2008 Conference Abstracts (A to M)

Author(s) Abstract Title Presentation
Abaco, Christian*; John Varsek, William Goodway, Ian McIlreath, Thanos Natras The Effectiveness of Seismic Fracture Detection Techniques in Tight Reservoirs - Examples from WCSB Oral
Adams, Jennifer*; Steve Larter, Ian Gates, Haiping Huang, Barry Bennett Reading the Rocks and Fluids to Design Geotailored and Geotolerant Strategies for Heavy Oil and Bitumen Recovery: The Need for High Resolution fluid mobility logs Oral, Poster
Al-Adani, Nabil* Revealing True Hidden Barriers on the Minimum Stress Profile Oral
Al-Adani, Nabil* The Identification of Natural Fractures in Inclined Highly Fractured Formation Oral
Al-Jubori, Ahmed*; Salman Khalid, Thanos Natras, Ian McIlreath Successful Identification of Complex Cleat Systems in Coals Poster
Al Duhailan, Mohammed*; Don C. Lawton Azimuthal Seismic Velocities and Field Fracture Mapping, southern Moose Mountain Oral
Alcudia, Alejandro*; Robert Stewart Microphone Applications in Seismic Exploration Oral
Allen, Tammy*; Tiffani Fraser, Kirk Osadetz New evidence for oil source rocks in the Peel region, Yukon Territory Poster
Amendt, Dave* Identifying Critically Stressed Fractures Using Borehole GeoMechanics: A Case Study in the Nikanassin Oral
Aqil, Sanaa*; D. Schmitt Dielectric Permittivity of Evaporite Minerals Oral
Azmy, Karem*; Denis Lavoie, Ian Knight, Guoxiang Chi Dolomitization of the Boat Harbour Carbonates of St. George Group in Western Newfoundland, Canada: Implications for Porosity Controls Oral
Badry, Rob*; Lauren Burcaw, Robert Kleinberg, Yuesheng Cheng, A. Kharrat, Jon Bryan, Apostolos Kantzas Advances in Estimating Heavy Oil Viscosity from Magnetic Resonance Data Oral
Bakhorji, Aiman*; Douglas Schmitt Velocity of P- and S-waves in Arab-D and WCB Carbonates Oral
Bale, Richard*; Samuel Gray TTI Wave-equation Migration of a 3-D Canadian Foothills Dataset Oral
Bancroft, John*; Hesham Moubarak, Don Lawton Key Lessons from a Modeling and Migration Experiment Oral
Bann, Kerrie*; James MacEachern "Offshore Transition" is a Bucket Term! Oral
Barndollar, Pratt* Beyond Prospect Evaluation: Techniques for Exploration Portfolio Optimization Oral
Barnes, Chris* Understanding Planet Earth's Processes: Transformative, Real-time, Cabled Ocean Observatory, northeast Pacific (WHERE/NEPTUNE Canada) Oral
Bennett, Barry*; Stephen Larter Petroleum Geochemical Responses to Reservoir Rock Properties Oral
Benteau, Roy*; Basim Faraj The Fish Scales, a Hybrid Shale Gas Play, Regional Extent and Controls on Productivity Oral
Bianco, Evan*; Douglas Schmitt High Resolution Monitoring and Modeling of Steam Injection in the Athabasca Oil Sands at UTF: A Case Study Oral
Brake, Virginia*; David Mosher, Grant Wach Oligocene Canyon and Fan Development on the Eastern Scotian Slope Oral
Brenders, Andrew*; Sylvestre Charles, R. Gerhard Pratt Frequency-Domain Waveform Tomography in the Foothills: Velocity Model Estimation with Synthetic Long-Offset Data Oral
Bryan, Jonathan*; An Mai, Apostolos Kantzas Heavy Oil Reservoir Characterization Using Low Field NMR Oral
Caldwell, Mark* Exploration for Gravity Fault Controlled Structural Traps, North-Central Montana Oral
Caplan, Mark*; Wayne Fu Sedimentology and Reservoir Characterisation of Specific Play Types in the McMurray Formation, Northeastern Alberta: Implications for In-Situ Recovery Oral
Cary, Peter* Prestack Migration Footprint Oral
Cary, Peter*; Gulia Popov, Changjun Zhang The Impact of Shear-Wave Splitting on the Imaging of P-S Data Oral
