2009 Conference Abstracts (N to Z)

Author(s) Abstract Title Presentation
Nagarajappa, Nirupama; Jon Downton AVO Compliant Spectral Balancing Oral
Naghizadeh, Mostafa; Mauricio Sacchi Making FX Interpolation More Robust by Spectrum-Guided Reconstruction Oral
Negulic, Eric; Keith Louden and P.K. Mukhopadhyay Thermal Models Across the Central Nova Scotia Slope Basin Constrained by New Marine Heat Flow Measurements Posters
Ng, Mark Efficency and Accuracy Enhancement for One-Way Wave Equation Migration through Improved Mapping Function in the Time-Shift Imaging Condition Oral
Nicholson, Kirby "Cracking" the Colorado Group Gas Shales Oral
Nickel, Erik H.; Melinda Yurkowski, Arden Marsh, Dan Kohlruss, and Chao Yang Saskaboom? 2008 Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Development Update Oral
Nicolas, Michelle; James Bamburak Shallow Unconventional Cretaceous Shale Gas in Southwestern Manitoba Poster
Noad, Jon; Torrie Turner High Resolution Sedimentology of the Upper Jurassic Nikanassin Formation, in the Grande Cache Area of Alberta Poster
Oldenburg, Thomas; Steve Larter, Jennifer Adams, Arlene Rowan, Angela Brown and Ian Head Methods for Recovery of Microorganisms and Intact Microbial Polar Lipids (IPLs) from Oil-Water Mixtures Lab Experiments and Natural Well-Head Fluids Poster
Oueity, Jounada; Vishal Kumar, Ron Clowes and Felix Herrmann Curvelet Denoising: Application to Crustal Reflection Data Oral
Patruyo, David J.; Haiping Huang, Stephen Hubbard and Ron Spencer Point Bar Modeling, Middle McMurray Formation, Alberta Oral, Poster
Pawlowicz, John; Shar Anderson, Mike Berhane, Dan Rokosh and Andrew Beaton Duvernay / Muskwa and Montney Formations Shale Gas Resource Analysis Poster
Pedersen, Per Kent; Karsten S. Nielsen Extension of New Tertiary Gravity Slide Plays from Montana into Southwestern Saskatchewan – Re-evaluation of a Potential Prolific Shallow Gas Play Oral
Pelletier, Heath AVO Crossplotting I: Processing and Calibration Considerations Oral
Pelletier, Heath AVO Crossplotting II: Examining Vp/Vs Behavior Oral
Perz, Mike; Juefu Wang and Ye Zheng Fracture Detection in the Migrated Domain: Practical Aspects of Prestack Time Migration of Azimuthally-Limited 3D Land Data Volumes Oral
Phillips, Peter; Jackie Zhang Combining Seismic Imaging with Geologic Process-Guided Modelling to Improve Channel Reservoir Characterization Oral
Pinet, N.; M. Duchesne, D. Lavoie and A. Bolduc Active Hydrocarbon Seepages in the Offshore Part of the St. Lawrence Paleozoic Platform Pictured by Geophysical, Geochemical and Submarine Observations Oral
Price, Paul R.; Michael E. Enachescu The Nogha Gas Discovery – A Cambrian Clastic Gas Discovery within the Sahtu Settlement Region of the Central Mackenzie Valley, NWT Oral
Pyle, Leanne J.; Adrienne L. Jones Peel Petroleum Project, Northwest Territories and Yukon: Final Result and Deliverables Oral
Pyle, Leanne J.; Adrienne Jones, Len Gal, Thomas Hadlari, Tammy Allen and Tiffani Fraser Regional Geoscience Studies and Petroleum Potential, Peel Plateau and Plain, Northwest Territories and Yukon: Highlights from the Final Project Volume Poster
Quijada, Maria F; .Robert R. Stewart Integration of Well Logs and Seismic Data for Prediction of Elastic Properties in a Heavy Oil Sand Reservoir: Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan Oral
Rait, Geoff; David Dolberg and Mark Hearn Structural Evolution of the Situche Complex, Marañon Basin, Peru Oral
Riddell, Janet Essential Elements of Petroleum Systems in the Nechako Basin Poster
Rodriguez, Ismael Vera; Mauricio D. Sacchi Resolvability Analysis of Single Azimuth Seismic Moment Tensor Inversion Oral
