2010 Conference Abstracts (O to Z)

Author(s) Abstract Title Presentation
Ogunsuyi, Oluwafemi*; Douglas Schmitt Application of a Tomographic Velocity Model to the Prestack Depth Migration of a Buried Valley Oral
Olaleye, Morounkeji*; Andrew Frederiksen Receiver Function Analysis of Crustal and Upper Mantle Stratigraphy across the Western Superior Province Oral
Omidvar, Hedayat Prospect of Natural Gas Industry in Iran Oral
Ong, Jason The Internship Program and the Online Reporting of Experience Oral
Ortiz-Osornio, Miryam*; Douglas R. Schmitt Physical Testing of the Effect of Tilting on the Reflection Coefficient in an Anisotropic Material Oral
Osinski, Gordon*; Marianne Mader, Laura Thomson, Cassandra Marion Exploring Other World's by Exploring Our Own: Bringing Earth and Planetary Science to the Public Oral
Ouimet, Stéphanie*; Michel Lamothe Luminescence Dating of Old Crow and Dawson Tephras Using Fading-Corrected Feldspar IRSL Oral
Palombi, Dan*; Ben Rostron Regional Hydrogeological Characterization in the Northeastern Margin of the Williston Basin, Saskatchewan-Manitoba, Canada Oral
Pan, Jianhua A Phase Shift Plus Interpolation Extrapolation for Two-Way Wave Equation Migration Oral
Pan, Yuanming Applications of Natural Alpha-Particle-Induced Defects in Quartz to Exploration of Uranium Deposits Oral
Partin, Camille*; Andrey Bekker, Clint Scott, Benjamin Gill, Timothy Lyons Uranium in Shales as a Proxy for the Evolution of Surficial Redox Conditions Oral
Patterson, Michael*; Don Francis Constraining Kimberlite Magma Composition using Kimberlite Pelletal Lapilli Compositions Oral
Pattison, David Petrologic Implications of Variations in Metamorphic Reaction Affinity Oral
Pearson, D. Graham*; O. Klein-BenDavid, F. Laiginhas, J.C.R. McNeill, J.J. Gurney, G.M. Nowell, C.J. Ottley Diamond-Forming Fluids: Elemental and Radiogenic Isotope Studies of Fibrous and Non-Fibrous Diamonds From Diamondiferous Peridotite and Eclogite Xenoliths Oral
Pearson, Warren*; Garnet Giroux, Sean Johnston, Drazenko Boskovic Revisiting the Slave Point: A Junior’s Experience in a Challenging Oil Resource Play using Real Time Subsurface Imaging through the Integration of 3D Seismic and Logging-While-Drilling Boundary Detection Oral
Pedersen, Thomas Oceanic Oxygen Depletion and Dead Zones: Physical Causes and Human Dimensions Oral
Pehrsson, Sally*; Charlie Jefferson Basement to the Thelon Basin, Nunavut – Revisited Oral
Pehrsson, S.J.*; R.G. Berman, H. Qui, W.J. Davis, J. Ryan Pre-Nuna Supercontinent Reconstruction: The Role of the Global Arrowsmith Orogeny and its Impact in western Canada Oral
Peltier, Richard Climate Dynamics of the Final Glacial-Interglacial Transition Oral
Pemberton, George*; Murray Gingras, Shahin Dashtgard, Kerrie Bann, James MacEachern From Salinity-Stressed Suite to Recurring Ethological Grouping: The Rise of the Teichichnus Ichnofacies Oral
Pendrel, John Artifact-Free Population of Geologic Models from Seismic Inversions Oral
Percival, Jeanne*; Sean Bosman, Eric Potter, Paul Ramaekers, Katherine Venance Hydrothermal Alteration in Hydro-Fractured Athabasca Sandstone: Distal Expression of Uranium Mineralization? Oral
Perz, Mike*; Warren Pearson, Darren Betker, Earl Heather A Robust and Practical Approach to VTI Parameter Estimation in a Non-Structural Setting: Case Study in the Vulcan Field, Alberta Oral
