2010 Conference Abstracts (G to N)

Author(s) Abstract Title Presentation
Gagnon, Jean-Francois; John Waldron*, Tony Barresi, Joanne Nelson, Terry Pouton Revised Stratigraphic Framework of the Lower to Middle Jurassic Hazelton Group, north-western Oral
Gaidies, Fred*; David Pattison, Christian de Capitani, Lukas Baumgartner On the Kinetics of Surface Controlled Crystallization Oral
Gagne, Simon*; Anthony Williams-Jones, Andrew Hynes Controls on Gahnite Formation Insights From the Lalor Metamorphosed Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Deposit, Snow Lake (Manitoba) Oral
Gallop, Jeremy Seismic Evidence of Formation Damage in the Lower Colorado Group Shales Oral
Gervais, Felix Prograde, Retrograde and Structural Isograds in the Monashee Complex of the Canadian Cordillera Oral
Ghent, Edward Geothermometry of Mn-Fe Exchange between Garnet and Ilmenite Inclusions in Pelitic Rocks Oral
Ghoshal, Subhasis*; Someh Kashef-Haghighi Carbonate Formation and Distribution During Carbon Dioxide Sequestration by Accelerated Concrete Carbonation Oral
Gingras, Murray*; James MacEachern, Shahin Dastgard Using Process Ichnology to Refine Interpretations of Sedimentary Rocks Oral
Gipp, Michael R. Epsilon Machine Computation in Paleoclimate Proxy Data: Implications for Testing Climate Models Oral
Godbout, Pierre-Marc; Michel Lamothe, Marie Laroque Linking the Quaternary Glacial History with Hydrogeology: A Case Study from the Becancour River Drainage Basin, Southern Quebec Oral
Goncalves, Philippe*; Emilien Oliot, Didier Marquer Thermodynamic Modeling of Phase Relations and Metasomatism in Shear Zones: An Example from a Metagranodiorite in the Aar Massif (Central Alps) Oral
Gowland, David Geothermal Energy in Canada: Policy and Project Update Oral
Grant, Gavin*; David Major, Jason Gerhard, Jose Torero, Christine Switzer Self-Sustaining Treatment for Active Remediation (STAR): Overview of Scientific Principles and Initial Field Applications for the Treatment of Coal Tar in Soils Oral
Grasby, Stephen*; Jacek Majorowicz Shallow Geothermal Energy Resource in Canada – Heat Gain and Heat Sink Oral
Grasby, Stephen*; Jerry Osborn, Zhuoheng Chen, Paul Wozniak Influence of Till Provenance on Regional Groundwater Geochemistry - Paskapoo Formation, southern Alberta Oral
Gray, David*; Paul Anderson, John Logel, Frank Delbeca, Darren Schmidt Principle Stress Estimation in Shale Plays Using 3-D Seismic Oral
Green, Derrick P.*; Dragan Veselinovic Analysis of Unconventional Reservoirs using New and Existing NMR Methods Oral
Grew, Edward S.*; Jeffrey H. Marsh, and Martin G. Yates A New Yttrium-Rich Garnet Species, {(Y,REE)(Ca,Fe2+)2}[(Mg,Fe2+)(Fe3+,Al)](Si3)O12: Implications for the Prograde Metamorphic Path in the Parry Sound Domain, Central Gneiss Belt, Grenville Orogenic Province Oral
Grobe, Matthias*; David Bechtel Geothermal Energy in Alberta – Opportunities and Challenges Oral
Grundman, Gaëlle*; Francoise Behar, Michel Malo, Francois Baudin Hydrocarbon Potential of Source Rocks of the Paleozoic (Cambrian to Devonian) Petroleum Systems of the Gaspé Peninsula (Québec, Canada) Oral
Guest, Alice*; Tony Settari Numerical Modeling of Microseismicity in Hydro fracturing: Our Prediction for Seismic Moment Tensors Oral
Guest, Bernard Cenozoic Dextral Shear in the Zagros: What We Know and Some Viable Models Oral
