2007 Conference Abstracts (N to Z)

Author(s) Abstract Title Presentation
Naghizadeh, Mostafa*; Mauricio Sacchi Multi-Step Auto-Regressive Reconstruction of Nonuniformly Sampled, Aliased Seismic Records Oral
Natras, Thanos*; I. McIlreath and C. Abaco, E. Christiaansed, D. Bourgeois Successful Wellbore Placement within a Mannville Coal Seam Poster
Negut, Dan*; Michael Enachescu, Christopher Jauer, Eugen Besoiu, Phonse Fagan Rediscovering an Offshore Treasure Trove: Reprocessing Old 2D Data Offshore East Coast of Canada Oral
Newson, Andrew*; Glenn Larson Stress Strain Relationship and Fracture Dilation in Triangle Zones and Basin Centered Gas Plays Oral
Newson, Andrew*; Charles Berg True Stratigraphic Thickness (TST); an Important Element in the Exploration for Foothills Oil and Gas Reserves Oral
Ng, Mark Seismic Migration Interpolation using Time-Shift Imaging Condition Poster
Nicolas, Michelle P.B. The Devonian Three Forks Formation: Manitoba’s Newest Oil Play Poster
Nie, F.*; M. Jiang, G. Chi, S. Li Hydrothermal Alteration and Porosity Enhancement in Sandstones: An Example from the Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea Poster
Omidvar, Hedayat* Natural Gas Industry in Iran Oral
Osadetz, Kirk; Zhuoheng Chen Re-examine the Beaufort Sea-Mackenzie Delta Basin Gas Hydrate Resource Potential using a Petroleum Play Approach Oral
Pan, Jianhua*; Dan Negut Wavefield Extrapolation for Prestack Time Migration with RMS Velocity Part I: Algorithm Oral
Pan, Jianhua*; Dan Negut Wavefield Extrapolation for Prestack Time Migration with RMS Velocity Part II: Data Examples Oral
Pana, Cristina Ardley Coal Zone Reservoir Characterization and Post-Scollard Structural Re-Arrangements in the Edson CBM Exploration Block, Alberta Oral
Park, Adrian F.*; Clinton J. St. Peter, David G. Keighley Tournaisian Thrust-Belt and Related Transpresional Strike-Slip Zone along the Southern Margin of the Moncton Subbasin, southeast New Brunswick Oral
Pemberton, S. George*; Murray Gingras The Role of Bioturbation in Low Permeability Gas Charged Reservoirs Oral
Pendrel, John Advanced Techniques for Simultaneous AVO Inversion (RockTrace, RockMod) Oral
Pendrel, John*; Brian Hoffe, Deming Sun Simultaneous AVO Inversion: Quality Control and Interpretation Oral
Phillips, Peter Defining Vertical Permeability Distribution to Support SAGD Operations: An Integrated Multi-Scale Approach to Modeling a Bitumen Reservoir Oral
Pinet, N*; D. Lavoie The Offshore Part of the Anticosti Basin: A Major Gap in the Understanding of Early to Middle Paleozoic Basins of Eastern Canada in a Promising Hydrocarbon Setting Poster
Popko, Andrew Aboriginal Partnerships: Becoming a Partner of Choice Oral
Porter, Ian *; Charles Henderson, Michael Wamsteeker, Ronald Spencer An Integrated Biostratigraphic, Sedimentologic and Diagenetic Study of the Ksituan Member, Belloy Formation, eastcentral British Columbia and west-central Alberta Oral, Poster
Pyle, Leanne*; Len Gal Lower to Middle Paleozoic Petroleum Exploration Plays, Peel Plateau and Plain, northern Mackenzie Corridor Oral
Radomski, Mark*; Thomas Moslow, Charles Henderson Tectonic Influence on the Preservation of Middle Triassic Halfway Formation Shoreface Reservoirs Oral
Rakhit, Kaush*; Stephen W. Burnie Stress Analysis - Central Alberta: The Hunt for Permeability Oral
Romans, Brian The Expression of Progradation in a Large-Scale Delta-Fed Slope System: Outcrop Study of the Upper Cretaceous Tres Pasos Formation, Cerro Divisadero, Chile Oral
Roth, Murray Identifying Gas Channel Sweet Spots through Multi-Component Seismic Interpretation Oral
Sacchi, Mauricio Filter-Bank Strategies for Efficient Computation of Radon Transforms for SNR Enhancement Oral
Schijns, Heather*; Damien Meillieux, Evan Bianco, Len Tober, Marek Welz, Douglas Schmitt High Resolution VSP Survey: Outokumpu Borehole, Finland: Preliminary Results Oral
Smith, I. Rod Seismic Shothole Drillers' Litholog Database and GIS: Application and Benefits to Resource Development in the Mackenzie Corridor and Northern Yukon Oral
Smith, Mark*; Bill Arnott, Gerald Ross Sequence Stratigraphy of a Regional Deep-Water Marker Horizon: the Neoproterozoic Old Fort Point Formation, Southeastern Canadian Cordillera Oral