Peterman, Zell Use of Strontium Isotopes to Detect Produced-Water Contamination in Surface Water and Groundwater in the Williston Basin, Northeastern Montana Oral
Peterson, Fred Attribute-Assisted Stratigraphic Interpretation Oral
Peterson, Tony*; Sally Pehrsson Proterozoic (1.85-1.7 Ga) Igneous Suites of the Western Churchill Province: Constraints on Tectonic Assembly and Crust-Mantle Dynamics Oral
Piepjohn, Karsten*; Werner Von Gosen Correlation of Sedimentary and Tectonic Evolution on Svalbard (Barents Shelf), North Greenland and Ellesmere Island (Canadian Arctic) in the last 650 million Years Oral
Pinet, Nicolas*; Virginia Brake, Mathieu Duchesne, Calvin Campbell What’s the St. Lawrence Estuary Shallow Subsurface and Seafloor Made of? A Regional Appraisal based on an Integrated Geophysical and Geological study Oral
Piron, Emmanuelle*; Amir Hosseini Matrix, Fractures, Karst, Bitumen: An Integrated Modeling Approach to Help Solve the Grosmont Puzzle of Northern Alberta, Canada Oral
Planavsky, Noah*; Andrey Bekker, Axel Hoffman, Timothy Lyons Enhanced Primary Productivity in the Aftermath of the Rise of Atmospheric Oxygen Oral
Pothier, Hayley*; Grant Wach, Marcos Zentilli Reservoir and Seal Pairs: Carbon Sequestration in Atlantic Canada Oral
Price, Raymond A. Subduction, Asthenospheric Flow, and the Evolution of Foreland Thrust-and-Fold Belts: Insights From the Southern Canadian Cordillera Oral
Pronost, Julie*; Georges Beaudoin Determination of Critical Parameters for Mineral Carbonation Kinetics Oral
Qing, Hairuo Formation of Non-Hydrothermal Saddle Dolomite in the Ordovician Yeoman Formation, Southeastern Saskatchewan Oral
Quirt, David Is Illite Still a Pathfinder Mineral for the Geological Environment of Athabasca Unconformity-Type Uranium Deposits? Oral
Raines, Keegan*; Ross Kukulski, Stephen Hubbard, Brett Miles, Andrew Leier Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous Foreland Initiation in the Northern Alberta Basin: Sediment Distribution and Provenance of the Minnes and Nikanassin Groups Oral
Ranger, Mike*; Murray Gingras Working Hypotheses for McMurray Formation Stratigraphy: Focusing the Search for Modern Analogues Oral
Rasmussen, Kirsten L.*; James K. Mortensen, Greg B. Arehart Radiogenic and Stable Isotopic Compositions of mid-Cretaceous Intrusions in the Selwyn Basin, Yukon and Northwest Territories Oral
Raven, Kenneth G.; Sean N. Sterling*, Richard E. Jackson, John D. Avis, Ian D. Clark Geoscientific Site Characterization of the Proposed Deep Geologic Repository, Tiverton, Ontario Oral
Reid, Kyle*; Kevin Ansdell, Dan Jiricka, Gary Witt, Colin Card Regional Setting and General Characteristics of the Centennial Unconformity-Related Uranium Deposit, Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan Oral
Rella, Chris*; Iain Green, Samuel Krevor, Sally Benson Detection of Low-Level Carbon Dioxide Leakage from Carbon Sequestration Sites using Real-Time 13C Analysis Oral
Ren, Weishan*; Grant Byerley, Bryan Vandal, Jean Pierre Fossey 3D Geological Modeling for SAGD Application at Surmont Oral
Ren, Weishan*; Pierre Schreiber, Pradeep Ananth, Jean Pierre Fossey Selecting a Geological Realization for SAGD Simulation Oral
Repol, David*; Martin Kraemer, Ben Stephenson, Irma Eggenkamp Moose Mountain: New Insight into its Internal Structure and Relative Timing of Deformation Oral
Rice, Sarah*; Kurt Kyser Fluid History and Uranium Mineralization in the Hornby Bay Basin, Nunavut, Canada Oral