Haase, Arnim B. Q-Estimation from Uncorrelated Vibroseis VSP Model Data Oral
Hadlari, Thomas*; Bernie Maclean, Robert Macnaughton, John Utting Slope and Submarine Fan Depositional System of the Frasnian-Famennian Imperial Formation, Mackenzie Mountains Oral
Hall, Kevin*; Gary Margrave, Malcolm Bertram Comparison of Low-Frequency Data from Co-Located Receivers using Frequency Dependent Least Squares Subtraction Scalars Oral
Hannigan, Peter*; David Morrow, Bernard Maclean The Mackenzie Corridor, Northern Mainland, Canada: A Comprehensive Assessment of Conventional Petroleum Potential Oral
Harington, C.R. Climate Change in the Canadian Arctic: A 400 million-year Perspective based on Vertebrate Remains Oral
Harrison, Christopher*; Marc St.-Onge A Four Billion Year Journey through the Circumpolar Region: Paleogeographic Perspectives provided by the “Geological map of the Arctic” Database Oral
Harrison, Christopher*; Thomas Brent, Gordon Oakey Baffin Fan and its Inverted Rift System of Arctic eastern Canada; Is this Another Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin? Oral
Hassanpour, Rahma M.*; Clayton V. Deutsch Grid Free Object/Event based Facies Modeling of Estuarine System Oral
Hauck, Tyler*; Dan Palombi, Jesse Peterson, Stefan Bachu Natural Barriers to Leakage from Potential CO2 Storage Sites in the Redwater Area of Central Alberta, Canada: Geological and Hydrogeological Characterization Oral
Hawthorne, Frank The Bond Topology of Structural Units in Oxysalt Minerals Oral
Hayes, Brad J. Characterizing Subsurface Aquifers to Support Development of Horn River Basin Shale Gas, Northeastern British Columbia Oral
Hayes, Brad J. Deep Basin Development Entity – Enhancing Exploitation of Alberta's Deep Basin Tight Gas Resource Oral
Hayley, Kevin*; Laurence Bentley, Adam Pidlisecky Time-Lapse Electrical Resistivity Monitoring of Salt Impacted Soil and Groundwater Oral
Hein, Frances Rivers, Estuaries and Bays: Fragmented Stratigraphy of the Athabasca Oil Sands, Northeast Alberta Oral
Helwig, James*; Naresh Kumar, Pete Emmet, Meno Dinkelman Three Segments of the Arctic Continental Margin, Beaufort Sea, Canada: Deep Seismic Profiles of Crustal Architecture Oral
Henley, David C. Correcting PS Receiver Statics using Hybrid Raypath Interferometry Oral
Heenan, Stella*; Laura Clinton Bringing Earth Science to Life: A Resource from EdGEO for Teacher Workshop Facilitators Oral
Hendricks, Leonard*; Jim Vos Spatial Data Access, Creating Structure for Managed and Unmanaged Data Oral
Hennessey, B. Terrence Professional Practice and Ethical Issues in the Estimation of Mineral Resources Oral
Henry, Darrell*; Barbara Dutrow The Course-Embedded Research Project in Undergraduate Geoscience Education: Introduction to Research, Development of Communication Skills and Means of Programmatic Assessment Oral
Herd, Christopher*; Danielle Simkus, Robert Hilts, Greg Slater Astromaterials Curation and Research in Canada: Why it Matters Oral
Herd, Richard K. How the National Meteorite Collection Supports Astromaterials Expertise in Canada Oral
Herrington, Todd*; Rick McGregor, Bruce Tunnicliffe A "Green Oxidant" for In-Situ Chemical Oxidation for the Treatment of Contaminated Soils and Application at a Fractured Bedrock Site Oral