Catuneanu, Octavian*; Henry Posamentier Toward a Standard System for Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis Oral
Chalaturnyk, Rick* From Pore Space to Public Acceptance – The Role of Geoscience in CO2 Capture and Geological Storage in Canada Oral
Charles, Eileen Edith*; Jean-Michel Maillol Using ERI to Apply an Inverse Q* Filter to GPR Data Oral
Chatellier, Jean-Yves* Large Scale Gravity Gliding in Thrust Belts, Recognition Criteria and Implication for Hydrocarbon Exploration Oral, Poster
Chatellier, Jean-Yves*; Giancarlo Giampaoli, Judith de Narváe, Bob Menard The Unexpected Should Not Be Unexplained - Multidisciplinary Integration Including Anomalous Data Oral
Chatellier, Jean-Yves*, Maria Eugenia Rueda, Sylvestre Charles, Irina Romero Why 3D Seismic Missed a Giant Field in the eastern Venezuela Thrust Belt; Postmortem of a Late Discovery Oral
Chen, Zhuoheng*; Maowen Li, Kirk Osadetz, Stephen Grasby, Dale Issler Thermal anomalies, petroleum occurrence, and implications for oil migration fairways in the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin Poster
Chi, Gillian*; ZhuoHeng Cheng, James Dietrich Oligocene Kugmallit Sequence in the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin: Regional Sequence Stratigraphic Framework, Potential Controls on Sedimentation Cycle and Basin Fill Patterns Oral
Chi, Gillian*; James Dietrich, Peter Giles High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphic Correlation and Coal Seam Distribution in the Upper Carboniferous Strata of the Central Maritimes Basin Poster
Chopra, Satinder*; John Castagna, Yong Xu Thin-bed reflectivity – an aid to seismic interpretation Poster
Chopra, Satinder*; Kurt Marfurt Emerging and Future Trends in Seismic Attributes Oral, Poster
Chopra, Satinder*; Kurt Marfurt Gleaning Meaningful Information from Seismic Attributes Oral, Poster
Chopra, Satinder*; Kurt Marfurt Seismic Attributes for Stratigraphic Feature Characterization Poster
Chow, Joseph*; George Gluszak, Paul Chernoff, Rob Tilson The Integrated Use of Spectral Decomposition, AVO Analysis, Seismic Attributes, Principal Component, Supervised Neural Facies Classification, and Waveform Poster
Christie, Rob*; Ian McIlreath, Thanos Natras Acquiring Micro-Resistivity Borehole Images in Deviated and Horizontal Wells Using Shuttle Deployed Memory Tools Poster
Clark, Jesse* Well Trajectory Uncertainties on Positioning: Impact on Geosciences Oral
Cocker, Allison* Regional Stratigraphy and Characterization of Cretaceous and Tertiary Sandstones, Orphan Basin, Offshore Newfoundland, Canada Poster
Chubak, Glenn*; Igor Morozov Low-Cost Continuous Seismic Acquisition Solution Utilizing Open-Source Software Oral, Poster
Colombo, Daniele*; Massimo Virgilio, Andy Dyke Seismic imaging strategies for thrust-belt exploration: extended offsets, Seismic/Gravity/EM simultaneous Joint-Inversion and Anisotropic Gaussian Beam Pre-Stack Depth Migration Oral
Colton, Penny*; Allan Feir, Donald Daub, Michael Enachescu Labrador Shelf Seismic Attributes Study Oral, Poster
Coolican, Jeff *; Arden Marsh An Update of the Sasakatchewan Portion of the Stuctural Compilation Project for the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Poster
Cooper, Joanna*; Gary Margrave, Don Lawton Simulations of Seismic Acquisition Footprint Oral
Curtis, Trudy* Strategies for Master Data Management Oral
Dashtgard, Shahin*; Mehran Pooladi-Darnish, Huifang Hing, Sophie Theys, Rudi Stocker and Stefan Bachu Acid-Gas Injection in the Long Coulee Glauconite F Pool, Alberta: Implications for Enhanced Gas Recovery and Acid-Gas Disposal Oral
