2008 Conference Abstracts (N to Z)

Author(s) Abstract Title Presentation
Naghizadeh, Mostafa*; Mauricio Sacchi Seismic Trace Interpolation Using Adaptive Prediction Filters Oral
Newton, Melissa*; Deborah Spratt Structural Geology and Fracture Analysis of Grotto Canyon, Alberta Oral
Nowlan, Godfrey*; John Boyd, Jim Reimer The International Year of Planet Earth: Helping to Build Canadians' Understanding of Earth Sciences and Earth Scientists Oral
Ortiz-Osornio, Miryam*; Douglas Schmitt Q Inversion in a Heavy Oil Sand Oral
Ostridge, Lauren*; Robert Stewart Spring Coulee, Alberta: Geology, Production and Potential Hydrocarbon Bearing Zones Oral
Paddock, David R.*; Christian Stolte Seismic Reservoir Characterization of a Gas Shale Utilizing Azimuthal Data Processing, Pre-Stack Seismic Inversion and Ant Tracking Oral
Pathi, Venkat Murthy*; R. Marc Bustin Factors Affecting the Permeability of Shales in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin  
Peirce, John*; Dave Caulfield, Bob Charters, Dumitru Ion, Hassan Hassan, Randy Kolesar Keep an Eye on your Basement! - The 3D Version Oral
Perrone, Michael*; Jizhu Lu, Mark Bransford, Janet Shiu Efficient Wave Equation Migration on Multicore Processors Oral
Perz, Mike*; Ye Zheng Common-offset and common-offset-vector Migration of 3D Wide Azimuth Land Data: A Comparison of Two Approaches Oral
Philips, Jeremy*; Nigel Watts, Ian McIlreath Carbonate Slope and Basin Deposits: A Review of Models, Worldwide Examples and their Relevance to the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin Poster
Piron, Emmanuelle* Reservoir Characterization of the Grosmont Formation at Saleski, NE AB: A Multi-Disciplinary Data Integration Exercise In Progress Oral, Poster
Potter, Judith*; Ian McIlreath Vitrinite Reflectance, Thermal Maturity and Coal Rank in Lower Cretaceous Medicine River Coals of South Central Alberta: Reflectance Suppression and the Role of Liptinite Macerals in Hydrocarbon Generation - Implications for CBM Exploration Poster
Potter, Judith*; Ian McIlreath, Thanos Natras Lithotypes, Macerals and Coal Facies Studies of Lower Cretaceous Medicine River Coals in South Central Alberta: Applications in CBM Exploration, Depositional Environments and Tectonic History Studies Poster
Pratt, Brian*; Gregory De Pascale, Bruce Hart, Wayne Pollard GPR-Based Mapping Silurian Grainstone Megashoals Poster
Proverbs, Peter*; Kerrie Bann Integrated Ichnology and Sedimentology of Anomalously Thick Sandstone Bodies, Triassic Doig Formation, West-Central Alberta Oral
Quijada, Maria F.*; Robert R. Stewart Petrophysical and Seismic Signature of a Heavy Oil Sand Reservoir: Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan Oral, Poster
Raistrick, Mark*; Ian Hutcheon, Maurice Shevalier, Bernhard Mayer Enhanced CO2 storage as a result of CO2-water-silicate mineral reactions; evidence from produced fluid geochemistry and geochemical modeling at the IEA Weyburn Project Oral
Ramos, Sharleen* Shale Gas Regulations in Alberta: Control Well Requirements Oral
Ranger, Michael*; T. Ross Lennox CO2 Sequestration Options in the SAGD Operational Areas Oral
Reinson, Gerry*; Jason Lavigne Variability in Estuarine Systems as a Function of Drainage Basin Style, North Oregon Coast - Implications For Interpretation of Sandstone Reservoirs Oral