Rokosh, Dean; John Pawlowicz, Shar Anderson, Mike Berhane and Andrew Beaton Shale Fabric, Mineralogy and Effective Porosity of the Upper Colorado Group Oral
Roth, Murray; Amanda Thompson Fracture Interpretation in the Barnett Shale, using Macro and Microseismic Data Oral
Russell, Brian; Dan Hampson and John Logel Applying the Phase Congruency Algorithm to Seismic Data Slices – A Carbonate Case Study Oral
Russum, Dave; Alexei Belonogov A Comparison of the Montney / Doig, Horn River and Barnett Oral
Sacchi, Mauricio D. A Tour of High Resolution Transforms, Part 1 Oral
Sacchi, Mauricio D. FX Singular Spectrum Analysis Oral
Salazar, Josgre; Deborah Spratt and Don Lawton Geometry and Kinematic Interpretation of a Triangle Zone in the Central Alberta Foothills Poster
Schmidt, Darren P.; David Gray, Xinxiang Li, Daniel Trad and Jon Downton Improving the Image: 5D Interpolation and COV Gathering of a MegaBin™ Survey Oral
Septama, Erlangga Synkinematic Channel Depositional Architecture in Active Fold and Thrust Belt Revealed by 3D Seismic Visualization, Example from Deepwater South East Asia Poster
Shafiee, Mohammad Ebrahim; Apostolos Kantzas Investigation of Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir Quality Using Low Field NMR Oral
Shahbazi, A.; M. Pooladi-Darvish Modeling of Ice Formation in Gas Hydrate Reservoirs Oral
Sliwinski, Jon; Michael Le Strat and Murray Dublonko A New Quantitative Method for Analysis of Drill Cuttings and Core for Geologic, Diagenetic and Reservoir Evaluation Oral
Smith, Derald G.; S.M. Hubbard, P.E. Putnam, M. Fustic, D.A. Leckie, D.A. Eberth, J.M. Lavigne and C.H. Hugenholtz Earthquakes as Probable Causes of Chaotic and Deformed Stratigraphy in an Ancient River Meander Deposit, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta Oral
Speers, Geoff Mannville CBM of Southern Alberta Case Study: Full-Scale Corporate Play Strategy and Execution – Fenn Big Valley Oral
Spratt, J.E.; J. Craven Imaging the Nechako Basin, British Columbia, using Magnetotelluric Methods Oral
Stark, Philip H. (Pete) Perspectives on the Unconventional Revolution in North American Natural Gas Oral
Strobbia, C.; A.Glushchenko, A. Laake, P.L.Vermeer, S. Papworth, Y. Ji Point Receiver Acquisition and Processing for Arctic Near Surface Challenges Oral
Strobl, Rudy; Satyaki Ray, Richard Y. Shang and Daren Shields The Value of Dipmeters and Borehole Images in Oil Sands Deposits – A Canadian Study Oral
Sunde, Richard F.; Brian P. Coffey Lithology-Based, Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of the Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Lower Cretaceous Sediments, Atlantic Coastal Plain, Eastern United States Oral
Swisi, Abdulsalam; Igor Morozov Impedance Inversion of Blackfoot 3D Seismic Dataset Poster
Thomson, Philip; David Smith, Zeev Berger and Michelle Boast Contribution of Integrated HRAM and Remote-Sensing Data Analysis to Exploration of the Zag Basin, Morocco Oral
Trad, Daniel Five Dimensional Seismic Data Interpolation Oral
Taerum, Rob; Deb Spratt Partitioning and Transfer of Displacement Through a Shortened and Thickened Zone: Implications for the Development of Structures in the Central Alberta Foothills Oral
Trickett, Stewart; Lynn Burroughs Prestack Rank-Reduction-Based Noise Suppression: Theory Oral
Umbach, Kenneth E.; Arnie Ferster, Andrea Lovatini, and Don Watts Hydrocarbon Charge Risk Assessment using 3D CSEM Inversion Derived Resistivity in a Frontier Basin, offshore West Greenland Oral
Urbancic, Ted; Tim Morrish and Vladimir Shumila Understanding Hydraulic Fracture Growth by Mapping Source Failure Mechanisms Oral
Ursenbach, Chuck; Richard A. Bale, and Samuel H. Gray Near-Surface Issues in TTI Wave Equation Migration From Topography Oral
