2009 Conference Abstracts (A to M)

Author(s) Abstract Title Presentation
Adams, Jennifer; Dennis Jiang, Berry Bennett, Lloyd Snowdon, Ian Gates and Steve Larter Heavy Oil and Super Heavy Oil Viscosity Measurement and Estimation: Getting Representative Samples Poster
Adams, Jennifer; Haiping Huang, Barry Bennett, and Steve Larter The Dynamic Interplay of Oil Charge, Basin Dynamics, Caprock Leakage and Gas Generating Biodegradation Produces Heavy and Super-Heavy Oil Fields: Examples from Western Canada Oral, Poster
Ahmad, Jawwad; Cheran Mangat and John Pendrel Deliniation of a Thin Sand Reservoir using Geostatistical AVO Inversion Oral
Ahmad, Jawwad; Tony Sun Importance of Seismic Petrophysics for Seismic Data Inversion – Comparision with Reservoir / Conventional Petrophysics Oral
Allen, Tammy L.; Tiffani A. Fraser An Update of Hydrocarbon Potential in Yukon's Peel Region Oral, Poster
Allison, Mitchell; Qunton Rafuse and Darren Lee Methodology and Workflows for Calculating a Statistically Enhanced OGIP Value for Coals Oral, Poster
Anderson, Paul F. Comparing Post-Stack AVO inversion to Prestack Inversion for Estimating Rock Properties Oral
Armbruster, M.; B. Nur, T. Cavanaugh, B. Guzman, A.Sulayman, E. Henderson, A. Grader Digital Rock Properties on Oil Sands Oral
Bale, Richard; Kostya Poplavskii and Colin Wright Compensation for Shear-Wave Anisotropy Effects above a Heavy Oil Reservoir Oral
Bancroft, John C. On Choosing Differential Operators Oral
Baranova, Valentina; Azer Mustaqeem and Mohammad Irfan Integrated High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of Cardium Formation, Bilbo Field – Key to Finding Hidden Shoreface Reservoirs Poster
Barrett, Kent R.; John Hopkins Stratiform Carbonate Breccias of the Grosmont Formation, Alberta Oral
Beauchamp, Benoit; Charles M. Henderson and Steve E. Grasby Middle to Late Permian Sedimentation in the Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic: A 40-Year Old Stratigraphic Problem Resolved Oral
Beaudoin, Bill; Jerry Shaw Characterization of the Horn River Basin Thermogenic Shale Gas Play in Northeastern BC Oral
Bellefleur, Gilles; Tom Brent, Michael Riedel, Kumar Ramachandran and Scott Dallimore Recent Advances In Mapping Deep Permafrost And Gas Hydrate Occurrences Using Industry Seismic Data, Richards Island Area, Northwest Territories, Canada Poster
Belonogov, Alexei; Dave Russum A Comparison of the Montney / Doig, Horn River and Barnett Poster
Bellman, Laurie Weston Oil Sands Reservoir Characterization: An Integrated Approach Oral
Bennett, Barry; Jennifer J. Adams, Steve Larter Oil Fingerprinting for Production Allocation: Exploiting the Natural Variations in Fluid Properties Encountered in Heavy Oil and Oil Sand Reservoirs Oral
Bennion, Brant What to Do... With CO2 Oral
Benzaoui, Khaled; Tom Cox Integration of Multi Scale Data in Facies Modeling using Neural Network Oral
Berger, Zeev; Michelle Boast, and Martin Mushayandebvu The Contribution of Integrated Structural/Tectonic Studies of HRAM Data for Exploration and Exploitation of Resource Plays in North America Oral
Best, M.; R. Charters, K. Morrison and C. Nahas Sub-Basalt Integrated Geophysical Study, Islandmagee, Northern Ireland Oral
Brent, Thomas Seismic Mapping of the King Christian Formation, Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada: Spatial Visualization with Potential Field Data Poster
Blyth, Alec; John Horgan Monitoring for Potential Impacts from CBM Development Oral
Boisvert, Jeff; Clayton V. Deutsch Geostatistic with Locally Varying Anisotropy Oral
Bongajum, Emmanuel; Bernd Milkereit Determining Scale Properties from Seismic Transmission Responses: A Modeling Study Poster