Riddle, Grey*; Craig Hickey, Doug Schmitt ERT and Seismic Tomography in Identifying Subsurface Cavities Oral
Rippington, Stephen*; Robert Scott, Helen Smyth The Ellesmerian Orogeny: Fact or Fiction Oral
Rivera, Alfonso*; Harold Vigneault Groundwater Recharge and in Storage at the Scale of Canada Oral
Robinson, Douglas*; R. Powell, R.E. Bevins Evaluating the Significance of Mineral Parageneses in very Low Grade Metabasites Oral
Rokosh, Dean*; Andrew Beaton, John Pawlowicz, Shar Anderson, Mike Berhane Mineralogy of Duvernay, Muskwa and Montney Formations for Shale Gas Resources Evaluation Oral
Rostron, Ben*; Steve Whittaker, Stephen Bend, Chris Gilboy An Integrated Basin-wide Study into Petroleum Generation and Migration: The Saskatchewan Phanerozoic Fluids and Petroleum Systems Project Oral
Rowins, Stephen*; Paul Duuring, Bradley McKinley, Jenni Dickenson, Larry Diakow Regional and Local Structural Controls on the Distribution of Jurassic Porphyry Cu-Au-Mo and Epithermal Au-Ag Deposits in the Toodoggone District of North-Central British Columbia, Canada Oral
Rowley, Anthony*; Bernard Guest Thrust or Land Slide: The Origin of Black Butte Nevada and Implication for Offset Estimates along the Stateline Fault, California and Nevada Oral
Rudkin, Dave Eurypterids and More – The Eramosa and Bertie Lagerstätten (Silurian), Southern Ontario Oral
Russum, Dave*; Alexei Belonogov The Emerging Oil Revolution in Western Canada Oral
Saad, Nabi*; Eric Crosson, Bruce Richman Simultaneous High-Precision Measurement of 13C/12C and D/H in Short Chain Hydrocarbons using Gas Chromatography-Combustion-Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy Oral
Sacchi, Mauricio*; Ricardo Rebollo Time Domain Least-Squares Prestack Migration Oral
Sakals, Matt*; Dave Wilford, Sandra MacDougall Active Fans and Grizzly Bears: Reducing Risks for Campers Oral
Salas, Carlos*; David Hume, Graham Davies, Brad Torry Seismic Stratigraphy of the Montney Fm in the Groundbirch Saturn Region, Peace River Arch Block, BC Oral
Samolczyk, Mary*; Gerlad Osborn, Brian Menounos, John Clague, P. Thompson Davis, Jon Riedel, Joe Koch A Comparison of Glacier Fluctuations on Mount Rainier to Regional Glacial Histories Oral
Sanchez, Alejandro Monitoring Multi-Zone Gas Wells to Reduce Operational Cost and Risk Oral
Sanderman, Hamish*; Heather Rafuse, David Copeland Turbidite-Hosted, Auriferous, Orogenic Quartz Veins at the Jaclyn Deposit (Golden Promise), Central Newfoundland Oral
Schijns, Heather*; Ian Jackson, Douglas Schmitt Seismic Frequency Wave Speed Measurements on Micro-cracked, Fluid-Saturated Synthetic Rock Oral
Schilling, Julian*; Michael Marks, Thomas Wenzel, Dorrit Jacob, Gregor Markl From Mantle Source to an Unusual Late-Stage Mineral Wealth in Highest Crystal Levels: a Case Study from the Alkaline-Perakaline Mont Saint-Hilaire Complex, Quebec, Canada Oral
Schmidt, Bonnie Science with Impact Oral
Schmitt, Douglas R. Borehole Stress Measurement Methods: Experiences from Scientific Drilling Oral
Schneider, Chris Epizoans and Predation Traces of Devonian Hay River Formation Brachiopods: Indicators of Complex Ecosystems and Ties to the Iowa Basin Oral
Schneider, George*; Simon Emsley, R.K. Davis Review of Geophysical Methods to Support Evaluations of Potential Candidate Sites for a Used Nuclear Fuel Deep Geological Repository Oral