Spratt, Deborah*; Malcolm Lamb, Julia Feltham, Greg Feltham Fracture Systems in Folded and Faulted Carbonates: Surface and Subsurface Case Studies Oral, Poster
Stephenson, Ben*; Lynne Drover, Irma Eggenkamp, Martin Kraemer, David Repol Building an Appropriate Dynamic Model of a Structurally Complex, Naturally Fractured Foothills Field for Field Development Planning Oral
Stinson, Kerry*; Shlomo Levy, Edward Crase, Wai-Kin Chan Complex Model Building using Objective Construction of Curved Ray Time Migration Moveout with Geologic Constraints Oral
Süle, Sándor*; Zoltan Hajnal, Bhaskar Pandit Integrated Tectonic and Petrophysical Investigation of the Williston Basin Sediments In and Around the Weyburn CO2 Sequestration Reservoir Oral, Poster
Sun, L. Flora*; Bernd Milkereit Velocity Dispersion and Attenuation in Vibroseis Data Poster
Taerum, Kathy You Can Get There From Here! The Canadian Oil & Gas Industry Flow to NAD83 Oral
Tan, Jeffrey *; Henry Bland, Robert Stewart Passive Seismic Event Classification Techniques Applied to Heavy Oil Production from Cold Lake, Alberta Oral
Tieman, Hans*; Gavin Elsley 3D PSDM BEAM Case Study - Beaufort Sea Oral
Tilley, Barbara*; Karlis Muehlenbachs Isotopically Determined Mannville Group Gas Families Oral, Poster
Traxler, K. Detection of Shaly Gas Reserves using Pulsed Neutron Neutron Logging: A Case Study Poster
Trickett, Stewart* Maximum-Likelihood-Estimation Stacking Oral
Ursenbach, Charles*; Arnim Haase AVO Modeling of Monochromatic Spherical Waves: Comparison to Band-Limited Waves Oral
Van Lieu, Neil R.*; John Pope Downhole Ramen Oral
Van Lieu, Neil R. Downhole Raman Spectroscopy: Real Time, In Situ Chemical Analysis of Coalbed Reservoirs Poster
Varga, Roxana*; Robert Stewart, John Bancroft Inversion and Interpretation of Multicomponent Seismic Data: Willesden Green, Alberta Oral
Vestrum, Rob Geoscience Integration and Interpretive Model Building to Overcome Seismic Imaging Problems in Foothills Environments Oral
Vetter, William J. Anisotropy Kinematics Clarified Through Regime Rays Model Oral
Wang, Bingzhu*; Brain Powell, Edward Krebes, Dhananjay Ravat Potential Field and Gradient Component Transformations and Downward Continuation: New Space Domain Techniques and Their Applications Oral
Wang, Juefu *; Ye Zheng, Mike Perz Fracture Detection by Azimuthal Differential Residual Moveout Oral
Wang, Juefu *; Ye Zheng, Mike Perz High-Resolution Deconvolution with Sparsity and Lateral Continuity Constraints Oral
Wang, Tingge*; Larry Lines and Joan Embleton Seismic Monitoring of Cold Heavy Oil Production Poster
Wang, Xishuo 3D Seismic Data Interpolation by Frequency Domain Local Prediction Oral
Wang, Xishuo WVD, Singular Value Decomposition Extended to Three Dimensional Space and Beyond Oral
Watson, Jeannette*; Daniel Rivas, Farrukh Akram Petrel - The Asset Team Solution Oral
Wen, Renjun*; Philip Ringgrose, Kjetil Nordahl Estimating Reservoir Permeability through Small-Scale Geological Heterogeneity Modeling and Upscaling: Methodology and Case Studies Oral
Wielens, Hans*; Chris Javer, Graham Williams Are There Petroleum Systems Offshore Labrador? Oral
Wolfe, James*; Shawn Maxwell, Ulrich Zimmer Microseismic Measurement of Fracture Geometry using Synchronized Three Component Geophone Extended Arrays Oral
Wong*, Joe Application of Pseudorandom Sequences for Seismic Acquisition Oral, Poster
Workman, Warren*; David Birnie The Guyana-Suriname Basin: An Evolving Exploration Opportunity Oral
Xu, Yong*; Satinder Chopra Improving AVO Fidelity by NMO Stretching and Offset Dependent Tuning Corrections Oral, Poster
Yang, Yongtai*; Andrew Miall Uplift Controlled Offshore Bar: A Case Study of the Upper Cretaceous Second White Specks Sandstone, southeastern Alberta Oral
Yurkowski, Melinda* Biogenic Gas Accumulation in the Upper Cretaceous Belle Fourche and Second White Speckled Shale Formation in the Tangleflags Area, North Central Saskatchewan –Preliminary Investigations Poster
Zantvoort, W. G. Palynology and TOC/Rock-Eval of Late Devonian Imperial Formation, Southern Peel Plateau and Plain, NWT Poster
Zhang, Zimin*; Robert R. Stewart VSP Analysis at the Ross Lake Heavy Oilfield, Saskatchewan Poster
Zhu, Tianfei Phase-Ray Maslov Summation: A Complete Finite-Frequency Ray Method Poster
Ziolkowski, Anton*; Richard Carson, David Wright New Technology to Acquire, Process, and Interpret Transient EM Data Oral