Borrero, Mary; Hans G. Machel Hondo Evaporites in the Grosmont Heavy oil Carbonate Reservoir Poster
Bowman, Sheri; Ted Urbancic Determining Effective Hydraulic Fracture Volume Utilizing PSO and Seismic Deformation Oral
Browning, Meredith; Andrew Leier Stratigraphy and Characterization of the Lower Cretaceous Cummings Formation, Lloydminster, Alberta Poster
Burinda C.; J. Pitcher Geosteering Techniques in Thin Coal Reservoirs Oral
Burroughs, Lynn; Stewart Trickett Prestack Rank-Reduction-Based Noise Suppression: Practise Oral
Calvert, Andrew J.; Nathan Hayward Seismic Imaging Beneath the Volcanic Rocks of the Nechako Basin, British Columbia Oral
Cameron, Greg; Josef Heim, Frederik Horn and Andy Dyke Challenges in AVO Compliant Processing of Multiple Surveys Oral
Campbell, Calvin; David C. Mosher, Mark E. Deptuck, Grant D. Wach The Formation of a Miocene Deepwater Erosional Unconformity and the Effects on Subsequent Deposition Patterns on the western Scotian Slope, Canada Oral, Poster
Cant, Doug Stratigraphic Wars – Jurassic vs. Lower Cretaceous Legal Disputes Oral
Carriere, Kevin; Hans Machel Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Breccias and Fills in the Upper Devonian Grosmont Bitumen Reservoir, Alberta, Canada Poster
Cary, Peter; Changjun Zhang Ground Roll Attenuation via SVD and Adaptive Subtraction Oral
Cevallos, Martin; Manuela Rivero Reservoir Characterization of Unconsolidated Coastal Plain and Littoral Sandstones. Case Study of a New Heavy Oil Shallow Play, Neuquina Basin, Western Argentina Poster
Cevallos, Martin; Edmundo Marot, Herán Paponi and Héctor Villar Geochemical Characterization of Heavy Oil Accumulations at Neuquén Basin Northeastern Margin, Argentina Poster
Chalaturnyk, Rick J. Risk, Performance and Uncertainty in the Geological Storage of CO2 Oral
Chalmers, Gareth; R. Marc Bustin Gas Shale Potential of the Shaftesbury Formation, Northeastern British Columbia Oral
Chatellier, Jean-Yves; Bob Menard and Mathieu Tremblay Teamwork and Innovation in Geosciences – Who is on the team? Who is keeping score? Oral
Chatellier, Jean-Yves; Jackie Banner Kaizen Approach Leading to Success in North Sea Turbidites: Constant Revision of a Geological Model Oral
Chen, Jingyi; Ralph Phillip Bording The Application of the Nearly Optimal Sponge Boundary Conditions for Seismic Wave Propagation in Poroelastic Media Oral
Chen, Tiansheng; Xiucheng Wei Joint PP and PS AVO Inversion Based on Zeopprtiz Equations Oral
Chen, Zhuoheng; Kirk Osadetz, James Dixon, James Dietrich and Giles Morrell A Revised Oil Resource Evaluation Incorporating Improved Recovery and Variable Dependencies, the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin Oral
Cheng, Peng; Gary F. Margrave Color Correction for Gabor Deconvolution and Nonstationary Phase Rotation Oral
Chopra, Satinder; Kurt Marfurt Multi-Spectral Volumetric Curvature Adding Value to 3D Seismic Data Interpretation Poster
Chopra, Satinder; Kurt Marfurt Seismic Attribute as an Aid to Production from Fractures Oral, Poster
Chopra, Satinder; Kurt Marfurt Seismic Attribute Applications for Interpreters Oral, Poster
Chopra, Satinder; Kurt Marfurt When Thin Is In – Relative Acoustic Impedance Helps Poster
Classen, Kelley L.; Don C. Lawton Seismic Expression of a Complex Tectonic Wedge in the South-central Alberta Foothills Oral
Close, David; David Cho, Frederik Horn, Charles Wagner and Shantanu Singh Seismic Inversion in a Tight Gas Sand: An Illuminating Case Study Oral
Closson, Jeff; Jean-Yves Chatellier and Anne Hargreaves Carbonate Ramp Controlled by Alternate Fault Activity, Geological versus Seismic Expressions Poster