Dashtgard, Shahin*; Murray Gingras Tidal Indicators in Gravel-Dominated Marginal-Marine Depositional Environments: Examples from the Megatidal Bay of Fundy, Canada Oral
De Meersman, Kristof* Ground Roll Polarization Filtering with Spatial Smoothness Constraints Oral
Deschamps, Remy*; Tristan Euzen, Eric Delamaide, Tom Feuchtwanger, Doug Pruden The Upper Manville Incised Valleys of Central Alberta: An Example of Subtle Gas Traps Poster
Desjardins, Patricio*; Luis Buatois, Brian Pratt, M. Gabriela Mángano Shelf Sandstone Body Geometries: Outcrop examples from the Lower Cambrian Gog Group, southern Rocky Mountains, Canada Poster
Dewing, Keith* Basin Analysis Points to New Plays in the Arctic Islands Oral
Dinkelman, Menno*; Naresh Kumar, James Helwig, Pete Emmet, Jim Granath Crustal and Petroleum Framework of the Beaufort- Mackenzie Basin as Interpreted from 9-km, long-offset ArcticSPAN™ 2-D Seismic Data Oral, Poster
Dolph, James Allan*; David Gibson Recent Discovery of an Extensive Stromatolite Outcrop in the Middle Cambrian Pika Formation, Lake Helen-Lake Katherine Area, Banff National Park  
Dubucq, Dominique*; Gilles Chalier, Jean-Paul Xavier Steam Chamber Monitoring using Surface Deformation from Radar (PS-InSAR) and Tiltmeter Measurements Oral
Dulac, Jean-Claude* Advances Improve Reservoir Modeling Oral
Dumitrescu, Carmen C.*; Larry Lines Seismic Attributes used for Reservoir Simulation: Application to a Heavy Oil Reservoir in Canada Oral
Dziuba, Taras* A Micrite Mystery in the Wildriver Sub-Basin Oral
Embry, Ashton* Depositional Sequence Boundaries in Carbonate Strata - Problems and Proposals Oral
Embry, Ashton* Mesozoic 1st Order Sequences of Svalbard, Canadian Arctic Islands and Northern Alaska Oral
Embry, Ashton*; Erik Johannessen, Don Owen, Benoit Beauchamp Recommendations for Classifying Sequence Stratigraphic Surfaces and Units Poster
Enachescu, Michael*; Paul Einarsson, Michelle Martin, Leona Stead Exploration Opportunities in the Hopedale Basin, Labrador Sea, Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Oral
Enachescu, Michael*; Paul Price, John Cody, Andy Dyke, Josef Heim, Doug Bogstie, Steve Whidden, Rob Vestrum, John Gittins Reprocessing the "Marine" Mackenzie River Line, NWT Oral
Engelmark, Folke L.* Improved Exploration, Appraisal and Production Monitoring with Multi-Transient EM Solutions Oral
Etienne, J.*; A. Davies, B. Kilner, A. Messer, M. Simmons, R. Davies, P. Sharland, O. Sutcliffe Second-order Cretaceous Sequences of the Circum-Arctic Region and their Petroleum Geology Significance Oral
Evans, John*; Yong Hua Early Project Seismic Application at the Ells River Heavy Oil Project - Maximizing the Value of VSP and Well Data Oral
Feng, Hong*; Brian Russell, John Bancroft An Empirical Study of the Generalized Fluid Method for Hydrocarbon Discrimination Oral
Fensome, Rob*; Godfrey Nowlan, Aïcha Achab, John Clague, David Corrigan, Jim Monger, Graham Williams Four Billion Years and Counting: a book to celebrate Canada's geological heritage and International Year of Planet Earth Poster
Ferri, Filippo*; Janet Riddell Geochemistry of Lower and Middle Jurassic Organic-Rich Sediments within the Intermontane Basins of British Columbia: A Potential Regional Source Horizon? Oral
Ferguson, Grant*; David Jacobi, Matt Bratovich, Brian LeCompte Application of Pulsed Neutron Elemental Spectroscopy Measurements in Heavy Oil and Shale Gas Reservoir Evaluation Oral
