2010 Conference Core Abstracts

Author(s) Abstract Title Presentation
Cant, Douglas Potential Unconventional Gas Reservoirs of Alberta - What Do They Have in Common? What are the Main Differences? Core
Davison, Julia E.A.; Stephen M. Hubbard, Thomas Hadlari, and Dennis Meloche Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Tukweye Member of the Martin House Formation, Mackenzie Corridor, Northwest Territories Core
Frosini, Cassandra; Stephen M. Hubbard, and Kaylee D. Anderson Sedimentological and Ichnological Assessment of a Regional Sequence Boundary/Transgressive Ravinement Surface, Bluesky-Gething Interval, northern Alberta Core
Hartel, Tijmen H.D. Reservoir Characterization by Means of Drill Cuttings; An Example of Hydrothermal Dolomite in Cuttings from the West Sukunka River Area of British Columbia Core
Hopkins, J.; K. Wilde, S. Christiensen and K. Barrett Regional Stratigraphy and Reservoir Units of the Grosmont Formation: Laricina's Saleski and Burnt Lakes Leases Core
Kent, D.M.; J. H. Lake How to Log Core (With Examples from the Williston Basin of Southeast Saskatchewan) Core
Kohlruss, Dan; Jenna Phillips, Mike Ranger, Murray Gingras, and Per Pedersen Paleogeographic Distribution of the Lower Cretaceous McMurray (Dina) Formation in northeastern Alberta and Northwestern Saskatchewan Core
Krause, Federico F.; Andrea F. P. Mellor Pedogenic and Groundwater Silcretes in Paleovalley Filling J3 & J2 Sandstones, Medicine River Area, West Central Alberta, Canada Core
Mack, Beverly J.; Nancy Chow Subaerial Unconformities in the Upper Devonian Snipe Lake Reef Complex, West-Central Alberta Core
Morshedian, Alireza; James A. MacEachern, and Shahin E. Dashtgard Facies Architecture of the Upper Mannville Group (Sparky, Waseca, and McLaren Formations), West-Central Saskatchewan Core
Ness, Shona; Roy Benteau and Shelley Leggitt Horn River Shales ...Boring and Black? ...or...Beautifully Complex? Core
O’Connell, Shaun Unconventional, low-permeability offshore marine reservoir facies, with hiatal conglomerates developed at internal stratigraphic unconformity surfaces – the Alderson member of the Milk River formation, Upper Cretaceous, southern Alberta and Saskatchewan Core
Proverbs, I Peter; Kerrie L. Bann and Chris Fratton Integrated Sedimentology, Ichnology and Petrography of Unconventional Gas Reservoirs of the Montney Formation; Dawson Creek Region, Northeastern B.C. Core
Radomski, Mark A.; Mark Hearn Sedimentology of the Lower Vivian Formation: An Extensive Lowstand Fluvial System, Marañon Basin, Peru Core
Rose, Rachael M.; S.M. Hubbard, R. B. Kukulski, B. D. Miles, M K. Raines, A. Leier, H. Rose, T. Dixon, C. Frosini, J. Noad, and M.M. Faridan Correlating the Subsurface Nikanassin Group to an Outcrop Near Grande Cache, Alberta Core
Shackleton, Travis; Robert Gardner, Sung Youn, Grace Eng, and Lori Barth Lithofacies Identification and the Implications for SAGD Well Planning in the McMurray Formation, Christina Lake Area, Alberta Core
Shields, Daren J.; Rudy Strob The Wabiskaw D Member, Clearwater Formation: A World Class Oil Sands Reservoir Hosted in an Incised Valley Complex Core
Wadsworth, J. A. Using Paralic Coal as an Indicator of Accommodation Space and Correlation Tool in Terrestrial Sediments: Examples from the Mannville Group and Falher Member Core
Yang, Chao; Don Kent Reservoir Characteristics of the Birdbear Formation in West-Central Saskatchewan Core