for Puchkirchen Turbidite-Complex Development, Late Tertiary Eastern Alpine Thrust Front and Molasse Foreland Basin, Austria Oral
Cox, Tom*; Krista Seitz Ant Tracking Seismic Volumes for Automated Fault Interpretation in Petrel Oral
Crouser, Ken E.*; Renee J. Perez Reservoir Quality Prediction through Sandstone Diagenetic Modeling Poster
Dashtgard, S. E.*; Maja Buschkuehle and Mike Berhane, Brent Fairgrieve Geology and Geological Potential for CO2 Storage and Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Cardium Fm, Pembina Field Poster
Davies, A.*; R.B. Davies, K. Durtnell, J. L. Etienne, A. Lavender, P.R. Sharland, M.D. Simmons, O.E. Sutcliffe Sequence Stratigraphy of North America and the Arctic: Global Comparisons Poster
Davies, Mark*; Joseph Barruad, Neil Dyer, Wayne Wheeler Expanding Foothills Exploration in Muskwa-Kechika: An Integrated Approach Using Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry, Magnetic Gradiometry, LIDAR, Digital Mapping & GIS Oral
Dankers, Peter Regional Geological Models South Of the Peace River Arch Oral
Dawson, Michael Stakeholder Engagement: Mapping a Path to Success Oral
de la Colina, Julio*; Michael Ash Integrated Static Model Uncertainty Analysis of the Lower Ben Nevis I Reservoir at the Hibernia Field Oral
De Meersman, Kristof*; Chris Ansorger Ground Roll Removal and Signal Preservation by Cascading SVD Polarization Filters with Localized fk-Filters Oral
Dehler, S.A.*; K. Dickie, R.A. Fensome, C.D. Jauer, G.N. Oakey, J.W. Shimeld, J.B.W. Wielens, and G.L.Williams Regional Geoscience Studies of the Labrador Margin: Providing the Framework for Petroleum Exploration Poster
DesRoches, Aaron J. *; Cameron R. Thompson and James A. MacEachern Integrated Ichnology, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Along-Strike Changes in Parasequences of the Lower Cretaceous Boreal Seaway, Central Alberta, Canada Poster
Deutsch, Clayton A Review of Techniques for Porosity/Permeability Modeling (Can We Achieve Objectivity in Reservoir Modeling?) Oral
Downton, Jon*; Dave Gray, Torre Zuk Visualizing AVAZ Parameter Estimates and Uncertainty Oral
Doyle, Michael J. Land, Water & Air: Making Technology Work for You and Stakeholders Oral
Dumitrescu, Carmen C.*; Larry Lines Application of Multicomponent Data in Lithology and Fluid Discrimination Oral
Edwards, Keith*; Alan Bradshaw The LOSS Stack, How To Find What You Have Been Missing Oral
Embry, Ashton Mesozoic 1st Order Sequences of the Sverdrup Basin and Their Relationship to Sediment Supply and Petroleum Source Rocks Oral
Embry, Ashton Reservoir Distribution in the 2nd Order Rhaetian to Sinemurian Sequence, western Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Archipelago Oral
Enachescu, Michael*; Paul Einarsson Trans-Labrador Sea Modern Reflection Data Show Unorthodox Rift Oral
Engelmark, Folke Time-Lapse Monitoring of Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) of Heavy Oil using Multi-Transient Electro-Magnetic (MTEM) Oral
Evans, Curtis*; Erin Kempin, Sharleen Ramos Data Collection and Use for Coalbed Methane and Shale Gas - New Data for New Resource Types Oral
Evenchick, Carol*; Kirk Osadetz, Peter Mustard, Margot McMechan, Vicki McNicoll, Lavern Stasiuk Multi-thematic studies of the Bowser and Sustut Basins, north-central British Columbia, Canada Oral
Fagan, Phonse*; Michael Enachescu The Laurentian Basin Revisited Oral
Fallas, Karen*; Robert MacNaughton Recent Work on the Hydrocarbon Potential of the Plateau Fault, Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories Oral
Fay, Mathew*; Steve Larter, Barry Bennett Aqueous and Isotopic Geochemical Constraints on Gas and Heavy Oil Composition in the Border Plains Region, Central Alberta and Saskatchewan Oral, Poster