Forest, Richard*; Ronald Lee Warner, Donald Schulte Geology, Seismic and Engineering Data of a Super-Deep Upper Devonian Carbonate Gas Reservoir Marsh Area, Hinton Alberta Oral
Forgette, Michelle*; J. Brian Mahoney, C.I. MacLaurin, Peter Mustard, James Haggart Stratigraphic analysis of the Cretaceous Taylor Creek Group along the southern margin of the Chilcotin Plateau: Potential linkage between the Methow and Tyaughton basins Poster
Fraser, Tiffani*; Tammy Allen Hydrocarbon Exploration in Northern Canada: Upper Paleozoic and Cretaceous Investigations in the Peel Region, Yukon Territory Poster
Fustic, Milovan*; Stephen Hubbard, Dale Leckie, Derald Smith, Ron Spencer New Insights into the Deposition of the Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation: Translation of Tidally Influenced Channel Meander Bends Oral
Gal, Len* Lower Devonian Arnica Formation as reservoir in a conceptual play; Peel Plateau and Plain, Northwest Territories and Yukon Poster
Garner, David*; Michael Pyrcz, Maurice Edwards Best Practices for the Construction of a Reserves Model for the Athabasca Oil Sands, Alberta, Canada Poster
Gingras, Murray*; Revisiting Willapa Bay: Facies Templates for Estuary Deposits Modeled from Pleistocene Outcrops Oral, Poster
Gingras, Murray*, S. George Pemberton, Kerrie Bann, Shahin Dashtgard and James MacEachern Ichnological Criteria for Discerning High-Latitude Conditions Oral, Poster
Gingras, Murray*; S. George Pemberton, Shahin Dashtgard, James MacEachern Shallow-Marine Ichnology: A Modern Perspective Oral
Goodin, J. Russell*; Peter Mustard, J. Brian Mahoney, James Haggart Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, and Reservoir Potential of the Lower Cretaceous Jackass Mountain Group, Camelsfoot Range, British Columbia, Canada Poster
Goodway, Bill*; Chris Szelewski, Steve Overell, Norm Corbett, Terry Skrypnek Using AVO and LMR Analysis with DHI and Flat-Spot Calibration to Mitigate Reservoir Risk at Stonehouse, offshore Nova Scotia Oral
Gordon, John*; Brian Glover, Richard Evoy Integrated Petrological, Petrophysical and Geological Study of the Reservoir Quality of the Cadomin Formation in the Deep Alberta Basin Oral
Grasby, Stephen*; Zhuoheng Chen Does Canada Have Enough Water to Meet Future Energy Demands? Oral
Grasby, Stephen*; Benoit Beauchamp, Keith Dewing Global Anoxia and Late Permian Source Rocks - New Frontiers in a Frontier Basin, Sverdrup Basin, Canadian High Arctic Oral
Griffith, Lisa*; Brad Hayes, John Carey, George Eng, Kari Czirjak What if the Glauc is Really Not the Glauc... and Should We Care? Med Hat Glauc C Pool Oral
Griffiths, Mary* An ENGO Viewpoint on the Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide Oral
Gunn, Sarah*; Murray Gingras, Robert Dalrymple, S. George Pemberton Subtidal Ichnology of a Modern Tidal - Fluvial Transition Zone: Ogeechee Estuary, Georgia, U.S.A. Oral
Guo, Rong*; Apostolos Kantzas Coal Characterization in CBM/ECBM Processes Using X-Ray CT Analysis Oral
Haase, Arnim*; Robert Stewart Spherical Wave Model Tests of VSP-based Q-estimation Techniques Oral
Hadlari, Thomas*; Danielle Thomson, C.J. Schröder-Adams Transgressive Sandstone Sedimentology of the Albian Martin House Formation, Peel Region, Northwest Territories Oral
Hall, Mike*; John Tinnin, Peter Stewart Fracture Detection and Reservoir Property Estimation using Full-Wave, Full Azimuth Seismic Data Oral
Han, De-hua*; Huizhu Zhao, and Qiuliang Yao Measured Velocity Data on Heavy Oil Sands Oral