Collom, Christopher J. Evidence of Syn-Sedimentary Tectonism in the Burgess Shale and other Middle Cambrian units, British Columbia, Canada Oral
Cox, Tom P.; Darren Hinks, Stephanie Schmidt, Dale Vanhooren and Sergei Filin Depth Conversion Methodology using a Stochastic Velocity Model for the McMurray Formation Oral
Curtis, Trudy What is a Well? Achieving Clarity and Consistency Oral
Dalir, Ali; Sarah Cutten Integrated Reservoir Characterisation: Case Study Results and Discussion on Interdiciplanary Teams Oral
Dallimore, Scott R.; J. Frederick Wright, Koji Yamamoto and Kirk G. Osadetz The Mallik Gas Hydrate Field: Lessons Learned from 37 years of Gas Hydrate Investigation Oral
Daugherty, Jill; Ted Urbancic Microseismic Monitoring of a Carbon Sequestration Field Test Oral
De Meersman, Kristof; Marcelo Roizman Converted Wave Receiver Statics from First Break Mode Conversions Oral
Deptuck, Mark E.; Kris Kendell and Brenton Smith Complex Deepwater Fold-belts in the SW Sable Subbasin, Offshore Nova Scotia Oral
Dewing, Keith; Hamed Sanei Analysis of Large Thermal Maturity Datasets from the Canadian Arctic Islands Oral
Dickie, K.; G.L. Williams and C.E. Keen A New Look at the Tectonostratigraphic Evolution of the Labrador Shelf Oral, Poster
Dixon, James; Kezhen Hu, Jim Dietrich and Dave McNeil Stratigraphic Correlations for Six Wells in the Adgo Oil and Gas Field, Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin, Arctic Canada Poster
Dietrich, James; Peter Hannigan, Kezhen Hu and Peter Giles Petroleum Resource Potential of the Carboniferous Maritimes Basin, Eastern Canada Oral
Downie, Robert C.; Joël H. Le Calvez and Ken Kerrihard Real-Time Microseismic Monitoring of Simultaneous Hydraulic Fracturing Treatments in Adjacent Horizontal Wells in the Woodford Shale Oral
Drottning, Å.; M. Branston Using a 3D PSDM Simulator to Facilitate Overburden and Survey Consistent Modelling of the 4D Seismic Response of the Norne Field Oral
Dumitrescu, Carmen C.; Larry Lines, Dale Vanhooren and Darren Hinks Characterization of Heavy Oil Reservoir using Vp/Vs Ratio and Neural Network Analysis Oral
Eisinger, Chris; Jerry Jensen Reservoir Characterization for the Wabamun Area CO2 Sequestration Project: Geocellular and Boolean Modeling of a Regional-Scale Carbonate Oral
Eliuk, Leslie Regional Setting of the Late Jurassic Deep Panuke Field, offshore Nova Scotia, Canada – Cuttings-based Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Facies Associations Abenaki Formation Carbonate Margin – A Unique Hydrocarbon System and Play Type Oral
Eliuk, Leslie; Grant Wach Carbonate and Siliciclastic Sequence Stratigraphy - Examples from the Late Jurassic Abenaki Limestone and West Venture Deltaic Beds, offshore Nova Scotia, Canada Poster
Embry, Ashton Lower Triassic Stratigraphy and Petroleum Potential, Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada Oral
Embry, Ashton Lower Upper Triassic (Carnian) Stratigraphy and Depositional History, Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Islands Oral
Embry, Ashton Lowstand Systems Tract – A Problematic Stratigraphic Unit Oral
Enachescu, Michael; Henry Lyatsky, Penny Colton, Paul Einarsson and Allan Feir Synergistic Interpretation of Labrador Sea Geophysical Data Oral
Fallas, Karen M. GSC Hydrocarbon Studies in the Central Mackenzie Mountains, NWT: Structural Assessment and Implications for Trap Development Oral
Fay, Mathew; Steve Larter and Barry Bennett Hydrocarbon Systems and Basin Analysis of Central Alberta - Saskatchewan Border Plains Region – Fluid Flow and Petroleum Biodegradation Trends Based on Produced Fluid Sampling and Analysis Oral