Hicks, Christopher; Derek Wilton* Petrological and Geochemical Investigation into the Michelin Uranium Deposit, Central Mineral Belt, Labrador Oral
Higgins, Michael Origin of K-Feldspar Megacrysts in Dacites from Taapaca Volcano, Chile: Cathodoluminescence Imaging and Quantitative Petrological Evidence Oral
Higgins, Michael*; Chris Herd, Erin Walton Micro-XRF study of Buzzard Coulee Meteorite Oral
Hinchey, Alana M. Deciphering the Tectonostratigraphy of a Deformed and Metamorphosed Paleoproterozoic Volcano-Sedimentary Sequence. A Study of the Aillik Group, Makkovik Province, Labrador Oral
Hinchey, John Sedimentary Hosted Statiform Copper Mineralization – Bonavista Peninsula, Newfoundland: Insights on Mineralizing Processes and Controls Oral
Hirsch, David M.*; Craig E. Manning An Experimental Inquiry into Grossular Nucleation Rate: First Results Oral
Hislop, Ann*; Dr. Bernard Guest The Southern Termination of the Stateline Fault, Eastern California Shear Zone, California and Nevada: Preliminary Constraints from Geologic Mapping Oral
Hobbs, Bruce*; Michael Zhdanov, Alex Gribenko, Alan Paterson 3D Inversion of Transient EM Data from the North Sea Oral
Hodlari, Thomas*; Yvon Lemieux, Brian Cousens, William Davis, Keith Dewing Sm-Nd and Detrital Zircon Provenance of Cambrian to Devonian Strata, Mackenzie Mountains, south Great Bear Lake, and Victoria Island, NT Oral
Hogg, John R. Exploration and Relationships North of 60: A Primer on Oil and Gas Exploration in the Settlement Regions of the Central Mackenzie and the Delta Oral
Hu, Y. Greg Digital Core Workflow: Efficient Approach to Large-Volume Oil Sands Core Handling Oral
Huang, Jianling*; John Halpenny, Wouter van der Wal, Calvin Klatt, Tom James Detecting Groundwater Storage Change within the Great Lakes Water Basin using GRACE Oral
Hunt, Lee*; Scott Reynolds, Tyson Brown, Scott Hadley, Jon Downton, Satinder Chopra Am I Really Predicting Natural Fractures in the Tight Nordegg Gas Sandstone of West Central Alberta? Part I: Theory and Statistics Oral
Hunt, Lee*; Scott Reynolds, Tyson Brown, Scott Hadley, Jon Downton, Satinder Chopra Am I Really Predicting Natural Fractures in the Tight Nordegg Gas Sandstone of West Central Alberta? Part II: Observations and Conclusions Oral
Hunt, Lee*; Scott Reynolds, Mike Perz, Mark Hadley, Scott Hadley, Ye Zheng Nisku Multiple Attenuation with Interpolation and Sparsity: A Case Study Oral
Hunt, Lucy*; Thomas Stachel, John Armstrong Xenoliths and Xenocrysts from the Renard Kimberlites, Quebec: A Comprehensive Study of Mantle Samples to Determine the Evolution of the Superior Craton Oral
Hunt, Luke E.*; Stacy C. Atchley, Nathaniel H. Ball Sequence Stratigraphic and Depostional Controls on Reservoir Continuity within the Cretaceous Doe Creek Member of the Kaskapau Formation, Valhalla Field, Alberta, Canada Oral
Huth, Tyler E.*; David E. Wolf , Christopher L. Andronicos Garnet Porphyroblast Inclusion Trails as Independent Kinematic Indicators Oral
Hymers, Lesley The Ontario Mining Association: An Important Stakeholder in Education and Outreach Oral
Ickert, Ryan*; Ian Williams Ti Concentrations in Zircon from the Boggy Plain Zoned Pluton; Implications for Zircon Petrology and Hadean Tectonics Oral
