2010 Conference Abstracts (A to F)

Author(s) Abstract Title Presentation
Abart, Rainer*; Katharina Hartmann, Lukas Keller, Bastian Joachim Chemical Mass Transfer in Polycrystal and Polyphase Aggregates Oral
Adams, Jennifer*; Norka Marcano, Stever Larter, Bernard Mayer, Thomas Oldenburg Sulfur and Nitrogen Compounds Reveal Oil Sands Source Oral
Albanesi, Guillermo Conodont Biostratigraphy and Paleoenvironments of the Cardonal Formation (Cambrian-Ordovician) from the Cajas Range, Cordillera Oriental, Northwestern Argentina and Paleobiogeographic Interpretation Oral
Alexandrakis, Catherine*; David Eaton Structure of Earth’s Shallow Outer Core: No Evidence for Stratification Oral
Alexandre, Paul*; Kurt Kyser, Daniel Layton-Matthews REE Concentrations in Zircon and the Origin of Uranium in the Unconformity-Related U Deposits in the Athabasca Basin, Canada Oral
Allaz, Julien*; Michael L. Williams, Michael J. Jercinovic An Approach to Relate Major Silicates and Monazite Growth in Metamorphic Rocks: Application to the Upper Granite Gorge (Grand Canyon, USA) Oral
Amrhar, Mostafa Close Link between Sedimentary Facies, Folds and Fracture Zone Distribution In the Atlantic High-Atlas (Morocco): Flows Properties in the Folded and Fractured Zones Oral
Anbar, Ariel*; Brian Kendall, Yun Duan Early Oxygen Oral
Andriashek, Laurence D.*; Kevin Parks Hydraulic Pathways between and within the Scollard and Paskapoo Formations in Alberta: Implications for Pressure Distributions atop the Underpressured Envelope of Central Alberta and Resource Management Oral
Andronicos, Christopher*; Gabriela Depine Sill Emplacement in a Plateau: Examples from the Coast Mountains, British Columbia Oral
Anfinson, Owen*; Andrew Leier Detrital Zircon Geochronology and Provenance Analysis Applied to the Franklinian Basin, Canadian Arctic Islands Oral
Angulo, Solange*; Luis Buatois Facies Distribution and Paleoenvironmental Interpretation of the Upper Devonian – Lower Mississippian Bakken Formation of Subsurface Southeastern Saskatchewan: Integrating Sedimentologic and Ichnologic Data Oral
Annesley, Irvine; Ken Wheatley*, Michel Cuney The Role of S-Type Granite Emplacement and Structural Control in the Genesis of the Athabasca Uranium Deposits Oral
Aqil, Sanaa*; Douglas R. Schmitt Dielectric Permittivity of Clay Adsorbed Water; Effect of Salinity Oral
Arnott, Bill Turbidites and the Case of the Missing Dunes (and Sometimes Ripples) Oral
Ashton, Barry An Overview of the Canadian Oil and Gas Evaluation Handbook Oral
Ashton, Ken E.*; Colin Card, Russell Hartlaub, Kathryn Bethune, Nicole Rayner Tectonic History of the Southwestern Margin of the Rae Province in Northwestern Saskatchewan Oral
Avis, John*; Richard Beauheim, Randy Roberts Straddle-Packer Hydraulic Testing in Low Permeability Formations at the Site of the Proposed Deep Geologic Repository, Tiverton, Ontario: Equipment, Methodology, and Results Oral
Aylsworth, Janice Natural Hazard Lesson Plans and Teacher Resources for Canadian Classrooms Oral
Babalola, Lamidi O.*; Tmmothy R. Patterson, Andreas Prokoph Geochemical Evidence for late Holocene Paleoclimatic and Paleoceanographic Variability in Anoxic Basins, Seymour-Belize Inlet Complex, Central Coastal Mainland, British Columbia Oral
Babek, Olena*; Clayton Deutsch A Matrix Approach to Reproduce a Correlation Matrix in Multivariate Sequential Gaussian Simulation Oral
Babek, Olena*; Clayton Deutsch Reservoir Continuity Assessment with Mass Moments of Inertia: Application to SAGD Performance Prediction Oral