Fay, Mathew*; T. Wang, F. Vasheghani, H. Sheikha, J. Embleton, L. Lines, A. Settari, J. Wang, Douglas Schmitt Integrated Field Study of Heavy Oil Reservoirs Using Integrated Geophysics, Geochemistry, and Numerical Modeling Techniques Oral
Fedikow, Mark An Innovative Soil Geochemical Tool For Focused Hydrocarbon Exploration and Regional or Local Prospectivity Oral
Ferri, Filippo*; Paul o'Sullivan, Janet Riddell Apatite Fission Track Results from the Southern Nechako Basin: Cretaceous to Neogene Thermal History and Implications for hydrocarbon Prospectivity Oral
Ferri, Filippo*; Lavern Stasiuk, Janet Riddell Possible Petroleum Systems in the Nechako Basin, British Columbia Oral
Ferri, Filippo*; Janet Riddell, Lavern Stasiuk, Arthur Sweet, Paul O’Sullivan The Nechako Basin: New Insights into a Cordilleran Intermontane Basin Poster
Filine, Serguei*; Kevin Kruger, Jeannette Watson Fracture Modeling in Petrel Oral
Flint, Dave*; Bob Dixon Characterizing Tight Gas Resources in Western Canada Oral
Fowler. Martin G. The Secure Canadian Energy Supply Program: The Federal Government’s Approach to Energy Geoscience Research Oral
Fraser, Tiffani A.*; Tammy L. Allen Field Investigations from the Northern Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin: Hydrocarbon Potential of the Upper Devonian to Lower Carboniferous Tuttle Formation, Yukon Territory Poster
Fustic, Milovan*; Barry Bennett, Steve Hubbard, Ron Spencer, Steve Carter Effects of Reservoir Compartmentalization on Bitumen Quality in the Athabasca Oil Sands Deposits, northeastern Alberta Oral
Gauthier, Suzanne Recruitment and Retention: Building our Business One Employee at a Time Oral
Gal, L.P.*; L.J. Pyle, T. Allen & T. Fraser Petroleum Reservoir Rock and Source Rock Potential in Lower Paleozoic Strata of Peel Plateau and Plain, Northwest Territories and Yukon Poster
Galikeev, Tagir*; Jason Criss, Vince Rodych Multi-Component Digital Receivers: Comparison of Subsurface and Conventional Surface Datasets Oral
Galloway, Elwyn*; Mauricio Sacchi POCS Method for Seismic Data Reconstruction of Irregularly Sampled Data Oral
Georgetti, Ken The New Balance Sheet: Corporate Profits and Responsibility in the 21st century Oral
Giesen, Marsha*; S. Bend, Dean Duncan, Mandi Gogowich Factors Affecting Petroleum Fluid Compartmentalization in the Upper Cretaceous Chinook Formation, West-Central Alberta Poster
Glemser, Chad*; Tom Kotzer, Chris Hawkes Investigation of Pore Structure within the Weyburn Oilfield Using Synchrotron Microtomography Oral
Goodway, Bill *; John Varsek, Christian Abaco Anisotropic 3D Amplitude Variation with Azimuth (AVAZ) Methods to Detect Fracture Prone Zones in Tight Gas Resource Plays Oral
Goodway, Bill *; John Varsek, Christian Abaco Isotropic AVO Methods to Detect Fracture Prone Zones in Tight Gas Resource Plays Oral
Gordon, John*; E. Albechtsons, K. Ratcliffe, M. Wright Application of Alternative Correlation Techniques (Chemostratigraphy) in the Terra Nova Field, Offshore Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Oral
Grossman, David Climate Litigation as a Business Risk Oral
Grasby, Stephen*; Zhuoheng Chen, Kirk Osadetz Application of Shallow Water Well Data to Understanding Fracture Controlled Flow Systems in the western Canada Sedimentary Basin Oral
Gray, David* Observations of Azimuthal Anisotropy in Prestack Seismic Data Oral
Guevara, Saul E.*; Gary F. Margrave, Robert R. Stewart P-Wave Enhancement in Rough Terrain using Multicomponent Seismic Data: Catatumbo, Colombia Poster
Gunter, William D. Technologies for Clean Energy, CO2-Enhanced Recovery and CO2 Geological Storage: Optimizing the Mix Oral
Haase, Arnim B.*; Charles P. Ursenbach Spherical-Wave Computational AVO Modeling in Elastic and Anelastic Isotropic Two-Layer Media Oral
Hadlari, Thomas Offshore to upper shoreface wave-dominated facies of the Cretaceous Trevor Formation, Peel Plateau, NWT Oral
Hadlari, Thomas Tectonic Accommodation and a Model for Alluvial Sequence Stratigraphy Poster