Egan, Mark S.; Antoun Salama, George El-Kaseeh and Joe Seissiger Requirements for Resolution Oral
Essery, Alison Predictive Stratigraphic Mapping of Thick Triassic Doig Sandstones in BC and Alberta Oral
Ferguson, Grant D.; David Jacobi, Matt Bratovich and Brian LeCompte An Update on the Use of Pulsed Neutron Elemental Spectroscopy Measurements in Heavy Oil and Shale Gas Reservoir Evaluation Oral
Ferguson, Robert J; Gary F. Margrave 3D Anisotropic Phase Shift Operators Oral
Ferri, Filippo New Regional Mapping within the Foothills of Halfway River Map Area (NTS 94B/2 and 7) Poster
Fic, Julianne D.; Per K. Pedersen Reservoir Architecture of the Middle Jurassic Upper Shaunavon Member in the Whitemud Pool – SW Saskatchewan Poster
Ford, Chris M.; Charles M. Henderson, Stephen M. Hubbard, G.S. Soreghan, K. Hathaway, M. Soreghan and V. Davydov Geologic Record of Arid Climate Cyclothems in the Upper Pennsylvanian and Lower Permian Tobermory and Kananaskis Formations of Fortress Mountain Ridge Section, Kananaskis Country, Southern Alberta Oral
Frey, Shannon E.; Shahin E. Dashtgard Sedimentology of Composite Sand-and-Gravel Beach-Shoreface Complexes Oral
Gal, Len Research Highlights: Petroleum Potential of Paleozoic Rocks, Peel Plateau and Plain, Northwest Territories and Yukon Poster
Gagnon, Jean-Francois Early to Middle Jurassic Subsidence History of the Bowser Basin and Hazelton Trough in the Area of Tsatia Mountain, North-central British Columbia Poster
Garner, David; Paul Broughton and Amanda Woo Applications of 1D Electro-Facies Modeling Oral, Poster
Gautier, Donald Quantities and Costs of Future Petroleum Oral
Grant, Lowey The Bonnet Plume Basin, Yukon, Canada: A Previously Unrecognized Oil Play Poster
Grasby, Stephen E. Geothermal Energy Potential in Canada Oral
Grasby, Stephen E.; Benoit Beauchamp and Chris Harrison Methane Seeps in the Sverdrup Basin: Evidence for Historic Gas Generation and Migration Oral
Grasby, Stephen E.; Zhuoheng Chen and Dale Issler Evidence for Deep Anaerobic Biodegredation Associated with Rapid Sedimentation and Burial in the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin, Canada Oral
Gray, David; Darren Schmidt, Nirupama Nagarajappa, Charles Ursenbach and Jon Downton An Azimuthal-AVO-Compliant 3D Land Seismic Processing Flow Oral, Poster
Gray, David; Shangxu Wang Towards an Optimal Workflow for Azimuthal AVO Oral
Grossi, Paolo; Joel Christiansen, Jennifer Adams, Norka Marcano, and Steve Larter Lower Cretaceous Mannville Oil Sands Prospect in the Buffalo Head Hills – Peerless Lake Region, Northern Alberta: Petroleum Generation, Migration, and Biodegradation Oral
Haase, Arnim B.; Robert R. Stewart Modelling Near-Field Effects in VSP-based Q-estimation Part 1: Theoretical Developments Oral
Haase, Arnim B.; Robert R. Stewart Modelling Near-Field Effects in VSP-based Q-estimation Part 2: Modelling Results Oral
Hadlari, Thomas Anatomy of a Transgressive Sandstone: Sequence Stratigraphy of the Martin House and Lower Arctic Red Formations (Albian), Peel Plateau and Plain, NWT Poster
Hadlari, Thomas; Danielle Thomson, Claudia Schroder-Adams, Yvon Lemieux, Bernie MacLean and J.E. Gabites Evolution of a Northern Cordilleran Foreland Basin Inferred from Cretaceous Stratigraphy, Seismic Sections, and Detrital Zircons, Mackenzie Mountains, NWT Oral
Hall, Matt Lithofacies Prediction from Seismic, One Step at a Time: An Example from the McMurray Formation Bitumen Reservoir at Surmont Oral
Han, Hongxue; Maurice Desseault Formation and Casing Shear During Injection / Production Activities Oral