Wamsteeker, Michael L.; Benoit Beauchamp and Charles M. Henderson New Insights into Early Permian Paleogeography of the Fosheim-Hamilton Sub-basin, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut Oral
Wang, Juefu; Mark Ng Greedy Least-Squares and its Application in Radon Transforms Oral, Poster
Wards, Ben D.; Gary F. Margrave and Michael P. Lamoureux The Phase Shift Time Stepping Equation and the Marmousi Data Set Oral
Warren, Marian Jenner Tectonic Inversion and Petroleum System Implications in the Rifts of Central Africa Oral
Webb, Michael; Ketema Amare Development of SAGD Reservoir-Quality Facies Contained within a Large Ancient Point Bar, McMurray Formation, Athabasca Oil Sands, Canada Oral
Wei, Xiucheng; Xiang-Yang Li, Tiansheng Chen and Lihua Jia The Application of Extreme Attributes of PS Converted Wave Oral
Wielens, Hans J.B.W.; Chris D. Jauer Saglek Basin: At Least ONE Petroleum System in an Ultra-Frontier Basin with Great Potential Oral
Williams, Jay; Quinton Rafuse Identifying Horseshoe Canyon Coal Water Saturation Differences Using Cased Hole Data Oral
Williams-Stroud, S.C.; Leo Eisner Geological Microseismic Fracture Mapping – Methodologies for Improved Interpretations Based on Seismology and Geologic Context Oral
Wong, Joe; Soo K. Miong, Robert R. Stewart, Eric V. Gallant and Kevin W. Hall Shallow VSP Survey Using a Small Vibrator Source Oral
Wong, Joe; Kevin W. Hall, Eric V. Gallant, Rolf Maier, Malcolm B. Bertram and Don C. Lawton The Modernized U of C Seismic Physical Modelling Facility Oral
Wu, Wen-Jing A New Method of Multiple Attenuation: Multiple Identification and Subtraction (II) Oral
Xu, Yong; Satinder Chopra Mapping Lithological Heterogeneity in Athabasca Oil Sand Reservoirs Using Surface Seismic Data: Case History Poster
Xu, Yong; Satinder Chopra and Larry Lines Lithology Differentiation and Bitumen/Water Separation in Athabasca Oil Sands: Rock Physics Study Oral
van der Baan, Mirko Time-Varying Wavelet Estimation and Deconvolution Oral
Vasheghani, Fereidoon; Larry Lines and Joan Embleton The Effects of Fluid Viscosity on Seismic Response: A Model Study Oral
Verma, Mahendra; Troy Cook Reserve Growth in Oil Pools and Fields of Alberta, Canada Oral
Vetter, William J. Regime Rays: Visualizing the Fermat/Snell Loci in Homogeneous Anisotropic Media Oral, Poster
Yurkowski, Melinda; Arden March, Rick McLean, Steve Rymes, Peter Budgell and Mike Johnson Map Compilation Series of Saskatchewan's Ultimate Potential for Natural Gas – Energy Market Assessment Poster
Zach, J.J.; M.A. Frenkel, A.M. Ostvedt-Ghazi, S. Goldstein, A. Kumar, T. Pham Salt Mapping using 3D-Marine CSEM Surveys Oral
Zhang, Changjun Stabilizing Seismic Absorption Compensation Oral
Zhang, Dali; Michael P. Lamoureux and Gary F. Margrave Inverse Modeling the Quality Factor in an Attenuating Medium Oral
Zhang, Kevin; Sasan Ghanbari and Robert Chelak Introduction to Simulation Grid Design and Upscaling Methods Oral
Zhang, Zimin; Robert R. Stewart Seismic Detection of Cracks in Carbonates Associated with Potash Mining Oral
Zhang, Zimin; Robert R. Stewart Rock Physics Models for the Seismic Velocity of Cracked Media Poster
Zhao, Yi; Hans G. Machel Determination of the Viscosities of Grosmont Reservoir Bitumen, Alberta, Canada Oral, Poster
Zheng, Haishan; Leiv-J Gelius An Open-Source Passive Seismic Data Processing and Visualization Package: Passeis Poster
Zhu, Tianfei; Terrence Krishnasamy and Daniel Trad Beam Migration of Canadian Foothills Datasets Oral
Ziolkowski, Anton; Folke Engelmark Use of Seismic and EM Data for Exploration, Appraisal and Reservoir Characterization Oral