Harding, Thomas G. Developing the Future Energy Industry Professional Oral
Hartling, Alf Carbon Dioxide Geosequestration in British Columbia Poster
Hassan, Hassan H.*; Robert A. Charters, John W. Peirce Mapping Depth to Basement Using 2D Werner Inversion of High-Resolution AeroMagnetic (HRAM) Data Poster
Hassan, Hassan H.*; Robert A. Charters, John W. Peirce Using Steerable Filters to Map Geological Features from HRAM Data of the Foothills of Northeastern British Columbia, Canada Poster
Hassaan, Mahmoud M.*; Mamdouh A. Ezz-Eldin The Black Shale in Egypt: A Promising Tremendous Resource of Organic Matter Poster
Heath, Robert*; Scott Burkholder What Factors are Important for the Future of Land Exploration using Cablefree Systems? Oral
Henderson, Jon*; Gaynor Fisher, Bart Birdsall 3D Seismic Reconnaissance Workflows for Rapid Prospect Generation - US Gulf Coast Oral
Heffernan, Paul*; Kris Vickerman Oil-Based Dipmeter and Imaging Tools: Implications for Determining Structure and Fractures in Different Logging Conditions Oral
Henley, David C.; Kevin Hall, Henry Bland, Eric Gallant, Gary Margrave, Malcolm Bertram "High effort" Seismic Acquisition: Improving Image Detail Oral
Henry, Brian*; K. Bradley Offshore Exploration in the Anticosti Basin Gulf of St. Lawrence, Quebec, Canada - a Case Study Oral
Herring, Don Employee Relations: Paying Careful Attention to Our People Oral
Hildred, Gemma*; Ken Ratcliffe, Amelia Wright, Brian Zaitlin Chemostratigraphic Differentiation between Time-Equivalent Low Accommodation Incised Valley Systems in a Foreland Basin Setting: an Example from the Lower Cretaceous Horsefly unit of the Basal Quartz Formation in southern Alberta Oral
Hobbs, G. Warfield The Future of the Global Oil Industry: Resources, Challenges and the Geoscience Workforce Oral
Hogan, Chad*; Gary Margrave Improving the Convergence of Shot-Profile Migration by Plane Wave Synthesis Oral
Holt, Rob* An Interpreter's Guide to Successful Prestack Depth Imaging Oral
Hons, Michael*; Robert Stewart Implications from Transfer Functions when Comparing Seismic Data from MEMS Accelerometers and Geophones Oral
Hua, Yong*; Don Lawton Seismic Imaging Through Outcropping Carbonates: An Example from the Canadian Rocky Mountains Oral
Huang, Haiping*; Jennifer Adams, Barry Bennett, Steve Larter What Controls the Occurrence of Heavy Oil and Tar Sand? A Comparison Study between the western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and Liaohe Basin, NE China Oral
Hubbard, Stephen The Utility of Outcrop Analogues in the Exploration and Development of Deep-Water Reservoirs Oral
Isaac, Helen*, Don Lawton Interpretive Velocity Model Building for Seismic Data Acquired Across a Complex Structure in southern Alberta Oral
Issler, Dale*; Alexander Grist, Raymond Donelick Thermal History Analysis of the Beaufort-Mackenzie Region using Multi-Kinetic Apatite Fission Track Thermochronology Oral
James, Gary *; Art Siewart Acquisition and Delivery of High Density Vibroseis Seismic Data for Inversion Processing Oral
Jamison, William*; Geoff Rait, Lindsay Dunn Fracture System Characteristics in Folded Mississippian Carbonates: Livingstone River Anticline at Beaver Creek Oral
Jauer, Christopher*; J.B.W Wielens Seismic Features and Possibilities for Petroleum Systems Offshore Labrador Oral
Jobe, Hutch*; Paul MacKay, Randy Herr The Prediction of Permeability Enhancing Fracture Patterns within Natural Gas Reservoirs Based on Outcrop Characterization Near Normal Faults; Wind River Basin, Wyoming Oral
Johns, Tony*; Raul Sarmiento Anisotropic PP and PSv Prestack Depth Migration of 4C (OBC) Seismic Data, offshore Trinidad Oral
Johnston, David I. *; Charles M. Henderson, Michael J. Schmidt Tectonic Influences on Late Devonian-Early Mississippian Depositional Systems, Southern Alberta Poster