Imayama, Takeshi*; Toru Takeshita, Kazunori Arita Metamorphic P-T Profile and P-T Path Discontinuity of the Main Central Thrust in far-eastern Nepal Oral
Irvine, Janelle*; Gerald Osborn Slimy Playas and Sliding Rocks in the Basin and Range Province Oral
Ivey, George*; Leonard Chan Surfactant Enhanced Ex-situ Bioremediation of Oil & Gas Pipeline Spill Soil Using Ivey-Sol Oral
Jackson, Lionel Limits of Successive Middle and Late Pleistocene Ice Sheets in Alberta-western Montana Oral
Jamison, William*; Steven Jolley Fracture Evolution on Fold Limbs: Interplay between Bed-parallel Extension and Shear Oral
Jensen, Gavin*; Ben Rostron Tracing Fluid Migration via Stable Isotopes within the Mississippian aquifers in the Williston Basin, Canada-U.S.A Oral
Jensen, Mark Ontario Power Generation’s Proposed L&ILW Deep Geologic Repository: An Overview of Geoscientific Studies Oral
Jones, Michael*; Richard Parker, Shawn Maxwell Microseismic Event Location Accuracy Enhancement Using Anisotropic Velocity Models Oral
Joseph, Whalen*; Natasha Wodicka Insights into Tectonic Assembly and Crustal Substrate of the NE Trans-Hudson Orogen from the Cumberland Batholith Oral
Kabanaov, Pavel Automicrites, Buildups, and Reservoir Shaping in Late Devonian Basins of the Eastern East European Craton Oral
Kalmonovitch, Norman Inserting Stratigraphic Deconvolution into the Possessing Flow to Improve the Resolution of AVO Oral
Kalmonovitch, Norman The Effect of a Doubling of the Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere as Depicted by Quantum Physics Oral
Kerr, Andrew*; David Selby Direct Dating of Epigenetic Hydrothermal Gold Deposits in Newfoundland using Re-Os Pyrite Geochronogy Oral
Khalid, Salman*; Ken Faurschou, Trevor Gorchynski Horizontal Cased Hole Shale Gas Well Evaluation – A Case Study Oral
Khan, Safdar Evaluating Caprock Integrity of a Carbon Storage Site Using 3D Coupled Reservoir Geomechanics Modeling Oral
Khudoley, Andrei*; Vasily Proskurnin, Alexader Larionov, Sergei Sergeev U-Pb Detrital Zircon and Sm-Nd Isotopic Studies of the Neoproterozoic to Triassic Sandstones from the Taimyr Fold and Thrust Belt: Implication for Tectonic Evolution Oral
Kim, Yoonsup Peak-Metamorphic and Post-Collisional Growth of Staurolite and Aluminosilicate Polymorphs in the Barrovian Metapelites of the Imjingang Belt, central Korea Oral
Kjarsgaard, Bruce The Kimberlite Olivine Phenocryst/Macrocryst/Xenocryst Problem, re-visited Oral
Knöller, Kay*; Nils Hoth Assessing Natural Attenuation in AMD Contaminated Aquifers – “The Integrative Dual Isotope Approach” Oral
Knowlton Cockett, Polly L. Right Here: Embedding Geoscience in Place-based Interpretive Signage in Northwest Calgary, Alberta Oral
Kofman, Randolf The Results of the Investigation of the Whitecourt Crater (Alberta, Canada) Oral
Kohlbecker, Matthew*; Dimitri Vlassopoulos Hydrogeochemical Prospecting for Natural Gas: The Geochemical Chimney, Shallow Groundwater Hydrogeology, and Interpretation of Near-Surface Data Oral
Kooyman, Brian Contributions from the Wally's Beach Site, Alberta, Canada Oral
Kopylova, Maya The Origin of Hydrocarbons in Fluid Inclusions in Diamonds Oral
Kragh, Ed; Tim Brice*, Tony Curtis, Josef Heim, Deepak Kapadia, Morten Svendsen Efficient Broadband Marine Acquisition and Processing for Improved Resolution and Deep Imaging Oral