Bacque, David*; Keith D’Arcy, Dale Issler, Michael McDonough, Bernard Guest Low Temperature Thermochronology from the Miette and Athabasca River Valleys, Rocky Mts., Alberta Oral
Badry, Rob Dielectric Dispersion Field Results in western Canada Oral
Baig, Adam*; Ted Urbancic, Margaret Seibe The Effect of Microseismic Array Configuration on the Deteremination of Hydraulic Fracture Paremeters Oral
Ball, Nathaniel H.; Stacy C. Atchley, Luke E. Hunt Depositional and Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Quality and their Petrophysical Prediction within the Upper Cretaceous Doe Creek Member of the Kaskapau Formation at Valhalla Field, northwest Alberta Oral
Baranova, Valentina; Azer Mustaqeem*, Frisco Brouwer Application of Seismic Stratigraphy, Multi-Attribute Analysis and Neural Networks to Mitigate Risk in New Exploration Frontiers – West Newfoundland Example Oral
Barjasteh, Arash Prediction of Earthquake Event Susceptibility in Low Seismic Regions by Numerical Modeling, Case Study of Zagros Fold-Belt Oral
Barker, James*; Neil Thomson, Alex Oiffer, Uli Mayer, Trevor Tomkins The Groundwater Vector in the Reclaimed Oil Sand Mining Landscape: Learnings from the Operational Phase Oral
Barnes, Christopher*; Mairi Best, Fern Johnson, Benoit Pirenne Investigating Extreme Marine Environments through the NEPTUNE Canada Cabled Ocean Observatory Oral
Barnhart, Katherine R.; Pamela J. Walsh, Lincoln S. Hollister*, Christopher L. Andronicos Microtectonic and Metamorphic Evidence for a Decompression Phase of the "Triple Point" Terrane of Northern New Mexico Oral
Barrett, Kent An Overview of Saleski: The First SAGD Project in Carbonates Oral
Bauman, Paul*; Brad Hansen Geophysical Exploration for Water Resources in Buried Valleys in Western Canada Oral
Beauchamp, Benoit*; Michael Wamsteeker, John Pena The Carboniferous-Permian Reef Play in the Sverdrup Basin: Dare to Dream Oral
Bédard, Karine*; Michael Malo, Yves Duchaine, Elena Konstantinovskaya, Bernard Giroux Potential CO2 Geological Storage Sites for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in Québec St. Lawrence Lowlands-A Preliminary Analysis Oral
Belfadhel, Mahrez Ben The Long-term Management of Used Nuclear Fuel in Canada- A Geoscientific Perspective Oral
Bellman, Laurie Weston*; Keith Wilkinson, Jeff Deere Acquisition Geometry and Pre-Stack Data Interpolation Comparisons for Oil Sands AVO Applications Oral
Bellman, Laurie Weston*; Marnie Connelly 3D Reservoir Characterization in the Grand Rapids Oral
Benzaoui, Khaled Reservoir Quality Function “RQF” for SAGD Geo-Model Ranking and Well Pair Elevation Optimization Oral
Berman, Rob*; H.M. Sapers, W.J. Davis, N. Rayner, S. Pehrsson, H. Sandeman, M. Sanborn-Barrie, S. Carr The Collisional Snowbird Tectonic Zone Revisited: New Constraints on the Chesterfield Inlet Segment provided by Detrital Zircon, Metamorphic Monazite, and 40Ar-39Ar Geochronology Oral
Bernard, Douglas*; B. Martens, U. Renk Groundwater Inflow and Utilization, No. 7 Underground Mine, Grande Cache, Alberta Oral
Bertrand, Rudolf*; Michel Malo, Dennis Lavoie Potential Hydrocarbon Source Rocks and Thermal Maturity of Paleozoic Succession of Bas-Saint-Laurent, Québec Oral
Beyer, Steve*; Kurt Kyser, Eric Hiatt, Christ Pettman, Terrence O’Connor Applying the Concept of ‘Holistic’ Basin Analysis to Unconformity-Related Uranium Prospects in Under-Explored Paleoproterozoic Basins Oral