Han, De-hua*; Jiajin Liu, Michael Batzle Velocity and Dispersion of Heavy Oils Oral
Handwerger, David*; Kelly Vaughn, Keith Greaves, Mary Milner, Yi-Kun Yang Improved Characterization of Heterogeneous Reservoirs Using Cluster Analysis of Log Data Oral
Hansen, Cindy*; James MacEachern Ichnological and Sedimentological Facies Variations Across a Mixed-Influenced (River-Wave) Asymmetric Delta Lobe, Upper Cretaceous Basal Belly River Formation, Central Alberta Poster
Hartling, Alf* The Status of Carbon Dioxide Storage in Geological Formations, British Columbia, Canada Oral
Hassan, Hassan*; John Peirce Fusion of airborne gravity and magnetic images for improved detection of structural control Poster
Hauck, Tyler*; Shahin Dashtgard, S. George Pemberton and Murray Gingras Sedimentological and Neoichnological Trends in a Microtidal Barrier Island / Embayment System, New Brunswick, Canada Oral
Hayward, Nathan*; Andrew J. Calvert Structure of the south-eastern Nechako Basin, British Columbia: Results of Seismic Interpretation and First-Arrival Tomographic Inversion Oral
Heath, Robert* How Side-by-Side Use of Mixed Recording Technologies Increases Productivity in Land Exploration Oral
Henley, David*; Gary Margrave Gabor Deconvolution: Surface-Consistent and Iterative Oral
Hickson, Catherine*; Pedro Alcantara, Roberto Page, D. Mike Ellerbeck, Fernando Muñoz Carmona and Reginald Hermanns Multinational Andean Project: Geoscience for Andean Communities (MAP:GAC): Canadian Geoscience Making a Difference Oral
Hobbs, Bruce*; Daniel Sopher Constrained Sharp Boundary Inversion of Multi-Transient EM Data Oral
Hoffe, Brian*; Marco Perez, William Goodway AVO Interpretation in LMR Space: A Primer Oral
Hogg, John*; Michael Enachescu The Canadian Arctic Petroleum Potential: What Does the Next Decade Hold for Canada’s Northern Resources? Oral
Holt, Rob* How to Increase the Bandwidth of your Plains Data Oral
Hons, Michael*; Robert Stewart, Glenn Hauer, Don Lawton, Malcolm Bertram Accelerometer vs Geophone Response: A Field Case History Oral
Hovdebo, Harold*; Barry Johnson Improved Wireline Density Acquisition in Elongated, Directional Boreholes Drilled Through Stressed Formations of Western Canada Oral
Hua, Yong*; Don Lawton Depth Imaging through Surface Carbonates: A 2D Example from the Canadian Rocky Mountains Oral
Hua, Yong*; Don Lawton First-Arrival Traveltime inversion in the CMP Domain: Method and Application Oral
Huang, Jun-Wei*; Bernd Milkereit Seismic Modeling of Reservoir Heterogeneity Scales --- an Application on Gas Hydrate Reservoirs Poster
Hubbard, Stephen*; Andrea Fildani Outcrop Expression of Continental Slope Clinoforms: Insights Into Reservoir Geometries and Distribution in a Complicated Depositional System Oral
Hunt, Lee*; Scott Reynolds, Mark Hadley, Scott Hadley, Jon Downton and Bashir Durrani Are Key Technological Changes of the Last Three Years Enough to Warrant Reprocessing? Interpolation and AVO Inversion for the Nisku at Brazeau Oral
Hunt, Lee*; Scott Hadley, Mark Hadley, Jon Downton, Bashir Durrani Interpolation, PSTM, AVO, and a Thin Gas Charged Viking Shoreface in West Central Alberta Oral
Hutcheon, Ian*; Kyle Durocher, Maurice Shevalier, Bernhard Mayer, John Bloch, Ernie Perkins Mineralogy and CO2 Storage at the Weyburn IEA CO2-EOR Site Oral
Ilhan, M. Anna*; David Gardner, Thanos Natras, Ian McIlreath Maximizing Wireline Coring Efficiency in Upper Mannville Coals in South Central Alberta Poster