Schoengut, Jesse A.*; Murray Gingras Analogy at the Facies Level: Architecture, Sedimentology and Ichnology of Modern and Pleistocene Deposits at Willapa Bay Oral
Schroeder, Rick Complex Deformation along the Maacama Fault Zone, Part of the Young PAC-NAM Transform Boundary Oral
Sebilo, Mathieu*; Bernhard Mayer, André Mariotti Organic Nitrogen Pool and Nitrate Leaching from Agricultural Soils: Isotopic Tracing (d15N-NO3- and d18O-NO3-) Oral
Septama, Erlangga*; Samuel Bentley Source to Sink (S2S) Control on the Deepwater Depositional Systems in Gulf of Papua: Insights from Seafloor Morphology, Acoustic Facies and Turbidite Sand Provenance Oral
Sha, Lei*; Volkan Tuncer, Fatih Dogan, Julien Lambert 3D Imaging of Hydrocarbon Contamination Plumes from Geoelectric Data Oral
Shah, Afroz A. Pressure-Temperature-time-Deformation paths derived from FIAs, pseudosections and zoned garnets: significance and potential for ~1700 Ma deformation and metamorphism in the Big Thompson region of Colorado Rockies, USA Oral
Shank, Joel A.*; A. Guy Plint Sedimentology and High-Resolution Stratigraphy of a Muddy Ramp: Cardium Formation (Turonian-Coniacian), Southern Alberta Oral
Sharp, Christine*; Stephen Grasby, Peter Dunfield Methan-Oxidizing Communities Associated with Hydrothermal Systems Oral
Sheshpari, Morteza Application of Engineering Geology in Land Reclamation Project from Persian Gulf Oral
Shevalier, Maurice*; Michael Nightingale, Bernhard Mayer, Ian Hutcheon The Wabamum Area Sequestration Project (WASP): Modeling CO2 Injection into an H2S Containing saline Aquifer Using ToughReact Oral
Shimeld, J.W.*; D. Chian, H.R. Jackson, D. Hutchinson, D.C. Mosher, J.A. Wade, and C.B. Chapman Widespread Deposition of a Seismically Distinctive Unit across Canada Basin and southern Alpha Ridge during the Initial Period of Basin Subsidence Oral
Shushtarian, Farnaz Alsadat Geochemistry and Cathodoluminescence Study on the Carbonate of Upper Cretaceous (Llam Formation) Payun Anticline, Zagros Basin, Izeh, Iran Oral
Sisulak, Chad F.*; Shahin Dashtgard The Development of Inclined Heterolithic Stratification in a Tidally Influenced, Fluvially Dominated River, Fraser River, British Columbia Oral
Sleep, Brent E.*; Zheng Zhang Application of Steam Flushing for Remediation of Multicomponent DNAPL Subsurface Contamination Oral
Sliwinski, John*; Matthew Power, Peta Hughes, Jay Harrington Integrated Shale Gas Evaluation: A Study of Qemscan, Sem and Optical Petrography, XRD and Geochemistry of selected potential and producing North American Gas Shales Oral
Sliwinski, John*; Chris Gunning, Kathryn Sheridan, Bruce Smith, Barry Caplan The Upper Cretaceous Bad Heart Ooidal Ironstones: An Intergrated Mineralogical-Sedimentological-Ore Characterization Oral
Smart, Katie*; Tom Chacko, Larry Heaman, Thomas Stachel, Karlis Muehlenbachs Multiple Origins of Eclogitic Diamonds From the Jericho Kimberlite, Nunavut Oral
Smith, Derald G.; S.M. Hubbard, P.E. Putnam, J.R. Lavigne, D.A. Leckie, M. Fustic Variability of Modern Meandering Fluvial and Tidal Estuarine Systems: A Re-examination of Lithofacies Models Oral
Smith, Evan*; Maya Kopylova, Leonid Dubrovinsky X-ray Diffraction Study of Mineralogy of Micro-Inclusions in Fibrous Diamond Oral
Smith, Timothy Post-Wildfire Geologic Hazards in the BC Southern Interior Oral
Smyth, Helen*; Andrew Morton, Robert Scott, Jenny Omma, Simon Kelly Evolution of the Sverdrup Basin: New Insights from Field Studies, Integrated Biostratigraphy & Sediment Provenance Analyses Oral