Birks, Jean*; John Gibson, Yi Yi, Sanjev Kumar Application of Isotope Techniques for Understanding of the Role of Peatlands in Boreal Hydrology: A Regional Perspective Oral
Birks, Jean*; John Gibson, Axel Schmidt, Michael Moncur Stable Isotope Techniques for Evaluating Water Yields and Groundwater Surface Water Interaction: Applications in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region Oral
Blaber, Andrew*; Stephen Braham Earth, Ocean & Space Environmental Operations Simulator Oral
Blinova, Alexandra XRD, EPMA and Cl Study of the Lithologies Within the Tagish Lake Meterorite Oral
Blumenthal, Vered H.*; Robert Linnen An Atypical Copper Porphyry Occurrence - A Case Study of the Hopper Property, Yukon Oral
Boggs, Katherine*; Deb Bennett, Richard Gale What are the Cognitive Processes that Students Experience as they Learn to use a Stereonet? Oral
Boggs, Katherine*; Godfrey Nowland, Andrew Miall, Brent Legault Pilot High School Geology Course in Calgary, Alberta Oral
Bohm, Christian*; Scott Anderson Before the Manikewan Ocean: Bridging the Superior, Hearne and Sask Cratons in Manitoba Oral
Boisvert, Eric*; Boyan Brodaric, David Sharpe Groundwater Information Network (GIN) - Interoperability Framework for Groundwater Information Oral
Bongajum, Emmanuel*; Bernd Milkereit, Douglas Schmitt Transmission Imaging: Moving Source Offset VSP (MSOVSP) Case Study Oral
Bourgault, Gilles Are Geostatistical Gaussian Realizations Equi-Probable? Oral
Bowman, Sheri*; Ted Urbancic, Adam Baig En-Echelon Fracture Growth Behaviour Associated with Hydraulic Fracture Stimulations as determined from Stress-Strain Analyses of Microseismicity Oral
Braman, Dennis Resolution Revolution: Advances in Palynostratigraphy over three Decades Oral
Brenders, Andrew*; R. Gerhard Pratt, Sylvestre Charles Full-Waveform Inversion of Field Data in the Foothills: Results and Challenges with Long-Offset Seismic Oral
Brey, Gerhard P.*; Hans-Michael Seitz, Soodabeh Durali-Muller, Heidi E. Hofer, Jeff W. Harris, Thomas Ludwig Subduction of Altered Basalts and Serpentinites into the Transition Zone and the Lower Mantle Recorded in the Chemical and Li-Isotopic Features of Inclusions in Diamonds From Juina, Brazil Oral
Brisco, Trevor*; Ian Spooner, Peir Pufahl, Edward King, George Stevens The North Group – A possible Mulitple Impact Crater Site in Southwestern Nova Scotia Oral
Broome, John The Challenge of Delivering Geoscience Data for Public Use Oral
Brouwer, Frisco*; Paul de Groot, Geert de Bruin An Overview of a New Data-Driven Workflow for Seismic Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation Oral
Brown, Todd D.*; Douglas R. Schmitt Seismic Dispersion in Extra-Heavy Oil Saturated Rock Oral
Bruce, Loryn*; Maya Kopylova, Micaela Longo, John Ryder Diamonds in an Archean Greenstone Belt: Diamond Suites in Unconventional Rocks of Wawa, Northern Ontario, Canada Oral
Brunskill, Brian*; Laurence Vigrass Our Deep Geothermal Energy Potential: A Case Study in Saskatchewan with Application Throughout the Western Canada Basin Oral
Buckley, Robin*; Jessica Krawetz, Guy Plint Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Peace River Formation: Abrupt Facies Changes Across a Flexural Depocentre Oral
Bujor, Sorin*; Damien Thenin, Ian Perry Field Scale Static Reservoir Modeling Workflow for a Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Project in the Athabasca Oil Sands, NE, Alberta Oral
Burns, Peter Structural Topologies of Uranyl Nanoclusters Oral