Isherwood, Michael*; Nicholas Harvey Integration of Conventional Petrophysical Interpretation and Borehole Images Oral
Izarra, Carlos*; Eduardo Rodrigues Gravity Analysis of Caracas Valley, Venezuela Poster
Jacobi, Robert *; Paul Agle, Mark Evans, Steve Coulter, Stuart Loewenstein, Tom Mroz, John Martin Taconic Tectonics and the Trenton/Black River Carbonate Gas Play in the Northern Appalachian Basin of New York State: Evidence from Seismic Data and the First Oriented Horizontal Core in the Appalachian Basin T/BR Oral
Jácome, Maria*; L. Chacín Subsidence analysis of the Barinas-Apure Basin: Western Venezuela Poster
Janicki, Ed* Water Disposal in Northeastern British Columbia Oral
Johnson, Gareth*; Mark Raistrick, Bernhard Mayer, Steve Taylor, Maurice Shevalier, Michael Nightingale and Ian Hutcheon Tracing the Fate of Injected CO2 during Enhanced Oil Recovery using Stable Isotope Techniques Oral
Jones, Peter* Regional-Scale Gravity Tectonics in Low and High Relief Terrains Oral
Kalmanovitch, Norm*; Dennis Meisinger Amplitude Mapping of Reservoirs in North Africa Oral
Kato, Ayato*; Shigenobu Onozuka, Toru Nakayama, Leigh Skinner Elastic Property Changes of Bitumen Reservoir during Seam Injection Oral
Katsube, T. John*; Dale Issler, Shauna Connell-Madore Texture Characteristics of Tight Formations with Hydrocarbon Seal and Leakage Mechanisms Oral, Poster
Kendall, Rob* Microseismic Monitoring of a Multi-Stage Hydraulic Fracture in the Bakken Formation, SE Saskatchewan Oral
Kirste, Dirk* Geochemical Modeling of CO2-water-rock Interactions for Carbon Storage: Data Requirements and Outputs Oral
Koning, Tako* Salt Tectonics, Salt Rafting & Exploration for Oil in the Pinda Formation, Shallow Water Lower Congo Basin, Angola, West Africa Poster
Konstantinovskaya, Elena*; Lyal Harris, Benjamin Carlier, Audrey Lessard-Fontaine, Jimmy Poulin, Adrien Handschuh, Eric L. Johnson, Nichola Thomas, Sylvie Daniel Centrifuge Simulations of the Interaction Between Folding, Faulting and Diapirism During Regional Extension Poster
Konstantinovskaya, Elena*; D. Rodriguez, D. Kirkwood, L.B. Harris, R. Theriault Effects of Basement Structure, Sedimentation and Erosion on Thrust Wedge Geometry: An Example from the Quebec Appalachians and Analogue Models Poster
Kravchinsky, Vadim* Magnetostratigraphy as a Tool to Date and Correlate Drilling Hole Sediments: Lake Baikal Essay Oral
Krivak, Derek* Practical Applications for Horizontal CBM Drilling, Nova Scotia: A Case Study Oral
Kumar, Vishal*; Felix Herrmann Curvelet-Regularized Seismic Deconvolution Oral
Lamoureux, Michael P.* Tutorial on Compressive Sampling Oral
Lavoie, Denis*; Nicolas Pinet Mapping the Basement - Assessing the Potential for Hydrothermal Dolomitization in the Paleozoic of eastern Canada Oral
Lavoie, Robert*; David Keith Gigaton-Scale CO2 Storage in the Wabamun Lake Area Oral
Lawton, Don*; Robert Stewart, Malcolm Bertram 3D Seismic Surveys for Shallow Targets Oral
Leier, Andrew*; Nadine McQuarrie, D. Tess Cecil-Cockwell Thrust Faulting, Exhumation and Formation-Scale Fluvial Architecture within the Hinterland of the Central Andean Fold-Thrust Belt Oral
Lemieux, Yvon*; Bernie MacLean Structural interpretation of seismic data in the southern Peel Plateau and Plain, Northwest Territories and Yukon: linking the northern Mackenzie and Franklin Poster
Lettley, Curtis*; S. George Pemberton, Murray Gingras, Mike Ranger The Cadotte Member in Subsurface: Beyond a Sheet of Sandstone, Beyond Trends of Paleo-Shoreline Oral