Kremer, Paul*; Nicole Rayner, Timothy Corkery Geology, Geochemistry, and Geochronology of Southern Indian Lake, Manitoba: A Unique Glimpse into and under the Trans-Hudson Orogen Oral
Kruger, Tim Increasing the Alkalinity of the Ocean to Enhance its Capacity to act as a Carbon Sink and to Counteract the Effect of Ocean Acidification Oral
Kukulski, Ross*; Stephen Hubbard, Brett Miles, Keegan Raines, Thomas Moslow Fluvial Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of a Tight Gas Reservoir: The Monach Formation, Uppermost Nikanassin Group, N.W., Alberta Oral
Kumar, Naresh*; James Helwig, Pete Emmet, Menno Dinkelman Tectonic and Stratigraphic Interpretation of a New Regional Deep-Seismic Reflection Survey offshore Banks Island: A Potential New Petroleum Province in the Canadian Arctic Oral
Kyser, Kurt The Emperor’s New Clothes: Looking Beyond to New Ways of Thinking about Uranium Deposits Oral
LaCroix, Andrew*; Murray Gingras, George Pemberton Ichnology, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Trace Fossil-Permeability Relationships in the Medicine Hat Member of Southeastern Alberta, Canada Oral
Lalonde, Stefan*; Ernesto Pecoits, Kurt Konhauser Shifting Transition Element Abundances in Banded Iron Formations Mark the Great Oxidation Event Oral
Lam, Tom Geomechanical Characterization and Long-term Emplacement Room Stability Analysis, Ontario Power Generation’s proposed Deep Geologic Repository, Tiverton, Ontario Oral
Lamoureux, Michael P.*; Gary Margrave, Peter Gibson Generalize Frames for Gabor Operators in Seismic Imaging Oral
Lane, Larry Tectonic Implications of pre-Jurassic Paleogeography, northwestern Laurentia Oral
Lane, Larry*; George Gehrels, Paul Layer Detrital Zircon Provenance of the Neruokpuk Formation, northwest Laurentia Oral
Lane, Tom Technology Development and the Challenges for Mineral Exploration and Discovery in the 21st Century: A Canadian Perspective Oral
Langenberg, Willem Energy, at what Cost: Is $15 Billion per year Enough to Bury Alberta’s Carbon Footprint? Oral
Langenberg, Willem*; Andrea Pedrazzini, Michel Jaboyedoff, Tim Hartel Fracture Analysis and Use of LiDAR, Turtle Mountain, Alberta Oral
Larsen, Adam*; Kevin Ansdell, Tim Prokopiuk The Making of a Geological Map of the University of Saskatchewan Campus Oral
Larter, Steve*; Ian Gates, Jennifer Adams, Ian Head An Initial Evaluation of some Biogeochemical – Engineering Routes to Carbon Management Oral
Lavoie, Denis*; Jim Dietrich, Mathieu Duchesne, Shunxin Zhang, Nicholas Pinet Geological Setting and Petroleum Potential of the Paleozoic Hudson Platform, Northern Canada Oral
Lavoie, Denis*; Simon Jackson, Isabelle Girard Mg Isotopes and Hydrothermal Saddle Dolomites; Current Data for Paleozoic Dolomites of eastern Canada and Implications for Mg Source Oral
Lawrence, Karl*; Willy Zawadzki, Mike Trembay, Greg Misfeldt, Jeff Randall, Scott Donald Assessment of Key Processes Affecting Vertical Transport of Brines in Low Permeability Till Beneath the Potash Salt Piles Oral
Leggett, Sid Geology of the Gull Lake North Alkali/Surfactant/Polymer Tertiary Flood, Upper Shaunavon Formation, Southwest Saskatchewan Oral
Lim, Darlene*; Allyson Brady Informing Planetary Science Operations Scenarios through Underwater Analog Mission Activities at Pavilion Lake, Canada Oral