Riddell, Janet*; David Brown, James Simpson, Haney Daniels Reservoir in the Nechako Basin Poster
Robb, J L.*; Tom Kotzer and Chris Hawkes Investigation of the 3D Geometry of Low Permeability Rocks Using Synchrotron X-Ray Computed Microtomography Poster
Robinson, Cindy*; Steve Larter, Ronald Spencer Assessing Shale Gas Potential of the Colorado Group, southern Alberta: A Multidisciplinary Approach Oral
Roca, Xavier*; Jessica R. Krawetz, Heng Zhang, Bogdan Varban, Chad Sisulak, Kim Bastedo, A. Guy Plint Genetic Stratigraphy of the Lower Colorado Group: from Peace River to the Montana Border Poster
Ross, Daniel*; R. Marc Bustin Impact of Shale Heterogeneity Upon Gas Storage Potential and Deliverability: Examples from Jurassic and Devonian/Mississippian Shale Gas Reservoirs Oral
Ross, Doris* Progressive Approaches to Seismic Data Acquisition: Supporting Community Investment and Environmental Research Oral
Russum, Dave*; Alexei Belonogov Is Canada Lagging in Arctic Development? Oral, Poster
Schijns, Heather*; Douglas Schmitt, Ilmo Kukkonen, Pekka Heikkinen Anisotropic Velocity Model of a Fractured Formation Using a High Resolution VSP Survey and Forward Modeling Oral
Schlacter, Greg*; Thomas Howard, Vince Pisio, Kelly Berner Wireline Conveyed In Situ Stress Testing Applications in Western Canada Oral
Schwartz, Stephen*; Karem Azmy, Nigel Blamey Pre-Rift Labrador Shelf Carbonates, Hopedale Basin: Diagenetic Implications and Age Assessment Poster
Sellers, Harrell*; Michael Perrone and Raymond Spiteri A Computational Model of Catalyzed Carbon Sequestration Oral
Shafiee, Mohammad Ebrahim*; Apostolos Kantzas Rock Properties and Pore Classes based on Core Analysis in Carbonate Reservoir by using CT Scanning Oral
Shevalier, Maurice*; Michael Nightinglae, Gareth Johnson, Bernhard Mayer, Ian Hutcheon, Ernie Perkins Reservoir Geochemical Monitoring of the PennWest CO2-EOR Site Oral, Poster
Shi, Ruiping*; Apostolos Kantzas An Investigation of Oil Viscosity And Depletion Rate Effect on Heavy Oil Recovery by Primary Production and CO2 Huff and Puff Process Oral, Poster
Smith, Derald* Counter Point Bars: Morphology, Lithofacies and Reservoir Significance of a Newly Recognized Sedimentary Deposit in Large Modern Meandering Rivers and The McMurray Oil Sands Oral, Poster
Spratt, Jessica*; J. Craven Initial Results of a Test Survey in the Nechako Basin, B.C. Designed to Determine the Usefulness of the Magnetotelluric Method in Oil and Gas Exploration Poster
Stabell, Charles*; Espen Langlie Handling Seismic Anomalies on Multiple Targets Oral
Stewart, Robert* A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall: When Solar System Vagabonds Meet the Earth Oral
Sun, L. Flora*; Bernd Milkereit Seismic Velocity Dispersion and the Petrophysical Properties of Porous Media Oral, Poster
Taborda, Adriana*; Deborah Spratt Structural Style in the Peel Region, NWT and Yukon Oral, Poster
Taerum, Rob*; Deb Spratt The Roles Sheet Structure Minerals, Wetting Fluids and Biological Activities Play in the Development of Bedding-Plane Detachment Surfaces Poster
Thompson, Cameron*; James MacEachern Ichnological and Sedimentological Comparisons of Brackish-Water Bay-Head Deltas and Fully Marine Open-Coast Deltas, Lower Cretaceous Grand Rapids Formation, Alberta Oral, Poster