Joiner, Sig Deep-Water Deposits of Nigeria: Quantitative Integration of Core Data And Applications to Deepwater Exploration and Development Oral
Jones, Ian*; Mike Hall, Mike Goodwin, Ivan Berranger, Hongbo Zhou, P. Farmer Application of Anisotropic 3D Reverse Time Migration to Complex North Sea Imaging Oral
Kaplan, Sam*; Tadeusz Ulrych Phase Unwrapping: A Review of Methods and a Novel Technique Oral
Karagul, Ali*; Todd Mojesky Tomographic Inversion Solutions in Foothills Areas Oral
Karagul, Ali*; Al Evenson, Todd Mojesky East Coast Canada: So How Difficult Could a 3D PreSDM Be? Oral
Karlen, Glenn Resource Play Potential of the Ordovician Utica Shales Quebec Lowlands Poster
Kalmanovitch, Norm*; John Townsley Squeezing More Information out of 3D Seismic Data With a Match Filter and Possibly Squeezing More Oil Out of Oil Pools Oral
Keighley, Dave Spectral Gamma-Ray, XRD and Organic Geochemistry of an Offshore Lacustrine Succession, Albert Formation, Moncton Basin, southern New Brunswick Oral
Keith, David Managing Alberta's Carbon Challenge Oral
Keswani, Arjun*; S. George Pemberton Bioturbation in the Upper Midale Beds, Weyburn and Northgate Oildfields, Saskatchewan: Significance for Dolomitization and origins of Mississippian Carbonate Reservoirs Oral
Khan, Zishann*; Lilian Navarro, Bill Arnott Architectural Analysis and Evolution of a Deep-Marine Channel-Levee Complex: the Lower Isaac Formation, Southwestern Canadian Cordillera Oral
Klavins, Oskar*; Sean Udell The Digital Age of western Canadian Exploration Economics Oral
Koning, Tako Remember Basement in your Oil and Exploration: Examples of Producing Basement Reservoirs in Indonesia, Venezuela and USA Poster
Lane, Larry S.*; John Utting, Tammy Allen, Tiffani Fraser, Willem Zantvoort Refinements to Lithostratigraphy, Biostratigraphy and Structural Geometry of the Devonian and Carboniferous Imperial and Tuttle Formations, Eastern Eagle Plain, Northern Yukon Poster
Lavoie, Denis Hydrocarbon Systems in the Frontier Paleozoic Basins of eastern Canada: Recent Data and Synthesis Oral
Langenberg, Willem*; Helen Isaac, Don Lawton Initiation of the Turtle Mountain Thrust, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada Oral
Lareau, Brian*; John Pope, Daniel Buttry, Robert Lamarre, Bret Noecker, Steven MacDonald, Neil Van Lieu Video Microscopy of Methane Gas Production from a Series of Typical CBM Coals Oral, Poster
Larsen, Glen*; Art Siewart, Paul Hewitt Correlating Versus Inverting Vibroseis Records: Recovering What You Put Into the Ground Oral
Larter, Steve*; Jennifer Adams, Ian Gates The Impact Of Oil Viscosity Heterogeneity On Production Characteristics Of Heavy Oil and Tar Sand(HOTS) Reservoirs. Part III: The Origin of Highly Non Linear Oil Viscosity Gradients And The Design Of Geotailored Recovery Processes Suitable for Such Compositionally Graded Reservoirs Oral
Lawfield, Andrew*; Ron Pickerill, Karl Butler, Murray Gingras The Avalon and Ben Nevis Formations, White Rose Field, Newfoundland: Ichnological Aspects and Permeability Patterns Oral
Lawton, Don* Geology and Geophysics: Ever the Twain Shall Meet Oral
Lemieux, Yvon*; Leanne J. Pyle, Len P. Gal, Thomas Hadlari, Willem Zantvoort Structural Geology of Southern Peel Plateau and Plain Region, Northwest Territories and Yukon Poster
Lemiski, Ryan*; Jussi Hovikoski, S. George Pemberton, Murray Gingras, Robert Olexson Effect of Bioturbation in Low Permeability Gas Charged Reservoirs - A case study from the upper Cretaceous Milk River Fm., western Canada Oral
Li, Jiakang*; Igor B. Morozov Geophysical Structural Patterns of the Crystalline Basement of the Eastern WCSB Oral
Li, Yongyi Resolution of Seismic Attributes in Defining Fracture Systems Poster
Li, Yongyi*; Josh Feng, Maggie Jiao Prestack Seismic Data Analysis with 3D Visualization – A Case Study Poster