Lin, Jiwu*; Sylvestre Charles, Josef Heim Improving the Statics Solution through De-migration: A Canadian Foothills A-PSDM Case History Oral
Link, Brian*; Inga Khromova Carbonate Fracture Case History from Russia and implications for HTD Plays in North America Oral
Liu, Ruikun*; Andrew Newson, Terry Buchanan Modeling the Impact of Deep Structures on Liquid Production in the Bakken Oil Shale Play of the Williston Basin of Canada and the USA Oral
Liu, Yexin*; Zhouheng Chen, Kirk Osadetz Estimation of Gas Hydrate Saturation using Geostatistical Inversion Oral
Lowey, Grant Sedimentology and Petroleum Source-Rock Potential of Hyperpycnites in the Laberge Group (Jurassic), Whitehorse Trough, Yukon, Canada Oral
Lussier, Aaron*; Frank Hawthorne Stereoisomeric Behavior of Octahedral MØ_4} Chains Oral
Lyness, Lucien*; Claire Lyness Communicating Geologically-Underpinned Issues: Drivers and Mechanisms Oral
Lyness, Lucien*; Jon Fennell Groundwater in Harmony with Oil Sands Development: A Blueprint Oral
Lyster, Steve*; Laurence Andriashek Geostatistical Determination of Sand-Body Geometry in the Paskapoo Formation Oral
Lyszkiewicz, Leon Requirements of TSX and TSX V Regarding NI 51-101 and NI 43-101 Reports filed by Listed Issuers Oral
Macauley, Ryan*; Stephen Hubbard Stratigraphic Architecture of Deep-Water Channel Complexes: Outcrop Analogue Insight for Base of Slope Deposits, Tres Pasos Formation, Chilean Patagonia Oral
MacEachern, James*; Kerrie Bann, Murray Gingras, George Pemberton, Shahin Dashtgard Ichnofabrics vs. Ichnofacies: A Field-Based Test of Spatial Recurrence in Shallow-Marine Successions Oral
MacKay, Paul*; William Mathers Analysis of the Structural Style and Fracture Distribution of the Agdagh Anticline in Southern Kurdistan, Iraq; A Model for Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs Oral
Macrides, Costas*; Ayon Dey High Resolution Deterministic Inversion in the Arab-D Carbonate Reservoir of the Ghawar Field, Saudi Arabia Oral
Maddigan, Luke; Derek Wilton*, Greg Dunning The Geology and Geochemistry of The Ashley and Floodplain Troctolite Intrusions, Voisey’s Bay, Labrador, Canada Oral
Mader, Marianne*; Gordon Osinski, Cassandra Marion, Paul Sylvester Mistastin Lake Crater, Labrador as a Lunar Analogue Site Oral
Majorowicz, Jacek*; Stephen Grasby Heat Flow, Depth-Temperature Variations and Stored Thermal Energy for Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) in Canada Oral
Maky, Abudakr F.; Ahmad Mousa, Nadia Mohamad Source Rock Evaluation and Paleoenvironment of some Prerift Rock Units at the Central Part of the Gulf of Suez, Egypt Oral
Maliva, Robert G.*; Thomas M. Missimer Applications of Advanced Borehole Geophysics to Groundwater Resources Management Oral
Manning, David*; Phil Renforth, David Manning Carbonate Precipitation in Engineered Environments: Carbon Sequestration by Design Oral
Margrave, Gary F.*; Michael Lamoureux Nonstationary Predictive Deconvolution Oral
Mastere, Mohamed Utilization of Digital Photogrammetry in Spatiotemporal Knowledge of Landslides Oral
Maxwell, Shawn*; Mike Jones, Richard Parker, Scott Leaney Fault Activation During Hydraulic Fracturing Oral
McCartney, Tannis*; Andrew Leier, Michele Asgar-Deen, Keegan Raines A New Interpretation of Early Jurassic Basin History in Western Canada Oral