Tivey, David*; Victoria Biersteker, Salman Khalid*, Ken Faurschou, Xianran Zhao Understanding the Petrophysics of Horn River Shales Oral
Trad, Daniel*; Matt Hall, Milka Cotra Merging Surveys with Multidimensional Interpolation Oral
Trickett, Stewart* F-xy Cadzow Noise Suppression Oral
Ursenbach, Charles*; Don Lawton Seismic Modeling of Acid-Gas Injection in a Deep Saline Reservoir Oral
Varga, Roxana*; Robert Stewart Searching for Sand in Saskatchewan: Manitou Lake 3C-3D Seismic Project Oral
Vasudevan, Kris*; D.W. Eaton, F. A. Cook Skeleton Migration, A Seismic Interpretation Tool Oral, Poster
Wamsteeker, Michael*; Benoit Beauchamp, Charles Henderson Sedimentology and Biostratigraphy of Bart Reef: A New Mud-Mound Discovered in the northern Sverdrup Basin, west-central Ellesmere Island Oral
Wang, Juefu*; Mauricio Sacchi Structure-and-Amplitude-Preserving Multi-Channel Deconvolution Poster
Wards, Ben*; Gary Margrave, Michael Lamoureux High-Fidelity Time-Stepping for Reverse-Time Migration Oral
Wendte, Jack*; Tom Uyeno Extrabasinal tectonic and paleo-wind control on variations of regional-scale carbonate stacking patterns in the Middle-Upper Devonian Beaverhill Lake Group in south-central Alberta Poster
Weng, Renjun*; Philip Ringrose, Kjetil Nordahl Upscaling Core Plug Data to Reservoir Modeling Grid: A Small-Scale Heterogeneity Modeling Approach Oral
West, Lawrence*; Stacy Atchley, David Cleveland, Gabriella Carrelli, Todd Knight The Swan Hills Formation at Kaybob South Field, Alberta: An Example of Remaining Reserves Potential within Mature Fields Oral
Wong, Joe*; Soo Miong, Laurence Bentley, Robert Stewart VSP and Well Logs from a Shallow Test Well Oral
Wu, Wen-Jing* A New Method of Multiple Attenuation: Multiple Identification and Subtraction Oral
Xu, Yong*; Satinder Chopra Reliable Density Inversion and Application in Understanding Heavy Oil Reservoir Heterogeneity in WCS Oral
Xu, Yong*; Satinder Chopra Subtuning Thickness Estimation from AVO Gathers Oral
Yang, Yongtai*; Andrew Miall Allostratigraphy of the Cenomanian Belle Fourche Formation in southern Alberta and Reconstruction of mid-Cretaceous Foreland Basin Systems in the northern Western Interior Seaway Oral, Poster
Yip, Sze-Shan*; Hairuo Qing, Osman Salad Hersi, Warren Walsh Diagenetic Evolution of Middle Devonian Carbonate Reservoirs of Stone and Dunedin Formations, Liard Basin, Northeastern British Columbia Poster
Yurkowski, Melinda M.*; Erik Nickel, Arden Marsh, Dan Kohlruss, Chao Yang Revisiting Old Plays with New Ideas - Exploration Trends in Saskatchewan Oral
Zantvoort, Willem* Reservoir and Source Rock Potential of late Devonian Imperial Formation, southern Peel Plateau and Plain, NWT Poster
Zapfe-Smith, Ian*; Louise Klatzel-Mudry and Ken Hansen Integration of Multiple Technologies in Northern Frontier Exploration Oral
Zhang*, Changjun Seismic Attenuation Analysis for Reservoir Description Oral
Zhang, Shunxin* New Insights into Ordovician Oil Shales, Southampton Island, Nunavut Oral
Zhang, Zimin*; Robert Stewart Well Log Analysis and Seismic Attenuation in a Heavy Oilfield: Ross Lake, Saskatchewan Oral
Zheng, Ye*; Mike Perz, Juefu Wang Practical Aspects of Seismic Fracture Analysis Oral
Ziolkowski, Anton*; David Wright, Guy Hall, Craig Clarke First Shallow-Water Multi-Transient EM Survey Oral
Zwicker, Terry*; Patrick Rodgers How Good is your Geophysicist's Well Prognosis? Oral