Lindhom, Petter*; Dave Ridyard, Friedrich Roth, Bard Peter Thrane Electromagnetic Scanning Drives Innovative Technology and Business Models Oral
Lines, Larry* Elastic Wave Seismic Interpretation of Heavy-Oil Reservoirs Oral
Liu, Yexin* A Self-Adaptive Optimization Solution to Petrophysical Properties Inversion from Well Logs Oral
Liu, Yexin* Anisotropic Reservoir Characterization based on Support Vector Machine Technique Oral
Lowey, Grant* Hydrocarbon Potential of The Bonnet Plume Basin: A Frontier Basin in Yukon, Canada Poster
Lowey, Grant* Summary of the stratigraphy, sedimentology and hydrocarbon potential of the Laberge Group (Lower-Middle Jurassic), Whitehorse trough, Yukon Poster
Lynch, Gregory* Evidence for Large-Scale Hydrostatic and Thermal Inversion Across the Foothills of Central Alberta, and its Impact on Hydrocarbon Prospectivity Oral
Ma, Jinfeng*; Igo Morozov, Jianyuan Cheng AVO Attributes of a Deep Coal Seam Oral, Poster
Ma, Yongwang*; Gary Margrave, Chad Hogan Fast Gabor Imaging with Spatial Resampling Oral
Ma, Yongwang*; Igor Morozov Quantitative Petrophysical AVO Error Analysis in a Layered Model Oral
MacNaughton, Robert*; Karen Fallas The Plateau Fault as a Hydrocarbon Play: Likely or Not? Oral
Margrave, Gary*; Joanna Cooper Seismic Modeling in 3D for Migration Testing Oral
Maxwell, Shawn*; Ulrich Zimmer, James Wolfe Dual Array Microseismic Hydraulic Fracture Imaging Oral
McConnell, Douglas*; Ted Glenn Athabasca Oil Sands Exploration and Development Investigation using the Helicopter-borne Transient Electromagnetic Technique Poster
McCrank, Jason*; Don Lawton Seismic Characterization of CO2 in Coals Oral
McIlreath, Ian*; Thanos Natras, Christian Abaco, Randy Hnatuik Characterization of the Upper Mannville CBM Play in South Central Alberta Poster
McLellan, Pat*; Queena Chou, Jordan Gao, Chris Hawkes, Steve Smith Geomechanical Characterization of an Acid Gas EOR, CO2 Sequestration and Monitoring Project, Zama Field, Alberta Poster
Mei, Shilong* Geological Trend versus Mathematical Trend: Introducing a High-Resolution Approach to Subsurface Structure Mapping using Well-log Data and Geospatial Analysis Oral
Meloche, Dennis* A Practical Application of Modern Depositional Analogs, Part I: Environments of Sand Deposition Associated with a Wave-Dominated Coastline, Nayarit, Mexico Oral
Meloche, Dennis* A Practical Application Of Modern Depositional Analogs, Part II: Environments Of Sand Deposition Associated With A Macrotidal Estuary, The Colorado River Delta, Baja California Oral
Meneley, Robert* The Significance of Oil in the Sverdrup Basin Oral
Miao, Xiaogui*; Lei Wei Converted-Wave Prestack Time Imaging Without Using P-wave Oral
Miall, Charlene*; Andrew Miall Earth Scientists' Perspectives on the State of the Discipline, the Future of the Fossil Fuel Industry, and Environmental Issues Oral
Miong, Soo-Kyung*; Robert Stewart, Joe Wong Characterizing the Near Surface with VSP and Well Logs Oral
Misra, Somanath*; Mauricio Sacchi Model Preconditioning Based Global Optimization: Application to Prestack Migration Velocity Analysis Oral
Morgan, Alan V.* Global Change: An Earth Scientist's Perspective on a Changing World Oral
Morozov, Igor*; Atul Jhajhria 3D Refraction Statics Integrated with Surface-Consistent First-Break Picking, Iterative Inversion and 3D Visualization Oral, Poster
Mustard, Peter*; J. Brian Mahoney, J. Russell Goodin, C.I. “Kate” MacLaurin, James Haggart Stratigraphic Analysis of Cretaceous Strata flanking the Southern Nechako Basin: Constraining Basin Architecture and Reservoir Potential Oral