McCausland, Phil*; Peter Brown, Alan Hildebrand, Roberta Fleming Fall and Initial Examination of the Sept 25, 2009 Grimsby H5 Ordinary Chondrite Oral
McDonald, Andrew Insights into the Crystal Chemistry of Platinum Group Minerals: Issues Facing Development of a PGM Classification Heirarchy Oral
McDonald, David*; Nancy Chow Tectonically Influenced Platform Development in the Middle Devonian Winnipegosis Formation, Southwestern Manitoba Oral
McFarlane, Christopher Geodynamic Constraints on Mineralization and Metamorphism at the Griffin’s Find Gold Deposit, Western Australia, from Calibrated T-t Trajectories Oral
McGregor, Rick*; Bruce Tunnicliffe Combining Aerobic Bioremediation with Chemical Oxidation for the In Situ Remediation of a MTBE Plume Oral
McLarty-Halfkenny, Beth Explore Geoheritage Day: Bringing the People to the Outcrop Oral
McLeish, Duncan*; Stephen Johnston Geology of the Aley Creek Area, Northeastern BC Rocky Mountains: A Record of Mississippian Orogenesis in the Cordilleran Foreland Belt? Oral
McNeil, Paul Mammoth Steps: An Overview of the Fauna of Wally's Beach (DhPg-8), A Late Pleistocene Locality from southwestern Alberta Oral
McNeill, J.*; D.G. Pearson, G.M. Nowell, C.J. Ottley Origins of Diamond-Forming Fluids from the Slave Craton: Trace element Constraints on a Variety of Diamonds from the Ekati Mine Oral
Mello, Andrea*; Edwin Cey Field Investigation of E. coli Contamination of a Shallow Vulnerable Aquifer, Abbotsford, British Columbia Oral
Mercadier, Julien; Irvine Annesley*, Thomas Bonli U-Pb Chemical and Isotopic Ages, and Associated REE Patterns of the Hook Lake Showing, Way Lake Project, northern Saskatchewan Oral
Mercer, William A Case History in Community Engagement Good Practice – Avalon Rare Metals Inc Engagement with Aboriginal People in the Northwest Territories Oral
Merritt, Craig*; Robert Lee Formation Water Salinity from Core Analysis Oral
Miles, Brett*; Stephen Hubbard, Ross Kukulski, Keegan Raines, Holly Rose Reservoir Distribution and Architecture of the Monteith Formation (Nikanassin Group), NW Alberta: Insights into Deltaic Reservoir Complexity Oral
Milidragovic, Dejan*; Don Francis, Marc Constantin Evidence for Craton-Wide Ferropicritic Underplating of the Neo-Archean Ungava Craton Oral
Milley, Ellen*; Alan Hildebrand, Peter Brown, Mike Noble, Gordon Sarty Pre-Fall Orbit of Buzzard Coulee Meteoroid Oral
Mitchell, Ross*; Kenneth Buchan, Wouter Bleeker, Tony LeChiminant, David Evans Assembly of Laurentia: Evidence from the Paleomagnetic and Barcode Records of Magmatic Events in the western and central Canadian Shield Oral
Mohajer, Mahyar*; Anne Valentine, Lynn Murphy Waterflood Optimization using Data-Driven and Model-Driven Approaches Oral
Mojzsis, Stephen J. Sulfur, Trace Metals, Microbial Community Structure, and the Evolution of Atmospheric Oxygen Oral
Molgat, Marianne*; Jean-Yves Chatellier, Lynne Davies, Pawel Flek Shale Gas in the Quebec Lowlands, the High Potential of a new Frontiers Area Oral
Moncur, Mike*; Carol Ptacek, Bernhard Mayer, David Blowes, Jean Birks Using Stable Isotope and Groundwater Geochemistry to Trace Sulfur Cycling at an Abandoned High-Sulfide Tailings Impoundment Oral
Moore, Stephanie J.*; William Carlson Common Patterns of Rare-Earth-Element Distribution in Garnet Oral