Han, Lejia; Joe Wong, John C. Bancroft, and Robert R. Stewart Automatic Time Picking and Velocity Determination on Full Waveform Sonic Logs Oral, Poster
Hannigan, Peter K.; Jim Dixon and David W. Morrow Oil and Gas Resource Potential in the Mackenzie Corridor, Northern Mainland, Canada Oral
Harrison, Christopher; Marc St-Onge, Sergey Strelnikov, Boris Lopatin, Frederic Wilson, Stefan Bergman, Arne Solli and Hans F. Jepsen Development of the Geological Map of the Arctic: Scientific Challenges and Opportunities for Evaluation of Resource Potential Oral
Harrison, Christopher; Marc St-Onge, Oleg Petrov, Sergey Strelnikov, Boris Lopaten and Frederic Wilson A New Geological Map of the Arctic: Geological Survey of Canada Open File 5816 Poster
Hartel, Tijmen H.D. Fractures in the Cardium and Normal Faults in Western Alberta Oral
Hayward, Nathan; Andrew J. Calvert Near-Surface Volcanic Rocks in the SE Nechako Basin, BC: Results of Interpretation of Seismic Reflection Data using First-Arrival Tomographic Inversion Oral
Hedlin, Ken; Arthur Chan Examples of the Seismic Imprint of Cold Heavy Oil Production Oral
Helwig, James; Naresh Kumar and Menno Dinkelman Canada's Beaufort-Mackenzie Submarine Foldbelt: Fresh Look at a Frontier Giant Petroleum System with the BeaufortSPAN™ 40-Km PSDM Survey Oral
Henley, David C.; Kevin W. Hall, Malcolm Bertram, and Eric Gallant Increasing Seismic Resolution by Decreasing Receiver Spacing Oral
Higley, Debra K.; Michael D. Lewan Petroleum Resource Assessment of the Alberta Basin Using 4-D Petroleum System Models Oral
Hobbs, Bruce; Dieter Werthmüller and Folke Engelmark The Effect of Resistivity Anisotropy on Transient Electromagnetic Earth Responses Oral
Hogg, John; Gary Prost and John Cody The Umiak Discovery, Northwest Territories, Canada Oral
Hong, Sahyun; Clayton V. Deutsch Integrating the Secondary Data for An Improved Reservoir Characterization Oral
Hons, Michael S; .and Robert R. Stewart Geophone and MEMS Accelerometer Comparison at Spring Coulee, Alberta Oral
Hogan, Chad; Ken Hedlin, Gary Margrave and Michael Lamoureux Feasibility Testing of Time-Lapse Seismic Monitoring with Full Waveform Tomography Oral
Hu, Kezhen; James Dietrich Hydrocarbon Reservoir Potential in Carboniferous Sandstones in the Maritimes Basin, Eastern Canada Poster
Huang, Jun-Wei; Bernd Milkerei Empirical Mode Decomposition Based Instantaneous Spectral Analysis and its Applications to Heterogeneous Petrophysical Model Construction Poster
Huang, Jun-Wei; Gilles Bellefleur and Bernd Milkereit Seismic Wave Attenuation due to Scattering and Leaky Mode Mechanisms in Heterogeneous Reservoirs Oral, Poster
Jeng, Yih; Chuan-Hung Lin, Yi-Wei Li, Chih-Sung Chen, and Hsin-Han Huang Application of Multiresolution Analysis in Removing Ground-Penetrating Radar Noise Oral
Jensen, Gavin; Erik Nickel, Steve Whittaker and Ben Rostron Geological Characterization for the IEA GHG Weyburn-Midale CO2 Monitoring and Storage Project: Past Successes and Future Challenges Oral
Jhajhria, Atul; Igor B. Morozov Accurate and Automatic Computation of Refraction Statics in Large 3D Seismic Datasets Oral
Johnson, Mike; Jim Davidson, Peter Budgell, Steve Rymes, Rick McLean, Melinda Yurkowski and Arden Marsh Saskatchewan's Ultimate Potential for Conventional Natural Gas Oral
Jones, Peter Potential Targets in Gravity Collapse Structures Oral
Jones, Michael; Richard Parker Microseismic Monitoring of a Hydraulic Fracture in a Horizontal Well near Pouce Coupe BC Oral, Poster
Kalmanovitch, Norm; Dennis Meisinger and Randi Christiansen Some Workstation Techniques for Defining Reservoirs in Difficult Data Areas Oral