Sneddon, D.T. (Tom) Public Disclosure of Reserves and Resources Estimates by APEGGA Members Oral
Snelling, Paige*; Laurent Goodin, Steve McKinnon The Influence of Stress and Geologic Structures on Mining-Induced Seismicity in the Creighton Mine, Sudbury, Ontario Oral
Snyder, David Do Diamondiferous Kimberlites Preferentially Erupt at Margins of Archean Blocks within the Canadian Shield? Oral
Snyder, David*; Ian Bastow, David A Thompson Toward a ‘Subcrop’ Map of the Trans-Hudson Orogen and Neighbouring Cratons at Mantle Depths of 70-120 km Oral
Sokolova, Elena Prediction of Structural Topology from Chemical Composition in Ti Silicates Oral
Solano, Nisael*; Chris Clarkson, Fed Krause, Roland Lenormand, Roberto Aguilera GFREE Approach to Geological Characterization of Tight Gas Reservoirs Oral
Somers, Claire*; Harold Gibson, Ron Burk Reconstruction of the Volcanic-Sedimentary Environment of Strata Hosting the La Pitarrilla, Silver-Zinc-Lead Deposit, Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico Oral
Sparkes, Greg The Kitts Deposit – An Example of High-Grade, Vein-Hosted Uranium Mineralization, Labrador, Canada Oral
Sra, Kammy*; Neil R. Thomson, J.F Barker Persulfate Oxidation of a Gasoline Source Zone Oral
Staples, Reid D.*; Dan D. Marshall, H. Dan Gibson, and Derek J. Thorkelson Partial Disequilibrium within the Garnet Core of Upper Amphibolite Facies Rocks: Limitations on the use of Combined Ion-Exchange and Net-Transfer Reaction Thermobarometry Oral
Stewart, Iain Geology "On the Box" Oral
Struyk, Case An Automated Method to Store, Search and Retrieve Wellbore Data Oral
Suhrer, Michael; Timothy Cavanaugh, Elizabeth Diaz*, Avrami Grader, Ed Joussaume Imaging and Computing the Physical Properties of Gas Shales Oral
Sweet, Arthur R. Problem Solving Applications of Palynology in Cretaceous and Paleogene Basins, Western Canada Oral
Sykes, Jonathan*; Stefano Normani, Yong Yin Hydrogeologic Modeling in Support of Ontario Power Generation’s Proposed Deep Geologic Repository for Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste, Tiverton, Ontario Oral
Taerum, Rob*; Deborah Spratt Structural Styles of the of the Central Alberta Foothills, Brown Creek Area Oral
Talinga, Draga*; Don Lawton Interpretation of Natural Fractures from the Traveltime Variation with Source-Receiver Azimuth in the Alberta Foothills Oral
Talt, Kim*; Mark Cooper, Yassir Abdu, Frank Hawthorne, Scott Ercit The Crystal Chemistry of Manitobaite, (Na_16=)Mn^2+_25Al_8(PO_4)_30, A New Phosphate Mineral of the Alluadite-Group (sensu late) from Cross Lake, Manitoba, Canada Oral
Tappe, Sebastian*; Larry Heaman Can Alkaline Magmatism destroy a Craton? Lessons learned from the Greenland-Labrador Diamond Province Oral
Taptuna, Peter*; Gordon MacKay, Peter Frampton Northern Petroleum Development from the Perspective of the People of the North Oral
Therriault, Ann M.*; B. Jean Dougherty, Richard K. Herd Earth Materials Collections Management at Natural Resources Canada Oral
Todorov, Todor*; Gary Margrave Variable-factor S-transform for Time-frequency Decomposition, Deconvolution, and Noise Attenuation Oral
Tonn, Rainer Seismic Characterization of Statoil's Leimsmer Heavy Oil Reservoir Oral
Toop, David Impact of the June 2005 Storm Groundwater Levels in the Bow River Basin, Alberta Oral