Morfin, Samuel*; Edward W. Sawyer Impact of Pervasive Migration and Crystallisation of Anatectic Magmas in Opinaca Metasediments, Québec Oral
Moscariello, Andrea*; Matthew Power, Suzi Burns, Adriaan Janszen Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Reservoir Characteristics of Glaciogenic Reservoirs using High-Resolution Quantitative Mineralogical and Textural Analysis of Drill Cuttings Oral
Mosher, David*; Shawn Goss, Grant Wach Cenozoic Seismic Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of the Suriname Margin, South America Oral
Mosher, David*; Grant Wach, Calvin Campbell, Michael Giles, Virginia Brake Reservoir Distribution and Characterization: Continental Slope Depositional Systems along the Scotian Margin Oral
Mosher, David*; John Shimeld Seismic Exploration and Sedimentation in Canada Basin, Western Arctic Oral
Motz, Erin*; Angus Chu, Edwin Cey, Cathy Ryan Vadose Zone Soil Treatment of Nutrients and Bacteria from Secondary Municipal Wastewater Discharged through an At-Grade System Oral
Moutenet, Jean-Philibert*; Karine Bédard, Michel Malo Public Outreach and Acceptance Associated with CCS: An Example from the Province of Quebec Oral
Muehlenbachs, Karlis Lessons from the Isotopic Analyses of Surface Vent Flow Gas, Western Canada Basin Oral
Mukherjee, Abhijit*; Steven Lyster, Sheila Stewart, Benjamin Rostron Understanding the Regional Hydrodynamics in the Normal and Sub-Hydrostatic Regimes of the Canadian Rockies Foreland Basin Oral
Nabelek, Peter I.*; Alan G. Whittington, Anne M. Hofmeister Strain-Heating as a Mechanism for Partial Melting and UHT Metamorphism in Convergent Orogens in View of Temperature-Dependent Diffusivity and Rheology Oral
Naghizadeh, Mostafa*; Mauricio Sacchi Interpolation of Aliased Seismic Data in the Curvelet Domain Oral
Nair, Rajexh*; Ilya Buynevich, Ron Goble, P. Srinivasan, SGN Murthy Diagnostic Characteristics of Extreme Events in South East Coast of India Oral
Narbonne, Guy When Life Got Big: The Mistaken Point Assemblage of Newfoundland (Ediacaran, 579-560 Ma) Oral
Negulic, Eric*; Keith Louden, Prasanta Mukhopadhyay, Hans Wielens, Mladen Nedimovic Thermal Modeling of the Central Scotian Slope, Offshore Nova Scotia: The Effects of Salt on Heat Flow and Implications for Hydrocarbon Maturation Oral
Newson, Andrew C. A Balanced Cross Section across the Southern Kirkuk Embayment, Zagros Fold and Thrust Belt, Kurdistan Oral
Newton, Melissa*; Deborah Spratt Effects of Channels on Fold Geometry and Fracture Patterns in the Grande Cache Area, West-Central Alberta Oral
Nickel, Erik H; Dan Kohlruss The Bakken Oil Play of Southeast Saskatchewan, Facies Analysis and Sedimentology Oral
Nickerson, Jordan*; Grant Wach Baffles and Barriers within a Braided Channel Complex-The Triassic Wolfville Formation, Nova Scotia Oral
Nieto, John; Robert Bercha and Jim Chan Shale Gas Petrophysics – Montney and Muskwa, Are They Barnett Look-Alikes? Oral
Njiekak, Bautier*; Axel Gerdes, Jean Pierre Tchouankoue, Gernold Zulauf Structural and Geochronological Investigations of (Meta) Granitoids of western Cameroon, central-Africa: Implications on the Evolution of the Pan-Africano/Brazilian Belt Oral
Noad, Jon Elementary: Dry Well Analysis Solves a Mystery Oral
Noad, Jon Mangrove Channels: Morphoplogy, Magnitude and Migration Oral