Lines, Larry*; Patrick Daley, Phillip Bording Seismic Imaging of Fractures - A Feasibility Study Oral
Link, Brian*; Naum Marmalevsky, Alex Kostynkevyxh Imaging Vertical Faulting on a WCB 3D using Duplex Wave Migration Oral
Longuépée, Hugues*; Viktor Terlaki, Bill Arnott Detailed Architecture of Deepwater Sheet Sand and Associated Fine-Grained Sediments: Example from the Upper Kaza Group, British Columbia Oral
Lonnee, Jeff*; Hans G. Machel The Slave Point Formation at Clarke Lake, British Columbia: an Example of Dolomitization and Hydrothermal Alteration by Long-Distance Brine Migration Oral
Lorenz, John Getting the Most Out of Core during Fracture Studies Oral
Ma, Yongwang*; Gary Margrave Gabor Depth Migration Using a New Adaptive Partitioning Algorithm Oral
MacDonald, Stephen*; John Pope Measuring CO2 in Coalbed Reservoirs Oral, Poster
MacKay, Paul*; Ian McMurtrie, Doug Brown The Recognition and Exploitation of Fracture Systems in a Miocene Carbonate Reservoir - Gulf of Suez Oral, Poster
Maklad, M.S*.; J.K. Dirstein Spectral Detection of Attenuation and Lithology Oral
Mahmoudian, Faranak*; Gary Margrave P-wave Impedance, S-wave Impedance and Density from Linear AVO Inversion; Application to a VSP data from Alberta Oral
Marquis, Guy Monitoring Fluid Flow During Reservoir Stimulations with Surface Electric Self-Potential Measurements Oral
Martin, Michelle R.*; Michael E. Enachescu New Geoscience Data and Interpretation of the Region Around Bjarni/North Bjarni Field, Hopedale Basin Poster
Mather, Clive Climate Change: Global Challenge, Business Opportunity Oral
Maxwell, Shawn Passive Seismic Monitoring: Listening to What The Reservoir is Saying Oral
McCrank, Jason*; Han-Xing Lu, Kevin Hall, Don Lawton The Seismic AVO of Wet and Dry CBM Reservoirs Oral
Mei, Shilong Updates on Faults and Structual Framework of the Peace River Arch Region, northwest Alberta, Obtained using a New Approach Oral
Mei, Shilong*; Corey Froese Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR): an Emerging and State of Art Technique for Millimeter-Scale Ground Deformation Chracterization and Its Potential Applications in Hydrocarbon Production Operations Oral
Meyer, Kevin*; Adrian Ruiter, Dave Mundy, Kim Safton The Complex Interaction between Sedimentation and Structural Evolution Observed in the Eastern Offshore of Trinidad and Tobago Oral
Miao, Xiaogui*; Dragana Todorovic-Marinic, Tyler Klatt Enhancing Seismic Insight by Spectral Decomposition Oral
Michael, Karsten*; Stefan Bachu, Beate Buschkuele Assessment of a Carbonate Aquifer for CO2 Geological Storage in the Wabamun Lake Area Oral
Michelson, Brett Challenges of Obtaining Current High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Oral
Milkereit, Bernd Another Look at the Separation of P- and S-Waves Poster
Miong, Soo-Kyung*; Robert R. Stewart, Joe Wong Shallow VSP for Near-Surface Structure and Statics Oral
Misra, Somanath*; Mauricio D. Sacchi One-Dimensional Prestack Seismic Inversion with Very Fast Simulated Annealing using Edge-Preserving-Smoothing Filter Oral
Moghaddam, Peyman*; Felix Herrmann, Chris Stolk Migration Amplitude Recovery Using Curvelets Oral
Moghaddam, Peyman*; Felix Herrmann, Chris Stolk Sparsity and Continuity Enhancing Seismic Imaging Oral
Mojesky, Todd*; Ali Karagül, Bill Goodway, Chris Szelewski, Martin Dashwood Reprocessing the East Coast Canada Stonehouse Survey with 3D SRME and Hybrid Layer Tomography PreSDM Oral
Moubarak, Hesham*; John Bancroft, Don Lawton, Helen Isaac, Larry Mewhort, David Emery, Bart Scott A Modeling Study for Imaging in Structurally Complex Media: Case History Oral, Poster
Mulcahy, Peter*; Virginia Brake, Yawooz Kettanah, Lawrence Plug, Hasley Vincent, Grant Wach Reservoir Characterization, Modeling and Simulation of a Braided Channel Complex at Cambridge Cove, Nova Scotia Poster
Murphy, Edward P. Recruiting in Today's Market Oral