Toop, David The Preglacial Missouri-Yellowstone and Interglacial Spiritwood Buried Valleys in the Brandon area, Southwestern Manitoba Oral
Trickett, Stewart*; Lynn Burroughs, Andrew Milton, Larry Walton, Rob Dack Rank-Reduction-Based Trace Interpolation Oral
Tuncer, Volkan*; Lei Sha, Fatih Dogan, Julien Lambert Mapping Buried Paleo-valleys with Integrated Visualization of Airborne Geophysical Data Oral
Tuncer, Volkan*; Lei Sha, Fatih Dogan, Julien Lambert Using Airborne Gamma-Ray Spectrometry Exploration to Accelerate Geological Mapping in Greenfield Areas of Northern Canada Oral
Tycholiz, Cassandra*; Ian Ferguson Geoelectric Response of the Crust and Upper Mantle, Lake Nipigon Area, Ontario Oral
Uffen, Doug*; Bruce Palmiere, Hans den Boer, John boyd, Lee Hunt, Mark Sykes, Charles Welsh, Ray Chopiuk Guideline for the Ethical Use of Geophysical Data Oral
Uffen, Doug*; Bruce Palmiere, Hans den Boer, John boyd, Lee Hunt, Mark Sykes, Charles Welsh, Ray Chopiuk Guideline for the Ethical Use of Geophysical Data: Panel Discussion Oral
Uken, Ron*; Brendan Clarke, Jürgen Reinhardt Gravity Driven Deformation Processes in the Bushveld Complex Contact Aureole, South Africa Oral
Urbancic, Ted*; Adam Baig, Sheri Bowman Utilizing B-Values and Fractal Dimension for Characterizing Hydraulic Fracture Complexity Oral
Ursenbach, Charles*; Yan Yan Applicability of TTI RTM to Structured Land Datasets Oral
Utting, Daniel*; Garth De Mont, Terry Goodwin, Teaka Broughm, Timothy Webster Geohazard Mapping using LiDAR in Nova Scotia Oral
Uvarova, Yulia*; Elena Sokolova, Frank Hawthorne Crystal Chemistry of Sheet Silicates Oral
Uvarova, Yulia*; Kurt Kyser, Larry Lahusen The Uranium Mineralization Potential of the north-eastern part of the Paleoproterozoic Thelon Basin Oral
Valentine, Anne*; Mahyar Mohajer, Lynn Murphy A Workflow for Selection of Stimulation Candidates in the Deep Basin Oral
Van der Flier-Keller, Eileen Challenges of Reaching Broad Audiences with Popular Publishing Oral
Viezzoli, Andrea*; Esben Auken, Anders Christiansen Accurate Modeling of AEM Data for Oil and Gas Exploration in Semi-Layered Environments Oral
Viezzoli, Andrea*; Pietro Teatini, Luigi Tosi Advances in Surface-Groundwater Modeling in Lagoon Environment with Airborne Electromagnetics and High Resolution Seismic: Example from the Venice Lagoon Oral
Waldron, John*; Andrew Locock, Anna Pujadas-Botey, Tom Chacko The Geoscience Garden: Building an Outdoor Simulated Mapping Environment for Geoscience Education Oral
Walker, Victoria*; Benoit Beauchamp Facies Analysis, Sequence Stratigraphy, Diagenesis and Reservoir Potential of Pennsylvanian-Permian Sandstone-Grainstone Cycles, Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada: a Preliminary Assessment Oral
Walton, Erin*; Christopher Herd, Pedro Jugo, Max Wilke Martian Regolith in EETA 79001 Shock Melts? Evidence from Major Element Composition and Sulphur Speciation Oral
Wang, Shusen Modelling the Response of Surface Water Cycle to Rising Atmospheric CO2: Implications for Impact Assessment on Groundwater Recharge Oral
Warner, Barry G.*; Allison Legg, Robin Slawson, Jessica Morrison, Edward Mitchell Testate Amoebae (Protozoa) and Microbial Communities as Bioindicators in Wetlands Impacted by Oil Sands Processed Materials (OSPM) Oral
Waters, David J. Equilibrium Calculation and Real Metamorphic Process – Scenes from a Troubled Relationship Oral