Kendall, Rob Using Timelapse Seismic to Monitor the THAI™ Heavy Oil Production Process Oral
Kaplan, Sam T. Parallel Implementation of Pre-Stack Least-Squares Migration for Distributed Systems Oral
Khalid, S.; A. Al-Jubori, T. Natras and I. McIlreath Successful Identification of Complex Cleat Systems in Coals Oral, Poster
Khalid, S.; X. Zhao and K. Faurschou Geomechanics of Shale Gas Reservoirs Oral
Kohlruss, Dan; Per Kent Pedersen and Guoxiang Chi Update on Northwest Saskatchewan's Lower Cretaceous Dina Formation Bitumen Play Poster
Klingensmith, Harvey; Damon Olsen, Salman Khalid and Ken Faurschou A Horn River Basin Case Study Oral
Kostyukevych, Alexander; I.U. Khromova, N. Marmalevskyi and Y. Roganov Fracturing is Distinctly Revealed by Duplex Wave Migration Oral, Poster
Kostyukevych, Alexander; Ivan Iantsevitch 3D-3C Full Wave Modeling in Anisotropic 2,5-D Medium Oral, Poster
Kumar, Naresh; James Helwig and Menno G. Dinkelman New Insights into a Potential Major Petroleum Province off Banks Island, Canadian Arctic Passive Margin, from BeaufortSPAN™ 2-D Seismic Data Oral
Labrecque, Phillip; Jerry Jansen and Stephen Hubbard Statistical Analysis of Depositional Cyclicity within Point Bar Deposits, McMurray Formation, Northeastern Alberta Poster
Lafleur, Paul The Elements of a Cost-Effective Geochemical Soil Gas Survey-Applications for Oil and Gas Exploration and Sequestration Oral
Lambo, Adewale; Macy Yurkiw and Gerrit Voordouw Biogenic Methane Production from Crude Oil by Enrichment from a Low-Temperature Western Canadian Oil Reservoir Oral
Lamoureux, Michael P.; Gary F. Margrave Properties of Gabor Operators for Seismic Imaging Oral
Lankston, Robert W. Effect of Non-Hydrostatic Pore Pressure on the Depth to the Base of the Hydrate Stability Zone Oral
Larter, Steve; I. Head, I. Gates, P. Santosham, D. Rafter, J.Adams, X. Zhang, M. Fay, A. Cherry, M. Jones, N. Gray Low Emission Microbial Upgrading and Recovery (LEMUR) A Potential Route to Low or Zero Emission Energy Recovery from Oilfields Oral
Larter, Steve; Ian Head, Ian Gates, Jennifer Adams, David Rafter and Peter Santosham Low Emission Microbial Upgrading and Recovery (LEMUR) A Potential Route to Low or Zero Emission Energy Recovery from Oilfields Poster
Larter, Steve; Jennifer Adams and Ian Gates Improving the Efficiencies of In Situ Energy Production: The Quick Win on Emission Reduction in Oil Sands Oral
Larter, Steve; Jennifer Adams, Ian Gates and Lloyd Snowdon Tunnels and Barriers in Energy Technology Innovation, or, Why is the Oil Industry so Conservative when Dramatic Technological Change is Needed? Oral
Lavoie, Denis; Nicolas Pinet, Sébastien Castonguay, Peter Hannigan, Jim Dietrich, Tony Hamblin and Peter Giles The Cambrian – Devonian Frontier Basins in eastern Canada: Assessment of Hydrocarbon Potential of the Most Promising Plays Oral
Lawfield, Andrew; Murray Gingras, George Pemberton and Karl Butler A Thin Section Petrographic Study Examining Biogenic Porosity Alteration Within the Avalon and Ben Nevis Formations, Whiterose Field, Offshore Newfoundland, Canada Poster
Le Calvez, Joel; John Daniels, Stewart Taylor and Meredith Appelt Borehole Microseismic Monitoring to Optimize Hydraulic Fracturing and Re-Fracturing Treatments Poster
Leckie, Dale A. Geomorphology of the Basinwide Sub-Cretaceous Unconformity, Western Canada Foreland Basin Oral
Leckie, Dale A.; Safaa A. Seif El-Dein Paleogeomorpholoy and Petrography of the McMurray Formation (revisited), Northeast Alberta – Paleogeographic Implications Oral
Levson, Vic M.; Warren Walsh, Christopher Adams, Fil Ferri and Mark Hayes An Overview of Shale Gas Potential in Northeastern British Columbia Oral