Butterfield, Nicholas J. Atmospheric Oxygen and Biological Evolution in the Aftermath of the GOE Oral
Cadiou, Dany*; Milovan Fustic Object Based Modeling – A New Approach for McMurray Visualization and Reservoir Characterization Oral
Calder, John The Joggins Fossil Cliffs World Heritage Site: Coal Age Galápagos Oral
Callaghan, Michael*; Larry Bentley, Edwin Cey Optimizing of Remediation of Salt-Affected Soils by Leaching Oral
Campbell, Ken*; Wade Zaluski Hydrogeology and Management of Water Issues in the Development of Shale Gas in the Horn River Basin in northeastern British Columbia Oral
Cant, Doug Geometries of Fluvial Reservoir Facies and Trapping of Unconventional (Basin-Centred) Gas Accumulations Oral
Capitari, Radu Dan*; Gordon R. Osinski, Maro Van de Wiel Chronological Surface: A New Method for Dating Martian Landforms Oral
Card, Colin*; Martin Fairclough, Gary Delaney, Philip Heath, George Gouthas Modelling the 3D Architecture of Rocks and Structures of the Athabasca Basin: How Saskatchewan is Tackling the Challenge from Down Under Oral
Card, Colin*; Kenneth Ashton, Kathryn Bethune The Case for Separate Taltson and Thelon Orogenies: Evidence from the Shield in western Saskatchewan Oral
Carlson, William D. Rates and Scales of Metamorphic Equilibration: The Importance of Intergranular Solubility Controlled by Fluid Composition Oral
Caron, Jean-Bernard Discovery and Significance of the Middle Cambrian Burgess Shale Oral
Caron, Olivier*; Michel Lamothe, William w. Shilts Glacial Lake Gayhurst: Insights into the Midwisconsinian History of the southeastern Sector of the Laurentide Ice Sheet Oral
Cecile, Michael The Not So Passive Western Canadian Lower Paleozoic Cordilleran Margin – Plate Structure, Rift Basin (Misty Creek Embayment) and Alkalic Volcanism Oral
Chacko, Tom*; Michael Schultz, Larry Heaman, Hamish Sanderman, Robert Creaser 2.46 to 2.50 Ga Magmatism in the Queen Maud Block, northern Canada: An Early Phase of the Arrowsmith Orogeny or a Separate Rifting Event Preceding Orogeny? Oral
Champagne, Michel Professional Geoscientists Role and Responsibilities in Disclosure of Technical Information Oral
Chang, Wonjae*; Sara Klemm, Lyle Whyte, Subhasis Ghoshal Bioremediation in Extremes: Feasibility of Scale-Up Biostimulation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contaminated sub-Arctic Soils during Soil Freezing Oral
Chapon, Baptiste*; Michel Jébrak, Pierre-Simon Ross, Ross Stevenson, André Poirier A Precambrian porphyry Mo-Cu ±Au ±Ag occurrence in the Superior Province: the Tilly property, James Bay area, Québec Oral
Charles, Christopher*; Donald Davis Lead Isotope Age of the Chondrules in the CR2 Chrondite NWA801 by a Progressive Stepwise Dissolution Oral
Chatellier, Jean-Yves Early Prediction of Ultimate Production Calibrated to Historical data, Method for Unconventional Gas Oral
Châtenay, Allan*; Michael Enachescu Can Seismic Operations in the NWT Be Optimized for Environmental Constraints within Current Regulatory Framework? Oral
Chi, Guoxiang Uranium Mineralization in the Ordos Basin (China): A Comparison with Classical Tabular Sandstone Uranium Deposits Oral
Chiu, Stephen*; Peter Eick, Joel Brewer High Resolution Reservoir Mapping by Simultaneous Vibratory Sources Oral
Choi, Kyungsik Tidal and Seasonal Controls on the Morphodynamics of Macrotidal Sukmo Channel in Gyeonggi Bay West Coast of Korea – Implication to the Architectural Development of Inclined Heterolothic Stratification Oral