Watson, Jeanette*; Keith Tushingham Data Integration is Key to Solving the Shale Gas Reservoir Oral
Watson, Jeanette*; Paul Hodson Multipoint Facies Modeling - Examples of a Turbidite and a Fluvial System Oral
Wynne, P. Jane*; Arvind Ahand, Jan Aylsworth, Maurice Lamontagne, Malaika Ulmi Change Peoples' Behavior with GeoHazard Knowledge Oral
Weisener, Christopher*; Stephen Goudey, Michael Chen Sediment Interfacial Interactions Controlling Nutrient and REDOX Flux within Experimental End Pit Lake Tailings Oral
Wickson, Steven*; Andre Desrochers High Resolution Oxygen and Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy of Ordovician-Silurian Boundary on Anticosti Island Oral
Wilford, David Geomorphic Fans and Their Watersheds: Managing Risky Systems Oral
Williams, Erica Geoscience Curriculum Change and Learning – A British Columbia Perspective Oral
Williams, Jay*; Peter Bauman Delineation of Oil Bearing Intervals in Unconventional Reservoirs, Examples from Alberta Light Oil Plays Oral
Williams, Michael L.*; Gregory Dumon, Kevin Mahan, Michael Jercinovic Heterogeneous Deformation in a Strong Deep Crust: The Proterozoic Character of the Snowbird Tectonic Zone, Athabasca Granulite Terrane Oral
Willson, Elizabeth Applying Field Work to De-Risk Exploration: The Inner Foothills Thrust Carbonate Play, Central Brooks Range, Alaska Oral
Wilson, Marcus*; Robert Ferguson Trace Interpolation and Elevation Statics by Conjugate Gradients Oral
Wilson, Mark Three Views of Eocene Life in British Columbia Oral
Wilson, Siobhan*; Shaun Barker, Gregory Dipple, Ian Power, Gordan Southam Mineralization of Atmospheric CO2 Under Conditions of Isotopic Disequilibrium: Implications for Fingerprinting CO2 Sequestration in Ultramafic Mine tailings Oral
Wilton, Derek*; Paul McNeill, Chris Hicks, Matt Tracey, Chris Lee The Nature of Uranium Mineralization in the Paleoproterozoic Aillik and Post Hill Groups, Labrador Central Mineral Belt Oral
Wodicka, Natasha*; Joseph Whalen, Marc St. Onge, David Corrigan Meta Incognita Microcontinent Revisited: Insights from U-Pb Geochronology and Nd Isotopes Oral
Wolf , David E.*; Christopher L. Andronicos, Jeffery D. Vervoort Thermal Evolution of the Central Gneiss Complex, British Columbia, Constrained by Garnet Geochronology Oral
Wolfe, Rohan*; Pete Hollings, David R. Cooke Mineralisation and Geochemistry Associated with the Dinkidi alkalic Cu-Au Porphyry, Northern Luzon, Philippines Oral
Wootton, Richard*; Jim Baxter Developing Additional Bedrock Water Supplies At Existing Municipal Well Sites: The Sniper Versus The Shotgun Approach Oral
Yao, Zhengsheng Event-Directed Spectrum Extrapolation for Upsampling Seismic Traces Oral
Yuan, Gu*; Zhu Peimin, Rong Hui, Hai Yang, Zeng Fanping Seismic Facies Classification Using Bayesian Networks Oral
Zerbe, Tyler The Horn River Basin Shale Gas Play – Past, Present and Future Oral
Zhang, Dali*; Michael Lamoureux, Gary Margrave Estimation of Q-factor and Phase Velocity using the Recovered stress-Strain Relaxation Spectrum Oral
Zhang, Lei*; Claire Currie, Douglas Schmitt Drilling Induced Core Fractures and Crustal Stress Oral
Zhang, Shunxin When was Maximum Transgression on Laurentia during Late Ordovician? New Evidence from Slave Craton and Hudson Bay Basin Oral
Zhang, Zimin*; Don C. Lawton, Robert R.Stewart Numerical Modeling of Shear-Wave Splitting and Azimuthal Velocity Analysis in Fractured Media Oral