Lowe, David; Paul Sylvester and Michael Enachescu Heavy Mineral Provenace of Prospective Reservoir Sandstones in the Flemish Pass and Orphan Basins Poster
Li, Guangpin; Johnathan Linfoot and Bruce Hobbs 3D Focusing Inversion of Multi-Transient EM Data in the Frequency Domain Oral
Li, Xinxiang; Darren P. Schmidt Push the Limits of Seismic Resolution using Surface Consistent Gabor Deconvolution Oral
Lieff, Sam Obtaining, Processing, and Managing Current and Widespread Coverage of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin with High Resolution Satellite Imagery Oral
Leier, Andrew L.; Nadine McQuarrie and Carmala Garzione Episodic Uplift in Fold-Thrust Belts with Implications for Understanding Anomalous Conglomerate Units in Foreland Basins Oral
Liu, Yexin Support Vector Machine (SVM)-based Geostatistical Inversion: An Integrated Solution to Honor Well-log Data and Seismic Attributes Oral
Ma, Jinfeng; Le Gao, and Igor Morozov Correlation of P-P and P-S Data in Yinggehai Basin, South China Sea Poster
Ma, Jinfeng; Le Gao, and Igor Morozov Time-Lapse Repeatablity in 3C-3D Dataset from Weyburn CO2 Sequestration Project Oral
Macauley, Jennifer; Alexander Cruden, Tom Brent and Randell Stephenson Geometric Characterization of Anhydrite Piercement Structures on Ellef Ringnes Island, Canadian Arctic Archipelago Poster
MacDonald, Alister; Kevin Zhang, Jan Inge Tollefsrud, Sasan Ghanbari and Robert Chelak Introduction to Reservoir Uncertainty Modeling Oral
MacLean, B.C. Regional Subsurface Mapping of the Northwest Northwest Territories Oral
MacNaughton, Robert B.; Karen M. Fallas and Willem Zanvoort GSC Hydrocarbon Studies in the Central Mackenzie Mountains, NWT: Source Rocks, Reservoir Facies, and Thermal Maturity Oral
Makogon, Yuri F.; Taras Y. Makogon Parameters for Selecting an Effective Technology for Gas Hydrate Development Oral
Manning, P.M. Finite-Difference Elastic Modelling Below a Structured Free Surface Oral
Marble, William The Geologist and The Engineer, More in Need of Each Other Than Ever Oral
Marcano, Norka; Barry Bennett, Thomas Oldenburg, Haiping Huang, Steve Larter The Potential of Heavily and Severely Biodegraded Oils to be Partly Upgraded During High Temperature Thermal Recovery Conditions Oral
Maxwell, S.C. Confidence and Accuracy of Microseismic Images Oral
McCrank, Jason; Don Lawton and Cheran Mangat Geostatistical Inversion of Seismic Data from Thinly Bedded Ardley Coals Oral
Metzger, R.; M. Jaboyedoff, T. Oppikofer, A. Viero and A. Galgaro Coltop3D: A New Software for Structural Analysis with High Resolution 3D Point Clouds and DEM Oral, Poster
Miall, Andrew D. Correlation of Sequences and the Global Eustasy Paradigm: A Review of Current Data Oral
Miles, Brett D.; Stephen M. Hubbard Unraveling the Complexities of Deltaic Strata in the lowermost Nikanassin Group, NW Alberta: Insights into Reservoir Architecture and Palaeogeography Oral
Moos, Daniel; Colleen Barton Using Geomechanics to Predict Stimulation and Production Response in Shale Gas Reservoirs Oral
Morozov, Igor B.; Atul Jhajhria Integrated Analysis and Inversion of 3D Refraction Travel Times Oral
Morozov, Igor B.; Le Gao Multi-Vintage, Pre-Stack Calibration of 3-C 3-D Time-Lapse Seismic Data Oral
Morozov, Igor B.; Jinfeng Ma Fast and Accurate Impedance Inversion by Well-Log Calibration Oral
Mukhopadhyay, Prasanta Effect of Organic Facies and Maturation for Determining Free and Adsorbed Methane for Shale Gas Potential Evaluation: Overview of the Mississippian Lacustrine Horton Group Sediments from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Eastern Canada Oral