Chopra, Satinder*; Kurt Marfurt Detecting Stratigraphic Features via Cross-Plotting of Seismic Discontinuity Attributes and their Volume Visualization Oral
Clark, Ian Influence of partial gas saturation on solute transport: Michigan Basin, Southwest Ontario Oral
Cloutier, Richard The Late Devonian Biota of the Miguasha National Park UNESCO World Heritage Site Oral
Colpron, Maurice*; JoAnne Nelson A Paleozoic Northwest Passage and the Timanian, Caledonian and Uralian Connections of some Exotic Terranes in the North American Cordilleran Oral
Connelly, Marnie West Athabasca Grand Rapids Formation – A New SAGD Play Oral
Cosgrove, John*; Cameron Fink Back to the Future: A Wabamun Drilling Prospect from the 1950's Oral
Coueslan, Chris*; David Pattison Hudsonian Regional Metamorphic Isograds and Bathozones in the Thompson Nickel Belt, Manitoba Oral
Courage, Dean*; Steven Piercey, Dale O’Reilly, Irvine Annesley, Laurence Winter The Koorae Prospect: Geological Setting of Porphyry Style Copper Mineralization in the Topsails Intrusive Suite Oral
Cubley, Joel*; David R.M. Pattison Multi-Stage Corona Development during Early Tertiary, High-Temperature Exhumation of the Grand Forks Complex, British Columbia Oral
Cui, Tao*; Jianwen Yang, Iain Samson Formation of Unconformity-Related Uranium Deposits From Numerical Modeling Oral
Curtis, Trudy*; Dave Fisher, Bruce Smith Well Numbering and Naming Around the World Oral
Currie, Phillip Dinosaur Provincial Park, One of the Greatest Outdoor Laboratories for Understanding Late Cretaceous Ecosystems Oral
Daly, Colin; Sandra Quental, Darcy Novak* A Faster, More Accurate Gaussian Simulation Oral
Daniel, Christopher G. Integrating Monazite Thermometry and Geochronology into the P-T-t-D Path of the Al2SiO5 Triple-Point Rocks of the Picuris Mountains, Taos County, New Mexico, USA Oral
Dashtgard, Shahin*; Stephen Hubbard, Murray Gingras Developing Predictive Facies Models for the McMurray Formation: How to Recognize and Employ a Suitable Modern Analogue Oral
Davenport, Peter Developing and Managing Science Language for Enterprise Geoscience Data Management Systems Oral
Davis, Leena*; Zishann Khan, Andres Altosaar, Bill Arnott Differentiating Deep-Marine Overbank from Crevasse Splay Deposits in Outcrop: An Example from the Windermere Supergroup, Castle Creek, British Columbia Oral
Dayboll, Becky*; Robert Rainbird, Katherine Hahn Characterization of Mineralization and Deposit Style of the Mountain Lake Uranium Deposit, Hornby Bay Basin, Nunavut Oral
Dehls, John*; Yngvar Larsen, Tom Rune Lauknes, Corey Froese, Don Lewycky Assessment of Subsidence and Riverbank Stability in Edmonton using X-band and C-band InSAR Oral
Delbecq, Franck*; Remi Moyen SAGD Well Planning using Stochastic Seismic Inversion Oral
Deptuck, Mark E. The 'Slope Detachment Zone' on the western Scotian Slope, offshore Nova Scotia: Structural Style and Implications for Margin Evolution and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity Oral
DeWolfe, Y.M.*; R-L. Simard Geology of the hanging wall to the Schist Lake and Mandy volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits, Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada Oral
Dieng, Serigne*; Kurt Kyser, Laurent Godin Fluid Evolution and Structural Control on Uranium Deposits in the Beaverlodge Successor Basin, Canada Oral
Dinkelman, Menno*; Bridget Ady, and James Helwig Evaluating Current Plate Tectonic Models in the Light of Newly Acquired Geophysical Data in the Amerasian Basin Oral
Dolgov, Victor*; Rob Vestrum, Géza Wittmann, Jon Gittins 3D Seismic Imaging in the Pakistan Foothills: A Case History Oral
Donaldson, Allan Promoting Geoheritage through Collaboration Oral
Dougherty, B. Jean*; Richard Herd, Ann M. Therriault Hands-on Public Outreach in the Internet Age Oral
Doutre, Raphaël*; Michael Jébrak, Andrea Amortegui Quartz Veining in Archean Shear Zones, Abitibi (Quebec), Canada Oral
Downton, Jonathon*; Benjmin Rourge Azimuthal Simultaneous Elastic Inversion Oral
Dubucq, Dominique*; Pierre Thore SAGD Production Monitoring by Seismic Refraction Oral
Dumitrescu, Carmen C.*; Larry Lines Effect of Heavy Oil Rock Texture on VP/VS Ratios Derived from Logs Oral
Dunn, Craig Geothermal Energy Exploration and Development for Remote Community in Ft. Liard, NWT Oral
Dziuba, Taras T. How Much Will Your Carbonate Flow? Oral
Eaton, David*; Meghan Miller, Fiona Darbyshire Geophysical Studies of the Deep Lithosphere beneath Hudson Bay and Environs: Implications for Paleoproterozoic Assembly of Laurentia Oral
Eberth, David A Revised Stratigraphic Architecture and History for the Horseshoe Canyon Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Southern Alberta Plains Oral
Edwards, Cole*; Peir Pufahl, Eric Hiatt Fossil Microbial Communities Preserved within Chemical Sediments of the Ferriman Group, Labrador Trough, Canada Oral
Ehgoetz, Jared M. Performance of In-Situ Chemical Oxidation and Aerobic Biodegradation to Attenuate Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Groundwater Oral
Eisinger, Chris*; Jerry Jensen Object Modeling for Reservoir Characterization in Carbonates Oral
Eisinger, Chris*; Rob Lavoie, Seyyed Ghaderi, Bernhard Mayer, Jerry Jensen Moving towards Gigaton Scale CO2 Storage in the Wabamun Area, Alberta, Canada Oral
Eisner, Leo*; Sherilyn Williams-Stroud, Andrew Hill, Peter Duncan, Michael Thornton Beyond the Dots in the Box - Microseimicity-Constrained Fracture Models for Reservoir Simulation Oral
Elliott, David C. An Overview of Oil and Gas Evaluation, Classification and Disclosure, and its use for Securities Discolosure Oral
Embry, Ashton Petroleum Prospectivity of the Triassic-Jurassic Succession of Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Archipelago Oral
Embry, Ashton Stratigraphy of the Early Cretaceous Isachsen Formation, Sverdrup Basin and Postulated Sandstone Occurrence on the Arctic Continental Shelf Oral
Enachescu, Michael*; P. Einarsson Professionalism in Using Non-Exclusive Seismic Data with Examples Oral
Enggist, Andreas*; Robert Luth Breakdown of Phlogopite in Presence of Carbonate: Metasomatic Agents in the Sub-Continental Lithospheric Mantle Oral
England, Timothy D.J. Petroleum Exploration in the Southern Barents Sea, Norway's Present Arctic Frontier Oral
Enouy, Robert*; Andre Unger, Marios A. Ioannidis Gas Exsolution and Flow during Supersaturated Water Injection in Porous Media: Experiments and Simulations Oral
Ershova, Victoria*; John Holbrook, Andrei Khudoley, Andrey V. Prokopiev Depositional Environments and Sequence Stratigraphy of Lower Cretaceous Fluvial Deposits in the NE Siberia (Lena River, Chekurovka area) Oral
Evans, David*; Ross Mitchell, Taylor Killian, Joseph Panzik Reconstruction of Nuna: A Working Hypothesis Oral
Evans-Tokaryk, Kerry*; F. Grant Ferris Biogeochemical Defluoridation Oral
Fallas, Karen M. Folding and Faulting Patterns of the Northeastern Mackenzie Mountains: Implications for Petroleum Exploration Oral
Farwell, Andrea*; George Dixon Ecotoxicology of Oil Sands Aquatic Environments Oral
Fatoke, Oluwseyi Techniques for Integrating Seismic, Outcrop and Well Data in Geomodeling of Deepwater Systems: Example from Offshore Niger Delta, Nigeria Oral
Fayek, Mostafa*; Alfredo Camacho, Charles Beshears, Dan Jiricka, John Halaburda Two Sources of Uranium at the Millennium Uranium Deposit, Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan, Canada Oral
Fedikow, Mark*; Ruth Bezys, Michelle Nicolas, Pierritte Prince Ligand-Based Partial Extraction of Near-Surface Soil Samples: An Innovative Geochemical Approach to Shallow Gas Exploration, Southwest Manitoba Oral
Ferguson, Ian Geological Processes Over Time in Central Canada as Recorded by the Geoelectric Structure Oral
Ferguson, Grant*; Stephen Grasby Thermal Springs and Geothermal Exploration Oral
Ferri, Filippo*; Martyn Golding, James Mortensen, John-Paul Zonneveld, Michael Orchard The Lower to Middle Triassic Toad Formation (Montney-Doig equivalent) in Northwestern Halfway River Map area (94B/14) Oral
Fitchett, Craig I.*; Doug K. Tinkham, Harold L. Gibson Applied Modeling of Metamorphic Phase Equilibria for Alteration Vectors in Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Systems Oral
Fitzsimons, Ian C.W.*; Chris Clark, Pete Kinny Inheritance and Pb-loss in Multiple Generations of Metamorphic Monazite: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Controls on Accessory Phase Behaviour at Ultra-High Temperature Oral
Ford, Donald*; Bill Wong Use of a Regional Hydrogeologic Model to Identify Candidate Areas for Borehole and Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage Oral
Ford, Donald*; Nicole Pereira Mentoring and Training of Internationally Trained Geoscientists: A Professional Responsibility of the Geoscience Community Oral
Forgues, Eric*; Estelle Rebel Benefits of Hydrophones for Land Seismic Monitoring Oral
Forouhideh, Farshid*; David Eaton Are Double-Couples Over-Represented in Microseismic Focal Mechanism Studies? Oral
Forté, Sarah*; Laurence Bentley Spontaneous Potential as a Method for Mapping Degrading Organic Contaminants: An Explanation of its Variable Efficacy Oral
Foster Jr., C.T.*; B. L. Dutrow Controls on Porphyroblast Nucleation in High-Grade Metapelites Oral
Fraser, Adam*; Grant Wach Trends and Architecture of Low Density Turbidites of the Lower Ordovician Meguma Supergroup, Nova Scotia Oral
Fraser, John; Deon Bridge Assessing Community vulnerability and adapting infrastructure development to a changing Northern Environment: the Example of Tuktoyaktuk NT Oral
Frederiksen, Andrew*; Dave Toni Delineating Anomalous Mantle in the Western Superior Province Oral
Frey, Shannon*; Shahin Dashtgard Sedimentology and Hydrodynamics of Strait-Margin Beach/Shoreface Complexes, Strait of Juan de Fuca, British Columbia Oral
Frisch, Thomas*; Richard K. Herd Highly Metamorphosed Iron Formation on Arcedeckne Island, Boothia Peninsula, Arctic Canada, and the Paragenesis of Harrisonite Ca(Fe,Mg)6(Si04)2)P04)² Oral
Frizzell, Robin*; Andy Parmenter Geologic Investigation of the Bruce Nuclear Site for Development of a Deep Geologic Repository Oral
Fu, Wayne*; Andrea Bernd, Caroline Heron, Mark Caplan, Laura Sullivan Use of Static and Dynamic Data in Geological Modelling and Numerical Simulation for Optimal Placement and Selection of SAGD Well-Pairs for AOSC’s MacKay River Commercial Project Oral